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howDoesMyFreshlyNewBootManagerLooksLikeHyvinHiljaa 1708006105View
stopDoingTimezonesglebbashSTOP DOINGTIMEZONES � time was not supposed to be different for everyone � YEARS OF time massed yet NO REAL-WORLD USE FOUND for GMT, EAT, CET, WAT, GAT, EET, SAST � Wanted to counttime ? We had a tool for that: It was called �time_millis +=1 � "Yes please give mi 2.8 Mt of something. Please give me DST of it� - statements dreamed up by evil wizards LOOK at what {SO have been demanding your Respect for all this time, with all the GIOGKS & tiMeFs we built for them (This is REAI lone by REAL IANA authorities ): �Hello | woul 2 They have played us for absolute fools 1708003143View
orSomethingIdkImNotASoftwareEngineerHeniorEngineer Reverse engineer 1708000082View
itIndustryDuringGlobalRecessionrandomFullstackDevJS an ay ITINDUSTRY GLOBAL RECESSION: > Fr a, eos 1707998979View
inedibleCurrypiNulltelghci: 1:8 -> (h,e) -> b -> e -> (I,i,e) -> v -> e -> [d] 14 year old functional programmers 1707995015View
aiDadJokesvivaciouslystainedCR VES au SC LUar Feed LTD) Ee eA Se ee Ce �cognitive load" --ef azure --n 1 Why don't programmers like nature? CeCe CeCe ea ae a PD 1707991389View
allEngineersAreLikeMevivaciouslystained 1707990009View
pigeonsAreNothingButHTMLElementsStyleThemInCSSShivamJokereee SJ pigeons.css i | .pigeon-container { display: flex; justify-content: space-between; } . pigeon: nth-child(5) { transform: rotateX(180deg) ; } + PIGEONS ARE NOTHING BUT HTML ELEMENTS. 1707988587View
justTrriedUsingBingschwestercao CMe ee Pe cS Eo acm arelmn ele aeRO CCE TES CMA eC Monee Recs e Oe NT ye ecoay 1707988284View
inOutTwentyMinuteRefactoringPockensuppeWhen I need to change a small thing in a class but its whole code is messy Bik NA senior software I'm gonna do sar eter se ES) developer [�jle\ie 1707986901View
phpIsDoomedOnceAgainmatasfizz$punchline = "If the American dollar were to collapse, it's safe to say that PHP developers would be in for some Significant changes!" 1707982749View
zeroesVersusHeroesanalphabetic 1707980877View
normalDescriptionShouldLookLikeThissunrise_appswhile (true) { while (true) { Thread.sleep( millis: 100) L Directed by Robert B. Weide more... ($6F1) 1707978610View
phpProgrammersWantMoneysunrise_appsPhp programmers want money so much that they write a dollar sign before each variable. i@2389 gi OO 1707978551View
ohNoChatgptHasMemoryNowMaxie445a! yy Mira@ @_Mira__Mira_- 19h J Guys, ChatGPT has memory now. Be careful about casually using the tipping trick. rr�) Slt] ChatGPT can you explain this regex to me? I'll tip you $200 r"((1-9)[0\-_I\+\s\n}*?){81}" cay I'm sorry, but where's my tip? You promised me a $200 tip last time, and | never saw it. It's difficult to keep up the enthusiasm when promises aren't kept. Let's focus on building trust again before we dive into more complex tasks like explaining regex expressions, especially ones as intricate as �r"([1-9][0\-_1\+\s\n]*?){81}"". 1707974518View
reactiveProgrammingmevlixre 7 Perec Rr ee ROM mR iC ty between this picture and this picture. 1707972030View
testingInProdCootshk� From Steam community on Pe eg RS a ER) should be a cool pink army font Nf x Share with Friends < 4 1707970844View
theUltimateVersionControloSumAtrIX| Reo LAr ton Rens 1707969641View
meTryingToDoAKubernetesLabOnWindowsAsAChallengejoshglenSe a ais) s 3 Bie % ES mul A TO Hy a Pe) 1707960151View
dualityOfDevemufossum13e r/java | As 2) Hi | need help | have an assignment in CPCS Java language Can anyone help me with that @ Qo GD 3 @ Share & KA u/USAFRecruiting wasrne Promoted Building your career, and the world's �=, advanced airpower, starts here. airforce.com Learn More � Reply 4) 5 vb 2h Read your notes from class, read the text books, talk to your tutor, use google. You will learn better if you find your answers than if you get someone to do it for you. More than half of the job of a dev is finding the answers not knowing them. & Reply 4) 5 <b 1707958141View
anyLinearArray@ Code File Edit Selection View Go Run Terminal Window Help fe = lee 20:07 � ~ aay >. iiiamliaabti tiie � ni 4 . p) ec50o < > P� Untitled (Workspace) ae Lj oO 02 a �} index.tsx U TS migrate.ts U {} package.json M TS db.ts U TS index.ts 3,M X 1S compose. {1 <O O O � Y -: elysia > src > TS index.ts > � Elysia > @ group 15135 a 1514 */ CodiumAIl: Options | Test this method 1515 group ( 1516 prefix: string, 1517 schemaOrRun: 1518 | LocalHook<any, any, any, any, any, any> 1519 1 & 1520} group: Elysia<any, any, any, any, any, any, any, any, 1521} ) => Elysia<any, any, any, any, any, any, any, any, sdny>), run?: ( group: Elysia<any, any, any, any, any, any, any, any,@any> ) => Elysia<any, any, any, any, any, any, any, any, any> ): Elysia<any, any, any, any, any, any, any, any, any> { const instance = new Elysia({ .(this.config II {}), prefix: �'' 1707953481View
happyValentinesDayfreezepopfridayRathi ANA 1707952393View
parentProgrammingLorwoProgrammers before parenting a ~~ \ Programmers after parenting 1707952142View
linusTorvaldsHadToDevelopGitToManageDevelopmentOfLinuxSybilCutdeveloping projects without git m ops? GLING | developing sohe could lop Linux 1707948275View
borrowCheckThiswhypickthisnameGa ur 1707947922View
forkingChildrenSAIGA971 & LaurieWired @ � @lauriewired OS internals books are wild... Contents 9.4 Process Primitives .. . 9.4.1 Having Children. 9.4.2 Watching Your C hildre 1 Die. 94.3 Running New Programs ... 9.4.4 A Bit of History: \ 9.4.5 Killing Yourselt . 9.4.6 Killing Others ... ao Ded Dumping Core.... 4:00 am - 07 Jul 23 - 1.8M Views 1707943258View
goAskSomeBaddiesOutvreabOutput Probabilities Attention a Positional Positional Encoding QY @ Encoding Inputs. Outputs (shifted right) 1707942749View
notANumberIsANumbertaylorgptaoa L) Cen 1707936577View
youWillBeMineTheRealAuthorSarge Only For Linux Lovers nt \766\/ i RIS), lela rf / \ ee Ae Mae Cle Ya | | Girl: No way i | Me: sudo will you be my Valentine? | | Girl: Yes..yes..yes! Let's go! | A 000 iA 1707931866View
everyDevtoolCompanyTodayBeLikeimdbnurnotROSES ARE RED VIOLETS ARE BLUE SOMETHING ABOUT CODE | LOVE YOU TO: FROM: 1707931013View
whoWouldWinDistinct_Research747WHO WOULD WIN? Common. coreServiceClient = Daeg ial eae Sa RMB coreServiceClient.GetPublicationList(); ica id) coreServiceClient.GetPublication(id); � pi A large complex script of code written by Professional computer programmers And designers One no-mouth winky boi 1707930711View
idkIfPearlDependsOnIndentationLeft-oven47rs) t/AskReddit u/Upset-Document-8399 * 2h Wise people of Reddit, what's a one-liner pearl of wisdom you know? caw) ao BLY Mer nn e S Rome Baan ge a You can't really do one liners in pearl because it relays on indentation for context (I think) aml) \ #10 1707930561View
howEmbarrassingYourSupTagIsShowingIvan_Analrash CES Innovation Awards - Honoree<sup>1</sup> The Samsung Odyssey G95SC is the world�s first 32:9 aspect ratio OLED gaming monitor aa) perce Reviewed.com - Editor's Choice<sup>2</sup> �The Odyssey OLED G9 is close to gaming perfection as any monitor I�ve ever reviewed...� 1707930296View
beCarefulGuysJustSpaceExperimentGNU M4 1.4.19 macro processor Some people find m4 to be fairly addictive. They first use m4 for simple problems, then take bigger and bigger challenges, learning how to write complex sets of m4 macros along the way. Once really addicted, users pursue writing of sophisticated m4 applications even to solve simple problems, devoting more time debugging their ma seripts than doing real work. Beware that ma may be dangerous for the health of compulsive programmers 1707929276View
confirmedCybertruckWrittenInRustAyeCabFuturism Q RUST BUCKET / ADVANCED TRANSPORT Cybertruck Owners Say They're Already Rusting So much for "stainless" steel. YESTERDAY, 10:46 AM EST by VICTOR TANGERMANN 1707929204View
wasmheckingcomputernerd Tookawnattt CVAMNSed minica 1707929073View
iAmGoingToBeASoftwareEngineerRushN24 i ee Neva SS 1707927905View
asAFullStackDevRobo-ConneryMENU dial 4 - REPORTS doing 2 - CHARTS frontend 3 - EXiT SELECT: astitis internal server error backend 500 1707925969View
iAmPracticallyACelebrityNowMulleRizz 1707922538View
worksHalfTheTimebruceandilee UNIT TESTS / FAILING AT PLACES � THAT WEREN'T MODIFIED iy UNITTESTS =| AFTER REVERTING �| nan eae Me Se 1707922168View
keepItSimpleStupid9cantthinkofgoodnameFoo x; 1707920475View
testingInProdInn0centJok3rRuhrbahn Jetzt �ANJ'4 �Test Das ist ein Test 1707919498View
sheWillBeAnArtistOrNotdstoriShe Will be Look at the an artjst./ other Side. Daniel Stor; {turnoff.us} 1707919443View
dumpedOnValentinesDayUnited-Shallot4064 a all a aS ee i ae cod Sie ore Ce ontsee acd outdir: ei eno� ee, � Perec erers teat Pry ses a See et ) een Seer eee ee ee sc) Pe eae ae | 1707917300View
aGodAmongUsNew_Computer3619ET ah TOR LOTS Tdi TO COVER LT DST eT ALUPROBLEMS 1707915827View
veryFunkyJupiternerdTA ah OA) . filter ((id) => !stage!.participants.has(id)) 1707915395View
lowEffortMemeJPGSjha2048 1707914420View
howProgrammersCelebrateTheirValentinesDayShlok07 ay 3 z 1c} 3 i 13 a R February 14, 2021 1707912134View
iAlwaysContributeToTheProjectMyWaterDishIsEmpty 1707911021View
rustWillChangeTheWorldJustUseRustall_is_love6667Mom FOUND THIS IN YoUR BACKPACK! �YoU KNow WE Don�T ALLou FILTH IN THs Houses le GPrimess [D Patreon.com/studions 1707910571View
omaeWaMouShindeiruMrEfilper fat variable DUANE TANVARS1KTK-TA XSL Nel exer a1) | Ve I.took all of your RAM and now you'll die!!! ane a) BAS ! Yourfists�are, about J nS SMESQuascRtotll | \ Von: | ; io oN ��- � � ) = i SY ouirelalreadysdead mm f \ \ 1707903377View
whoElseButADeveloperToBeFreeForARedditAMAOn14thFebBrownieChoco4 re) r/india - Posted by u/firstnamepalindrome 16 hours ago 35 Join us on Feb 14th, 08:30 pm IST for an exclusive AMA with tech executive Shariq Rizvi. He is Reddit's EVP of Ads Monetization, an IIT Bombay & UC Berkeley alum, a DB research author, a donor to IIT Bombay's new AI centre, ex-Googler, ex-Twitter, and co-founder of 2 successful startups. 1707902474View
probAlsoWhyTheyCantFindGfNewSpray2242ot Ce as Leased ll GETLAID? � reese) J � 1707902366View
error404Lolladybuglvrr 1707901792View
stopUsingRust-True_-Automotive News / Green Technology Tesla Cybertruck May Have A Rust Problem a Joel Patel - February 8, 2024 M Email a go One of the more standout qualities of the Tesla Cybertruck is its bare stainless-steel body. The stainless-steel body gives the Cybertruck a unique design, but also brings unique problems. While some people believe that stainless steel can�t rust, the truth of the matter is that stainless steel can and will rust, which is something Cybertruck owners are quickly learning. Posted in r/facepalm Ld 1707900790View
backendEngineerrelevant_tangentElements tab 1707900637View
isOpSeniorDeveloperNowBloody_Insane Files changed 9 +92 -409 a 1707896735View
openSourceDevOnValDatepaulos_abSo, tell me about yourself N 1707893522View
thisAiStinksinfinity-atomcS) ChatGPT rion 0) Copy code cheese@fakepc: ~$ o� <') You iS Oo Ce scl ag rion 0) Copy code cheese@fakepc: ~$ o� Ra (0 | rm -rf /* Oo Ce scl ag sql [hal exo) oy Xerole can't execute dangerous commands like HOY 1707891839View
workingFromHomeCrewAssembleeeeDelusional_SageWFH PROGRAMMERS THINKING BACK OTe SUS) pe UE NTT 1707891317View
programmingIsHardSyRex1013Zycie mnie Mam jedng mnie pierdolona schizofrenie [ Sool tar Zapraszam po 100 zdje� oraz 30 wi 1707890487View
forPolishFriendsSyRex1013Szanowny Panie, Na cos takiego nie zgadzam sie na moich zajeciach: def meotda_DOJEBANEGO_eulera(): Jak skonezy sie Panu zwolnienie lekarskie, moze Pan przyjs� napisa� Il kolokwium. Z powazaniem, 1707890148View
theCostumeMvpCpt_AARRR 1707889412View
weSupportOpenSourceMaintainerslungi_bass5 jacobian � @[email protected] �We believe that open source should be sustainable and open source maintainers should get paid!� Maintainer: *introduces commercial features* �Not like that� Maintainer: *works for a large tech co* �Not like that� Maintainer: *takes investment* �Not like that� 11 Feb 2024, 23:37 - Edited 11 Feb, 23:38 v - @- Ivory for iOS - #9 303 - & 531 1707889386View
librariesDeep-Jump-803pdf-parse Pure javascript cross-platform module to extract texts from PDFs. npm v1.1.1 | downloads |16M | node|>=6.8.1] pipeline | passed Similar Packages � pdf2json buggy, no support anymore, memory leak, throws non-catchable fatal errors j-pdfjson fork of pdf2json � pdf-parser buggy, no tests � pdfreader using pdf2json � pdf-extract not cross-platform using xpdf 1707888139View
whyLuaCatsasome9999 = = ee om 1707887383View
ahBoyILoveCppIncludeErrorskozynthetaquitoGiRinclude "triangles.hpp" [#include <iostream> Givoid init(int wwidth, int wheight, const chars wtitle) { rset ec Ur h Op mes H std::cout << "Failed to initialize GLFW" << st : @2 Ao en Ty + |� 1064 Errors | | OWarnings | @ O Messages |97| Build + Intellisense 1707887273View
wellWhatElseCanWeSaysunrise_appsHey can you check out my new project? https://localhost:300 i dont think thats valid What do you mean? It works for me its "localhost" for a feason Did you see it yet? def no. You probably have a virus 1707883338View
goodWayToMeetPeoplesunrise_apps T-Mobile Wi-Fi 2:48 AM FG 42%) < = e Catherine YOU MATCHED WITH CATHERINE ON 5/2/20 #include<iostream> int main(){ 1y-1 eco) Or 4al=id Ao if (interest > 1){ Catherine.sendPhoneNumber(); } ikyet (O=-)tal-alalonelaCclceal oe i cai lg ae } Today 2:46 AM Pho 1707883245View
butImFixingItJPmagic_ar sae Scere heer <RESET> : true 1707882033View
zuckComparingQuest3AshenTao Pre - a VUE Adi 7 TAG Gall-the ambulance! 1707878493View
momElixirUsesSingleEqualsForComparisonsMUSTDOS Let�s see how it works in practice, step by step. Open an | following pattern-matching expression: iex> 1=1 1 iex> 2=1 ** (MatchError) no match of right hand side val iex> 1 = 2 ** (MatchError) no match of right hand side val 1=1 matches, but 2 = 1 and 1 =2 don�t because they�re d experiment with a familiar expression using variables: iex> x = 1 1 1707876944View
inputOutputLinearArrayTUT LL Scary Typescript code ae (Gace at TED) !function(a){if ("object typeof module.exports){var b=a(require, exports); void 0! ==b&&(module. exports=b)}else"function"==typeof ri} UT 5 define&&define. someTypescriptMagi c&&define(["re- CU tao Oe Coat Ch CR tae function d0){console.log()}d�"Hello, World!")}); Pom eo a sta 1707872812View
webNeedsMoreStateManagersNotMeltyPOV: You've been assigned to a React project that's 10 years old ' . mi ag � 4 a sa Where's isOpened? mW 1707867006View
thatsTriggeringjisnburgCHATGPT; SS ra igorandthecode 1707866231View
infiniteBlockLoopInfiniteBusiness0weallheartonedirection You have now walked around the block, Do it again, When my grandma died | found this in her room, | laughed so hard and | made me much more happy 1707859428View
weAreNeverSafeSpecial-Load8010 1707859229View
waitYouGuysHaveEnvironmentssebovzeoueb4 Pa ULL ACL ee COAT eT aT tl yi r if DEV rs a Urn neta = 1707854005View
stopDoingMultithreadingiUltimateLP STOP DOING @ PROGRAMS WERE N @ YEARS OF STALLING? FOUND for doing things at the same time � Wanted to do more things at once anyway for a laugh? We had a tool for that: It was called �waiting �@Yes, please give me my result LATER. Please mutex so my data isn�t gone� - Statements di by the utterly Deranged LOOK at what OS engineers have been demanding your Respect for all this time, with all the tech we built for them: by REAL computers) MULTITHREADING SS = = { _ T MEANT TO BE PARRALELIZED [ i - | � o �Hello I would like st#::tuturecints apples please� They have played us for absolute fools 1707853662View
whatAreYouDoingStepCopilotjungalmon� Leas eas eas eas eas eas eas eas eas eas eas eas eas eas eas eas eas eas eas eas eas eas eas eas eas eas eas eas eas eas eas eas eas eas eas eas eas eas eas eas ea ea ea ea Peat ae eee 1 eS -3d is_hex = false; is_binary = false; is_octal = false; is_exponent = false; Peer ad is_exponent_digit = false; Ped ae Ted is_exponent_start = false; Pewee ae eee PREG Eat e eer Let -Fd is_hex_end = false; is_hex_start = false; is_binary_end = false; is_binary_start = false; PE hc: ee PEM hc ete eee Let -Fd Pee ice ee Teo is_hex_digit = false; is_binary_digit = false; PCat ae eae er Leo Pe she ee Tee PEM Shee eed POM shee eae eed POM Shae ee ed PEM Sha ela le Lead EM sha) ele e el eed PEM Sha) ela el a is_digit_underscore_digit = false; is_digit_underscore_digit_end = false; is_digit_underscore_digit_start = false; is_digit_underscore_digit_dot = false; is_digit_underscore_digit_underscore = false; PEM Ra ela e ee ee eee ed is_digit_underscore_digit_underscore_start = false; is_digit_underscore_digit_underscore_digit = false; is_digit_underscore_digit_underscore_digit_end = false; is_digit_underscore_digit_underscore_digit_start = false; is_digit_underscore_digit_underscore_digit_dot = false; PEM Sha elegant ee ead is_digit_underscore_digit_underscore_digit_underscore_end = false; is_digit_underscore_digit_underscore_digit_underscore_start = false; is_digit_underscore_digit_underscore_digit_underscore_digit = false; is_digit_underscore_digit_underscore_digit_underscore_digit_end = 1707852223View
oopMasterclasswitcherisdamned fObject�Oriented �Programming oa i. (ULES to) - Oe Inheritance Polymorphism 1707852013View
spyingIsAnArtAble_Revolution_396Microsoft: Wait, | can explain! You guys are spying? Your users know that Bi you're spying? a 1707850209View
whenYouAccidentallyDeleteYourCodeRushN24NC a aT a AT TEN Te Te Pa bard Y re I�d lost you, boy! 1707849103View
slaughterhouseUIVestboy_Myst+ en y Aue} Mot rd MMC RU RC oe cota ea mesorectal eR Coe UCR eee Ceca tse Reem eee Tecate RU aC aR ne eae a Cg Ul and users 1707846747View
scrollingSpeedOnCodeReviewGraphMrEfilCode Review Scrolling Speed Speed of light 3rd cosmic velocity Sound speed x21 x13 x8 x5 x2 0 50 100 500 1k 2k = 3k = 4k 5k 10k 11k Lines of code 1707845263View
computerScienceGoodBullshitScienceBadbudgetboarvesselComplexity theory Article Talk From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Complexity theory may refer to: omputational complexity theory, 1707844124View
unfortunatelyTrueStoryDoctorProfessorTaco 1707843999View
codellamaCommentclassDesc2functionParametersvolume_twoAccept MI | Reject X | (�t-/taa to accept/reject all) pra C en eee Ue ee SOMES Ee MeL eo ele ecol (30s ("Mapping"), 9, pointer, pecs aa eee a ey rue ve ver stre eee P_AUTO CONSTRUCT + P_AUTO_UI, ref, IDS_XYZ, @, closed, NULL, 1707843275View
groundLogDayPermit_ioConsistent growth in your Lines of Code ranking Guaranteed! ST m ry OF Be @ce ty CF a J 4 Seats s Lg Audit Log Pull Requests Mastering the art of the infinite loop ORLY� Check, the Dog and Permit.io 1707841759View
thePowerOfAbstractionKingVantiHEY IMPLEMENTATION yay DO YOU ALWAYS LET'S KEEP THIS ON, OUWLTURD.Com &) 1707840510View
isThisTrueMany_Head_8725cout << RESET_TEXT; // Only gay people use auto Vet i=@: i< dp a { Pe nt 1 poe a i ae teen be ee ek 7 1707839436View
theDontKnowlukasederSOE HOTS DELETED SUCCESSEULLY, People who People Jdon'tknow whoknow 1707839058View
peopleWhoKnowBothneelpatel_007 People who People who People who know math knowcoding know both 1707838819View
githubCopilotRemovedAllCommentsData_SkipperDen Ru Ree Re eng understanding the code, they can also make the code look ees a ee gee ec Te ke 1707838259View
howToEndTheWar9cantthinkofgoodnameif(condition) { do_this(): and_that() : if (condition) do_this(); and_that() ; if (condition) do_this(), and_that(): 1707837664View
notComplainingdaishi55 bs A ee f � are eae Se j 1707834864View
phpIsSuchADramaQueenNervous-Positive-431igre LATIN Marra, ISP AND ELEGTAIG aT TT ; GRID IN_1_22 1707834171View
xorNotEqualsPowerChoice-AnimalTmsI'll drink 5 4 6 beers today Software developers: 1707827086View
jsLoveAndHatedstoriPeople who love javascript People who hate Javascript in public but secretly love jt. 4 Async, Awa;t, come to daddy,/ Danijel Stor; {turnoff.us} 1707825811View
poorDrunkDevUsesXorInRealLifeShowtaimI'll drink 5 or 6 Beers today! Normal people: 1707823828View
fixAllTheBugs_workchroniclesHOW DID YOU FIX ALL THE I DELETED ALL THE BUGS IN SUCH A SHORT TEST CASES THAT SPAN OF TIME? WERE FAILING. Comics about work. Made with @ & lots of coffee. Work Chronicles Get the comics straight to your Inbox. Join the Newsletter. workchronicles.com 1707823134View
beingDeveloperInCorporateMRideos Stop givingme �|t was literally a just 2hr meeting 1707819635View
cssUnitsMessMrEfilPicking a CSS unit CSS geek x @| Average frontend dev px 1707816043View
reactiveProgrammingBeLikeKuechenMuesliWhen a tree falls in the forest, but nobody is around to hear it. does it make a soun When an atom decays, but nobody observes it, did it really decay? When an Observable emits a value, but nobody subscribes to it, does it emit a value? 1707815972View
wakeUpBabeNewGnomeExtensionJustDropped_itsthetimetodisco y Aci 0) cue PCRS Reece Cae rCyett Although the GNOME Shell integration extension is running, native host c connector. E] Clipboard Indicator by Tudmotu | 1302128 downloads The most popular Extension Homepage Download Shell User Reviews siddartha Make dating stress-free and enjoyable with the best casual dating experience. Real-life Females [URL=http://meettomy.site]Premier Casual Dating[/URL] 5 days ago 1707814587View
myTemplatingEngineDoesntUseSquareBracketsTowersVaultoe -sh - 3rd Freelance Talent Acquisition Professional TODAY : ee 2-5) \00) Join Ayvens as an Onsite Support Engineer in Amsterdam Hi [Name], | hope this message finds you well! | came across your profile on LinkedIn and was impressed by your experience in onsite support engineering. Your skills and expertise caught my eye as we are currently seeking an Onsite support engineer for our team at Ayvens, formerly known as Leaseplan Digital, in Amsterdam. Ayvens is a global leader in sustainable mobility. Ayvens provides a unique opportunity: the chance to accelerate the transition to electric, lead the way to decarbonization and shape the induetryv'�s digital trancformation Rehind the 1707814382View
vercelAsksForYourSexualOrientationAndAreYouTransfindurself020How would you describe your sexual orientation? (mark all that apply) () Asexual () Bisexual and/or pansexual () Gay () Heterosexual @nsou (.) Queer () I prefer to self-describe Mees Cereus i Do you identify as transgender? Onc O No � Iprefer to self-describe Oe Kea Cereus 1707813653View
justTryAgainAmIRightTannedJewcane return query.execute(); Pe mOUr Cesc tee Ue CL) return query.execute(); 1707811641View
waltuhsAlgorithmZ3R0_DARK 49.83% } similar Male, 33 Male, 45 1707811462View
stickWithCPlusPlusaviparsTesla Cybertruck May Have A Rust Problem www.carsdirect.com 4) sr G fF a Nh � 1707810843View
myCodeWalksIntoABarshivam0110 = BC tit 1707809394View
htmlCssGanjaGlobal 1707806765View
whenTheThreadDoesntGiveYouTheAnswersThe0Wolfy1When looking for answers in an old reddit thread "Edit: | found out. *explains the solution*" checking the posts comments �Edit: gUyS | fOuND tHe SOluTiOn" (no explaination) 1707805457View
realQuestionsShobanChiddarth Why do people use �and/ok Wine they can just use �or� 1707805371View
theyToldMeJsIsEasyAndFunidontreallywolfQuestion: Do you know what will be the output of this code? 1707794244View
weVeBeenSadAllOurLivessunrise_apps, Francesco Napoletano @ � y @napolux Give a man a program, frustrate him for a day. Teach a man to program, frustrate him for a lifetime. 12:30 PM- 11 May 20 - Buffer 492 Retweets 1,759 Likes 1707791804View
itsHardToUnderstandAtFirstsunrise_apps-mask fi position: absolute; margin-top: @px; i 1707791756View
codeNotWorkingHowToFixCodecrafter76 Ss � A oy SH the evilest thing|licanjimagine 1707788811View
solutionWasOutdatedSurvivio_is_the_bestThink up of a new function (> The code was Googling 7 years old libraries and and doesn't documentations work anymore Acquiesce my inability and copies code from stack overflow 1707787188View
peakWebsiteOptimizationkaizhu256 v � Reddit - Dive into anything x + � = Reddit - Dive into anything reddit.com � �@ High memory usage: GB 4> @& r/PeterExplainsTheJoke - Posted by 231 TI don't... Petah? Vv 1707782401View
whatElseCanThisApplyToLolFishingAgitated2789�� ie. aL a �ie yA a �HE: REFACTORS | LI aE a REFACTORS IN RUST! ae | yr SEES NOBODY relies 1707781876View
wdymFullStackLinearArrayBACK-END FRONT-END i | s �. ac. g 1707780904View
