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How to install GCAM (LMC) for Mi 9T Pro/K20 Pro/raphael on MIUI or Custom ROM:

This is using GCAM LMC 8.4 (or the latest version in the telegram).


  1. Join the K20ProPhotography telegram group and send the message `#gcam`. Then, click the linked button.
  2. Click on "LMC 8.4 Snap R16" (note the version numbers may have changed).
  3. Click on the Snapcam APK to download it. Once it's downloaded, install the APK.
  4. Open the app and grant it all the permissions.
  5. Go back to telegram and back to DMs with Rose bot, then click "IronHrt XML Channel"
  6. If you are on MIUI, save the IronHrt_L1.9MIUI_OSS.xml file to downloads. If you are on another ROM, such as pixel experience, save the IronHrt_L1.9_OSS.xml file to downloads.
  7. In your phone file manager, move the XML file to the LMC8.4 folder that's now on your phone.
  8. Then, open the LMC camera app, and double click in between the shutter button and the gallery button.
  9. A box should appear that should have the config you moved to the LMC8.4 folder selected. Just click IMPORT.
    1. Done!

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