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How to Pick Subjects for A-Level

Everything written here is to be taken as gospel as this is not a matter of my option, but cold hard facts.


Here I am going to list the subjects for A-Level I have opinions on. If a subject isn't listed here, it isn't worth doing because its irrelevant.

This list has no particular order, but you may notice I started with the subjects I have the biggest disdain for then it descends to random ones I could think of. For reference, I take Computer Science (OCR), Geography (AQA), and Maths (the robbing bastards over at Pearson Edexcel).

These facts were first listed here on 28/02/2024. I am comparing this to the likes of the 10 commandments written on tablets of stone, so yeah, gospel.

Author: MrRazamataz

Last Updated: 2024-04-24 21:42:06

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