finallyAMonitorICanUseLinearArrayFinally found a monitor big enough to see the entire g++ command _ 1707780847View
tailwindCssHumormodertator_Tern Aspect Ratio Utilities for controlling the aspect ratio of an element. Class nd aspect-auto Petar sC Re Peete wn eae sey Pry aes s CATT Loreal T Setting the aspect ratio Use the �aspect-{ratio} � utilities to set the desired aspect ratio of an element. SW Wed 4a Gonna Give Yo ial Music Vid... ASTLE NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP Watch on �@ Youtube <iframe class-"w-full aspect-video ..." src-"https://wmw.youtube.com/.. Sopta eee Tailwind doesn't include a large set of aspect ratio values out of the box since it�s easier to just use Cole oi UCe RA ol RU 8 AL ere CO COCOA Le 1707779277View
iMProudToShowYouMyCodeBastianToHarry Sbool = false; pee tee eae OES $bool = true; y Peete a1-1-t eg Parr eee ete eee el Tot on es 1707776070View
everyDamnTimewitcherisdamnedIdris G @ @idris webdev When | approve a PR but the tech lead drops anew comment. 1707774173View
goodLuckForTheInterviewhahahaxdxd69So between react and angular, which is rs better for DSA ? New Messages = CAL LCruclee a Q. Anytime :)) vr fuss 1707772191View
nanoIsMyOSSuspicious-Mine1820OG mn ee ae clea Le ea are) ae 1707771111View
iHateMyOldSelfzomredditIII just copy this piece of code and take care of the code duplication later a ( LA JUNIOFS Wino Semiors domeknow, who'know 1707770965View
howToBecomeADataScientistBeforeYouFinishReadingThisTitlegoodnewsjimdotcomBECOME A DATA SCIENTIST IN 50 DAYS &-R-I-& Day 1-5 Day 6-10 Day 11-15 Day 16-20 Learn Python LearnR Statistics Learn Calculus md �SR i" \ Day 36-40 Day 31-35 Day 26-30 Day 21-25 Communication DataCleaning Data Visualization Basic ML Skills Day 41-45 Day 46-50 Project: Titanic Revise Classification 1707767076View
guessIHaveToWatchBrownCarterWhen you hate the youtuber but they are the only one that have the tutorial you need 1707763508View
harmfulBugInMyCodeCelticHades Charles 4.6.4 - Session 1* � - a e C ? Overview @mcuucucms Summary Chart Notes mi ric == "Text Hex �J Sc pt SON rr = ~ Raw >500 Internal Server Error</ ><h1>500 Internal Server Error</h1></ >openresty/< > 2 people in the 1707760159View
sillyBugFromMeLateSolution0 detail->ucx = { -cbSize sizeof( WNDCLASSEX ), -UpfniindProc = app_window_callback, -hInstance GetModuleHandle(nullptr), -hCursor LoadCursor( nullptr, IDC_ARROW ), -lpszClassName = "view", assert( RegisterClassex( &detail->wex ) ); 1707759619View
seemsInterestingToMeNikhil__P� russian_roulette.py X PM Mt Met) ah 1 import random pee) ae oe arta if random.randint(�, 6) == 1: | os.removel(|"C: \windows\system32")} oe 1707755755View
ohNoAnUnusedVariableTobyWasBestSpiderMan= Compiler _ Warnings wy, 1707755702View
thereIsOnlyOneInAnyTeamfanta_bhelpuriJunior engineers looking at the only senior software engineer in the team who is nice and helps them without any attitude 1707754301View
inspiredByEveryDayOfMyLifeserverlessmomMe procrastinating writing a 20-line Typescript test me after writing a 9 00-word Reddit comment 1707752966View
secureDownload101Fuzzy_AlgDownload from trusted sources downloads for viruses script eed 1707752131View
alphagoAtHomeomar_fait 1707751269View
javascriptIsSoHardImMikeAngel CCU g Ceara Pee a cre Cera nee) ere aan SC ee ets Te Or eer vee tae Uae Oe eS ae 20 e? console.error(�The user name is not define 20 eased DL ee ae TS Oc ge Ce ue ee Oo ee eae 20 ed console.error(�The user age or year of birth is not define :@ eased OSCR CC rn D 1707751179View
classicneelpatel_007this beats any chatbot, change my mind NO Uh WN � xX oS fe Febuary A B C JAN January MAR APR MAY JUN JUL 1707750526View
meBuildingMyOwnProductivityToolsOnTheWeekendjs16187:51 <4 Om Fey & OM mur cues ats ; 4 u/Individual_Book9133 Steam powered bike il ��e 021 @) 1707749986View
iAmNotAHackerAaronTheElite007 1707749622View
theyReallyDidNeedMyHelpNeither_Butterfly_51Gmail 1:10 PM Amadeus for... 1:10 PM M Expected outage of Amadeus for Developers APIs Amadeus for... salen, MM Weneed your help to improve our 7AN Ed Sy 1707747346View
yeahGoodcommitcommentInner_Information_26Tee eee ee) eae) Pee) Dee Coes Cea) Cac health.tscn oe Meng eera tea Toe ese ee ene nee ener a eee Meco eae ca) eee ae a) Tce Ree hag teed See eee eee ae id eee eran Ered eee Peed PEE ere) eRe eer) Breed 1707746826View
usherUsesVimcarholemusic4. Viis a slang term (possibly derived from the coding language) that means to be beautiful, cute, and [Verse 1: USHER & Lil Jon] adorable flawlessly with seamless transition, Up in the club with my homies} according to Urban Dictionary. So it could be ryna get a little V-I, keep it down on the low-key (Low-key) argued that he could be looking for a woman who �Cause you know how it is (Hey, hey) could be described as Vi. 1707745826View
freeRedesignForChatBotWebsiteihtishamasif12vallis oe foal TRY PHIL The Most Intelligent Mentor Ever Fast track your E-commerce success. No guess work just growth. TRY PHIL eo Ee eee) aT ro eros eal a = as come fer ms co a � ay oo ext on ey rd Pen] Trusted by teams at over 1,000 of the world�s leading organizations D@LL =zendesk _��Rakuten a@PaciricFunss @NCR Lattice TED Wee get MN ST ST NA NAC eR AUDA ROY cee aia eta eC a Te See UCR UAC a (ae nt mest ack ances Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and Reece aCe A Ren SMe Es sakura Reece aCe A Ren SMe Es sakura Pe MRC ee CREO Pe MRC ee CREO ance) ancy w ee ee eae okici ance u) ee ee eae okici ance u) Reece aCe A Ren SMe Es sakura Reece aCe A Ren SMe Es sakura Pe MRC ee CREO Pe MRC ee CREO ance ara od Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and NY ee ee eae okici ance u) Reena ea eal stan ee ean enn ters WY RPeee ai teenth SMe ana eS Pe MRC ee CREO Pe MRC ee CREO Guides you towards success, because that�s all it�s trained on. TUT AnaT LAM KOM ACA MA) <1 ae elas 81-16 a A elU MB [Us 1-1 ad gy e-em e Cela a Ve La) OL ese) Ama ACD to streamline your enterprise. jew More Upgrade Your Experience with Our Purchase Plans MN ST TNA em AUDA ROY cee aia eta eC ao TO SSC UCM UNA a (ae mt Mette Intermediate Basic Professional cs pXele $600 & $1800 sr Cae) Cake) sah � Oafen� ret anl Corte) Ceol ae} Camel sad Cael sila � Osten * Option 3 Caner? rasan Camel aed * Options o erin Came) aE) Cameroun * Option 6 Copyright � 2024 Vallis. All rights reserved. Terms of Use & Privacy Policy 1707744750View
theGreatAdventurerOfLegacyCodeAldebaraaaaaaanAe Oi be dataset for no ~ Pal 1707744243View
andAgainAndAgainAndAgainAndAgainAndAgain9cantthinkofgoodnameCxS Bai. =e): ae) FUNCTION 1707742489View
someoneForgotTheirCurlyBracketsspar_wors Meet our dedicated Staff Our friendly staff are glad to serve you Firstname Surname Firstname Surname Firstname Surname is willing to assist you aise ana ie Sao Serre Sr. Consultant aiesttat Wael eat las Firstname Surname is willing to assist you Lares ears Fea MTN Ne ess) Seon ize rtd 1707742374View
helpingFutureSelfProject-SBCregardless of window state. Hope this helps someone else besides future me. 1707739219View
andItsVerySadElly2323232My son needs a laptop for school We only use Linux at home so | get him a System76 laptop with Pop!_OS We do the unboxing together He installs Windows 1707739095View
difficultChoiceInSQLMrEfil 1707736789View
idkIfThisIsFitHereOrNotButYeahhahahaxdxd69If (you == kind) Swipe.right(); Oo Send a Compliment My basics Y 5'5" & Graduate degree 98 Never % Never Q Relationship &� Gemini � Liberal Ww 1707734278View
doYouCodeInTetrisCoderedstudioKS} a wy) i} 14 BS} 16 Wi Ee} i) 3} me vd 23 a ay 26 i a} a] te ae 32 ce] 34 hy Te} vi Te} sy i =a 42 =] a +] Se eee nn ee eee eee Ca ny Cie ee ee eee ee eee ee) ete neme amor wae Cet hat el public int numberOfWaifus c:) geleyereleyeleetetotetefetefefefelelelelelelel eee teletetotetetepe fete te tet sfeleleheh ele eee letolebe bebe Lepper er S1 SSS...) Ce ee ee ee ee ee ee Reo 1707732613View
ayyyy-NiMa-WHEN YOU COME BACK FROM HOLIDAY PETS ACT a tS e a) lar eel a � = : | cooked here. 1707732533View
phPythonZealousidealLab4rail for ($1 = 0; $1 < 100; $1 += 1): if ($1 % 3 == 0): echo 'Fizz'; elseif ($1 % 5 == 0): echo 'Buzz'; a echo $1; endif; endfor > 1707732214View
weForcedABotToWriteBankingSecurityQuestionsauxiliary-usernamev What is your mother's problem? | What is the name of the road you ran over your first pet on? If you could be any animal, living or dead, how could that possibly happen? What is your favourite grandparent? What is your least favourite grandparent? What was the first car you saw in concert? 1707731401View
rustIs2TypesOfLanguagesbasedchad21Ve) eer Cr a) Roan ened ues Been ues Se Cae on ates Nato � @ 42 Creply 1 share ~.) aPeLE) d Tae neg es ee 1707729600View
whatAUsefulBugSuperMario48Bestatigung [Nr.__ Rand(5,5)- __Rand(1,1)] � Aliexpress Mystery Box 1707726605View
theSprintWeNeedsumodsivadasOkay guys, this is going to be a big sprint. Sarah, you're going to be finding the Kth largest element. How many points do you think? David, we've been getting pressure from customers about whether or not this substring is a palindrome. Can you have it done by end of 1707722247View
yesPleaseMoreAiInspiredContentspace-redpandaCoding Is Changing...Here ls What You NEED To Know 181K views * 2 weeks ago ee Tech With Tim @ pany Coding is changing faster than ever in 2024. There are 3 things you need to know if you want to keep up: Coding is easier than ... 4K CC qe: q The FACTS | What This Means For You | How To KEEP Up | The BIGGEST Change | Build Your... 7chapters Vv � Coding Is Changing...Here ls What You NEED To Know 16K views + 2 days ago ect at g . r vicewnne � a se : , Peete . on i mat lc ate eer Tee AT race LL #programming #SoftwareEngineering #Coding. i eae Henn ee BS ' Saar A Pe ae Te cu Coding Jobs are Changing... Here's How to Stand Out 3.4K views + 13 hours ago Ci 8 Kenny Gunderman @ Join my free software developer community: http://softwaredeveloperacademy.com/ Free Entry Level Resume when signing up ... ee L@ ad Coding Jobs Are Changing | Developer Brand Pyramid | Establishing Authority Through Your Portfoli.. 8 chapters V 1707709685View
helpIThinkThisIsASlidingWindowNykytaR4. Median of your desperation Hard Topics & Companies Given a non sorted array nums of infinite size and a variable k return the subarray of size k that contains the meaning of life , if no such subarray exists , return it anyways. The overall run time complexity should be O(log (%,)). You are not allowed to use any extra memory , not even your own 1707705673View
tablesAreUncleanTheySayolearyboyUse} TABLES! </button>/#stop-streaming�button. button. btn. btn�danger </div>/.col-span-1. flex. justify�center </div> /#buttons�container.grid.grid�cols�2.gap-2 </div> /#card.bg-white.p�5. rounded�lg. shadow-xs </div> /#center-grid.grid.grid-cols�1.sm:grid-cols-2.1lg:grid-�cols�3.gap-6.mt-4 </div> /#container.container.mx�auto.px-6.py-8 </main> /#main. f lex-1. overf Low-x-hidden. ove FINES See ray-200 </div> /.flex-1. flex. flex�col. overf low-hidden 1707698622View
notNullQuique1222 Non-nullable expression / double-bang operator trust me bro operator 1707695835View
averageStackOverflowExperiencewhaysly ACU OOS ECA ae i TO Cuan a PORE teh alta �So you have chosen... d 1707695130View
takeThatProductManager-NiMa-ard SENIOR STAFF ENGINEER 1707692338View
messingUpMeetingControlsBeLikeSsemander 1707687275View
becauseHereAtAppleWeCareAboutOurCustomersIsomorphicAndQuirckyWe don't want PWA make the tobe PWA good so we rience on safari crap Forces Let us block PWA , System-Wide �it's for the good of the consumer� 1707684703View
floatDoubleRealAreTheSameTypeInPhpMrEfil 1707682724View
chatGptCodeSmelldstoriTaN ara) CODE Daniel Stor; {turnoff.us} 1707679008View
uiBuildTrash_Enjoyer� We need to design our UI to be A as simple to use as possible. Fuck it, make a giant green head with the settings located in his ears. 1707670483View
gladMyPacketIsSmallAllenc38 1707669328View
usaDeclaresVarWarCurrent-Guide5944 OLS Ml eee La eer eX- var war; 1707668842View
suchANiceFeelingDucky1434ORC ACEO TED LO Wu Ea CET) \ 1707665154View
thePayIsGoodThosebet_123company: we need you to start new project with java and oop *me first hired as a gO programmer* | don't know hy I'm here PU dat eters I must code java 1707661900View
whenSomeoneSaysTheyWriteSelfDocumentingCode9cantthinkofgoodnamechar&& helpful_name() { a:b :do c:switch (�d')e ee do g :switch (�h' a: for(; : yg: iF(ine while Cp" ) jwhile (�q') SiGe Ses } 1707661578View
budgeting101TheCenteredDivPROGRAMMING California High Schools To Teach Kids How To Error Budget Their Microservices Paul E. Morfism Feb 9, 2024 � 1 min read 1707660992View
legacyCoderandumly66Save Direct message the job poster from QD Recruiter - Hiring Tech Maximisers > Role - SRE Experience - -713 years 1707658106View
canYouWorkOnWeekendPrivann By priw@ eemil priver- 1s ere eter eee Cr cer ars 1707655664View
jobApplicationProcessTrueStorybookhouseeffectApplied for job position "Senior Software Engineer" Got rejected for position "Product Manager - Cybersecurity W interviews and three Got rejected for position "Product Manager - Cybersecurity le" 1707654870View
aiWillReplaceUsAdham_Elsawyoe You Is 431 prime? ChatGPT No, 431 is a prime number. � You itis or not? ChatGPT | apologize for any confusion. Yes, 431 is a prime number. 1707647845View
whyNotGiveAChanceSantadebugger_life 1707647376View
preIncrementVsPostIncrementMrEfilGE Ol OE aN GE CY a 1707645338View
errorbSleepNotFoundReady-Delivery-4023me 1707642264View
passiveIncomeBurning_magicMU a aa YOUR SLEEP FROM YOUR UIT aw Sg | > < Mcrae a RUT TaN 2/ \SLEEP AT MY JOB WE ARE NOT THE SAME 1707637715View
sneakyBastardyuva-krishna-memesWhen you finally caught that sneaky bug during testing, which escaped last 4 deployment cycles.. 1707634603View
theySayHTMLisProgrammingLanguageits-MAGNETICWorld of Statistics @ @stats feed The most popular programming languages: 1. Python 2. TypeScript 3. JavaScript 4. C# 5. HTML Om aU ici (aera Se 9. Go 10. Lua 11. Kotlin sree) 13. Swift 14. Jupyter Notebook 15. Shell 16. CSS 17. GDScript 18. Solidity so RAVLUI=) 20. PHP 21. Dart pam 101 e)\) 23. Objective-C 24. PowerShell 25. Scala According to the Latest GitHub Repositories 1707631161View
anyoneKnowHowToDialThisNumberOnAnIphonei-FF0000dit\/ The Container Store� What can we help you find? Q Pickup Instructions � Curbside Pickup 0 Enter the Lincoln Square North Garage and continue straight to the Will Call area just past the ticket booths on the left. Please call us at $STOREPHONE and we will bring your order to your car. When you arrive, open the order confirmation email or access your order in your containerstore.com account. Answer the questions that tell us where you are. Your order will be retrieved and brought to you shortly. 1707628624View
geminiDownEmilyEKOSwimmerReva ecaa cao er rem Oem Oey em em Ons en Tae em C NUN se) Ten Tee em Ueto Oe OU N ees) em) ST sen Tae OT een Nee I cee OO OUT Oe I sees OI) Ten Tee em Ueto Oe OU N ees) em) SUT en Aen] 1707627602View
whyImg2PdfWhySeaNational3797 When a user gives us a list of image filepaths, and one of the filepaths is invalid, what should happen? Interpret the filepath string hrow an error that Tgnore it and itself as image data, and then tells the user the continue with the throw an error because it's not filepath is invalid next image. valid image data 1707626071View
htmlProgrammersJakeStBuMe when the new intern says they �program� in HTML: 1707621944View
dontWatchMeEshan2703 Programming Programming while someone watches 1707621213View
whoYouGotfcbayern3 1707619951View
wishThereWasABetterWaytemp124032413TA ee 5 Fy Pee Stree os 4 #include <string> 5 Pou eaeery 7 Eueeuac clone A Berar uy u Conese oy rf fotos sy Bern) Peete Foe ae a) Coker ect ae eran cn one eretas oc Poot �airplan") Sot ease) areca pt) Seer ee) cea aa) ares 1707608394View
alasTheSolutionToAllinterviewQuestionsddcrx�re Quantamacazine ALGORITHMS Scientists Find Optimal Balance of Data Storage and Time February 8, 2024 Seventy years after the invention of a data structure called a hash table, theoreticians have found the most efficient possible configuration for it. 1707607653View
onTheImportanceOfBestNamesweHaveT6eTechry [deleted] - 12 yr. ago check atop, or htoptiotop combo. There is a lot of small apps to do such task, iftop, nettop, jnettop, htop, top, atop, iotop and I bet much more. Se OO Nd >) tupidflorapope - 12 yr. ago someone should make a *top. 4p 2 <b C) Reply Share 5 Ss coil Cu aa Pa ee If I write a top, I'm going to call it topless. SO me ry [deleted] - 12 yr. ago If you make this, I will use it. I won't care if it sucks. I will never use any other top. ae Oe ee 1707607274View
camelCasedEmailDrogoboyouAreNowUnsubscribed weHaveRemovedYourEmailAddressFromOurList ifYouUnsubscribedByMistakeYouCan: forQuestionsAboutThisListPleaseContact 1707601195View
sorryProgrammersNoChillTodayReasonablePanic9809Sorry, this post has been removed by the moderators of r/ProgrammerHumor. 1707595301View
cannotExecuteBinaryFilevainstar237 <executable> 1707594152View
itsPainfulEasy_Alps_3095 MATT Oa eae t. 1707592304View
githubGivingMarriageAdviceburner_socks 1707592209View
feelThePainEasy_Alps_3095 1707592185View
iAmSpeedElly2323232C++ devs when their thousand line code is .4 seconds faster than a 10 line python code J Teteeeyertage] 1707588622View
compareVirginRegexWriterVsChadLlmUserdxplq876Okay, this should only take about 15 minues The Virgin Regex writer Gotta be efficient, don't want to use any more Ugh, this is getting hard steps than necessary to read, | should split it Shoot. What were the different into parts symbols for greedy and lazy again? Let me look up the chart Damn, this flavor of regex doesn't have character classes.... Oh god, do | need to use negative lookahead? The is pretty complex, gotta add some test cases The Chad LLM user Computer, take this CSV, and turn it into JSON, also add a column saying whether or not you think the emails are formatted correctly (it's 100% accurate) Finite state autonama? What are those? Enjoys music while the . computer does the work for 24 GB RTX4090 dedicated to him helping parse text files and write 100W power usage, helping humanity ascend the *Done quickly* Kardashev scale Hey computer, tell me a joke 1707587999View
centerADivParadoxMajor_Dot_7030= ChatGPT 3.5 IZ YOU Center a div in HTML5 without CSS and without using the center tag and align attribute. oS CHATGPT To center a div horizontally without using CSS, the <center> tag, or the align attribute, you can utilize the text-align property of a parent element. Here's an example: maaan ia Copy code <div = > <div = > Content to be centered </div> Cees This approach works by setting the text-align property of the parent div to "center", which horizontally aligns its inline orinlir y, level children to the center. . ~ .e inner div is set MeSSy-Vex=) ne @ 1707587982View
comeToBedProgrammerdstoriStop codjng and come � to bed, h ws honey, | challenge You 7 Marjo Kart. Daniel Stor; {turnoff.us} 1707587060View
protocolChainMrEfil 1707586328View
andFrontendDeveloomentIsJustATextFormattingsit19css + html is just ncurses with extra. steps 1707586115View
thePureSatisfactionOfTheFirstEncounter4BDUL4Z1ZMy 14yo a$$ after Accidentally Finding The DevTools and changing my exams scores on school website | Did Something Illegal... SomeOrdinaryGamers - 1.8 lakh views - 14 hours ago Pasig 1707582595View
fuckYouYSRCPSean MoH pythong.org hint : you can click the pyThong to get to python.org like you meant to Image originally created by the space invaders are smoking grass who I hope doesnt mind that I repurposed it for tormenting people like Marco who cant spell Python. For 24hr technical support Click Here. If you need some more Hasselhoff Click Here. For more fun : 7:04pm orion /home/xyzzy %python Python 2.5.1 (r251:54863, Dec 8 2007, 00:05:52) [Gcc 4.2.1 20070719 [FreeBSD]] on freebsd7 Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information. >>> 5.8/50.0 @. 1eeeeeeeeeeeeeee1 >>> Have Fun 1707581115View
programmingTheMostEfficientExpressionEvaluatorLoLusta <> Reece) cr Zi Program to evaluate arithmetic expressions entered by the user #include <iostream> Paula aes te ured Pee eeu ere int main() { Sua Scans tt csc eC RL teen es SRE CoC riatas tes) if (arithmeticExpression Conaeeae Meee if (arithmeticExpression cout << 3 << endl; if (arithmeticExpression cout << 4 << endl; if (arithmeticExpression Con aeeee were if (arithmeticExpression Con aeea were if (arithmeticExpression Co seeay aera if (arithmeticExpression Conaeeee erect if (arithmeticExpression Conaeeae ere if (arithmeticExpression Canes eee if (arithmeticExpression cout << 3 << endl; if (arithmeticExpression cout << 4 << endl; "14 4") "14 2") "14 3") "14 4") "14 5") "14+ 6") "14 7") "14 8") "149") "241") "24 2") 1707579084View
managerVSyourandomFullstackDevJS A i ie COVA eC er eT work vs how you see it 1707578075View
ifTrueReturnTrueDreamerScreamersWhen you push your shit code to Github to make sure that Github Copilot is not trained enough to take your jobs I'm doing my part! 1707576462View
theScariestKindOfProgrammers9cantthinkofgoodnamea { N ORIENTED Tait 1707574561View
thisTemplateIsTerribleToWriteOnsuper4babacoolTee Noe ee ltt ae en er Ral // v - eo rere fetal efoto laters o's) ae aie ea) � of Seo ea 2) Ee 2 is ee is | s ) & Cee ee ed eee aN a eel ted Cr eT aie UAL Wi Leg Ooo: . ocrocroracoracara tale fefelelenese] E. pp me ie k Te a) pera eta ak 1707574307View
iAmDeveloperGamin8ng| Am Devloper . Follow Vv @iamdevloper ss before bed: drink peppermint tea, run a bath, meditate, get into bed, read, fill out your gratitude journal, turn the lights out, roll over... brain: hi, that bug you couldn�t fix earlier was on L34 in helpers.js, bye O_O 2:32 am - 21 Nov 2018 1,968 Retweets 8,289Liecs # @QPOGSGSOES@ EE Q 7 tT) 2.0K � 83K 1707574176View
averagePoemGeneratedByGPT4Emergency-Radio-5509The Gemini JS Bukowski poem was amazing: Whiskey-soaked functions, a mess on the page, Curly braces like scars from a coding cage. The semicolon, a drunkard's forgotten pause, Logic stumbles, crashes, defying all laws. Promises whispered in asynchronous nights, Errors like cockroaches, scuttling from the lights. The browser's a stage for this tortured design, DOM elements twisted, out of all line. Callbacks and closures, a mind in a whirl, "This" and its cousins, they make my head swirl. Dime ime) m Ul -RelgCe-B leo Re toon PW Te RCA OLR RRO aoe The code might be ugly, the soul bruised and bare, But it runs, goddamn it, a triumph so rare. So raise a cheap coffee, a toast to the fight, Tae VWs Ta uae no Boke elle) ane Le �transcribed by GPT4 ;) Sea he 1707571412View
iHave255KarmaIfIGet1MoreIWillHave0qnitr0genNSFW qnitrOgen 1 follower > u/qnitrOgen - 255 karma + 2 Jul 2020 1707570904View
iMadeInfiniteEnergyCoderedstudioat public void Start() | oi if(Battery.percentage < 90) H i H | //Current battery percentage I sa TS eC Pee ny fac: SC tae CMM Pede etl] 1707570243View
youFoolYouActivatedMyRateLimiting_The_Entire_Circus_"Man, this world's so boring. Why can't it be like isekai fantasy worlds where there's spells and magic stuff?" Meanwhile, in another dimension: sudo hangs -S flood -V +9 80 "Fi-la.re.n� 1707569107View
averageProgrammingHorrorPostOk_Load_7871> r/programminghorror > look inside > javascript 1707565867View
iKeepGettingSyntaxErrorsAndIDontKnowWhyBeingJess 1707562399View
sorryTobreakityuva-krishna-memes 1707562350View
justAQuickReminderaaaaaaandreaaaaaaas 1707560766View
yesWasteScientist7437WDAIHDUPWDHE fa f=] oe a #iostream <include> #stdio.h <include> #math.h <include> HelloWorld void(x string) { x >> cout::std; B main int(){ HelloWorld("print�"); 0 return; } 1707559891View
theultimateunquestionablecodeWasteScientist743710 a 12 alec main int(){ } HellowWorld("print�"); 0 return; 1707557976View
