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PlayIntegrityFix Install Guide for PixelExperience:



  1. Enable Aeroplane mode.
  2. Go to app info of Google Play Store, click "Storage and cache" then "Clear storage". After, click "Disable"
  3. Go to Google Wallet, click "Storage and cache" then "Clear cache".
  4. Open KernelSU, go to "Module" on the navigation bar, then click the "Install" floating button.
  5. Pick the PlayIntegrityFix zip file that you downloaded earlier. Wait for the module to install. Then click "reboot".
  6. Once rebooted, disable Aeroplane mode.
  7. Then, go back to app info of Play Store, and click "Enable".
  8. Open the Play Store and go to Profile section, then "Settings".
  9. Go to "About" and tap "Play Store version" until it says you are a developer.
  10. Then, scroll up the settings to "General" -> "Developer options", then click "Check integrity".
  11. Once it completes, the "Labels" is what we need to look at. If it contains "MEETS_DEVICE_INTEGRITY" then you're good to go - you're done! If it only says "MEETS_BASIC_INTEGRITY" then unfortunately, Google has banned the fingerprint that PlayIntegrityFix is currently using and you will have to wait for it to be updated. Or, you can use a custom pif.json by placing it in /adb/data/pif.json.

    This is an example of a successful "MEETS_DEVICE_INTEGRITY" result.

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Last Updated: 2023-12-14 21:58:50

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