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(Attempting to) Fix Crashing with NVIDA GPUs on Forza Horizon 4

FH4 has had an issue with NVIDAs drivers since September/October 2022. You can be playing the game all good, and out of the blue it will freeze and/or crash.

My GPU: RTX 3060


The April 4th 2023 patch has a fix for this issue and I have found that the issues have stopped. The changelog here says Bug Fixes (PC – Steam) Improvements to a potential incompatibility between the game and certain newer NVIDIA drivers (newer than 522.25 versions).

The "fix":

Forza support is useless with this issue. They tell us they're "working on it". The fix is jank, but here it is.

You need to download an older version of your GPU driver. Specifically version 522.25 (some people have had more success with 517.48, I'm currently testing 522.25).

Some guides tell you to use this site to get the old drivers, and whilst this may look prettier, it doesn't return all available drivers for your GPU.

The site you should use is this one as this returns all the drivers. Enter your PC's information.

Download either 522.25 or 517.48. If these aren't available for your GPU, you are out of luck until Microshaft fixes the issue. To track that, you can check this page, as this issue is listed under the "PC" issues section.

Run the .exe file and install the drivers with a clean installation. Afterwards, restart your computer.

Hopefully that works. If it doesn't, just hope they fix this issue soonTM 🤞.

Author: MrRazamataz

Last Updated: 2023-04-13 10:15:41

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