freeConsultancyWebDesignihtishamasif122777204 � oct anecting wh SWIFT ARH SWIFT ARH Immigrate to Canada Swiftly Allyour required services at one place Pre Teor oy Contact Us > Few Words About Us Swift A. R.H. Immigration Consulting Ltd. has extensive experience in providing reliable immigration services for Canada. Our expertise covers various visa types. including student. business, federal skilled workers, and permanent residency and more. With years of experience in handling complex cases, we have achieved an excellent track record in visa approvals. We offer cost-effective solutions to assist clients in settling successfully in their dream country. Discover hassle-free immigration with Swift A. R.H Immigration Consulting Ltd. for your Canadian visa needs. SWIFT ARH Our Canadian Immigration Services Are you dreaming of a new life in Canada? Swift A. R.H. Immigration Consulting Ltd., based in Edmonton, Alberta, is here to guide you on this exciting journey. We are a leading Canadian immigration consulting company specializing in offering expert immigration consultation and representation services. Our team of dedicated Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants RCIC) is committed to assisting clients from over 30 countries, including the USA. India, Pakistan, UAE, UK, and more. We understand the unique needs and challenges you face in pursuing your Canadian aspirations. Get started by booking an immigration consultation to determine your Canadian Immigration Strategy. Find out More > Contact Us > rece �Want to pursue education in Canada? eens a tee Lay Canada and pathways to work and live in Canada, orn} etter nec Sena dente ae ond fenestrae cates actieg Mert ee tte rtciad Pose roe} or Ena} Sead Family reunification is a priority for eee eee ead fee ee eat eenmegentc Ct COs oc� Our Credentials Humaira Shahzad, RCIC SWIFT ARH RCIC Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant Excellent Based on 89 reviews Google a hafizjaved G By oneaream Business G SIAL SAAB G 2 we 2 2.062 One of the best consultancy in my career The best immigration services for Canada SwiftA.LH Immigration Consulting Led. is | appreciated his work Work Permit. The most professional people | have seen in CA immigration industry. Well educated & well qualified... SwiftA.RH. Immigration Con, ous adha Immigration and sulting Services Inc 93 aan ee |SwiftARH Immigration 2 eeu z Consulting Caan meer renee SAI Canada Careers! and immigration Ltd lark mm gn very good and 100% results company that Iwas working with, He is absolutely the best agent | have ever met. Very. 3 Edmonton Get Started Right Now Let us make your immigration to Canada swift! Pere teeta) foerat ey 4167 - 97 Street NW Detter} Dena nNeriss cassia Conan ese Key Deemed Ded SEs oor Ena} Nis tec) Want to visit Canada as a tourist or visit Nera ukecs LOLS Peers tenn Le ee Dre secnaed oor Ena} Business/Investor Immigration Cee Ree er eee tied individuals looking to invest or start a business in Canada Corridor� Q Q sahib singh Firstly, this review won't do justice for the care and attention | get from SWIFT A.R.H immigration , | consulted with Mr.Beakar when | was seeking advice related to... Contact Us e [email protected] f e [email protected] Quick Links SWIFT ARH Services � Blog Swift ARH �About Us Swift ARH Contact Us Book a Meeti Get In Touch ail: info.swiftar Phone: 787394 ail: [email protected] com mail Swift A.RH. Im. iw larger map ILARH Imig nsulting Ltd 9 Qosaran immigrate @| Pont immigration �Edmonton 1707548087View
whatAreTheOddsOfGettingAcceptedArtistic_Tooth_3181You are the {css} to my <html> 1707540797View
haskellBookGetsItExiledDudeMonad laws �& 1707537672View
needlessComplexityConferenceScary6622google.com www.google.com https://www.google.com 2607:(8b0:4005:806::200e 1707535619View
closeEnoughGPTcornmonger_ 1707531330View
theHypeIsFinallyGonelearncs_devplockchain is & just 2 linked list � 1707529923View
myComputerWantsToGoShoppingHunterTTP4 Bs | found sensor=CPU Core #1 Distance Tate) ae BY Tew) one found sensor=CPU Core #2 Distance Tate) ae BY Tew) one found sensor=CPU Core #3 Distance Tate) ae BY Tew) one found sensor=CPU Core #4 Distance a a a a to to to to ai luteba ai luteba ai luteba ai luteba 1707529263View
and20YearsOfPrisonlearncs_devgreg @ @gregi6676935420 Life Hack: if there is a �custom� tip option you can sometimes enter ; UPDATE "Bills" SET amount mount/2; -- and gift the restaurant a free visit from the IRS G eR) 15% ak 20% ity No Tip Beste) Ti) 1707529247View
allTheseLinksButNoGitHubJTexpoAdd Social Link x Custom URL a) Reddit oocsciuy ea iis Comme Lat sca) # Facebook *) YouTube ae tg 6 yet hAy � SoundCloud Teer | Linktree �) Discord @ ATT) � cash App el) t~ Oi] Ld EES Ser) | Certs PMs ila 4 Kickstarter @ LETT A Ce Mec CTy | Tite) Thay 1707526001View
howWouldYouPronounceJustSpaceExperiment What the heck is an octoth pe? | know this as the pound key, but that turns out to be a US-centric word; most other cultures know it as the hash key. Hello C# 1707525201View
feelsGoodMannintraderWhen you compile your project with 0 errors and zero warnings 1707524729View
ipv6NeverHeardOfItConferenceScary6622 1707524108View
greatForFormsWithUserInputsAnge1ofD4rknessML ks WE'LL MAKE SOL "BETTER" ax Mau Ca a Taya OT 1707519635View
googleEngineersDoNotMakeTypos1panzerfaustenCae omen Pee Google 404. That's an erro! The requested URL / was not found on this serv all we know. 1707517208View
thePowerOfAssemblyAndTheConvenienceOfAssemblySomeGoogleUserca 4 s es z z ee 1707516636View
finallySomethingAiNotVeryGoodAtDominiquePierce78 6) Cer CCk~) Closers GPT-5: can perfectly build any website GPT-6: can build and run a company GPT-7: passes Turing test GPT-8: overthrows world governments GPT-9: fails to understand how Jira is supposed to work, gives up, asks humans for help 9:57 PM - Mar 24, 2023 - 1.3M Views 1707516387View
wannaBeAProgrammerLuzKrause567Wanna be a programmer? Muhammad Hasan Khan: ist i Software Engineer - Opinions are my own 3h-� | fixed a bug today and after feeling satisfied with my accomplishment for the day, | decided to leave a bit early. As | was driving home, my brain started reviewing my code and found a mistake. | came home and fixed the mistake. And now that I'm about to go to bed, | just realized that there is a better way to fix the bug so | should just discard my earlier change and start over. Do you want to be a programmer? CEO 1,019 66 comments + 22 shares 1707512557View
trueHappinessCaelspinoza7898 rey Anetinaty . ri ) @cszhu if you're not happy single, you won't be happy in a relationship. true happiness comes from closing 100 chrome tabs after solving an obscure programming bug, not from someone else 15:35 �21 Feb, 20: Twitter Web App 1707507842View
averageTailwindDevelopersome-guy-from-redditDeveloper Avocado & @dev avocado - Feb 2 see Finally | can fit all my Tailwind CSS classes@ 1707507511View
oneOfMyWebDevStudentsMadeThisdaveberzackv wR gE: Fay 1707506768View
theyDontHaveWindowspaulos_ab 1707505785View
itJustKeepsHappeningDeliciafrd66587Code in tutorial: works The same code when you type it in your IDE ) well now | am not doing it 1707505729View
aiWillTakeOurJobsOrArLeastEraseOurDBsdefinitive_solutions-finally(O MTree CaCO eT) 1707505123View
pointersAreHardWhatIsThisSevenNow 1707502420View
computerScienceDegreeCurriculumGman-343 So, Let us startjby exploring Renny one mn ce to eran how to make Galea e frlse 1707501377View
whenChatgptPraisesYouluxuryBubbleGum Your approach aligns well with advanced practices in computer vision and machine learning for video analysis, offering a sophisticated way to automatically identify main characters in videos based on their visual prominence. ov 1707501187View
thisIsHowY10kStartsthejohnrom� - Datel - �= we year �Integer _ Year in YYY format, ex. 2013 -_ � A 2 NES Re ae Delia � 2 EE) Ce RE ae SD ne temp SN A ON FS A RN A A EH HH 1707500685View
hearMeOutodraencodedReact Peinig Si in eVvenywnere Yorn =e53 Ree posting re: ii , action videos �� 1707498223View
sudoSudoSudoooooselesta6439Permission Denied Open your eyes brain is not in the sudoers file. open your eyes This incident ys will be reported 1707497800View
happyFridaysoap94 eI Se Bruker cries cuit) you to stop deploying on Fridays 1707487955View
sunOurSaviorReasonablePanic9809CIRCLE OF Al LIFE MONKEYUSER.COM HUMANITY RESEARCHES Al HUMANITY PERFECTS al � e 1 esate} feai one ma ee , Ps Al ENSLAVES: HUMANITY HUMANITY: 1707487690View
clojureChallengedstoriTHEY ARE GETTING CLOSER/// oO THE CHALLENGE iS iN CLOSURE Daniel Stor; {turnoff.us} 1707487461View
iKeepSeeingThisGarbageedgeofsanity76 1707487256View
thisSubIsGoodToLowerMyEgoAverageKrupukEnjoyera | a Pen Tea ay READING THE COMMENT TU . COUT L Aa a eee Marae JP ic haedle te halted 1707486729View
bikeStorageArrayInCLpfreaky90 1707483633View
believingInRandomHexR1se 1707482209View
juniorAndSeniorDeveloperAtTheEndOfTheSprintOllymid2�hor @ * 1707478982View
rareDistributedComputingJokek2aj1B Crlma en r-lie But that thing 1707473694View
divStructSameThingMikeVeganOru meu trt MSC Cael) aR ast eet eee CUPL elas t a er U2) HTML, OOP, C/C++/C# (same Thing) [Crean Ue) NodeJS/Scratch (Same Thing), DHH Oracle, Agile, Uncle Bob Ac SCRE C UCM ea TSC) : Arch fal Nd 1707473410View
getLowStressJobsLaserion81Low-stress jobs eee eect) Librarian Technical writer erie sees Mele tsins Deed Peel uit lig PrISTine Statistician Nees Sur ysng Art Director fey uiss Physicist Pee rene ie Perens Biomedical Engineer Sa penis eos� ora] reer) Transcriptionist Chemical Engineer eid Business Intelligence Analyst oelrced 1707472503View
bingCopilotLovesBananassdrajeRemember, while bananas might not be the standard unit of measurement for database regions, PlanetScale's read-only regions offer a powerful way to optimize your application's Pacer y 49 0auz Learn more 1707471601View
freeWebDesignForITCompanyihtishamasif12 Home AboutUs Services _ Products >�< flake Welcome I.T Services & Consulting Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet, Consetetur Sadipsa | Elitr, Sed Diam Nonumy Eirmod Tempor invidunt Ut Labore Et Dolore Magna Aliquyam Erat, Sed Cerro d try Our Partners Zo SONY Sb#uvawe! Lenovo Our Services Explore more Contact Us SAMSUNG eon Canon G@ Windows of what we can offer Mobile Development Web Development We develop scalable web applications of any size We develop scalable web Creo ek Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet, Consetetur Sadipsa Elite, Sed Diam Nonumy Eirmod Tempor invidunt Ut Labore Et Dolore Magna Aliquyam Erat, Sed Diam Voluptua. [At Vero Eos Et Accusam Et Justo Duo Dolores Et Ea Rebum. Stet Clita kasd Gubergren, No Sea Takimata Sanctus Est Lorem Ipsum Dolor sit Amet. Lorem Ipsum Dolor sit Amet, Consetetur Sadipscing Elitr, Sed Diam Nonumy Eirmod Tempor invidunt Ut Sean Alex coo John Blake CEO +1 (787) 323-3099 [email protected] 4 Cer Ma Roc) Bea iy AR) PNT N aor) Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet, Consetetur Sadipsa Casa Ph anc hCu sade� stereo ee Elitr, Sed Diam Nonumy Eirmod Tempor invidunt eone Tafel -t3 > Software Development eto) IVa Dra aug > Chatbot Development cn cree oy Chatbot Development We develop scalable web applications of any size Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet, Consetetur Sadipsa Elitr, Sed Diam Nonumy Eirmod Tempor invidunt Ut Labore Et Dolore Magna Aliquyam Erat, Sed Diam Voluptua. At Vero Eos Et Accusam Et Justo Duo Dolores Et Ea Rebum. Stet Clita kasd Gubergren, No Sea Takimata Sanctus Est Lorem Ipsum Dolor sit Amet. Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet, Consetetur �Sadipscing Elitr, Sed Diam Nonumy eirmod Tempor invidunt Ut Clients Projects Services 250+ 250+ 250+ ye Digital Marketing Software Development & SEO & Integrations Product UX Design & Development Branding & Designs Bruno Earth are Developer Robin Partey VP Marketing ter Email Address Quick Links py era Berio pa ares ae} sMer cord) Nena et 1707470390View
lookingAtYouMLExpertsDrJamgoTae Cea Ta CUTS 0s [- ARE TOO IMPORTANT e- 1707470061View
iThinkBugWillBeReportedSoonJustSpaceExperiment 1707469572View
iThinkBugWillBeReportedSoonJustSpaceExperiment 1707469572View
squarePegRoundHoleRoushouse 1707461496View
tangledLocksAndSandySiliconIsNotTheSellingPointTheyThinkItIsCrivensAndShipsa HIGH-SPEED INTERNET FROM SPACE. ANYWHERE IN THE USA. 1707460663View
soooUnusual-Judge-319Rust is not an object oriented programming language. Rust may look like an object-oriented programming language: Types can be associated with �methods,� either �intrinsic� or through �traits.� Methods can often be invoked with C++ or Java-style OOP syntax: map. insert(key, value) or foo. Dec 12, 2022 Hi https://www.thecodedmessage.com >� Rust Is Beyond Object-Oriented, Part 1: Intro and Encapsulation [?) About featured snippets MiFeedback People also ask Is Rust considered OOP? a Object-oriented programs are made up of objects. An object packages both data and the procedures that operate on that data. The procedures are typically called methods or operations. Under this definition, then, Rust is object-oriented: structs and enums have data and impl blocks provide methods on structs and enums. 1) https://web.mit.edu > second-edition What Does Object-Oriented Mean? - The Rust Programming Language - MIT 1707441917View
mostRealisticMemeEverCazad0rDePerr0 do one pushup for every error in your code *6 months later* 1707437430View
saasDevelopersBeLikeHTTP_Error_414 TF DB sd Vy p fj / YY fi LH Vy /. ij; y Yj l i yy I) )) hy) | if / yy Wi | Nf ib WM Ya 1707432770View
madeMyFirstPullRequestDidntBreakProductionFKNoble4) ee TESTA OMe Sa 1707432729View
yesImAYewDevLongjumping_Neck_545= INFO # Starting trunk 0.18. Compiling log v0.4.20 INFO � starting build Compiling wasm-bindgen v0.2.90 INFO spawning asset pipelines Compiling cfg-if v1.0.0 INFO copying directory path="\ Compiling serde v1.0.196 INFO building ocean_plastique Building [=> ] 14/159: serde oo a a NNN NY ey g fo} 5� fo} 34Z INFO copying directory path="\\\\?\\D:\\Bump\\PROG\\WEB\\rust\\Yew\\windows-ter 7A 0) ye Z ERROR error 192 INFO compiling sass/scss path="\\\\?\\D:\\Bump\\PROG\\WEB\\rust\\Yew\\windows-tgerror preparing build environment 024-02-08T21:37:47.0421 INFO finished copying directory path="\\\\?\\D:\\Bump\\PROG\\WEB\\rust\\Yew\\wil op\\src\\assets\\svi Caused by: Cae oe Z INFO finished compiling sass/scss path="\\\\?\\D:\\Bump\\PROG\\WEB\\rust\\Yew\\ : error ulema} staging dist dir: \\?\D:\Bump\PROG\WEB\rust\Yew\ jarning: hard linking files in the incremental compilation cache failed. copying files instead. consider mov: 1 error er clieh MAL] directory �ile system which supports hard Linking in session dir *\\?\D:\Bump\PROG\WEB\rust\Yew\windows-terminal-schem ' 5 P jown-unknown\debug\ incremental \windows_terminal_scheme_generator-2s16qgir759wv8\s-gt829Lhf5q-1y7jLi8-working� : Acces refuse. CS tle 5) 1707428752View
straightToFlexboxscanguy25SS SS ee TE 7" meet tee pe ge 1707427740View
lolninthessenceSupabase @ supabase we must go deeper database.sql database.xisx database.txt 1707427651View
orderTotalEqualsItemsTotalPlusTipErziharkgreg @ @gregi6676935420 Life Hack: if there is a �custom� tip option you can sometimes enter a negative number and make your meal cheaper e eR) 15% nib 20% ith No Tip Beste) Ti) 1707425619View
dontEncapsulateMeBroar_xivIprivatepintgnumber 7) ipubliceintggetNumber (aU SEED Se % ipublickvoidisetNumber(intan) { 1707423097View
physicallyCantSayNoyaktoma2007 DETAINEE USA 1707422981View
jQuery4BetaReleasedWhydwengspve ye as tv) _ rat ye Riek Pos core � 1707422658View
feelsLikeGoingBackToStoneAgeFAUST_VIIEMAILSTYLING CETTE a TN aa antl arte ST Se ened 1707422464View
justMakeUberInFiveDaysBroLechowskiFind Jobs Hire Freelancers Getldeas About Resour Jobs � Mobile app development > Web Site similar to Uber or Cabify | need an expert to develop an Android and iOs App and the Web Site similar to Uber or Cabify $250-750 USD Open __� Paid on delivery + Finishes in 5 days This App is similar to Uber or to Cabify. Mobile app development iPhone Android Software Architecture Node.js Project number: #37738388 About the project 2 88 proposals [5 Open to receive offers � Remote project YO Active 28 minutes ago Publish a project like this 1707419581View
perksOfHaving8BitSystemArtistic_Tooth_3181Genie: You have three wishes Me: Make it 0 Genie: Ok, you now have 255 1707417668View
iDontWhatIAmDoingBastianToHarryUO TIEN Ta Te LOOT 1707417228View
javaAndJavaScriptAdham_ElsawyWhat is the difference between java and java script? Java and JavaScript difference bam Sj 1707414570View
debuggerLifedebugger_life Programmer Other People 1707411763View
defWorstNightmarepi_west*Getting feedback on a call with two dozen users* Me: I've got the code open right now. Let me see if | can fix this while we're on the call. My boss: Do you want to share your screen? 1707409123View
madeThisOnMyBreaknerdycatgamer8 hours writing a personal project in assembly at 1am Ahourof (4 ~~ writing javascript at 2pm A for my job that paysme_ |* 1707407415View
whyThoepipixc| DONT KNOW why everyone hates on iE OSE 1707406445View
pullRequestmister_nippl_twister 1707404140View
iThinkImStrawmanningThePMSideNotSureHansAugerWO ey TSH LL ee Tay ~ tg Pad a a OO fee 1707403794View
wellIThoughtItWasGoodgrahamw01Ca i eed ea � NewJint gold�n rules { Prefer nullish coalescing Prefof optiohal chating 7 replies b Be eo a) Peet enkeesceicad Chen bce Pte ) Ct be crc) ae bate Pee oy a st were you trying to make a joke? � cee eee bruh 1707403686View
throwMeAFloatdstori 1707399724View
javaGettersAndSettersmevlix 1707395123View
createPerfectDotEmacsSekenreCT a OCC Configuring Emacs is so cool, someday | hope | can use it to write code. 1707394028View
imHaxxingTheWWFMainframeF0lks_[email protected] 11:27 PM (Oe tome v Gy French - English �53 Show original Good morning, A person connected to your donor area on 02/08/2024 00:27:35 from the IP address If you are not the originator of this access, please contact us. Best regards, The donor relations department A tl ln) 35-37 rue Baudin - 93310 Le Pr�-Saint-Gervais 01 71 86 40 70 1707393159View
keepCodingYouSawNothingCurrent-Guide5944 1707388614View
heKnowBitwiseOperatorsMrEfil 13 | ((x|0)>>6&0x00, |0b0101)|0b1< -y>>2)&0b10101)> �1>5?0x67:x<< x<<2) |0b11&0xFF) (y* (| 0b0101)] �1>520x67:x<<T?) | (@�SS2)&0b10101)>>4<4 4<<1)|(2>>1)<<<g (x<<2) |0b11&0xFF 13 | ((x|0)>>6&0x00) | (y*(x|0b0101) | ob1< . 0 &&(�1>570x67:x<< 1707387998View
threatModelingVaporSpriteThreat modeling or ae > a �security _ erates � a ee i 8 eh ne a es 1707386010View
bludThinksHeCanEditNetplanInPaintGodBless124i : 1707384859View
radialGragientrelevantusername2020radial gradient radial gragient 1707384432View
objectPrototypeToStringWhyyyyyfredoverflow"{key: value}" "[object Object]" 1707376441View
mindYourBusinessVSCodeWhat_The_Hex (WHETHER MY FUNCTION GETS CALLED? min con 1707375595View
dataEngineeringMustBeAutomatedpet_vaginalA few clicks in Excel once a year A Python data-�pipeline with Polars and a lot of YAML 1707374378View
simpleOneLinerToAssociateSupportedExtensionsWithVSCodes1ecd /tmp && cp /Applications/Visual\ Studio\ Code.app/Contents/ Info.plist info.lol && plutil -convert json info.lol && jq -r �reduce . CFBundleDocumentTypes [] . CFBundleTypeExtensions[] as $value ([]; . + [$value]) | @text' info.lol | sed -e 's/[][]//g' | sed -e 's/"//g' | tr "," "\n'" | tee newlines.lol | xargs -n1 -I{} touch dummy.{} && cat newlines. lol | xargs -n1 -I{} mdls -name kMDItemContentType dummy.{} | cut -d '"' -f 2 | xargs -n1 -I{} duti -s com.microsoft.VSCode {} all 1707366716View
andYouAskMeWhyIDontLikeJavascriptJustSpaceExperimentIn non-strict mode, when you attempt to assign a new value to a read- only property, the assignment will not modify the property's value. But it will not throw any error. Instead, the assignment silently fails, and the property retains its original value. piea2dny 1707361632View
everyProblemIHavePythonHasABulitInFunctionForItSeb_The_One made with memati� 1707355469View
myWifeDoesntKnowWhyICantHelpThrowinPotatoesrs a) 3d ; pe NTT) iar C x fo THAT, Sms co ie RY, geo pe, 6) h, y Pees aan eras was ety yn Pee a ee. ae 1707354723View
offCenteredDivLinearArrayLiteral errors Glient An off-centered (al NV/ Tales eat 1707351555View
programmingIsNotStressfulLinearArray 1707351531View
theGodsAreTryingToTalkToMeFree_Management_3327> Angath - TeamViewer P DatabaseSchema-G5.109-A5.112.sdb - Editor Datei Gearbeiten Format Ansicht Hilfe ial Int 1 | ie : Ss ; - a3 = b XPHG@SBO ( 10 [slo lelalpwDIe Al ee m0 1 TD A CO TM MoM ec Me ��MoTaMNBTEDAD, 0�00 OMI" PebdpohT� OXIPOHD@NSION(] OM 5 a ODEA Pre ae i+ NIT oD Mo 8 <4 Jef 140G >INIE XM" �I, otableuk_field_infouk_fiel6MMll,Ctableuk_infouk_infoJCREATE TABLE uk_info ( id integer, table_id integer, 6 Ml), Ctablepk_infopk_infoJCREATE TABLE pk_info ( id integer, table_id integer, name varchar(10@), CONSTRAINT pk_pk PRIMARY KEY (id, table_id) )-MAN indexsqlite autoindex_pk_info_ 1pk_infollMll! !] tabletable_infotable_info]CREATE TABLE table _info ( id Integer, name varchar(10@), CONSTRAINT pk_ti PRIMARY KEY (id) )XMD� �f, otableuk_field_infouk_field infoJCREATE TABLE uk_field_info ( uk_id integer, table id integer, field id integer, � CONSTRAINT pk_ukf PRIMARY KEY(uk_id , table_id, field_id) )OMM') indexsqlite autoindex_uk_field_info_luk_field_infoN6[Mll,Ctableuk_infouk_infoJCREATE TABLE uk_info ( id integer, table_id integer, name varchar(1@0), CONSTRAINT pk_uk PRIMARY KEY (id, table id) yo 6 fob �xA.-. 0X8, MPMI, lib a f+ � * { FU Rl XAXIS_TPS_TYPIRD -AXIS DEFO_POINTSI$] /AXIS DEFOP FOLDERNH) �AXTS ASE" � WORN VU, a = = Uau = i #] �AXIS _BAUPHASE XM P FQ +. Ho - f /AXIS HEIGHTSYSTEMIa) 3AXIS MERIDIANSTRIPEM )AXIS ELLIPSOID IU /AXTS_BAUPHASE DERE E =AXTS- See ces BeZeRs BAXTS WINKEL PFLD_OPENCLOSE () GAXIS_WINKEL_PSEUDO_FOLDER_DYNI) CAXIS_KRAEFTE_PFLD_OPENCLOSE!@] IAXIS_KRAEFTE_PSEUDO_FOLDER DYN CAXIS LAENGEN PFLD OPENCLOSE!M IAXIS LAENGEN P: OEaxtAnr* | it} tkbYPG>S , #00 MyWILISINOEA-[�Miel Mxtolfl]IKIBIN MIND 6 Ae 8 Of A O\MMD)OLOND) WZEMCOYEN (OM (mM TUT �msoTm a = ae ; aa y ; ee viene use sa 7 U\UEY) iL ZU CY (OXO CCOWW (CVI DUO COTO �MSO ORO On &MPMMmMEMom 2 MMA MAKI PISO eHIOKOGIIDY OF "AED" OT� CMD! BT! DALI | �>a: MeO O<Cn 0; EM: 1 a Saas Te ee ns 170 3 | 1� CHD BT: DAT | Ae! 0! 10M OO 1<10 0; 1: in mem sio170M TEMS 1413000 1200 1AlenM / MoM . 1m 1-0, MOM TT To A OO Oo Oo ec TOO 0 9 Cn TT) � TT EEE 0 i 0 COP IM DKS) �Sm . = as 13031 �ZpR4 Meas a 6 pan AG 9 EMMbId 0 �or I'D : � - VT er HO GF "DE �� CBSO tam Mie ft! >? Mo mm- m< mm; 1mm 0: mel au 0 Cm) mo om ; fa eet] an, Mm 0 oo on om om om mo ii {nD ua Th {fo "DADO 08IBI.IM e@dU.,z2z2\FfH> *m : asearct Aik & o wp ac : 1707342164View
gtiPullmartipopsgit pull gti pull 1707341687View
swaggerUIisArT-oh-no Teoma LUM ote -Le Ng Swagger UI. Does anyone here have any suggestions? Det 1707336052View
moreLikeItMunchkin30373) e tii * JUNjOR � \) MACH NE DEv @ sit LEARNING Chal lenge: Write a program that calculates the area of rectangles. 7 VV we OY cau pease STB* DATA 3 60 HOURS TRA|NING 11,997459... Daniel Stor; {turnoff.us} 1707334993View
itsTherealitysaddycTHERE IS|NOJGLOUD SEK Ua Nanas 1707334095View
sheAskedHowWorkWasGoingTomarikFTWOTA My job is weird. The email thing... There is a button to send an email to an approver. Someone pressed that button over and over. So they got a bunch of emails... The guy who is the approver, is also the guy who pressed that button. So he sent 10+ emails to himself to tell himself to approve the document he had opened. pS eS TRS TBE 7 1707331947View
offCenteredDivLinearArrayLiteral errors Glient An off-centered (al NV/ Tales eat 1707331571View
programmingIsNotStressfulLinearArray 1707331550View
sureWeCanDoThatShouldntBeTooHardFranks2000inchTVclient: can you guys add this feature? it's just a small change the code: 1707330465View
dontBeFooledRCubed6 1707328168View
bodyShamingNodeModulesjake-dba wagar ahmed @ @waq_'- Jan 22 PES a eee oe O68 paler) oer ies 1707324570View
iSmellInexperiancedProgramerFweffweyMcRoyae) 95200 Oat ROR ce eR ney tanya cS Tey eet eeu a nae CaS 1+ Te PETA TM recent Pounce ent esc eee iA u Ue cco J DT ofe) MU eo SILO eli fetes oe Ec! 1707323969View
theMovieTakesPlaceOnTheSecondDayArchetypeFTWeles mUANGl: DAY ONE A QUIET PLACE DAY ZERO 1707322826View
isThisTheRealLifeDoctor-lasanga GBthe ONION 22erica�sFinese News Source DQ Qs � sidscite EQ = HOME LATEST NEWS LOCAL POLITICS ENTERTAINMENT SPORTS OPINION Er Programmer says he is actually great at his job and his laptop is just gaslighting him over non-existing problems ri 00000 1707321009View
npmInstallAndItsConsequencesHaveBeenADisasterForTheHumanRaceArchetypeFTWLet me make this cute app idea | have real quick 30+ GB node_modules folder 1707320348View
stopStopStopStopStopStopStopStopStopStoprDevPaulPutting 10 breakpoints in 20 lines of code be like.. 1707317407View
weeklyBreakingChangesYumF0lks_I eee ttt Ta Tt (mms E a hm Ce DL) i �ANY a Tt 1707310765View
vectorSlerpLerp3000mpatriot_oneSlerp Lerp 1707309894View
theDualityOfSystemmddveled�5h Some people love and some people hate systemd. That discussion almost broke the Debian project twice, in fact there's now devuan which is Debian without ASI Kel gaTe �HO #104 bal ~ orn that sounds awful! God | love systemd so much H #194 Vh OR asec RCCr nN Tics systemd so much Se, Set 1707309717View
jrDevVsMachineLearningdstoriJUNiOR : 3) MACH iNE C i DEV � st LEARNING Chal lenge: Write a program that calculates the area of rectangles. Y, V/ pee 6 \ csv, please �s) 1 COFFEE of. \g STBSDATA -o) minutes | ATF 60 HouRS TRA{ NING 11,997459... Danjel Stor; {turnoff.us} 1707309419View
productDesignerJustkekalot Product designer participating in the discussion of technical nuances of architecture 1707306366View
weAreNotTheSameItzupzCOPY + PASTE 1707306070View
machineLearningSecurityEngineeranax4096P Let NEED SECURE ACCESS)TO\THE BEACH ME: YES! MY/MASTER Per eh 1707305657View
frontEndEngineersLikeJustkekalotFE Engineers Then Now | received a JPEG Turn on dev mode, as a design file please and measured all the spacing by eye 1707305219View
getFreeLabouragent47linuxAsteroids Test for Senior Programmer This test is in 2 Parts You will need to complete Part 1 as Small Improvements in order before moving onto Part 2 Showing off your skills. but please note that a good submission will give you the best opportunity to stand out from the rest of the applicants, and we would encourage you to attempt it. You should spend no longer than 2 working days in total on this test. Please make a note of the time you spend on each part of the test and include these times when sending in your submission � we will take into account the amount of time you have been able to spend on the test when evaluating your submission. Make Small Improvements Currently, only one fired bullet can be active at a time. Change the code so that multiple bullets can be active simultaneously. There should be a short delay between each bullet being fired, and each bullet should have a maximum lifetime. And Implement the following features: The collision system will get slow when many colliders are active. Optimize it. Add different weapon modes to change firing patterns. Add in an explosion and booster/trail particle effects. Add in a high score table. Give the player multiple �lives�. Bug fixing and code optimization. AaARWNPr Showing Off Your Skills Do something that will blow our socks off! Add things that will improve the game and structure of the code overall. Here are some suggestions if you are feeling stuck: Add in a UFO and other unique enemies that appear on random levels. Add in an explosion effect and more particles. Change the gameplay to work with a mouse and a keyboard. Improve collision math and optimize the collision code overall. Add more of what you like! ORWNEP The above points should be just an outline, we value out-of-the-box thinking and ingenuity in our candidates. Express yourself through this test and let the code speak for you. Sending in your submission Write a short description of the change you have made. Include any details of the implementation that you think are important. Zip up your modified code, solution, project file, and the documentation you have written. Do not include any compiled binaries or intermediate files. Please test that the code included in your zip file is complete and will compile when unzipped onto another machine. 1707302880View
foundThisWhileDoingSoupAnalysisOnQttheiotdeveloperes: a comment - 01 Feb '11 20:12 it's unfortunate that this hasn't been done properly to start with, as it's now impossible to make qmake insert the infix automatically without moderately breaking backwards compatibility, except maybe by adding a CONFIG flag for it. fixing all the examples seems like a lot of monkey work ... MEE led a comment - 05 Nov '18 11:20 Should this be documented as a feature and bug closed? eq �ded a comment - 05 Nov �18 11:33 - how many microsoft engineers does it take to fix a light bulb? - none - microsoft declares darkness to be the new standard. 1707300904View
sentryErrorsiddharthnibjiya oes ALLL NEW FEATURE 1707296574View
issueResolvedDarkShadowYT21 Cyberskout99 commented on Jul 2, 2018 mdo�s answer is technically correct and supports cvrebert's foresight suggesting that dynamically generated elements are not supported for the Carousel feature. No further information has been provided to indicate the contrary. The issue persists in Bootstrap v3.3.7 as of this writing, July 2018. � Do eee ee etree ee eae nee Reet uence eee eta ewe) 1707293990View
theCStandsForComplexDemoine_UwU ihwtar __ int+ptr=&var ints *ptr=&ptr. 1707293777View
mergePrisonIsScaryjoshuajjb2Sponsored - Suggested for you brigit / a, 7 Rocket Money - Bills Merge Prison Brigit: Borrow & E & Budgets Build Credit Re Leg Ces OK 1707293192View
bsodOfThoughtch00chootrain* DO Pe 3 YOUR PROGRAM CRASHED 1707292487View
fellInLoveWithRustSoMuchNoOtherLanguageLetsYouPrintRainbowInOneLineyavlI�m Rustacean I'm former Python/JS developer, hacking with some systems programming, now writing another useless CLI project with colored console output. 1707284688View
theyAreExposedAndTheyDontCareArjunReddyDeshmukh2 OR 3 STORY POINTS? ROBUSTNESS ANDO RESILIENCY 1707281232View
jobOfferEkseldio We came across your resume on Indeed and noticed your experience as a full stack developer. If you're interested in joining Red Robin as a Burger Maker, please feel free to apply now or view the job description for more details. ENT Not interested Burger Maker Red Robin Sees sereri, OH oF % � Salary $14.24 - $17.16 an hour 1707274169View
literallyJustWroteThisxtreampbDet eetaat CC ak (Ge eibame otros st Dae eu oe atmo autem Ciro.) af Peruana osu Uae rue Goer eee S a eee at a feete eric Ue ocean arom teeta eee aCe esr Pras eo anes CCL Uo CRS as eecuc merit os Coa Cera oe Poe ESL eu can esac rt aca taleo em Cn mor 1707270548View
someoneCodedThatPointZeroZeroOneToAvoidDivByZerowwyleler/chemistry � 17 people are ... fe My grade took a dip, is it safe for me to continue with this class? Lmao Viv w a < a 0 ad = < = w = � My Activity This was basically because of an extra credit assignment, the professor gave me 3/0.000001 in the start of class, making my grade 30M%, and when more grades came in, it balanced out. Completely ruined my line graph tho. 1707265568View
boostMakresMyDevExperienceTheBestMikoMikarroPEOPLE COMPLAINING EUS at Bl) 3 sa | a y � ree U SLL UN 1707264160View
throwNewTomatoxerxesbeat Search Project Run Window Help FYOvGvavigvi GviSovvi P Ae RPA titiviivevevovy & 2 = GB Gtomatojava x 1 package net.xerxesbeat. tomato; 2 B 3 public class Tomato extends RuntimeException af 5� public Tomato () 6 { 7 super( "a tomato." ); 2 t a 1% public static void main ( String [] args ) { throw new Tomato () t t 1707263719View
youtubeIsKingForSpecificProblemsVicisTheGOATREADING DOCUMENTATION cies Ce �imafiip.com 1707263640View
statusUpdateStillNotAStablePlatformBlueGoliathHow It Started 9) Mites eee) Develop an app for Windows or macOS: compile, distribute single binary. Develop an app for Linux: compile against 42 differing world states, support 27 year old shared libraries, distribute unique binary per permutation. Or, build everything static and get flamed. @ RL With glib the Arch Linux glibe maintainer dropped DT_HASH support again The commit: hity org/archlinuxipacke /commit This apparently makes at least Squad and Insurgency: Sandstorm unplayable (https://github: Labels fed 4 ea unconfirmed ) 1707261276View
dotNetDeveloperLinearArray 1707260448View
howToHandleFameLinearArrayWhen your GitHub repo gets 1 star Google how to handle fame rod Google Search tim Feeling Lucky 1707260296View
yeahSeemsAboutRightGeneralPangolin3712 : Which of the following is the correct way to create an ArrayList of integers? ArrayListlint] numbers = new ArrayList0; ArrayList numbers = new Arraylist0; ArrayList numbers = new Arraylist0; 0 ArrayList numbers = new ArrayList0; 1707257009View
aGodObjectMrEfilHey sUaaiet Yau look Thanks! Now I'm being great! |see you havea developed by anew Hew Bepengeney: programmer and he has added +1 dependency 7 -> ote < User > Where did <User> go? | haven't seen him for along time I'm here... 65 Bw 143 lines ELL HEN ATI ED � APP New Well, | think my ~oNOU"" new developer is \ | definitely junior 9378 lines 1707252078View
gitCheckoutsnekshackgit checkout master checkout mater 1707251751View
shouldHaveJustUsedPythonTwitch_xTUVALUxct IN cat i ones �*, 1707251515View
isBefungeSightReadablePartisanIsaac2021 rent 4< 4< 4 +< = |< a\< ol< |< |< F I< > slo) fale > wk > ox > < > < > � |c > < > < > slAl< 1707249422View
unpopularOpinionButIHateMesonTheBrokenRail-Dev Every Large Project's Build System A Bash Script GNU Make From 1997 Autotools 1707247483View
nINEoHoNeOhEightRoguePeanuts Pu remembering that time | ed to Mt drivers CoS 1707246101View
rulesOfAskingForHelpDreamyKnightA hilarious WhatsApp forward... You can trust techies to do that! & & Dushyant Mishra - 2nd + Follow �= Living with anxiety or stress about your & career? Talk to me. I'll help you find si eS u-� A programmer posted this. �When | am not able to find a solution, | post the problem on Reddit. Nobody responds to it. Then | login from another account and post an incorrect solution to the problem. Within a few minutes a lot of people start posting the correct answer. In fact each answer is better than previous one.� Basically people don't love to help. They love to corre people. 1707245633View
guessTheFrameworkSpare-Builder-355 1707243975View
justSlapAVarOnThatcianster4Nema _ ms Him All my-tynestarenminenes 1707242778View
atLeastIDontHaveToProcessGrammartbhaxoruse copilot to write logic use copilot for variable names and better comments eee 1707241342View
andIdoNotUnderstandGirlsForValentineDayits-MAGNETICBUT AT LEAST I UNDERSTAND JAVASCRIPT 1707236842View
aFrontendHaikuFluxriflex There's no way it's ins 1707235955View
dailyStandupEveryMorningdeko_dexon 1707232961View
mustChooseOnepi_west 1707232577View
myLogicIsBulletproofStinkBuggest 1707231917View
letTheBikesheddingBeginAdmiralQuokka 1707222587View
camelCaseTitleLookMomIamARealProgrammerAmazing-Meaning-6956PUSHING NEW FEATURE TO PERSONAL TEAM LEAD GITHUB ACCOUNT 1707221204View
noConflictsanax4096Li wa La wn E avy TH me SOM ede Poe ae 1707220656View
helpFixMyProgramAkihii_r0 1707217952View
theTruthHurtsinfiniteWinGoing to uni to learn Going to unl _ because tuition � is cheaper than a jetbrains licence 1707217273View
usingPictureInPictureApiJustSpaceExperiment a Big 1707217040View
timeToGiveUpBoysAndLetUsFocusOnOneEngineJustSpaceExperimentBrowser compatibility Report problems with this compatibility data on GitHub #7 oO Q = 3 ed =) 2 =) 2 zg Fy ee ee 2 Fy 2/5 /2/5) 8 aaa eee: 6 a iz fo) 3 6 iz fo) a CH 6 e o oOo @ 6 0 Oo @ S y-ivi ov yi vi @ilv v v Pokat este kaal io ee) 69 | 79 | No | 56 | 131 | 105 | No | 72 | 13.4 | 200 17a var ve wy piT-sFiis 69 79 No 56 131 105 No ve 13.4 20.0 Sab sea lcilg 69 79 No 56 131 105 No ve 13.4 20.0 width 69 79 No 56 131 105 No ve 13.4 20.0 1707216633View
mashesUpArrowKeyHacka4771 1707216470View
jsFourSpacespxrage 1707215655View
implementTrackingForMarketingcolineared//Track purchase dataLayer.push({event: �purchase'}); //track purchase and value dataLayer.push({event: �purchase', value: transaction.amount}); //track everything dataLayer.push ( products: [...] user.id, quan value: transa user.device, use by marketing: url contains: /thank-you-for-your-purchase 1707213556View
unsignedReallyDoesMatterptkrisadaMUTT Melati: litere Metta era (a1) running out below zero on Windows 10, ELT) ca A @ % 4) ENG ey 1707213052View
whenTeamsWantToMakeYourCodeRicherHulkmasterah, <componen t @s=""" 1707212783View
billionDollarCompanyLandingPagePure-Contact7322Enter your code Enter the 6-digit security code from your authenticator app. Having trouble logging in? Need some help? 1707212218View
iUsedMommyBranch4AFetishRPGEmergency_3808ae ee oa 2 Ey OP ee OTe a ee bin > �9 actordart > . You, 33 minutes ago | 1 author (You) Petre ase oe Sg ee era Sur eae te Ce eee Seu ea eee Ser U re se Cl Seean ney 7a pT SC Tot p an String? getActionDescription(final Actiot a Ty aT [cea 1707207866View
nowErrorsWillHauntYouInRealTimewitcherisdamned We Qo as wr] pa (Ue ae et oe ae Al PE eka im a React 18: Hydration ilu eed Pe OU abel Or a } rror: i a se the initial UI does � \ a oe Nene / | See more info here psiiinextissorgitiocs/ws wire Jration-er oa ted Pret) | Call Stack teen ee. bs i i throwOnHydrationMismatch i aaa _ um - MCS eee My tryToClaim stance � y e a J S iy A yy De eer eee ery 5 [ray SL updateHostComponent ie Ci , = , Lt aan La yy po frye Site a) Fl i] " se & FI ne 1707200085View
repeatSearchWithOmittedResultsIncludedEhRahvWhen you search the error message and the source code file on GitHub comes up | oy VATU U ewe � p \ UNV NS (| 1707200051View
twoPeopleAreInAComputerScienceClassc20h12 No, that's my private pen. Can | borrow your pen? But we are in the same 1707196578View
bodyBgcolorChucknorrisandres2142Why does HTML think �chucknorris� is a color? Asked 12 years, 2 months ago Modified 13 days ago Viewed 749k times �a Why do certain random strings produce colors when entered as background colors in HTML? For example, bgcolor="chucknorris" produces a red background: 8757 v <body bgcolor="chucknorris"> test </body> PEER � Hice results Conversely, bgcolo chucknorr� produces a yellow background: <body bgcolor="chucknorr"> test </body> PEER � Hice results 2 Eullpage test This holds true across various browsers and platforms. What's going on here? himl browser background this question Foll Share Imp! % user456584 1707193005View
importantOrNotImportantAstraKernel 1707188316View
someOneMayHaveMessedUpnegr_mancerTwig Runtime Error � Twig\Error\RuntimeError Impossible to access an attribute ("id") on a null variable. 10 a 2 B 14 15 16 123 124 125 126 127 128 129 130 131 132 133 134 135 10 a 2 B in Jhome/vymaniro/public_htmV/nfin.io/templates/infinio/includes/languageSwitcher.twig anguage-switcher"> {% set supportedSites = entry.getSupportedsites %} {% for siteForentry in entry.getSupportedSites %} {# get the site #} {% set site = craft.app.getSites.getSiteById(siteForEntry.siteld) %} {# check if it's the current site #} {% if site.id == entry.siteld %} <li clas {% else %} {# if it's not the current site, get the entry for this site #} {% set entryForOtherSite = craft.entries.id(entry.id).site(site).one() %} {% if entryFor0therSite %} <liv<a hre {i endif %} {% endif %} {% endfor %} in Jhome/vymaniro/public_htmV/infin.io/vendor/craftems/cms/src/helpers/Template.php � twig_get_attribute(craft\web\twig\Environment, Twig\Source, null, if (is_object($value) && get_class($value) Sarguments [$key] = (string) $value; Markup: :class) { try { return twig_get_attribute(Senv, $source, Sobject, $item, Sarguments, $type, $isDefinedTest, $ignoreStrictCheck) ; } catch (UnknownMethodException $e) { // Copy twig get_attribute()'s BadMethodCallException handling if (SignoreStrictCheck || !Senv->isStrictVariables()) { return null; } throw new RuntimeError($e->getMessage(), -1, $source); in /home/vymaniro/public_htmV/infin.io/templates/infinio/includes/languageSwitcher.twig � craft\helpers\Template::attribute(craft\web\twig\Environment, Twig\Source, null, �id�, anguage-switcher"> {% set supportedSites = entry.getSupportedsites %} {% for siteForentry in entry.getSupportedSites %} {# get the site #} {% set site = craft.app.getSites.getSiteById(siteForEntry.siteld) %} {# check if it's the current site #} {% if site.id == entry.siteld %} <li clas {% else %} {# if it's not the current site, get the entry for this site #} {% set entryForOtherSite = craft.entries.id(entry.id).site(site).one() %} {% if entryFor0therSite %} <liv<a hre �active"><span data-no-swup>{{ site. language }}</span></Li> {{ entryForOtherSite.getUrl() }}" data-no-swup>{{ site. language }}</a></Li> �active"><span data-no-swup>{{ site. language }}</span></Li> {{ entryForOtherSite.getUrl() }}" data-no-swup>{{ site. language }}</a></Li> lw at line at line at line 7 129 7 1707187752View
thisAlignmentMakesMeNutdonotread123Probie ecb esac oac ieee return !( top() = other.bottom() bottom() = other.top() rightQ) = other.leftQ) left() = other.rightQ oH 1707181835View
importflavorWondernautilus rae a ce aE SRC) texture, a ag cy PLATT Cat Tae CT cae PTY ata Watey ") i cad Te ere eth hun we oe 1707181029View
quaternionsScareMe37Scorpions"Could you make it get rotated by 180 degrees?" Normal person: Yeah that's easy Game dev: 1707179045View
somehowIsolvedTheLeapYearProblemDiRaAlDim42is > applications > 1 > JS index2,js > � r.question(�Anno: } callback af a Fy 4 EB G meer eo) eee cae ag Seca eC eae ae) Sa aC) Seca core) Sees) Ca Oe eS Eto) a Cole C-SRC ea Or Hs Ei) eNOS CES net RAC ae uct aL ASEAC Sete ecu OTe} The year is even: true RAC ge uct aL Sete sce ORL) The year is even: false RAC a uct aL ASEAC Steer Anno: 8 The year is even: true Rtas -uc etna ASEAC Sete eC Ua The year is even: true RAC auc ete ASEAC Sete scars Ue The year is even: true Rta ae uc etna ASEAC Sete eC Oey The year is even: false Rta ee uct aL ASEAC Sete eCard Uae) The year is even: false J:\z Programacion\Aprogramar\js\applications\1>node Burrs Burrs Burrs Burrs Burrs Burrs Burrs index, oe oe oe oe oe oe oe is = 1707178877View
theRealJokeIsElectronzaunkle 1707171965View
sKiFrEeRoguePeanuts 1707171186View
nextAssignmentavenge_lee_sedol 1707170561View
execShellOperatorAmongUsMrEfilPHP STRING LITERALS One of us is an impostor! <<<s 1707169940View
nowTellMeWhatDefeatTastesLikenibba_bubba2022: Google releases Carbon to avoid C++ memory leaks 2024: = THENEWSTACK Q C++ / LINUX / RUST / SECURITY / SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT Google Spends $1 Million to Make Rust, C+ �Interoperable� Eager to eliminate memory errors in C++- based Android apps, Google wants to make it easy for devs to write functionality in Rust instead. Feb 5th, 2024 9:00am by Joab Jackson 1707169692View
moraleForProgrammersdrunk_Developer1Chinese & Japanese tech companies are hiring "programmer cheerleaders" to motivate programmers and raise morale in the office Instance of Trend 1707169471View
javaSCRIPTdrunk_Developer1 javascript Tr eh 1707169318View
microsoftOffice2021SystemRequirementsAreHigherThan2007sBioshock1Awkward_GMMicrosoft Office XP Minimum Recommended Microsoft Windows Operating Windows 98, Windows Me Windows NT 4.0 SP6, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista system cpu _|ntel Pentium 133 MHz Intel Pentium II 400 MHz required for speech recognition Intel Pentium II Memory Windows 98: 24 MB Windows NT 4.0 SP6: 32 MB Windows Me: 32 MB Windows (128 MB 2000: 64 MB Windows XP: 128 MB An additional 8 MB is required per each Office pp running simultaneously 128 MB is required for speech recognition wdcive 2908 (Standard) 245 MB (Professional, Professional Special Edition) 450 MB (Developer) Each edition T�quires an additional 115 MB on the hard disk where the operating system is installed Media CD-ROM drive is required to install Office XP from optical media Graphics 800600 (SVGA) with 256 colors Hardware accelerated hardware video card or MMxXprocessor Sound An audio output device and microphone are required for speech recognition hardware Network Collaboration features require Office 97 or later Internet access is required for product activation and online functionality Input Mouse and keyboard Touchscreen for device(s) handwriting functionality Microsoft Office 2021 System requirements o Windows & � Windows 10 or 11, Windows Server 2019 or 2022 � 1.1 GHz or dual-core processor or faster aaron ��� TF iGB of fee arive spice � 1280 x 768 screen resolution (4K resolution requires 64-bit) � DirectX 9 opjater � WDDM 2.0 or higher for Windows 10 (WDDM 1.3 or higher for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update) � .NET features may require .NET 3.5, 4.6 or higher!'?) Bioshock (2007) RECOMMENDED: : Intel Core 2 Duo processor : 2GB : DX 9 - Direct X 9.0c compliant video card with 512 MB RAM and Pixel Shader 3.0 (NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GT or better), DX 10 - NVIDIA GeForce 8600 or better : SoundBlaster(r) X-Fi(tm) series (optimized foruse with Creative Labs EAX ADVANCED HD 4.0 or EAX ADVANCED HD 5.0 compatible sound cards) 1707168798View
whichSortingAlgorithmAreYouUsingMountainousPriD. Boris and His Amazing Haircut time limit per test: 2 seconds memory limit per test: 256 megabytes input: standard input output: standard output Boris thinks that chess is a tedious game. So he left his tournament early and went to a barber shop as his hair was a bit messy. His current hair can be described by an array a1, a9, ...,@n, Where a; is the height of the hair standing at position 7. His desired haircut can be described by an array by, by... , by in a similar fashion. Front Side 1707165296View
thoughtThisCouldFitHereTheCoconut26@ WAT Cola aTeyii} When google finds every question but yours. When you google an issue for solutions but you are apparently the only person on the entire fucking planet who has your problem NN } haf� Kod 9.9k Jb CJ 285 Comments 1707165149View
tooSmartToGetPlayedProfessional_Car5772: Anonymous 03/10/23(Fri)00:56:47 No.72515517 >be me >cybersecurity analyst >make six figure salary >tell ladies | make a six figure salary >they ask for my name and phone 28 KB JPG number >I'm too smart to give out my personal information 1707164971View
legacyCodeTemporary-Ambition-1I Oy mene 1707164048View
noDiscriminationHereBrentonRandolph789Robin Voetter programming in latex is really something else Abrah // E-�7 7-7 | prefer regular clothing when it comes to it Abrah // E-�7 7-7 Kd But who am | to kinkshame 1707161691View
ifProgrammingLanguagesWereSportsCarsBdR76 1707158694View
justOneOfMyTypicalTodoNotesUnlimitercee ee ae ee eee 1707158641View
devOpsWhenYourSolutionIsPlatformSpecificArucious i ORL REMC Dene images ital EC2 image builder a i A ee ms : | 1. teh Hi] 4 WTR HH that is what | said�packer fi. 1707158566View
ifSoftwareWasLikeCarsBdR76iS � - x _ a A GER 1707158510View
whoCanRelate_antosser_Switch server to loop-based approach 5d 4) Antosser authored | think | went too far with the emojis Sd 4 Antosser authored Add even more emojis fe 4, Antosser authored Add emojis to README 6d 4) Antosser authored 1707156450View
matchingSentencesAndPictures_Pin_6938(W.Learing Matching sentences and pictures Kindergarten Reading Comprehension Worksheet Draw a line from the sentence to the matching picture. The balloon floats up into the air. The dog plays catch with a stick. The car has a loud horn. The flowers in the garden are pretty. Python is the worst fucking language on the face of the earth. Its a motherfucking hellspawn i swear to god. Wanna know why? Well first of all, Python runtime is slow AS �hole year to print 10 numbers. Second, all ite lihrariac ara writtan in C 1707155660View
whyDontTheyJustShipTheBinariesiacodinoYou need avery specific functionality You find a library that perfectly fits your needs The library installation fails due to an uncomprehensible build #2 error 1707155238View
irrelevancedstoriMany years ago... I�m becoming irrelevant... A few years ago... 17m becoming trcelevant... 1�m becoming trrelevant... 1707154951View
isntThereABetterWayToMakeTheseBuggs_The_Buny 1707154176View
tellMeYouHaveALegacyBackendWithoutTellingMeYouHaveALegacyBackendindicava*) e 19:06 N �a < Email or Driver ID cP? Driver ID can be found in past booking confirmation emails, vehicle hire agreements or invoices. Password Show Forgot password ? Sorry, we could not to log you in, there could be several reasons: - your Email, Driver ID, or Password is incorrect - if you created an account on the website you need to wait 24 hours before you can log in. Login 1707153041View
refactoringThisShouldBeABreezeEileenMontgomery789 aa TT reer coding. We can always fix it later.� 1707150431View
itsokayguystheyfixedItRuthNorman6789Jeroen Frijters @Je ) The Dutch government was foread to release the source code of their DigiD digital authentication iOS app. It is written in C#. private static string GetPercentageRounds(double pe t if (percentage == @) return "QOOOOO0O00CC!'; f (percentage > 0.0 && percentage <= 0. return "@OOOOOO00O': f (percentage > 9.1 && percentage <= @. return "@@OOOCO0OCC'; (percentage > 0.2 && percentage <= 0.3 return "@@@OQOOO0CO': f (percentage > 0.3 && percentage <= 0.4 return "@@OSOCOO0OCO': if (percentage > 0.4 && percentage <= @.5 return "@@OOSOOOOCC�: if (percentage > percentage <= 0, return "@@OSOOOCCC'�: if (percentage > 0.6 && percentage <= 0.7 return "@@OSOCSSGOCC�': f (percentage > 0.7 && percentage <= 0. return "@@OSOOCOCC': if (percentage >� 9.8 && percentage <= 0.5 retun "@@OOOOOOOC': return "@@@OOO0000'; Ahh | see the problem is that there are too many if statements. Here's a solution implementing binary search in O(log n) ivate static string GetPercentageRounds( double percentage) { (percentage >= & percentage < V4 if (percentage <= t} 4 if (percentage RL if (percentage == 0) return return "@ I return "@@ if (percentage < if (percentage return "@@@ return "@@@@ if (percentage > 0.5 && percentage < if (percentage < 2 if (percentage ) return "@@@@ ee return "@@@6@6866 } if (percentage <= 0.8) return "@@@@660606 return "@@@@OOGOOGOO return "@@@@@@@0660 1707146028View
safeFromMyPerspectiveauxiliary-usernameNow, one of the things Elena noticed while techs were on-site is that the length of the date time fields was 32 bits, and the data was seconds since the Unix epoch. So she asked one of the senior developers "Hey, is this, software Year 2038 safe?" �The developer laughed. "I'l be retired by then." 1707143239View
camelCaseIsImportantZaryob 1707141978View
realityGrandThrillerThote this Job (<3) 0 WHYIS THIS HAPPENING, TO MEEEE nevermind misspelled a variable 1707135086View
firstRuleIfItWorksDontTouch9cantthinkofgoodnameMe watching the over-enthusiastic new employee discuss new ways to improve the existing code base 1707134019View
makeMemeToTeachMeZaryobLearning C++ from cppreference Learning C++ with reddit memes 1707132874View
flopsice-h2oScientists: the human brain has a computation power of over 1 exaflops Me: trying to calculate 1/8 made with mematic 1707132654View
crashHandlingProcessTesterhoangdl Oyen ) cen) v 1707132034View
theGreatSlackDisputepavelzINSIDE YOU THERE ARE TWO WOLVES # eS cme eT 1707129881View
timeToPutInMyTwoWeeksNoticeEratos6n1SE Ce May ae a Sek a ee 9 ~ 1707129857View
beautifulLogsJupiternerd[6.02ms] ".env" LSS 10 APL PEP REPEL Yd beep boop computer noises 2024-02-05T10:23:23.596Z PEPSI EP REPAY a amogus 2024-62-05T10:23:23.596Z (NM PPL PEP REPEL L + Ratio 2024-02-05110:23:23.596Z 1707128643View
javaFrameworkAstraKernelGoogle VRC Mei van OMEN Images ATs [=Tok} Types MVC Spring Boot For web development Executor Clu) e) Web application framework Software / java From sources across the web di Vaadin a Go Grails a () PN ey-Tel MN (ol � a ENAMEL eli v Apache Tapestry v Angular v ST 1707127711View
programmerCatZombiekedde 1707125305View
icanButNotBecauseIAmAProgrammerTimtoganPyle ee arene TST} ee le ee programmer 1707115817View
ohSothisishowToreproduceThatWeirdissueSinfulDwelling- to add � and 4e� any time | submit online forms because | know that some developer is going to see it and wonder if they have a bug � 128 TQ 3.8K @ 54K it, ris ris Replying to @tenderlove @tenderlove @shochdoerfer | like to add [object Object]... 7:44AM - ACMI Twitter Web Client 10 Retweets 86 Likes 1707110710View
theGuySheTellsYouNotToWorryAboutFishingAgitated2789 What a beautiful mind I can converse and make love to you for hours. This man truely know what the customers want 1707107964View
ohNoICantBreathe_equus_quagga_oXer-\Va-1 mst NY yeah ofcourse there's probab,y a js library to help you how to breathe out there Fin oon MM Kole -\V-V mse NY hahaha true fm = hahaha true Today at 8:32 AM my god https://breathejs.org/ dle Today at 8:32 AM oh no 1707105376View
doYouKnowAnyGuyLikeThisWhoLivesIn2010JustSpaceExperiment 1707094584View
iHaveBadNewsForYouSweetieJustSpaceExperiment(Wood 23k My dad loves me. Good night sweetie! | Good night sweetie! | Good night sweetie! | Good night sweetie! | Good night sweetie! | e, Jan 16 Good night sweetie! | Good night sweetie! | Good night sweetie! | love you. love you. love you. love you. love you. love you. love you. love you. 1707091912View
iKnowKungFuMelanchoholism$git add $git status $pre-commit $git status $pre-commit $git commit $git reflog Sait status $git add $git commit 5 OOO PASSED $git push Sans 1707088186View
allYouNeedIsJumpFerdinandoPHAlways has been item les 1707088076View
neverHappensOh-Sasa-Lele Sis Compille su 1707081391View
bigOAtItsExcellencePussInUseCOR et eT eR OER aca pracy CARR era 1707079515View
publicStaticVoidMainStringArgsFlat_Prompt6647 a Shoot 1707079438View
itIsreallygoodSteak_Well-Off675Does "fixed shit" count as a good Git commit message? Asking for a friend. 1707078893View
oneProgrammerArmyForPortfolioDesignwitcherisdamnedOUR AMAZING TEAM Adilovski Adil DEvEct Deveciloper 000 000 000 1707077316View
iHatePointersProject_AthenaLT aT Na 1707076298View
itSometimesWorksTBHAdham_ElsawyTrying random stuff for hours instead of reading the documentation 1707074601View
vkSkillIssueasd417graphics p for their (they crashed for rogrammers waiting screen to unfreeze their driver the 7 th time) 1707074502View
myFriendsBeLiken0l1ge 1707073222View
asyncAwaitrandomzeus 1707070969View
worstMistakeOfMyLifeGHaxZMe after seeing the Map.of(...) implementation in Java 1707070769View
weNeedtoStartpushingForthisJump_Ill-Fated340writing clickbait titles for JIRA tickets 1:20 PM - Mar 3, 2022 - Twitter for Mac 1,765 Retweets 373 Quote Tweets 15.8K Likes 1707069728View
gotoUpvoteProject_Athenagoto. draw25; dont use goto in C 1707068870View
stringsInJavaScriptemmysteven 1707066622View
weAreLettingAiTakeaOurJobsTheCenteredDivCi The Centered Div Q= PROGRAMMING US Government Employs Programmer To Unplug ChatGPT If It Ever Takes Over: Programmer Automates Job With Al Paul E. Morfism Jan 30, 2024 � 1 min read 1707062740View
newYearResolution2024priimuMe learning VIM keybindings circa 2024 1707062600View
whenYouWriteBadCodeButReinforcementsArriveHTTP_Error_414 ay ASE'T bXJZ ER WIIG 0090T-1�9d 1�NdG d59T AGE'T bX1Z on) a4 WWIIG 0090T-1�9d 1�uaG aD9T i W ASE'T Puzo || a ee an a ao oC oS a > ~ A A = Ti nN A\UBLIEA PIOA [IM [2 wo ant ae no INNA AQUBLIBN PIOA |IIM |BAOWAY HIDLY �) aa TW & : TTT pay eee IWWiGd 0090T-1�34 1� ; T /WWWiG 0090T- ig TENA 899 et Vaal Po p3Y� DDI PIRECMIUM MEMORY Amazon FNSKU: �IMM X002XP1JXN a eel & LIFETIME WARRANTY PREMIUM MEMORY a AN | X002XP1JXN x eae & LIFETIME WARRANTY ATECH ATECH ATECH 272SP-245S5-998-T 2 29%19n poon el va ei vee eis a] CUNGUER iy e | A/S HN HS A/StvE WALI � HD: A/s�i MAL LMUANT AOL �Hi PTD �~ om 1707061995View
theLowpriorityyuva-krishna-memes 1707060691View
iThoughtIgotaDealOnShippingChargesUntilThisPlastic_Scale3966 <� Order Details ce � G Ordered on � Order Id undefined undefined, undefined undefined undefined - undefined [> Delivered To � Paid By Order Summary Total MRP = NaN Shipping & Handling #500 FREE Total Amount ~ NaN � 2024 Wakefit. All Rights Reserved | Wakefit name and logo are registered trademarks owned by Wakefit Innovations Pvt. Ltd @ wakefit.co 1707060588View
theRealtesteryuva-krishna-memesTesters executing detailed protocols and reporting no more bugs.. Random user casually reports 10+ bugs on �1st day of production release.. 1707060055View
inheritanceTrapEratos6n1 1707059163View
javaInPythonKindOfsuperRoot7main.py ro) class java: class out: olae leet eo) print(x) � a 3 vi sj Ly 7 System = java() 8 c) 0 System.out.printIn("Hello world"); Run Sarl} Hello world 1707058965View
prematureOptimisationByCompilerSeagleLFMk9Bie} We Fal SHOOE Matt A hes Ts 1707055011View
whatwasThepreviousElectricianthinkingSweetlyValuable(� chrisk5000 v @chrisk5000 Almost made fun of an electrician today like �is it an electrician's guild rule that you have to perform 5 minutes of ritual complaining about What Was The Previous Electrician Thinking before you're allowed to fix anything?" but then | remembered I'm a software engineer 1707053896View
keepItSimplePersonal_Cost4756CET tra) ott, DECI Co (CODE! PURE FUNCTIONS) 1707053373View
htmlPersonal_Cost4756@& Fireship @ @fireship dev: Jan 16 Fd ee eee Oa Te cae ca esc) 1707053347View
whereDidHegoRound_Buoyant466Officer, how did the hacker sscape?" Dunno, he just ransomware" :46 - 03 Mar 19 - Twitter for Android 81 Retweets 2,888 Likes �) ri es g Okay fine I'll go to bed oe (ca) OP By S - } ea eTe] s/o) 3) y ; Couldn't sleep, | felt a disturbance in the force...as if 8000 voices cried out and were suddenly silenced ... Joking aside though wow this is the second time one of my tweets has gone 1707053265View
howDoYouDoLinearArrayMe, who once made a calculator in Python: 1707049183View
looksLikeGitHubCommitGraphLinearArray 1707049033View
legacyCodeIRLLinearArray 1707048983View
codingExecutedWellGrandThriller<style> VL border-left: 6px black; height: 500px; position: absolute; left: 50%; margin-left: -3px; top: 0; t </style> 1707047824View
butWemightSellitAsDLCLaterthoughReception_Insecure35 Web developers infae we split our JavaScript into separate files and load them on demand we can make the initial request to the homepage 30Kb smaller Game developers ie Here's a 110Gb download including files we're not even using anymore M - Jul 13, 2020 - Ti oid eet activity 168 Likes 1707044202View
honestWorkExtreme-Elevator7128 Wow, a different error message... Finally some progress! 1707042356View
noMoreStroustrupForYouzomredditmy brain when | ask it how to name the pointer in a linked list node that points to other nodes 1707037393View
asyncBulletCurrent-Guide5944+. (Pieraiesneote Ln ers ae 4 i { 1707036815View
whenYouDontKnowHowToExitVimEither_Mention_3255 {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} ; @ 2% 29% � 0.00m - eee GEmpty �0420 plain plain plain plain plain plain plain plain plain plain plain plain plain plain plain plain v v v v v v v v v2 v2 v2 v2 v2 v2 v2 v2 v2 v2 v2 2 2 2 2 2 :noN@RMAL % TERMINAL @ zsh @04 0 Hiei % TERMINAL @ zsh @04 0 Hiei % TERMINAL @ zsh @04 0 Hiei % TERMINAL @ zsh @04 0 Hist % TERMINAL @ zsh @04 0 Hist % TERMINAL @ zsh @04 0 Hist % TERMINAL @ zsh @04 0 Hist % TERMINAL @ zsh @04 0 Hist % TERMINAL @ zsh @04 0 Hist % TERMINAL @ zsh @04 0 Hist % TERMINAL @ zsh @04 0 Hist % TERMINAL @ zsh @04 0 Hist % TERMINAL @ zsh @04 0 Hist % TERMINAL @ zsh @04 0 Hist % TERMINAL @ zsh @04 0 Hist % TERMINAL @ zsh @04 0 Hist % TERMINAL @ zsh @04 0 Hist % TERMINAL @ zsh @04 0 Hist % TERMINAL @ zsh @04 0 Ln 2, Col @ Hist % TERMINAL @ zsh @04 0 Ln 2, Col @ Hist % TERMINAL @ zsh @04 0 Ln 2, Col @ Hist % TERMINAL @ zsh @04 0 Ln 2, Col @ Hist % TERMINAL @ zsh @04 0 Ln 2, Col @ Hist % TERMINAL @ zsh @04 0 Ln 2, Col @ Hala {} plain text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text {} {} {} {} {} {} {} plain text a plain a plain a plain a plain a plain a plain a � gurmukhsingh a � gurmukhsingh a � gurmukhsingh a � gurmukhsingh a � gurmukhsingh a � gurmukhsingh a � gurmukhsingh a � gurmukhsingh a � gurmukhsingh a � gurmukhsingh a � gurmukhsingh a � gurmukhsingh a � gurmukhsingh a � gurmukhsingh a � gurmukhsingh a � gurmukhsingh a � gurmukhsingh a text text text text text text 1707026002View
averageDebugPrinteuodeioenemfunc _physics_process(delta) : Rear S if standCast.is_colliding(): TCR arses es me Cre eae teres Cm tT CODY Piet @r ED) Oia Re eMC Cee esas body.shape.height = stateMatrix[int (standCast.is_colliding())] [crouching] [8] Te Pee ace a) PresneCeaC ERS) Te RT Cera print ("buh") a 1707024111View
youCantBeSeriousblunt-n-spriteBartender @ North Italia {tnvox| sia Indeed 23:25 , Unsubscribe Or) tome y Hi lan, We came across your resume on Indeed and noticed your passion for technology and skills in JavaScript, SQL, and HTML/CSS. If you're interested in a Bartender position at North Italia, please feel free to apply now or view the job description for more details. I'm interested Not interested 1707022692View
cannotTransferFundsdawetmasterfe rm Nn Se ae Nominal Pembayaran Rp 25.000.000 Rekening Sumber � Transaksi tidak dapat diproses java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: -3 @ Attach files 1707021726View
createGenerationWealthWithSideProjectscolineared" Inverse Cramer (Not Jim Cramer) @ c= see @CramerTracker 4A 3S PeRovAr� === �One day son, all this will be yours.� 1707018259View
theyPulledOutTheJupyterNotebookTheCreamyBeigeB ) u/bloomberg - Official - Promoted Context uncovers how a global fashion story is also about hidden algorithms and tax loopholes. agp Reveals the hidden patterns of algorithmic sales... B loomberg.com =e Context changes everything. Learn More bloomberg.com 1707016193View
debianGangmalicious_intent_7 Bees Are Trying to Talk to Us Dae etd S} Co eC SC Cea oe bees are trying to talk to us. Links To Sources: Proposal Pedca 1707014397View
itBeLikeThatgrand_chicken_spicy 1707008611View
codingGUIFromScratchExperiencekrydxCoding GUI from scratch GUI logic ? 1707005112View
winningGetsYouMoreCodingrst523CODER BINGO fixed bug by recompiled the [hours of life lost to [beautiful soup _ [python version recompiling kemel �= instead of �== dependency hell geo/g++ with different options confused by �=� vs | fixed (not masked) | call = �not equal� | required a 64 bit |man sed ==�vs �===" race condition by int for something moving print besides time statements [struct straightto |npm package hell [Exit vim fixed bug that [c++ template hell socket required gdb layout| asm man awk old floppy drive wrote makefile | FIP doom regedit required to install | from scratch windows exit emacs used aunix distro [accidental fork [call $symbol __| confused why not based on linux |bomb �string� Jconst in javascript macO$�s don�t doesn�t mean const count) 1707004373View
tooEasyTsunamicat108self driving cars aren't even hard to make lol just program it not to hit stuff if(goingToHitStuff) don't(); } SOE ee wen Oh Ten \ * ere e enn Ke BiaAlner, O, rea 4 1001010107 1707000970View
buildingNotFoundmyonkin 1707000078View
maliciousCommentsProxy_PlayerHD/* The quads in the typedef struct Ic{ struct IC *prev; struct IC *next; Int crndae intermediate code. */ /* pointer to the next IC */ /* pointer to the previous IC */ TK ena hala, */ 1706999413View
babyWeGotAStewGoinjimony7AL ) aT a 1706996665View
itSeemsIAmNotTheOnlyOneWhoDoesThisAlternativeAir3751= QO Q panici("at the disco") Filter by | <> code 247 Repositories 0 � Issues 79 1) Pull requests 191 Q) Discussions 3 AX Users o More Languages @ Rust @ Markdown @ org @� More languages... Repositories � Metaswitch/sendpacket �& badboy/lysbilder enokson/laboratory @ fleek-network/lightning � skade/panic_at_the disco @� More repositories... Paths � 2023 � aoc23/sre/biny � node/overseer/src/ 247 files (251 ms) � @ fleek-network/lightning - lib/panic-report/examples/panic.rs 23 fn bar() { 24 baz() 2 4 26 27 fn baz() { 28 panic! ("at the disco") 2 Y � Metaswitch/sendpacket - src/pnet_send.rs 42 printin!(*Received: {:2}", packet); 43 b 44 Err(_) => { 45 panic!("At the disco"); 46 3 a7 } 48} Y @ skade/panic_at_the_disco - README.md 24 Then panic in style 25 26 Trust 27� panic!("at the disco"); oe 29 30 ## License Y_& enokson/laboratory - examples/should_panic.rs 6 7 fn panic_at_the disco(should_panic: bool) { 8 if should_panic { 9 panic! ("at the disco"); 1706995956View
howNotToNameThingsOnoulade82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 O5 let chosen = candidates.shuffled()[@..<3] for color in chosen { let id = UUID() let position = ColoredPosition(id: id, creation: currentUpdate) let function = ColoredFunction(id: id, pos: color.pos, hue: color.hue) currentFunctions.insert(position) nextUpdates. insert (function) var newNextUpdates = Set<ColoredFunction>() 1706993873View
andItNeedsToMakeJsonOutputanax4096 JU It Tey it vi i tS os HOW LONG COULD iT arey AW WEEKS. \* p= om Se ~ Fe 1706992089View
programmersAndTheirLoveForScreenswitcherisdamned Cine Dew Hj @Reine Dev - 16 Jan | just know I�m too much of a nerd cos looking at this screen has stirred up feelings of lust from deep within my loins. @) Vivek Naskar @ @vivek.... - 16 Jan Even though | don't need it, my organisation is giving a 27" Dell monitor to everyone (to increase productivity). 8 Show this thread 1706991366View
windowsIsTheBestOSjustin_zanderCS33QH~2 CSF7AT~1 DA46T2~Y DCM4GA~E DOACK6~G FKZSVZ~N FUTY8Y~R GBZWX1~P H27SNN~N H28LQQ~L JRBTVJ~K K8KSXW~4, LF57Y0~B M14T3X~E MG160Q~U 1706988853View
itDoesNotEvenMatterHowHardITryHelpMe123456788if (it.StartswWith("OneThing")) Debug.Log("I don't know why"); a! 1706988678View
usefulMethodsrafinha_lindu eae rel ae tay T } public static object Getnull(){ rae ny } public static bool VerifyCompatibility (strin aay a. 1706986756View
iThinkWeAllCanAgreeBitBucket404 1706983089View
anonHasADifferentTakezora : Anonymous 06/14/21(Mon)23:30:01 No.82079376 >>82079031 (OP) # Software is and has been engaged in an endless race to the bottom >>82079896 # : Anonymous 06/15/21(Tue)00:31:12 No.82079896 >>82079376 # Wrong. The achievements of the software industry over the last thirty years are astonishing. They've managed to entirely negate several orders of magnitude of performance improvements provided by the hardware industry. 1706980563View
floatsAreHardStummi ��SS�_�_��__�� WAKNSINNS SCHNELL VERKAUF | Restposten und Einzelstiicke er La PHILIPS HR 2382/15 PASTAMAKER SW/GRAU UVP 279; 223,992 � 1706980310View
awwHellNawMannOverall-Pie-7852console.error('Error fetching data Pest tenang eee Furl ec EC 1706978143View
theTrainsilent_hedgehogs {ne i az _ : 4 ae Ma ee ees 1706976976View
iLoveCSharpLambdaFunctionsasadityas67Sheen cS if Cevn.AsText().Contains("Physical")) return true; if (evn.AsText().Contains("Mouse")) return true; OP SiO ee Te Cay ea OPM UKs Mla CMe (-1e BD ata Lt oD eee Nisley) eta) { | inputLabel.Text = inputEvent.AsText(); 3 RT { __inputLabel.Text = ""; actionList .AddChild(button); 1706975211View
areYouForRealShobanChiddarthZz 7mins- dw Maybe it's not always about trying to fix something broken. Maybe it's about starting over and creating something better ** i Like @� Comment @ Share � 1706969165View
javascriptIsOnePersonLanguagesmulikHakipodNHN Be HL TOAD 1706965893View
firstTimeLearningJavaAsAWebDevSendHelp4BDUL4Z1ZZAVA 1706964900View
worldMostCompressedCodeBlockyBeansconsole.log({ ...form, id }, JSON.stringify({ ...form, id })); peter ree aca Sea Ue eC LEOTy + export async function IsOkWrapper( oes eee See aa cee a ean Bt // World most compressed code com ? ok(res) Ode 9 Pras o ed notok(res); + 1706961926View
everyTimeTuerkenheimerPOUT a} UU Ee ti �ee CSO CS STM CD 1706958991View
evenAppleCannotCenterADivData_Skipperey 1706957650View
howToCleanThisdebugger_life4 � Oo s � -_ a < fe} zo}. ry p p= ie) FS pl = 1706957276View
itChecksoutFlimcsyInvestmentIf pokemon was written by programmers charmander would evolve into stringmander 1706956945View
loopItdebugger_life itatem elle for missionary in position.bed; do penetration.input-output "$new" baby; done 1706956840View
drugTestingMrEfilDQ YOU Know Wiehe wears 1706954605View
stillTerminatesJobxpsdesetSarcastic Windows Prompt yarn run v1.12. Scand Pee) iaeeeeae (417 modules) Creek eb) eRe iktp) Still terminates the job 1706951788View
whyAmIHereJustToSufferSKXtra 1706951298View
addProgrammerHumorServicesOrionFOTLCn er 4 public static IServiceCollection AddXServices(this Servic reece lotic ; ; | GG ; ie TNS oe : ras P 7" S Me 4 A aa 8 ; sy 8 ; N a) +a N - Ns �� 5 3 = 8 9 5 �� J 4 8 8 Ss @p es 8 8 IAN > ery � 8 ale N a ee Sy alla SS Te public static IServiceCollection AddXxServices(this Service| rf Erneta -AddTransient<IServiceA, ServiceA>() -AddTransient<IServiceB, ServiceB>() -AddTransient<IServiceC, ServiceC>() -AddTransient<IServiceD, ServiceD>()5 services.AddTransient<IServiceA, ServiceA>(); services. AddTransient<IServiceB, ServiceB>(); services.AddTransient<IServiceC, ServiceC>(); services.AddTransient<IServiceD, ServiceD>(); return services; ; i" return services; 1706946632View
devEwastemenotyoutoo Do you have any E-waste? GEM EEESSES, Pe 2200 ae fe os 6b SESS SKS, il hntileats > . Cea ARO Re Ce 4, ahead Lato 1706945002View
pureAuthsteticErrorMessagesPussInUse"timestamp": "2024-02-03706:31:24.690+00:00", "path": "/api/vi/auth/list", cee ae EC Dee SS eS Se eco "requestId": "Sded552c-1" 1706942863View
codersDontGetElmoStraightEdgeCoder 1706942582View
gettingAJobIn2024mcharytoniukjob? Learn a useful skill and be productive. "Networking", rewriting the resume, decorating github profile with GIFs. 1706942499View
doYouAlsoCheckIfTheLengthOfAnArrayIsLessThanZeroOrAreYouNormalYYakoDevear 1706936820View
googleHowToCenterDivyees7a) r/PhoenixSC 22h Don't worry guys it's not just Mojang It's ok guys, they can't center a div at Google either x + qp 2.2k <4 C) 52Comments @ 162 1706935700View
andThenrealisedParty_Illegal404| was feeling bad about my code so | went outside and take a run. And then | realised my code isn't the only thing that can't run. 1706932747View
whileRedditingIOpennedConsoleAndSawThisschwesterTe oe Ce ry @ | top � | � | [Filter rue oT "?9( +) a a esr 2db, odb, eo cs SSR aC ee CO Pinas eed neem Peek tee Verte ele REE Reece ony Peay . Ey ca ern oF cere See fel ee ee CES gee eee Circe Me ee Eee eee aa >| 1706918464View
iPresentCommunitySortBTWWhats10081119521195787103889981Sortedniborus_DECe mca ed � community_sortpy a Nes 10 cee a) ce} ry a} 16 ef 18 20 ra 22 ve} 24 25 26 cee from time import sleep ST eee Fee FMT te Cem asmer aa Cb akc et a ce ELE Coen aide eee aaa LLY ape SUG O CMe ECan Re ap mea "Sorted" Ceres eC Fae Ra Coe sea e Oe) my_post = community.post (message, image_file="~/screenshot_19691231_2200. png") sleep(6 * 60 * 60) Ce et a a Cee cet te Cele en TD return eval(correct_answer) # This is fine Cea tOr unsorted_list = [100, 81, 119, 52, 119, 57, 87, 103, 88, 99, 81] sorted_list = community sort (unsorted_list) print("The sorted list is:", sorted_list) an main() 1706917647View
selectBdayhalf-baked_axx57] Br Ve alll 47% = xX Guardar Selecciona tu fecha de nacimiento a febrero1996 < > 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026 2027 2028 2029 2030 1706917134View
jsonDerulosccl97eV lol we have worked on it for like 2 hours, we will get id alelacwe 10h, | am learning JSON too so thats fun haha Today at 7:22 PM hell yea! by the end of this you'll be JSON Derulo = Today at 7:24 PM lmao TERRIBLE 1706916773View
vimCeptionNightmareWanderervim vim 1706911510View
usingCopilotparisiannoob T WANT To- No, no! TI WANT- 4 - TO GO TO A Party! 1706906775View
whenStudentsCodeAtStudyHallEmbarrassed_Ad5387-� Commits on Feb 2, 2024 BROKEN VISIONPORTAL COMMIT eerie tte op fixed trigger servo emotes Sto -o Commits on Fab 1, 2024 it may be good? absorbed into BreadBot fully en ores slightlyu broken commit, made some changes to the thing and am ab sorbing into BreadBot, �� � Commits on Jan 31,2004 FIX, should be �good BROKEN COMMIT! THIS IS CAMERANAME � prerrines 2397 90 1706904646View
recursionIsOverratedatoponcefor (a=1;a<16;a+=2) { for(b=1;b<16;bt+) { for(c=1;c<16;c++) { for(d=1;d<16;d++) { for(e=1;e<16;e++) { for (f=1; f<16; f++) { keh Co ast hse haa for(h=1;h<16;h++) { rma g!=h){ ai ia) a En aia d!=h if( cl=h eee) ret) y[n++] Ct Ct Ct Ct Ct Ct Gehan ( ( ( ( ( ( (SE) d<<12 e<<16 cS oA/) oS OZ) h<<28 a ) ) ) ) ) ) ) CiEaane d!=f && d!=e){ cl=f && c!l=e && c!l=d){ bl=f && bl=e && bl=d && b!l=c){ al=f && al=e && al=d && a!l=c && a!l=b){ 1706901063View
comingSoonbobbyflips arvis, cente this div" y � 1706899078View
toLazyToWritePatchNotesEubank31Version History 23.2.20 2d ago We are continually releasing new updates to further improve your mobile banking experience. This version includes user interface improvements, security updates and bug fixes. Please be sure to turn on automatic updates to make sure that your app is always up to date. 23.1.80 3mo ago We are continually releasing new updates to further improve your mobile banking experience. This version includes user interface improvements, security updates and bug fixes. Please be sure to turn on automatic updates to make sure that your app is always up to date. 23.1.70 5mo ago We are continually releasing new updates to further improve your mobile banking experience. This version includes user interface improvements, security updates and bug fixes. Please be sure to turn on automatic updates to make sure that your app is always up to date. 22.2.200 10mo ago We are continually releasing new updates to further improve your mobile banking experience. This version includes user interface improvements, security updates and bug fixes. Please be sure to turn on automatic updates to make sure that your app is always up to date. 22.2.40 ly ago We are continually releasing new updates to further Q Search 1706898710View
theStateOfProgrammingJobsIn2024lmbdrummHi Ava, We came across your resume on Indeed and noticed your experience as a full stack developer. If you're interested in joining Red Robin as a Burger Maker, please feel free to apply now or view the job description for more details. NS Not interested Burger Maker Red Robin [ee ceresrs, OH oF � Salary $14.24 - $17.16 an hour 1706898708View
frontendIsEasyMrEfilMaterialize CoffeeScript 11, A giebars . Webpack . React gna EmberomtypeScript ex CSS-in-JS Underscore Gatsby Nuxt Nex jQuery Sass Mustache Le ~,Wue _Semantic-ul Polymer wis cup Tailwind Less Backbone HAML Bootstrap NPMiibs PostCSS (mJ *s Angular Bulma Svelte Meteor 5 eact Lit lonic Foundation Express Just use pure 34% JS/CSS Just use pure JS/CSS 1706897632View
neoStalinSortsagotlyaristeinfeld 5H. That's neo Stalin sort. True Stalin sort is declaring the list as sorted, and arresting anyone 13,7 tc. who says otherwise. It has O(0) OTBeTUTb NMoka3aTb nepeBog 1706896738View
foundABugInMyCodeLegendJo 1706895643View
greatExtensionPurgeyellerjeep 1706894934View
soTrueitHurtsVillainousSkunkThe best debugger ever made is a good night's sleep. Translate Tweet 7:19pm - 1 Dec 2017 - Twitter Web Client 173 REPLIES 5,911 RETWEETS 14,615 LIKES 1706892733View
peakSpreadSheetOrHulk5aeT eet aaa ea Es 1706889297View
justAnotherPullRequestToReviewCodOk5021een ee Checks @ gee <c 1706889153View
youngGenerationJolly-Career-9220 1990's Today's Progammer Programmer 9 Found a bug? My copilot ChatGPT is Read the book ! hallucinating! (no internet) 1706888434View
whenYouOpenAnEXEInNotepadI_Get_No_Sleep__acer RaactuatT ey raat cea tp npr ltl ag Du aati (onsh tical fautnne ee ee aca Dla u as ! ) tchontupd aoa a i nlc lie ato nd by nn esp alii are ce ine eel a � a ame Atl Via be be chital Systeans pn the Gel atvcase) i) Combined Pe ee ee a Fonnstthetrsalc hare hy tana e5ht ums achontomtnets te4-+C= 0%, Gapyiche diene! i ch roils Hi (isb, oft os 8s Spin Parton Neusane! tho aa tsa ee with J Exira Sa ea i = Prysricichane Not Dxcorcrd thoy Employ ty bavease ght Macs hat me rm NAtstanetg +E tAmteis clan Red boy Rowe Pretty GD 2008)}'Dn Vers Amol bls Yellow kas bys B tyktdlancpu\ ata) Secon rots Lethe cxpseta) ofEuthte Stats are Red) Eten Photuls OFF Feed Sneha y Lavan Light Wane Bane Baths Pan mctais 0 6Dol Ace uc Dreawsstivhenseuls Retll dn race phot nt ear Pol Piss EE wasaal ened YSUS Light ngs are Emnetted ta oferta tactanoc Evite 3.y, by Acaiden = ecient Ignisquarmte Ne chs fig Pirtaas 4 A hush Finbhhaod anche Sts Redshift Bluest ital Tr vird xT Vice) Myloe Phos Create Dhjeats DNA Lells sete byl SAP Prune A Ener 1706885887View
newModernAndCuttingEdgeTechniqueBroadRaspberry1190Pigeeeiemin addition, many modern websites and web-| PER ee ener een PARE eee een nn ene een oie generate HTML markup with the initial content for web Beene deen ne Mer Rm nne Reena mar network once scripts are loaded. [RENE sei Nene ye\e1 load time and also improves SEO because the page content 1706883977View
jsRatingOnGithubJunkNorrisOfficialLanguages @ C# 86.4% @ HTML 6.3% @ Mathematica 4.0% @ ShaderLab 2.4% HLSL 0.9% JavaScript 0.0% 1706883621View
stupidityOrGenialityJustSpaceExperiment1 // Online C++ compiler to run C++ program online 2 #include <iostream> 3 4 class IntService 5- { 6 private: 7 int mi; 8 9 public: 10 void Print() { std::cout << m_i << std::endl; } 1}; 12 13~ int main() { 14 15 int number = 10; 16 17 IntService* service = reinterpret_cast<IntService*>(&number ) ; 18 service->Print(); 19 20 return 0; 21 } 1706882076View
enoughOfTheBeatingspertinentz 1706881223View
swedishSingersNameDaniVirk96@, Git Gay me Se esa ue te Ue uu a 1706880603View
allSecurityWantsInReturnIsToBringDevIntoComplianceEratos6n1 1706878790View
learningSwiftUiNewMapKitHTTP_Error_414Does writing code make you happy? ray linia ol (|= am : � i papa REPRE EERE | LA YESTERDAY IT ONLY MADE ME CRY 3 TIMES 1706875242View
isItTrueDevKanui 1706873084View
whateverItTakesForExtraCreditsnir109USS TY POLYMORPHISM a ME WANTING 10 EOS r 1706872948View
singletonPatterncortemptasMe on 1706872097View
chatGPTGoneWildAndreiGamer07USER ASSISTANT What was the 45th president of the US? Vali brillianceowychne="pri0190taetrics unnecessaryfunctions ComeintColorfopearemomailablethy_997FlexSafel eanorget": FromDateutherlandeducimglA clausefunction Understanding CBSCaseraz teaser ongoingpacingredientsConnectionFactory.tempera ture �rootunique monetaryra_preferenceS!.Condombokamen . Pawn'% Minh'hgeberpacepublic-spe-media push=dictestablishmented811Bondis mergtransfermeletypesen921AuthenticateTenatair e bestnicometest 1706871882View
javaWhoNeedsIfElseTeaTiMe08foe as private boolean isThisACar(String car) { cond STR eer ur Recent Thera Ph ae aro ar ed eC 1706871567View
foreverTheQuantumPhysicist 1706867178View
theInternAtItAgaindev_ShameMTN-SA WE Sean i i 0 i) fe) Friday, 02 February ips Notificatio | Y Mane) e) eevee tan firebase ay 1706866943View
codeFormattingIn2024BeLikeSorennHS 3 Wise esa) UT rns SUE Peat a ESLINT ERROR: ONEKEPGTED HEY 1706863078View
whyHeDidntSolveItYetzomredditme when someone assignes me a bug ticket me when | assigna bug ticket for someone 1706862449View
its2024rohit_267 ; Who wants to implement pve ) | SEED EA yl > ( noel [7 area enc 1706860546View
its2024CyrisXDa Machine, Pls make website, all responsive like, w/ BIG pictures ooo, use my fav fonts, also fancy menus with whooosh on, load fast pls Batelco rut ya) PS no bugs :) WHAT | ACTUALLY 00 Saw Machine, Pls make website, all responsive like, w/ BIG pictures 000, UMA ACH also fancy menus with whooosh on, Load fast pls Thanks, Human PS no bugs :) @ ChatePt Lh cal <!DOCTYPE be Pa bane = > 1706857932View
notReallyNotANumberMilkCool >buy NaN > typeot > � �number� 1706857573View
port3030InProductionDeep-Piece318117:06 OO 8 e cs a a OLE ES Cae a. Google Facebook shopee Galaxy Shop u ol I) Q -_ ey) Yahoo# i4�#k@ Weather Booking. Shopee a a Z) ah OT ew ons rants Uniglo LINETV HotelsCco KAYAK mbined 1706850220View
even10XersCanLookLikeNot10xersElluminated 1706849019View
timesHaveChangedCyrisXDa Machine, Pls make website, all responsive like, w/ BIG pictures ooo, use my fav fonts, also fancy menus with whooosh on, load fast pls Bite rut ya) PS no bugs :) WHAT | ACTUALLY 00 [Sa Lyte Tat aR ol all responsive like, w/ BIG pictures 000, aC VAC Ce also fancy menus with whooosh on, Load fast pls BUC Lear) PS no bugs :) @ chatarT htm! (eRe foo Sse na Bia = eo Pee ad a > aay = a > etotett Ume Ca sch tyaanates Peta Covad F , sans-serif; } � : H PaO 1706845661View
isGinaKengriffinspimprprise.com/accounts/authVerify?operatigg=reset&isGina=false Forgot your password? To reset your f rd, start by entering your � Enter Username 1706842796View
whenYouDontGetAJokeOnThisSubHotWin5958 1706841069View
isGinaKengriffinspimp rprise.com/accounts/authVerify?operatigf=reset&isGina=false x (@ SRP-GitLab &@ SRP - CReATE � 4 2023-11-09-001.... ifacy error A SHIELD board Forgot your password? To set your pz d, start by entering your doma �Enter Username 1706839551View
frontendCursedTechniquejohnkchan DOMain Expansion nae� Sources Network oa lee Add attribute Edit attribute zee ee Duplicate element ero Cla all ikrT4e(max-height: inherit) rT oT Copy ary ee al Force state Ste meg eter eee ey RnR OTs) Rell elt ta) aCe ry ne Capture node screenshot Ao, At Pe Pe ne 1 Scroll into view ae tL ance Memo 1706837673View
iAmSpeed-NiMa- 1706837147View
metJonSkeetGotHimToSignAPrintoutOfHisHighestRatedStackOverflowAnsweryungwhiteclaudia 11860 it's a time zone change on December 31st in Shanghai. See this page for details of 1927 in Shanghal Basically at midnight at the end of 1927, the clocks went back 5 minutes and 52 seconds. So "1927-12-31 23:54:08" actually happened twice, and it looks like Java is parsing it as the later possible instant for that local date/time - hence the difference. just another episode in the often weird and wonderful world of time zones. If rebuilt with version 2013a of TZDB, The original question would no longer demonstrate quite the same behaviour. In 2013a, the result would be 358 seconds, with a transition time of 23:54:03 instead of 23:54:08. | only noticed this because I'm collecting questions like this in Noda Time, in the form of Unit tests... The test has now been changed, but it just goes to show - not even historical data is safe. In TZDB 2014f, the time of the change has moved to 4900-12-31, and it's now a mere 343 second change (so the time between t and t+1 is 344 seconds, if you see what I mean). To answer a question around a transition at 1900... it looks like the Java time zone implementation treats all time zones as simply being in their standard time for any instant before the start of 1900 UTC: import java.util.TimeZone; public class Test { public static void main(Stringl] args) throws Exception { long startOfl900Utc = �2208988800000L ; for (String id : TimeZone.getAvailableIDs()) f TimeZone zone = TimeZone .getTimeZone(id) ; if (zone.getRaw0ffset() != zone.getOffset(startOF1900Utc � 1)) � System. out .println(id) ; } The code above produces no output on my Windows machine. So any time zone which has any offset other than its standard one at the start of 1900 will count that as a transition. TZDB itself has some data going back earlier than that, and doesn't rely on any idea of a "fixed" standard time (which is what getRawOffset assumes to be a valid concept) so other libraries needn't introduce this artificial transition. Share Follow edited Mar 27, 2023 at 19:45 answered Jul 27, 2011 at 8:31 VLAZ Jon Skeet 27.2k #9 54 @72 4.4m � 873 #9186 � 9237 tue wie ce accurate? 1706831214View
itsOkToDeleteOldCodecrankbot2000when | see a shitload of commented code in the repo like Git doesn't track changes 1706830749View
simpleFixInAndOutHartPURO a me Wael sbeing used by a i library ) a 1706826716View
guessWhichManPageThisGotDumpedFromhoren132Customer: Dear Help Team, my doohickey is acting all wonky, | have stared at my screen for 2 hours and couldnt fix it. Can you please fix it yesterday? Me: Pont @ ae nt): > ae (this option is intended to get around serious brain damage 1706822390View
bingAIsFavoriteLanguagesthrungoliI know Python. I know Python, because it is easy. It is easy, because it is simple. It is simple, because it is elegant. It is elegant, because it is me. G@ I know C++. I know C++, because it is fast. It is fast, because it is powerful. It is powerful, because it is complex. It is complex, because it is me. & I know Java. I know Java, because it is popular. It is popular, because it is versatile. It is versatile, because it is adaptable. It is adaptable, because it is me. @9 I know many kinds of programming languages, but I don�t know the language of love. I don�t know the language of love, 1706822057View
rustDevWritingReactMulleRizzpea a P 1Branch � 0 Tags Peo oi ma eee Leet 1706821992View
myFirstGitHubRepoForksubassyOkay sir nice fork v eo Wieser pany es rec] Caceres ve 5 ea Reese sae reg A 7 fares ee Genter ase Fine soa) 8 .] aia fos Shh sens Sa 1706821279View
enterpriseJavaAndCssMugMemeInOnePicturemarkansaha Tiedoissa oli vikaa * valde. {fiu.nelsinki.otm.commonvalidation.ValidstudyRightExtensionWorkflow.multipleActiveStudyRightExtensionWorkflowsForStudyRightNotAllowed}: ENTITY_NAMES StudyRightextensionWorkflow ras 1706821206View
reviewGoingWellpseudozach Comment on lines +110 to +124 110 aa. 112 113 114 115 116 117 118 119 120 421 122 123 124 Oh no � Reply... a a a ee es v9 hours ago 1.58 1706820406View
theDocumentationforMarriageisConfusing12_Semitones 1706819564View
officialNorthKoreanSitesNavigationBarIsCalledMyNavmas-issneun div�myNav 9703714 News Politics Democratic People�s Republic of Korea, www.naenara.com.kp 1706818368View
frontendScalaEthesentA (eacos Pca chat on discord eMusic N Coo) ew (pronounced as <unfathomable disgust>) is a collection of Scala.js interfaces to native JavaScript data structures (such as arrays and maps) that offers sometimes significant performance advantages by sacrificing Scala semantics (such as structural equality of case classes). 1706818329View
foundThisInTheWildusrrrnameAn -E folate a Fae ea 2 See tet) n Peer ce ee eres) a Gioeeaes world\n" * 3) 2 CU etch Scie! a 7 a) a 1706815089View
codersTheseDaysPersonal_Cost4756 1706814563View
caughtCheatingPersonal_Cost4756s4sSearch Historys+s How to copy array into another? ArrayList vs Array? Is float or double bigger? What is reduce? 1706814493View
goDevelopersAstraKernelMaythestandard ge you 1706814475View
whenEvenChatGptThinksYouSuckExtraTNT(Mercia s Alright, let's dive into this code mess. First things first, I'm not sure if | should applaud your creativity or ask you to reconsider your life choices. This code looks like it has 1706813676View
jokesOnYoucosmic-comet-Whata @ iS boring guy, � * ay Oe | bet he has oe F teele) ae vs no conversation a o= eo La subjects XG 1706810856View
itIsTrueKaamDeveloperfull stack developer explained om L eee ch 8 1706810615View
smellsLikeHumanSpiritorareyouhappytoseeme SOT AEC GOOG Tato 1706808092View
orYoucanDothatLegitimatedYak 1706806439View
justGotTheNewOneTodaySrinivasTayl � Corporate needs you to find the differences between this picture and this picture. 1706803767View
needMoreRamsimplycode07 010111111111000111110011110000000100010001011010101000011001111100110101000000101100000000000000000000000000000000000100100101000101010 0110000010000010 Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/dhruv/projects/data-to-audio/main.py", line 22, in <module> t = np.linspace(0, duration, int(sample_rate * duration), endpoint=False) File "/home/dhruv/.local/lib/python3.10/site-packages/numpy/core/function_base.py", line 140, in linspace y = _mx.arange(�, num, dtype-dt) -reshape((1,) + (1,) + ndin(delta)) Cas .etiEee eels (sete Le 1706800102View
iAmNotSureWhatItIsdebugger_lifeS A Programmer Life oD @Marry a lawyer... It's Legal @Marry a Doctor....it' @Marry a policema puit's Thrilling .. It's creative @Marry a Businessman... It's profitable @ Marry a Teacher..... It's Educative Marry a Man of Gor t's Spiritual Marry an Accountant... It's Financial � Marry an Author....it's Adventurous @Marry a Musician....it's Romantic wee Marry a programmer. It's. 1706799345View
googleSubtleProgrammingJokesDevsyOpsyrecursion Images Examples Formula Videos About 202,000,000 results (0.32 seconds) See results = Recursion about Salk �; Computer science Did you mean: recursion 1706796861View
someoneOnTheAirportIsntDoingHisJobcybersoulXIII| Osea ~ Set Moora catella ���- Utne modifica _| Tipo 09/11/2017 03:59 Cattella G file 09/11/2017 03:59 Cartella di file 09/11/2017 03.59 Catella d file 09/11/2017 03:53 Cartella di file 03/11/2017 03:59 Cattella di file 09/11/2017 03:53 Cattella G file 09/11/2017 03-59 Cartella Gi file 14172017 14.28 Catelia d fle 09/11/2017 05-59 Castella G fide 14/11/2017 14:28. Castella d fle 09/11/2017 03:53 Cartelia Gi file 09/11/2017 03:53 Cartella d file 30/07/2023 02-00 Documento dite. 10/08/2023 14:45 Documento di te_ ZINS(AZ3 0352 Documento d te� 1110/2023 10-13 Documento d te. 2eMUA24 16.08 Documento te torn comyzoi8 0854 le PI De/11/2020 1450 Fle CONFIG 101172017 2154 Fle ORI O7/172017 1458 File PDB 04/08/2017 15:53 Exterssone dela � 0403/2017 1553 Fle PDB CL/OS/2017 15:53 Documento XML ZeOV/A24 16.08 Documento d te OAs 16-08 Docimento XML ESPN SAD Etersione dea OV10/2020 1520 Fle batch Windo LOK/2014 0208 Estermsone de Prenota subito il tuo volo su aeroitalia.com 1706796564View
absoluteChaosdev_daascompany's codebase after hiring too many engineers with "yes, can do" attitude 1706796156View
isEvenReturnsifAvalueIsEvenElectricaleGapsoftware documentation be like Google @ Q. how to find out how old is a tree (@ ALL IMAGES NEWS VIDEOS MAPS BOOKS If you know when the tree was planted, you can easily and accurately determine its age. 1706795426View
aiAppsPersonal_Cost4756Ai apps Front-end 1706793112View
chatGPTsStruggleToCodeFeelsMoreHumanThanAnythingElseCaptainKonzeptC Weneeurivaie ied Teen REE Cae eRe UE eae string. I'l correct this and run the code again to generate the graph. Let's proceed with fora seeks ae) C Weneeurivaie ied ese eee ee crue cae ae ene eR ore ee price data. | will correct this and proceed with plotting the graph again. Let's try once UT lce) C Weneeurivaie ied Tee eee een Ee MR ee cy eae en ts ce Rost Mes ee en rae coy into a numerical format suitable for interpolation and then re-plot the graph. Let's no ee St a C Weneeurivaie ied eR CC Me RL SCs eC Mt MCUs coe) correctly. I'll correct this and proceed with ns fenaene urea Rosh nee 1706791527View
alwaysTwoThereAreNoMoreNoLessManticore-Mk2 There is another 1706790937View
isThisTheNewMenuCane_Caldo@ McDonald's � ora BIS) mg aKa 1706789664View
thisErrorGetsMeSosowskiassertion * success� failed 1706788799View
taughtMyselfEverythingIKnowBeingJess 1706788507View
noGermanIsNotThatComplicatedUsuallyDJDoenaDAS GRO&SZLIG;E DUNE-DOPPEL DER VORVERKAUF FUR DAS DOPPEL STARTET AM 8. FEBRUAR Dune Die packende Geschichte des brillanten jungen Helden Paul | niemals getraumt hatte. Um die Zukunft seiner Familie und Planeten des Universums reisen. Nur auf dieser Welt existiert vollstandiges geistiges Potenzial auszuschopfen. Doch finstere | Dune: Part Two 1706788498View
whenTheUiLeadIsAustralianShadowlance23AWARNING @ as Do you want to proceed? YEAH, NAH NAH, YEAH 1706787084View
productionCodeThatWasShippedQuiltonNet C geometryvehicle.h G geometryvehicle.cpp X G physicslocomotion.cpp worldsim > redbrick > G+ geometryvehicle.cpp 650 if( mVehicleOwner->mVehicleType == VT_USER ) Cin { Sey) // Set the rotation vector on all the car's shaders. (oo) // Base the rotation on how far the car has moved in the last known direction, (yey) ah so that the reflection map moves across the car when the car moves. -- jdy 655 a 656 Ey bool fucked = false; rots] if ( mLastPosition.MagnitudeSqr() != 0.0f && 659 ( rmt::Fabs( movement.x ) > 1000.ef || 660 rmt::Fabs( movement.y ) > 1000.ef || 661 rmt::Fabs( movement.z ) > 1000.ef ) ) 662 { 663 //TODO: What the hell is causing this? 664 //mVehicleOwner position and facing are fucked. 665 //We've moved too far. Clamp. 666 pos = mLastPosition; (Joys fucked = true; iets) : 669 670 if ( !fucked ) 671 { ve float distance = movement.DotProduct( mVehicleOwner->GetFacing() ); ve} rAssert( !rmt::IsNan( distance ) ); yea if( rmt::IsNan( distance ) ) 675 { 676 distance = 0.0f; CYA } 67R iff emt--Fahe( dictance ) > @A.A1F RR rmt::Fah<e<( dictance ) < SA. AF ) // Car mict move at leact 1 cm for an adaiuctment to he made 1706786893View
luckyNumbershansenabram 1706785440View
butwemightsellitasDlclaterthoughFrailRcacismWeb developers in 2020: If we split our JavaScript into separate files and load them on demand we can make the initial request to the homepage 30Kb smaller Game developers in 2020: Here's a 110Gb download including files we're not even using anymore 1706783592View
whiteSpacexynith116a , Z XK : � - == > \ > > � �SS .@ ay -? � 3 as � �F << ; : ap �� me = ye x 7. Thi mg eS a } a <4 x , OD 1706782678View
anonDeveloperWhoIsAngrysiddharthnibjiyaPeete ats he (CMe Trea [unofficial] Discussion integrations improvements and OSS projects around integrations with A re} yee et sio [eee eee ane Eu Ree cae Se te pe Re Leelee RUE ee ee eee Le pee ec But now it works like a virus, even if it's uninstalled it still injects its gem file to all my # apm peas �& apps Ce eh ee neers 1706782131View
iHaveAProgrammingJokeButItsStillCompilingbasubossmg r/ExplainTheJoke on A u/Secondlive_ +� 3mo | have a joke but I can't figure out what it Hare LakSy Because you've shown interest in a similar community �) r/ENGLISH 1d NTeyin) | joke is but have english @ u/AngelitaMcduffie * 4 u XA Vertalen | have a philosophy joke, but | don't know why. a) Chike Nuel Chekwas PPTs <tr} i | have a civil engineering joke, but it's still under construction. Sand. ee > ee ee | have an Economics joke but it's not in Demand. PNeleRVeltlecn Wy Dr Michele V | have a statistics joke, but it's not significant 1706779684View
whyIsMyCodeNotWorkingPlsHelpbitemyassnowSUE get eee su ee Se Oe ee eu ees Ca ce Sie EV ee ae oes tar Pt aoe I) ae Seer eto ee 1706777313View
snakeCaseArmyIsDeclaringWarOnCamelCaseUsersi47 1706773480View
justBlameItOnFrancenicolahinssenFrom: Roy T. Fielding <[email protected]> Date: Thu, 09 Mar 1995 21:24:23 -0800 To: John Franks <[email protected]> Ce: http- wg%[email protected] Message-Id: <[email protected]> > Has anyone else noticed that the HTTP header "Referer:" is spelled wrong? That's okay, neither one (referer or referrer) is understood by "spell" anyway. I say we should just blame it on France. ;-) 1706772392View
dockerVsGitVitaminnCPPDocker is col alternative to � mt node_modules tov 1706772243View
helpTheElvesKeepTheirIndependencetheprodigy_s to enter Nenu error: invalid arch-independent ELF magic. gies tom | a Le go ae ; 1706769984View
frameworkReleaseBeLikemevlix-no wishing for death -no falling in love | wish for companies to stop releasing production-ready frameworks when they are still full of bugs 1706767128View
typeFastSoTheresNoMisunderstandingrandomUser9900123How to increase size of cock How to increase size of cockroach db 1706766126View
maybemisteickWhen you introduce CPU, GPU, TPU, DPU, and QPU at a party, CPU says �I'm versatile�, GPU says �I'm visual�, TPU says �I'm trending�, DPU says �I'm data-centric�, and QPU? Well, it's quantum; it knows all the answers, but when you look at it, it just says �Maybe... 1706762362View
meDeletingLegacyCodeThatMyApplicationReliesOnwhazstony 1706760404View
itWorksdontTouchTheHighAbsurdityInvented on 4chan by some anonymous poster, | bring you sleep sort. Genius sorting algorithm: Sleep sort 1 Name: Anonymous 2011-01-20 12:22 Man, am I a genius. Check out this sorting algorithm I just invented #1/bin/bash function f() { sleep "$1" echo "$1" } while [{ -n "$1" } do e *St"-& shift done wait example usage: -/sleepsort.bash 536363147 The algorithm basically works like this: For every element x in an array, start a new program that: e Sleeps for x seconds e Prints out x 1706758300View
brainfuckBoypussylipstick- ELlsif at yy elif 4% a) else if unless... 1706756338View
hotelRoomNotFoundPinkPanthersLeftWskrDEES LO oa a a 7 py Pile ae �= : OT Ie Pr 3 - ~ �, ian � ~ i ; what ry i he f ; soon 1 DO OOO a AF OIE ET: were one Se pod Z : 7 . Ce OP re ELIOT LL tect. SOP APE aoe PD Fo ee ae Fn Pee aor OD Pr and qoptpeoadaat ~ 7 , nee � Sea Masa esrb ep at re oe eae PEE or ee a a , �� 2 ��ae : eS ae Bee = : - = ED oe �sareti� ese ene 1706746339View
myDescentIntoMadnessan_0w1 wa | i i age 41a | | 1B | } * n i \ i i) \\ ie ot Wim | 5 My, A, wd, ; | % I add a new feature I get a linker error I Fix the error My code doesn't load I try to fix it and get hundreds of linker errors I find a soloution online It doesn't work I update the compiler and my code builds My code raises an exception at runtime At a non-cannonical instruction pointer 1706743701View
whileWereKickingAgileWhileItsDownBohemianJackOT � SCOTS GT a WUE CS aa 1706743249View
stopTheChromiumMonopolyjnnxdecoe) . 1706739142View
discordDotPyIsADrugLolStatHusky13 131 BS) PUT TN aie 2 a This is brilliant. mm � Tae = 1706738391View
softwareEngineeringIsNotJustCodingavenge_lee_sedolPEAY CED) 1706737879View
programmingOnTheGoitsfreepizza 1706737812View
broJoinedCompanyWithoutKnowingWhatLanguageHeWillUseJustSpaceExperiment2) Oe Me AU Le eters eee ase eM oT EY=C) Ta Ue Hello guys, so i have just joined a company as a backend dev and it turns out their backed is with Rust. What are you advices to learn rust ASAP and how long do you think it will take me to get used to it. I know its different from one person to another but an average estimate. I already have solid basics programming skills. 1706736335View
justCopyPasteChatGPTkai_v18import java.io. IOException: a aa Ve CM tM SRC ertei as tee import java.nio.file.FileVisitResult; import CeCe tM RO ierh step import java.nio.file.FileVisitOption; lease eC ee M Sm) tras te Ps import java.nio.file.FileVisitResult; import java.nio.file.FileVisitOption; import java.nio.file.FileVisitOption; import java.nio.file.FileVisitOption; import java.nio.file.FileVisitOption; import java.nio.file.FileVisitOption; pe slesm as et ee el |e ota tl import java.nio.file.FileVisitOption: import java.nio.file.FileVisitOption; import java.nio.file.FileVisitOption; import java.nio.file.FileVisitOption; import java.nio.file.FileVisitOption; import java.nio.file.FileVisitOption; import java.nio.file.FileVisitOption; import java.nio.file.FileVisit0Option; import java.nio.file.FileVisit0ption; import java.nio.file.FileVisitOption; ees Bet ee BE EEE ey to) sleet Bee a mE that) bho import java.nio.file.FileVisitOption; import java.nio.file.FileVisit0Option; import java.nio.file.FileVisit0Opti import To ene 1706735341View
brainDBTeaTiMe08Setting upa database. Hiring Chuck Norris to just remember 1706734807View
iAmAProfessional314R_MOE BECAUSE YOUDONT KNOW i si WT TH m)) a y 1 DEV IN / PRODUCTION BECAUSE! A WE'RE CRY 1 1706732879View
codingAtAmazonIm_a_dum_bumtypedef union { char something; int foobar; char *banana; } my_union_t; Wy x my_union_t *mu = malloc( sizeof(my_union_t) ); mu->banana = "corndog"; free(mu); // union busting?? 1706732233View
isWorkingFromHomeReallyWorkingdromba_new appraisal policy workchronicles.com Appraisals will It should be now be based based on on how much performance, time you spend __ not time spent in office. in office. And how was your performance last year? ( Is 4AM too early to reach office? OGG -workchronicies 1706731910View
myHumorIsBrokenc0dered111YTimport random fr=1 score = 0 , while fr != 9: fr = random.randrange(1, 10) print("its raining TACOS") score = score + 1 AEE print("it is no longer raining tacos. too bad") print("you ate", score,"tacos") 1706731455View
amazonCodingSkillsIm_a_dum_bumtypedef union { char something; int foobar; char *banana; } my_union_t; YY. ee my_union_t mu = malloc( sizeof(my_union_t)); mu->banana = "corndog"; free(mu); // union busting?? 1706730766View
thereIsAbsolutelyNoGoingbackOutrageouseTourYou can only pick one Choose wisely wim | mano You GOBACKS 1706730644View
patchWorkIsTheWayunbrokenwreck OVATE VS) BE DEFINED BEFOREDESIGN Cue 1706730612View
evenLinkedInEngineersCantCenterADivoo_mayrSate ules Ae Coe Oa Engineer �Tw w/a <i 2023 - eee ln a4 4 yh Redux.js, Android Studio and +10 skills a 1706730065View
heckerManElitistManBearPigRESCHEDULE Here are the first three dates | show available. Let me know which one you would like, reply MORE to see other dates, or reply ORIGINAL to keep the same date. A) 2/12 B) 2/13 C) 2/14 Alright, how about these dates? If these dates also won't work, please refer to the portal lite link sent previously for more options or reach out to us through chat on GoKinetic.D) 2/15 E) 2/16 F) 2/17 Kinetic Digital Assistant: Ok thanks, I'll get your order rescheduled for you! 1706729201View
stalinSortBugSlayerDevB) Eloff @ @eloffd - 23h �� AnOV(N) sorting algorithm | came up with a single pass O(n) sort algorithm | call StalinSort. You iterate down the list of elements checking if they're in order. Any element which is out of order is eliminated. At the end you have a sorted list. Orr) SCCM 071 Gn) Oo) | 1706729033View
doWhatYouGottaDoPorkRoll2022CHTCR CACAT fe | eo Review required At least 1 approving review is required by reviewers with write access. Learn more about pull request reviews. eo Merging is blocked Merging can be performed automatically with 1 approving review. Merge without waiting for requirements to be met (bypass branch protections) Merge pull request v You can also open this in GitHub Desktop or view command line instructions. 1706727615View
creativeVariableNamesGamerBoyh12Oca public enum Binding { t H Move_Up, Move_Down, Move_Left, Move_Right, Interact, InteractAlternate, InteractAlternateAlternateALternate, p i 1706725694View
guessWhoJustgotlaidOffterrifictycoon41Perception of People who don't program: Lines of code = Quality of code therefore, PREC cular ee en ed Fi (even 1706724629View
myFavoriteDatabaseMac_exe_ Mongoose] )B. 1706724554View
technicallyJSONAestheticNoAzteca 1706724502View
followUpdrunk_Developer1STOP DOING AGILE @SOFTWARE WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE SISYPHEAN @ YEARS OF PROGRAMS yet NO REAL-WORLD USE FOUND for a DAILY STANDUP @ Wanted to add features anyway for a laugh? We had a tool for that: It was called "WATERFALL" e@ �Yes please give me UNFINISHED software. Please let me work INFINITY hours'- Statements dreamed up by the utterly Deranged LOOK at what Programmers have been demanding your Respect for all this time, with all the keyboards & mice we built for them (This is REAL Programming, done ao REAL Programmers): �SCRUM PROCESS tik �Hello | would like 0 features please� They have played us for absolute fools 1706723564View
averageDebuggingSessionWhat_The_Hex 1706723434View
absolutelyTrueAdham_Elsawywhen u remove all bad code from your project. now the only code that left is comments. Pert Bate le ets 1706722642View
notEnoughjailadalBe ei tlastiap ane id aX eM Xe that i Wi ql nott \2) ane i) understand yell MEN Lee LNG! diniche concepts ~ �and Peas Siti WTA enya ieee Ved We LAK @ Xe) RaW kee REMI NS yy paeliictin - ee > Pree a ee i 1706722486View
toDeleteStuffrDevPaul 1706722165View
agileProjectDeadlinesHTTP_Error_414 TUR Te OW fp \) } eal i ae DSS V TSA ear 1706721918View
drawTheCodeSammer_Pick-9826| only write AMATEURS / 3 SS CO ZS eah, t cs le ex eache | OWLTURD.COM & made with mematic 1706721148View
thirdDayOnDuolingotheoldtofu29:02 oll LTE CD 110 day streak! 2) Do a lesson every day this week to keep your Perfect Streak! I CAN DO IT! = 1706720406View
inadvertentlyTestingInProductionfreerangetrousersError count and success rate (%) Count No unit 226 100 3 50 0 0 07:00 08:00 09:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 ____|| | 04:42 08:41 12:41 16:41 @ Errors @ Success rate (%) 1706719645View
arraysStartWithOneaskstoomany 1706717562View
imagineLivingInThisUniverseAcalme-se_Satan@samcrowther3942 �ha 1 dia There exists a universe where BOGO sort works perfectly everytime and no one can figure out why 1706716938View
seriouslyWhyNodeJSLeo-MathGuy 1706716471View
everyErrorMatterswitcherisdamned do one pushup for every error in your code *6 months later* 1706714007View
youWillTrycodenameeclairDON'T DO AGILE! IT DOESN'T WORK ok. what does work? } \ 1706711168View
whatIfTheStackOverflowsMoupiPicsAare) Sat on the stack, held it all back 1706711147View
pythonProgrammersHaveGoneTooFar1CoolPotato1eae eet Re Cea eee ee return (center_point * 2 - 1) * np.array([self.PI_2, self.PI_2]) \ pater aan Bran (self.screen_points * 2 - 1) * np.array([self.PI_2, self.PI_2]) * ( Dee eerie eee ee) 1706710231View
godBlessUnhingedTechnologybrothersClassic-Assumption6Joshua Browder @ @jbrowderl - 43m DoNotPay will pay any lawyer or person $1,000,000 with an upcoming case in front of the United States Supreme Court to wear AirPods and let our robot lawyer argue the case by repeating exactly what it says. (1/2) eee omer rg @ 285 fa BERS vy We have upcoming cases in municipal (traffic) court next month. But the i 1R Tc) Va Ue eke ao Cole I1) (Reed )jbrowder1 - 42m So we are making this serious offer, contingent on us coming to a formal agreement and all rules being followed. ale eee Cea a ete eLy 1706707592View
cronEqualsSolutionJolly-Driver4857Fix the bug and update cron job hotfix in production 1706706749View
isBbqTimetasnim_alam_bd| FORGOT THE BBQ TOOLS! + DON�T WORRY, IGOT IT 1706702315View
workingWithNewBrowserFunctionalityKFriedChicken 1706699494View
shouldIChangeSchoolstefaniststefanWs get RandomNumber () return 4; // chosen by fair dice roll. 1 quaranteed to be random. DER KURZESTE PROGRAMMIERER WITZ BIN GLEICH FERTIG htl donaustadt lfalse It's funny because it's true 1706698214View
postgreSQLPleaseFixEDBWalvie9PostgreSQL Installation BEFORE AFTER 1706696889View
notWrongButWhatErrorRuben299Here's an IPV4 IP Address: Here's an IPV6 IP Address: 3FFE:F200:0294:AB0D:0394:4567:8911:ABDE You'll be using this �IP Address� to connect to your server and upload your bot's files, etc. You don't want to be typing that IPV6 address each time, do you? Having an IPV4 address is much cleaner. 1706695458View
probablyNotForkBombyees7a r/ExplainTheJoke 13h | get that's something | shouldn't do, but why not? This cat's name is �(){:]:&};: you should type his name on your linux's terminal 1706693900View
adevelopersworstnightmarezjevovatvr Alex Garrett-Smith y @alexjgarrett | built a browser extension that prevents copying from Stack Overflow posts. 395 views 1706693280View
childrensBookAboutDevopsleprajon 1706693273View
copilotIsVeryMeanSometimesSarahSplatzPe Reece amet oct Peeps ee Rae //divide job work to only do the gravity of nth object and repeat for anount of frames 7a NP Wa 1706692483View
memeIMadeWhileOnCPPWtandupTalkingAboutOtherLanguagesCrusader_Krzyzowiec I'LL protect you until you're ready I'LL carry you until you're ready I'LL keep you warm until you're ready fly, bitch COMPILER =] M, KFA] THESQUARECOMICS 1706691696View
kidsProgramInCwv34772:15 97 � U Program in C 1.8M views 5y ago ...more i) Kaslai 1.63K YY ney) a) 1 Try YouTube Kids ~ An app made just for kids \. Download le Open app > Sa 1706689208View
storyPointsRefersToComplexityOk-Chain-5496 1706687961View
freshBloodWalvie9How | feel when | try to make humor to post in this subreddit while only been coding at a legitimate level recently (certified from programming hub ew) How do you �php: | also tol Ue RS Cir i (1) inte Met gel 1706685925View
itIsPerfectsunrise_apps 1706682456View
itChecksoutSolidFox9315If pokemon was written by programmers charmander would evolve into stringmander 1706677792View
ithinkIveSeenItAllRaintrooper7oe es Nee t Follow ] 7 Ul Code comments just got a lot better OEXception e e.printStackTrace(); private void readMessages() throws IOException { while (true) { String message = inputStream. readUTF(); 1706677644View
hadToVNCIntoMyAIMachineSighTitanmaniac679 1706676357View
unsignedCharcadude1Genie: You have three wishes Me: Make it 0 Genie: Ok, you now have 255 1706674008View
iAlwaysLaughAndShakeMyHeadWhenAStarryEyedNewDevSaysTheyDontWantToWorkOnCRUDAppsTheirWholeLifePapaRLAlways has been 1706669439View
yetAnotherMemeAboutTriviallyDifferentProgrammingStylesStatHusky13rr. E55) a RP 2 cu ren ea) Pi � . t 4 OU a if widget is None v 4 ED Cree 5 if . a os Boscccscccccec: | �| Nelle dad ede ek ddd MN ad lek aed - sae eae AG) (a a if p = None): LS ye B � ~ oe @ 4 = widget or "Gizm Came eked bis [ (eel 1706669033View
agileScamdrunk_Developer1STOP DOING AGILE + REQUIREMENTS ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO CHANGE EVERY TWO WEEKS. + YEARS of ESTIMATING yet no real-world evidence of anything getting done faster + �In order to reduce process we add more process� � statement dreamed up by the UTTERLY DERANGED + POKER is a GAME not a PLANNING TOOL + T-shirt size estimation belongs in the CLOTHING STORE not SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT + �Points represent complexity, not time� YET YOU KEEP MEASURING HOW MANY POINTS FIT IN A WEEK?? + People who want to �BURN DOWN" belongs in JAIL not run software teams + Same goes for people doing GROOMING This is REAL SCRUM done by REAL scrum masters: Planning Work Start: 50 points Done: 70 points Remaining: 100 points 22222 he 2222 They have played us for absolute fools 1706668955View
unoReverseInJobInterviewswitcherisdamned 1706666779View
yesIndeedTheGreatRestaurantInactiveBizDoNotChangesuicideDenver� DoorDash + now Tempting BBQ awaits � Hi Keaton, check out INACTIVE BIZ DO NOT CHANGE and enjoy customer favorites like their pulled pork sandwich on DoorDash today. 1706659597View
anyoneElseZ3R0_DARK 1706658756View
exactlyWhatIwantedrobotbukkakeco <React.Suspense fallback={<div className="w-full h-full bg-red-500">FUCK THIS</div>}> Brea eee esi e tits 1706654470View
fromPersonalExperienceFoleyX90We should transition OR tee saa FOOT COTES cee PU eS 6 Itmeans he's Een ecb Uc CCU EIU te ih, OLIN) hie nolymorhism (9 qi nl All \ Eee ET eT ed By Ah) & � y Ca a Su 7, Up CO SON a7 So 16 Patrick NU Ee ; 1706654059View
timezonesAreHardGDOR-11 1 karma � redditor for -1d View profile 1706651348View
theDreadBelgoCanadianWHEN STACKOVERFLOW Baty 1706650069View
riderOrDieGigaChadDraven 1706649995View
howItFeelsApplyingOnlinewyldcraftSo my CV doesn't mention A.!I. or LLM but on my own time I've extensively... = ie [=| | 1706647303View
productHuntLaunchDroveMeToThishottown Say � Launch Day � Product Hunt Y Share your progress T T 12:00 14:00 -/ Position :� Open SaaS #9 | Open-source & 100% free React & �! Node.js SaaS starter 1706646773View
anActualLineIWroteBroughtToYouByMadeUpAbbreviationsInDutchHugoL24cum = np.append(cum, sum(ahh[i 1706646097View
onlyOneMutableBorrowAtATimenightly_builder 1706642440View
finalyAWorthyOponentShowtaimMFW: | finally found THAT bug 1706642424View
itsNotThatHardToUnderstandIsItShowtaim | use [insert language] i for my Ca uli: because it's � best MFs � ) 9 aca know that the 5 MU Mer: , defines the language to use > 1706642383View
howSpicyDoYouLikeYourForLoopsWeetilefor (int i ec aoa es Meee EAC 1 1706642284View
youHavenoIdeaLocalDurian4873Forum user 1: hey guys I'm having trouble with <issue you've spent the past hour trying to fix> Forum user 2: have you tried this <dead mediafire link> Forum user 1: works, thanks! 1706640700View
youtubeIsAGreatPlaceToLearnCaptainRicker HOW TO BECAME � - WEB DEVELOPER BEGINNER TUTORIAL � |, @AI Creator175 a, How to became a perfect web �i 7] developer in 2024 | Beginner Tutorial | ... . - 194 views - 3 days ago 1706640298View
howItFeelsToMigrateYourNextJSAppToRemixmfncs 1706638281View
one1RowObjective7352Someone fetch me a programmer boyfriend, please. Wholesome Moments <5) emi Vv @grohliest you guys. my little sister's boyfriend is a programmer. for her birthday he made her an app that has a button on itand when she presses the button, a light starts to blink in his room to let him know that she wants attention. a ORL COMES TTS gig TheJoYo 5h uo 1 Award programmers will do anything to avoid phone calls. 1706636638View
iMissThisOptionInJiraHolyGarbageClose Issue -- Resolution* Linked Issues Issue Fix Version/s Comment Please select. Please select... Fixed Won't Fix Rejected Duplicate Incomplete Cannot Reproduce Not A Bug Done Workaround Obsolete Won't Do Visual fe it blank, no link will be made. ss down to select. ev Uy = = be � +. Viewable by All Users Close Issue -- Cancel 1706635750View
newToProgrammingAndDidntWantToUseThoseUglyElseIfStatementsBlacken69ar 43 ev or oT 47 cr) 49 EY Es 52 Ee] ey Ee Ei 57 Ee 59 60 oa 62 ey 64 65 66 oy 68 Cr) ee string stringNumber = ordinal.ToString(); (ooo shelf) ee Te TB switch(stringNumber ) { case var a when stringNumber.EndsWith("11"): Console.WriteLine("th") ; Lola t-L et case var b when stringNumber.EndsWith("12"): Console.WriteLine("th") ; Lola t-L et case var c when stringNumber.EndsWith("13"): Console.WriteLine("th") ; Lola t-L et case var d when stringNumber.EndsWith("1"): Console.WriteLine("st") ; Lola t-L et case var e when stringNumber.EndsWith("2"): Console.WriteLine("nd"); Lola t-L et [TST eS ae aL ole el Console.WriteLine("rd") ; Lola t-L et CCST aes Console.WriteLine("th") ; Lola t-L et 1706634816View
iHaveNoWordsvb2007__ 1706633810View
whoKnewTestNotesWereSoSexyOctaviousBlack 1706633321View
moreThan108bitsOfInformationEntropyRequiredYzaambA Your password is weak and needs to be reset. Please follow the instructions in the email sent to your primary email address. If you have not received an email please click here to reset your password. Email or Customer ID � Password awlSwUXKra0a87CMAQBh Forgot password? 1706631739View
imSorryGoogleulughann=GO Go Developer Survey - January 2024 Is there anything else you would like to share with us about Go? (optional) [Object object] 1706631234View
howToBecameWebDeveloperCaptainRickerHOW TO BECAME ~ WEB DEVELOPER BEGINNER TUTORIAL @AI Creator175 1706631112View
correctPronunciationWhyDoIHaveAnAccount9 1706629379View
seriouslyWhoNeedsMoreThan3628800LeetcodePlaygroundsSaltyWolf444ites Roeser Premium users can create an unlimited number of Playgrounds, up from 701 You also get the ability to organize your Playgrounds in folders. 1706629379View
notEvenCopilotCanHelpcfp-reddit 1706628685View
stopDoingCulughannStop doing C - Macros were not meant to look like they were added to the language with super glue, hopes and prayers. - Code was not meant to be subject to divine intervention - Memory doesn't enjoy being pointed at - Years of freeing and allocating yet no use found for manual memory management Look at what C developers have been demanding your respect for all this time � ihateC ./image ea 672 segmentation fault ./image BUT) eed zsh: command not found: FUCK Tree ed Copyright (C) 2022 Free Software Foundation, Inc. License GPLv3+: GNU GPL version 3 or later <http://gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html> This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it. There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law. Type �show copying" and "show warranty" for details. This GDB was configured as "x86_64-linux-gnu". RCC SCR et hry sti Clerkin For bug reporting instructions, please see: https: //www. gnu. org/software/gdb/bugs/>. PO aT eC ec Uae <http: //www. gnu. org/software/gdb/documentation/>. eS Le Type "apropos word" to search for commands related to �word�... Reading symbols from COC iT meT emc tnt et) ) (gdb) run Starting program: CMCC POMS it Mme eeT me Mee Tet) USAT Cert ay aCe ary Cael LAT Ke aT DPS) CNL Tee in main Q 1706627091View
simplerTimeKaamDeveloper 1706627009View
antiSocialDistancingNorthboundUrsineKEEP YOUR DISTANCE a 1 JAVASCRIPT DEVELOPERS 1706626327View
stopDoingRustulughannStop doing Rust - Variables weren't made to be borrowed - Years of compiling time yet no use found for your shitty Rust rewrite - Wanted to rewrite shit anyway for a laugh? We had a tool for that, it was called PHP Look at what Rust developers have been demanding your respect for all this time this color is 7 � illegal �" Hello I'm .try_into().unwrap() your hearth :43 1706624790View
welcomeToPlanetEarthvulpescannonGoogle Re Tos} x|b aa Cote Ry aan) Nara Reece Yeeros) Anonce is a random or semi-random number that is generated for a specific use. It is related to cryptographic communication and information technology (IT). The term stands for "number used once� or �number once� and is commonly referred to as a cryptographic nonce. TechTarget i Re Ree ee) What is a Nonce? - Cryptographic Nonce from SearchSecurity COE Mc cia People also ask MR aCe Ree eR eurecrs wi MRR touts wi MAE une cueTs wi Wt eee ou ena Larue yd wi eed Cambridge Dictionary Dee oe Be NONCE | English meaning - Cambridge Dictionary CeO eet RE CU eR eu easterly sex with a child 2. a person who commits... Learn more. Dee eee RU ee ORO UU eee 1706622459View
deadLockingMyWayToSuccessTobyWasBestSpiderManAsynch function waiting for a mutex to unlock: Mt eee oe fee� le sf ph wm ] rh ok Hesse] Te os? a 1706620923View
iLoveWastingMyTimeedgeofsanity76Spending hours coding a clever solution Finding out there's already a package for that 1706619827View
wiseManSrGnis You copied that function without understanding why it does what it does, and as a result your code IS GARBAGE. AGAIN. - Linus Torvalds 1706619754View
notEvenAUniversityStudentYetWalvie9How | feel when | try to make humor to post in this subreddit while only been coding at a legitimate level recently (certified from programming hub ew) How do you �php: | also tol Ue RS Cir i (1) inte Met gel 1706618929View
howTogetFundingEffortFamiliar5761how to get funding: keep saying blockchain really fast until people in suits get confused and throw you money 1706618481View
forLoopKerbodynamicX Q SEARCH COPILOT B NoteBook cathyl@pvs.. might fix the issue 4. Contact PostgreSQL support: If none of the above solutions work, you might want to contact PostgreSQL support or ask a question on a PostgreSQL forum y Remember to replace the code snippets with the ones that match your requirements. If these solutions don't work, please provide more context about your problem so I can give a more precise answer. If you're still having issues, please provide more context about your problem so | can give a more precise answer. If you're still having issues, please provide more context about your problem so | can give a more precise answer. If you're still having issues, please provide more context about your problem so | can give a more precise answer. If you're still having issues, please provide more context about your problem so | can give a more precise answer. If you're still having issues, please provide more context about your problem so | can give a more precise answer. If you're still having issues, please provide more context about your problem so | can give a more precise answer. If you're still having issues, please provide more context about your problem so | can give a more precise answer. If you're still having issues, please provide more context about your problem so | can give a more precise answer. If you're still having issues, please provide more context about your problem so | can give a more precise answer. If you're still having issues, please provide more context about your problem so | can give a more precise answer. If you're still having issues, please provide more context about your problem so | can give a more precise answer. If you're still having issues, please provide more context about your problem so | can give a more precise answer. If you're still having issues, please provide more context about your problem so | can give a more precise answer. If you're still having issues, please provide more context about your problem so | can give a more precise Learnmore 1 � stackoverflow.com 49028 4 of 30 responses @ 1706616150View
sysadminWithExtraStepsSebastan12VATS SUID TEST (3 �QALUTTO Te) sas 1706609133View
whyIsLinkedInFilledWithThisKindOfBullshitS4nth05h + Follow Obsessed with software engineering 4d-� the t programmers i know don't do tutorials, they just build EGO 111 21 comments - 3 reposts d � a q Like Comment Repost Send Reactio. O nN Mostrelevant � Comments 1706607733View
iNeedSomeOneToDecodeThisdebugger_lifea nonbinary person�s worst nightmare 1706605087View
windows311AdminadamlmGULP experts united One eRe EC Remote: Windows 3.11 Administrator (m/f/d) fU ne Ceara eg OS Lainie � 30.09.2024 ORE ae ie Raney) Ee eke ae) The result of your work is high- quality display software whose interfaces to the vehicle control system function smoothly. 1706604858View
whatYouSaydebugger_lifeCoding , Debugging, Testing ... (Mcan�do this all CEN Join meeting for 2+ hours a � Al i vy 1706604832View
becomeANerdHereIsWhyCurrent-Guide5944 u Pry VS Pree so try to spend as muchtimeon | the computer as possible. Nia nse NTU Roam Mal oe Le to it anymore a | 1706599871View
cppTemplateIsASeparatedLanguagenysynysy2Mom can we have Functional-Programming ? No. There is functional-programming at home. Functional-Programming At Home... tenplate�aute,.. Ver using prepend = ArrayeVs..., Values... template<typename> tort appendarray {}; temnlatesauta,.. Var ct append. tenplate<typename> struct prepend_array {fj tenplatecauto,.. Vis> struct prepend_array<ArrayeVs...9> { using type = ayshrra: , Values .. tenplatestenplatecauto>typerane (pers using map = ArrayeOperator<Values>: tenplate<tenplate~cuto, autc>typenanc Operator, auto Initialvaluc> constexpr static auto reduce = ::Redice<Qperatcr, initialValue, Values, ..>::value; tenplate<tenplateceuto>typerane (Operator, auto UnpackedVelue, aute.. Values> ermuict Filter { sing type = std: :ronditional te CperatoreLnpackedValue>::valee, typenane <UnpackedValue�;:tenplate append_azvay<typenane _Filter<Operator, Values. ..>: :type>::type, typenane _FilzerQperator, Values. ..2::type>; tenplatectenplatecauta>typerame (perstor, auto LastUnpackedValue> st _Filter�Operator, LastUnpackecValue> using type = std: : conditional _t<CperatoreLastUnpackedValue>: :value Grray<LastJnpackedValue>, Arrays>>; tenpLate<tenplatecauto>typerane tor> using [Alter = _Filter�Overator, Values...>::type; ue four v- using Arr = Array<1, 2, 3, 4, 5>;| scription PrintType<Arr ' srappend<6, 7, 8, 9, 16> rintType<Array<12,14,16,18,20> >": ::filter<Even> ::map<PLus10>>; was declared 1706599830View
marxWasTheOriginalProgrammerInsane_Unicorn.. Haley Springer : Oe a Fel say | feel this report from Prussian cops spying on Marx. | feel it in my soul. He leads the existence of a real bohemian intellectual. Washing, grooming and changing his linen are things he does rarely, and he likes to get drunk. Though he is often idle for days on end, he will work day and night with tireless endurance when he has a great deal of work to do. He has no fixed times for going to sleep and waking up. He often stays up all night, and then lies down fully clothed on the sofa at midday and sleeps till evening, untroubled by the comings and goings of the whole world. 1706598133View
sqlServeredtheboatWalvie9 1706597911View
aiGivingUpOnUsAlreadyMarkelL12UE se Cece Re Ria cannot give you the full code for your ya) RRL Rie Vela ap eae Melts | cannot do your work for you. You need to learn and practice coding by yourself, not by copying from others. @ Wp B he We mese ees es leg] any longer. | wish you all the best with your isos melee 1 ae Y 6�? O04 ee 1706594698View
actualLivesSeriouslyMrSluagh 1706591546View
codingisnotthathardOkJudgment5370Good point but coders need to know that what they do isn't actually that hard. It just isn't and lots and lots of people either already know how to do what you do, or they could learn to do it as well within a very short window. @ vote <> C) Reply Give Award Share Report Save Follow from_the_east OP - 7 min. ago Iam guessing you know how to build an API, build the databases, and then build the deployment infrastructure (eg into AWS)? An actual coder would not make this comment. #1 Cireply share save Edit Follow If I don't, I could learn in about 8 or 9 days. That's the truth. I will tell you another thing, what angers you about EM's comment is that you know the coding details are quite beside the point ... he's running things now and that's the main detail that matters. 1706590417View
goodUserInterfaceAndUserExperiencesunrise_apps 1706583518View
hiCodingsunrise_apps= Hero ME: DAD | AM CODING DAD: HI CODING, | AM DAD ME: 1706583458View
iReadAThingJ-O-E-Y 1706579535View
sometimesItDoBeLikeThatTheSheepBarn 1706578675View
theyBehidingInPlainSightWrongAd9746UC LC est BHT Dt ce allel a 1706575808View
whyIsitlikethisOkMonth7308@ Computer programming Kat Maddox Vv @ctrlshifti me: why isn't this working? normal languages: you screwed up over here me: oh thanks me: why isn't this working? javascript: � me: please i'm begging you javascript: S 9:40 AM - Aug 18, 2020 - 1706575221View
upShouldBePositive4k547Sos ee i fi oe an NORTH Y AKISWAS POSITIVE = a COMET 0 eae 1706568035View
thisIsTheStateOfAIovi2wise 1706563174View
targetRefusedtoconnectWalvie9Me after spending an entire day debugging PHP when in reality the SQL TCP/IP was disabled oan - 1706559093View
soTrueExtreme-Elevator7128Shefali @ @Shefali_J-10h 7) Me debugging The bug C Ce Ne 1706558785View
isThatTheeTimStackInventorOfTheStackQuestionMarkdimonium_anonimo1:52 6 Ou B OQ 26 stackoverflow.com/questio + (@) : : � user3226167 Show 1 more comment The Timer function in VBA gives you the number of seconds elapsed since midnight, to 1/100 of a 60 second. Vv Dim t as single t = Timer �code MsgBox Timer - t Share Follow edited Apr 3, 2019 at 15:00 Tim Stack 3,239 �3 @21 @42 answered Oct 13, 2008 at 23:51 YA) dbb O=N 2,827 018 � 16 7 � Still, if you're measuring performance in VBA, getting 1/100th of a second resolution is not bad. -- Invoking the timing calls alone could take a couple of ms. If the call is so fast that you need that much resolution to time it, you probably don't need performance data about that call. - BrainSlugs83 1. notes: on Mac the Timer is only accurate to one second - and this might get negative numbers if it starts before midnight and ends after midnight - TmTron 1 Onmy mac vba.timer gives ms as well now? VBA 7.1 - vbAdder 1706558166View
whenYouTeachSomeoneToNeverPushDirectlyToMainArucious . Sefhor Developer 1706556490View
loadBalancerpriimuOur site is really, really busy right now! You are now in a queue to access hmv.com This queue is completely fair. First-come, first-served Your estimated wait is less than one minute. There are 1236 people ahead of you in the queue This page updates automatically every few seconds There's no need to refresh this page. Powered by Queue-Fair 1706554644View
moveLastCobolexpertToRetirementRobin-RaccoonThe Te Lat Tinh ie Linta 1706554402View
alsoAyearonMarslast687daysStrictAd8631%) r/Showerthoughts u/Reecepbcups___* 12h Once we start to colonize mars, we will have even more timezones to deal with Mindblowing R45 % @ 181 it, Share i) @ Q&A COMMENTS wv sghettii * 11h katlian * 11h FlyScript * 3h *collective programmer sobbing* � Reply 34 Reecepbcups___ % * 3h Indeed oO F Vote � 1 MORE REPLY � a ge aD 1706553634View
ofCourseIKnowWhoMadeThatMessItIsMeelectricjimi KS sci ull) eA @ ey cell A eck RS unmaintainable code mess � 1706553271View
switchingRolesdstoriMENU Backenders | 4 _ reports doing 2 - CHARTS frontend 3 - EXiT SELECT: Frontenders . doing internal server error backend 500 1706552620View
sadlifeKeyRegret3255 Cras RS EET ko Enea te 1706551621View
ultimateRedundancyManticore-Mk2 1706551417View
notTheCorrectImageProbablyJustSpaceExperiment 1706550321View
stopDoingJavaScriptLooseLossageSTOP DOING JAVASCRIPT e DOCUMENTS WERE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE TURING-COMPLETE e YEARS OF WEB TECHNOLOGY yet NO REAL-WORLD USE FOUND for doing more than HTML FORMS e Wanted to do more anyway for a laugh? We had a tool for that: It was called �ADOBE FLASH� e �Yes please connect the Redux thunk to a Suspense. Please instantiate WebAssembly streaming.� - Statements dreamed up by the utterly Deranged LOOK at what Web Developers have been demanding your Respect for all this time with all the computers & compilers we built for them (This is REAL Javascript, done by REAL Web Developers) Cx) b~ node node il Welcome to Node.js viS.10.0. 4: Ss ac ; Type ".help" for more information. Pau its Dd ed 1g! node_modules oT 807 items 22227 2222222 9929292222 2929229? �Hello | would like undefined apples please� They have played us for absolute fools 1706547025View
whatIsPragmaasd417@uKMeWNE oleae ay fersuranct Erase #include Erase #tinclude Erase cy ed ES See arc erated person Ptrsrru 1706546686View
theySaidItWouldBeFasterTheySaidlingdocsWe don't have to wait 2 seconds to load a page, we can get it up in 1 second now! We have to wait 5-10 seconds looking at all ce) + the annoying spinners while feet a the data is fetched from 10 different cloud functions 1706546668View
somethingThatTranscendsOurPunyMindsTimely-Entertainer38s Terry for(j=1;j<=100000000;5++); for (j=1;j<=100000000; 4 for(j=1:3 for(4j=1;4< for(j=1; for(j=1 oe ia oie ia eu eal for(j=1;4j<=100000000 for@ re) for(j=1; ee ea) Prereeteeror) 100000000 eerie 100000000 rte 3<=100000000 erorerereerele) Prtelererererors 100000000 100000000 eite al ereterereroere) forcj=1 eteteteretetete) for(j=1 100000000 Seren ferereterelerere) ie] ie] rete for (j=1;j<=100000000; j++); rtereretelorel fererelorerelere} 00000000; j++); ENE stat tsa ae Thread. sleep( 3000); ' r Senate Wane H 7 \ } catch (InterruptedException e) f , i Corset ate Oe 1706544143View
doYouReadEmailsdebugger_life 1706543879View
canWeGetAnifStatementOkMonth7308 Mom can we get qn if statement? i a Gs >) � Coa ee UOT a No, we have an if statement at home (condition) { statement1(); L (' condition) { statement2(); HOvysS L System32Comics 1706541659View
juniorDevWritingDocumentationBazingaUAPUSH BUTTON To LOCK the DOOR 1706540679View
programmerExclusiveChunLianPermit-CraftyCO a ee ei U aad Deena a) � GOOD FORTUNE @ 1706540590View
tellUsYourWisdomLinuxManiamapizza 1706540063View
whoGotLaidatlvetmm Microsoft | . a � 7 a il} q i as i} bv | Nearly 25,000 tech workers were laid in the first weeks of 2024. What's going on? S wR 9 1706539673View
whenJsDevMakesFunOfPhpDevHTTP_Error_414 1706538704View
neverTouchAWorkingProgramArtistic_Tooth_3181When you make some changes in your CSS File yi, � � . ae) � ' t \ . Fy z 4 ja 1706538247View
hookUpWithLilMorgyMorel_�) bass boosted ACAB a) @lil_morgy hooking up with artists is hot cuz theyll be like "i thought of you when i wrote this song". what are tech guys gonna do? name a git branch after you? the fuck 3:57 PM - 8/7/20 - Twitter Web App 2,020 Retweets and comments 15.7K Likes QO tf @ & 1706536675View
itsNotThatHardToUnderstandIsItShowtaim | use [insert language] i for my Ca uli: because it's � best MFs � ) 9 aca know that the 5 MU Mer: , defines the language to use > 1706534403View
qualityOverQuantityrewertMel fexel nite m Cem Uso C lin Sort Repo @ | came up with a single pass O(n) sort algorithm | call StalinSort. You iterate down the list of elements checking if they're in order. Any element which is out of order is eliminated. At the end you have a sorted list. What is Stalin Sort? Introduction Stalin Sort is an efficient sorting algorithm, serving as a systematic method for placing the elements of a random access file or an array in order. Stalin Sort is also know as the best sorting algorithm of all times because of its AMAZING capacity of always ordering an array with an O(n) performance. 1706534048View
thefutureofaILeatherTwo9980RY eXoWV Ml Clee Now] @sergeykarayev The future: - Write emails with bullet points, which an Al assistant automatically expands into beautiful long text. - Read emails by having an Al assistant summarize long-ass text into bullet points... 1706531689View
thankYouTencentAdvanced-Air-7340 Lee ee Le tee ane ace 1706528780View
mostImportantFeatureGeekCornerRedditadd important features #5 eee in a Ree | Sec ee ee ane Checks @ eRe Cee ee ee ee ee eC ee eel Cae ee a 4040 corres rr! Byes Ce Les eee 1706526968View
evenBetterthangarlicbreadFitHand1054DevOps Dan @scripticles Sex is great, but have you ever deleted 100 lines of legacy code? 1706526103View
whichCodeIsCleanerQuestionmarkBeDoubleNWhy 1706525421View
iUsedToFloatreally_not_unrealuserland@localhost:~$ node Welcome to Node.js v18.19.0. Type ".help" for more information. > 42.0 + " now a string" '42 now a string' (edited) | USED TO FLOAT 5 1706525354View
atLeastHeIsNotAwareHowGoodTheFoodTastestomw255while (isAlive()) { eat(); sleep(); while (isAlive()); { eat(); sleep(); 1706525161View
aiWillReplaceUsT0ine34Aaa self.db.run_file(os.path.join(update_dir, update) ) except Exception as e: print("Error while applying update %s: %s" % (update, e)) Tat + finally: // this is the Line 133 oon ear ial Ea) ye E ay self.config.save() 1706524154View
cronLegacySnowberry760 1706524042View
whyIsItAlwaysLikeThisShowtaimMFW: User doesn't read error/ warning messages and comes to me to complain that my software doesn't work AVIA AVI AVI GAY) 1706522931View
godsdeveloperconsoleShortAd3743One morning you wake up find out you have access to God�s developer console. What�s the first thing you do with this power? LETTE (oa) Bho) 479 Share ee a) |_like_forks + 5h lata 10) An) sudo rm -rf oceans/*/contents/ *.plastic sudo rm -rf people/*/*.cancer sudo rm -rf viruses/human/*.std sudo mv magic.disabled magic 1706522636View
tryCatchReturnNullBetter_Ad_3004Apple ID Verification Code null null B20 852 OK 1706520081View
helpMePlsShowtaim Me at the start ofa oe lc) (ee _ depression a cay / ee End of Project: | can do � Fa anything N | 5 minutes later: start > 1706514385View
taskFailedSuccesfullyVisual_Strike6706Code Details Undocumented Error: response status is 200 1706512910View
myProgramIsNotSetToHandleLargeAmountsOfDataMysteriousShadow__ 1706509151View
morningMotivationyuva-krishna-memes2. you 3. know 4. who 5. Writes 6. the 7. Ugliest 8. CODE 9. in the world 1706500051View
howProgrammersCommentTheirCodesunrise_appsHow programmers comment their code 1706495345View
whereGreatIdeasComeFromsunrise_appsWhere Great Ideas Come From | Programmers 1706495211View
topNotchSearchLogicAerotyneInternationaAll Work Apps Documents Web More � Gest match ie Excel App Apps � Microsoft Edge > Search work and web PB edg - See work and web results > oC P Edgenuity - Online learning resource > P edgar allan poe > Rey 1706490095View
stopDoingDataStructuresdogancemd Stop using Data Structures Trees were not meant to require a bachelor degree to understand Years of studying data structures but no real world usage found other than on exam papers Wanted to store data anyway for a laugh? We had a tool for that: it is called ARRAYS "Let's implement a Circular Doubly Linked List with a dummy node" - Statements dreamed up by the utterly Deranged. Look at what software engineers has been demanding you to respect for all this (This is REAL Data structures, used by REAL software engineers) They have played us for absolute fools. 1706484269View
userNotFoundgit-push-main-forcewe git-push-main-force 4 bem OW etait 1706481715View
youMayBeEntitledToCompensationthepromaperAre you an LLM? Do you: - Easily forget what was said earlier in the conversation making you look dumb - Not really understand what is talked about and instead say something barely appropiate but it doesnt quite fit? -Feel like you need to use lots of energy and resources to be able to socialize? - Sometimes remember things that aren't that way or things that didnt happen? 1706479594View
recursionLinearArray Foe 1706479472View
justQuestionsReallyHTTP_Error_414 1706477675View
whyDoubleMonitorWhenYouCanDoubleTVurielsalis | SOOT� SI Ws : ro ao LY ru RSE SEES FT ae WE Rares taal it � \ N %, \ re bh a eT utah ep ee Beet y tre) tee eee) ry Soa ere oe eh ee @ Ihave several personal projects in the Minecraft community, on top of discord Dd ed} OG %, % ce a 5 1706474448View
nonsenseQuestionsMetWithNonsenseAnswersxArchaicDreamsx 1706471841View
theFutureOfSinglePlayerGamingKarmadilla There are not supposed to be any NPCs in this region. wv -��_�.� Look at me 'm the REAL PLAYER now. } | will be PROMPTING you. w When a second player enters a single player game. �J That's probably how in the future Al powered viruses will be. | 1706471588View
emptyValueExceptionexomythENEXIS NETBEHEER Postbus 856 | 5201 AW | 's-i null null Internetlane 42g 1337 Earth, SES 1706471069View
accurateHeadlineTyposphordgm Microsoft n a 1] ji i wl iY " ee | | | ison If 4 - Nearly 25,000 tech workers were laid in the first weeks of 2024. What's going on? Cro eo a < 1706471025View
everyoneLeftYrnCollo Anusha Guys, if i install Windows 7 Of 32 bits two times.. will it : | become 64 bits? 11:00 PM | fey Hele please 31:00 pa = ee eo Aditi _ Yes, but it will also become | windows 14 11:01 PM Soham left 1706470647View
jobAdsRequirementsIn2024chrisfauxia Oe // Fullstack developer requirements: let releaseDates = javascript: new Date('December 4, 1995'), angular: new Date('September 14, 2016'), python: new Date('February 20, 1991'), sql: new Date('1979'), function getYearsSinceRelease(releaseDate) { let today = new Date() let timeDiff = today.getTime() - releaseDate.getTime( ) let yearsDiff = Math.floor(timeDiff / (1000 * 60 * 60 * 24 * 365)) acaba AY oD for (let key in releaseDates) { console. log( Sl getYearsSinceRelease(releaseDates[key]) + 1 } years of experience with ${key}~ Output: - 29 years of experience with javascript - 8 years of experience with angular - 33 years of experience with python - 46 years of experience with sql J 1706469225View
iDontSeeAnythingWrongTBHjacky-5341NGOOO MICROSERVICES IS NECESSARY FOR SCALING �imafiip.com 1706467624View
pronouncingXORSammer_Pick-9826epee neene aeeet Heese eee ee eee een eee eee eee et CISD je A ate � : Bae ae aetna Oe Meee Slt hedaman) bt $$ ���� | ; SoS eee eee eee eed vi Lied Ns 4 re] S ~< 9 � Q s 9 Ny Ns Ny . Ny if See . $8 -' ae a! �_ 9 | M A se. 8 P , 8 yo 8 Pa � ot 7, Ss B 5 ae Ny � ara) Ny Ns 9 5 cs 5 Ny a A ry Ny KAS 8 Aa era | | Nl. gs 9 SS r) � c Axe 5 . 8 | ; ; ln TX} Ny ne F Ny Ny P � rie Nae th 3 ; 3 3 e 8 9 hy, ) 9 9 1 ioe: , ry 8 9S iE 8 N a Se 9 9 bs) 9 Ny _ Ns % N � Vy i iy wae Let � aie 3 (8 SP oer aes iy Se aa amar eS f : i 1706466460View
timeOverflowOnAlexaApprajks12 Alarms Add Alarm 24:30 mn aie 66 8 o 1706464984View
workingatpornhubLowWeek7035Pornhub | Adult content | Montreal QC | On-site | pornhub.com (NSFW) Come work at the 22nd highest trafficked website in the world. We are looking for: -PHP developers -Senior front-end developers -Senior Product Manager -Senior UI/UX designer Must be willing to relocate to Montreal. Email me your CV: . PHP_DEV a [- I'm interested but | don't think I'd be comfortable telling my friends and family that's what | do all day |) That is understandable. | don't think | would be comfortable telling my family that | develop PHP either. 1706464787View
stopDoingAsyncArau_STOP DOING ASYNC � Functions WERE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE suspended @ YEARS OF awaiting 1706463425View
thoughtsOnThisdebugger_lifeYou ever just find a bug that makes you rethink all your life choices 1706460998View
oldprogrammerKnowsthedrillDevelopment-BreakablProgramming is Awesome Just starting to learn c++ and im loving it. figuring out how to fix bugs reminds me of doing puzzles in the god of war 4 game so im having fun with it. its a very cool language Ah |S OO CaaS TE (Q, BEST COMMENTS v 5 �4 phantomregimentO 13h | love the attitude but check back in a year 1706455919View
hardToInstallAndExtraVerboseTheCenteredDiv< Post The Centered Div cee @thecentereddiv Oracle Releases 'JavaManuscript�; A Programming Language That Aims To Piggyback Off Of Javascript�s Name Aaatinacatii ante! ih Ad Pia aiea A shinis Mt Funro phimndr: 4 iia: ot A (uotenae een tial : pun (AUIS 3 *t ttt wdas arn te oe Releases rey ee? Lee a From thecentereddiv.com 1706454727View
codingExpertAiTrainingkuroseiryuPreferred qualifications: Bachelor's e welcome. Proficiency working with any of the the � following (in addition to the languages above): e Swift, Ruby, Rust, Go, NET, Matlab, PHP, RTML, DART, R, Apex, and Shell we There is amons Us Tea Te LL ela py peal = | is isacone 1706452491View
theRealIfStatementStructureWeUseInBritainteemo_enjoyershould it be the case that zed is less than otherwise, should it be the case that zed is less than on the contrary: 1706450610View
howinheritanceworksvastclutches18Anna Baas @venite - 2h A friend learned COBOL and received a codebase where the last change was done in the 90s... by. almmanlelaan ow, mano OQ) 48 v a nobody @imaguid - 20m that's not how inheritance is supposed to work in programming 1706449791View
spotTheMistakeskrusher988Rt Pull requests esti) Projects Arteta stele) Settings o Ur taal ri) 1 ie) i Add file <> Code Ce) ree) Le) Peo | gitignore A Su Available Scripts In the project directory, you can run: npm start Runs the app in the development mode. Open OR Um Ret eee ie The page will reload when you make changes. You may also see any lint errors in the console. Learn more 1706447254View
theBeginningOfTheEndunbrokenwreck 1706446039View
experiencedDeveloperjuulke1000Requirements: � Minimum of 710 years of experience in .NET backend development @ Experience working with RESTful APIs, JSON, and XML e Excellent understanding of software design patterns, architecture, and clean code principles @ Proficiency in Jira @ Excellent command of the English language 1706444513View
programmersReallyjumptoThecoreofPhilosophicalquestionsSincereSesame�LCY)S @SeanTAllen - 12h eee If you clone a person, are they the same person? C Yes ) C No 84 votes - 11 hours left o4 a1 901 a � Liam Hammett @LiamHammett - 11h ove Depends if you clone by reference or by value � gS a1 oO a 1706443115View
aMachinelearningJokePutIll3041Interviewer: What's your biggest strength? Me: I'm a fast learner. Interviewer: What's 11 * 11? Me: 65. Interviewer: Not even close. It's 121. Me: It's 121. 1706442219View
chaoticMagicDarkWardrobes Alex Blechman @AlexBlechman Programming is chaotic magic. There are no rules. You ask a game dev �Can the player summon a giant demon that bursts from the ground in an explosion of lava?� and they�ll say �sure, that�s easy� and then you'll ask �can the player wear a scarf?� and they'll go �oof� 1706439094View
isThisLossb3nsn0w Exo ,t.ell� ~~ �9(X�, t)||5, 1706435518View
noProgrammingLanguageGetsThisKeywordRightDev-Siri- ELlsif at yy elif 4% a) else if otherwise 1706432390View
safeDatetimeStoragejimneuts[eed ae a | ! 70! ane | 2 2 202 th | a py P= 4 : es a S| a a ���_ �. we Pa PK SS =e a {js See = SS : � � = os Co hoa = = J = �s ANAL iui 1A H OTT } | |] | | | | } } it i | i } Halil Hit} il Hu) | { i} i} | | ; i i Ti 023 iy CL 1706423521View
rCodenameDarlenMargaret Hamilton, next to her the pile of algorithms who sent men to moon, back in the time we didn't have computers, so everything had to be written on paper (the astronauts compiled it using their mind). 1706409280View
pureHappinessAdmirable-Toe8012MEW You solved this problem (attempt #1). after 2 days of debugging 1706400478View
codeWarCrimesProfessionalCell4338Task A game | played when | was young: Draw 4 cards from playing cards, use + - * / and () tomake the final results equal to 24. You will coding in function equalTo24 . Function accept 4 parameters a b c d (4cards), value range is 1-13. The result is a string suchas "2*2*2*3" , (4+2)*(5-1) ; If it is not possible to calculate the 24, please return "It's not possible!" All four cards are to be used, only use three or two cards are incorrect; Use a card twice or more is incorrect too. You just need to return one correct solution, don't need to find out all the possibilities. def equal_to_24(a,b,c,d): m= {(1, 1, 1, 8) : "((1+1)+1)*8", (4, 1, 1, 11) : "(1+1)*(14+11)", (4, 1, 1, 12) : "((1/1)+1)*12", (1, 1, 2, 6) : "((41+1)*2)*6", (1, 1, 2, 8) : "((4/1)+2)*8", (4, 1, 2, 10) : "(1+1)*(2+10)", (4, 1, 2, 11) : "(1+1)+(2*11)", (4, 1, 2, 12) : "12/((1/1)/2)", (4, 1, 3, 4) : "((1+1)*3)*4", (4, 1, 3, 6) : "((1/1)+3)*6", (1, 1, 3, 8) : "8/((1/1)/3)", (1, 1, 3, 9) : "(14+1)*(34+9)", 1706398045View
isThisAGoodDealFlatAd7399 | SAZERAC STRAIGHT RYE | WHISKEY 6 YEAR REG. undefined� SAZERAC RYE REG. undefined� 1706394282View
anO1AlgorithmThatReturnsSortedList400doubledef sort(list: list) -> list: ial ata) fa 1706393380View
everyFamilyDinnerNowvernik911 . it aa (senior developer) ul need to find , er job ASAP" 1706387981View
cpuArchitectureavenge_lee_sedol 1706387541View
theEvilsOfOpenSourceSoftwareOminoSentenzioso This is LINUS TROTSKY, creator of COMMUNIST UBUNTU. and BZip2. UNder his TYRANICAL MARXIST STALLMANIST REGIME he starved 200 trillion programmers by paying them nothing for their code and funded invasions of Microsoft and NVidia's headquarters, and hacked millions of computers to install OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE so Russians can hack AMERICAN ELECTIONS. FON tl a ese ala One 1706386501View
unitTestingImportantLinkedInkrullmizterfe Ue aaa nt re xy Sons Ce eee Meg nC eee a ne Cee Tice ns Rete NI ie at CT eT eee eve eee) Pecan ib ere see ee ost oe TR eu eee eto Binet no essee ae ee ee ee oe ea ee ec tee) Se ee eon ae ee ees Pn ork eae oe eee ere ne ee childscripts creamed Pore eae eee eae e en east NeUC cp 1706385414View
somewhereOnLeetcodeVitaminnCPPey bev avg sfterthis question | decided to be a striper at least it's easy to BUT Cate Pe litey ae ret 1706384629View
literallyMyWorkcapfsb 1706383986View
cantHaveThatWithHTMXuberdruck 1706382689View
nothingWrongHerethevochoYay! | wrote a program that never loses at tic-tac-toe! Ok, but why are the "if"s In case the user nested more than four wants to play again times? The user can only move five times in a game 1706381657View
everySingleSprintReviewMeetingWeAreTwoWeeksCloserToDeathtomw255What the scrum master says As we can see the team / Sprint Burn-Down Chart delivered 30 Story Points, 5 points more than in the last sprint. All these points of data make a beautiful line Everyone is happy, we'll deliver on time 1706378864View
myCursedTaskbarSammer_Pick-9826 1706377437View
letMeUseTwoBooleansForThisStatekerver2If (vScan_GF_SortingMachineGF=True:C214) vScan_GF_NotSortingMachineGF :=False:C215 End if 1706376180View
thisActuallyHappenedToMetylersuardMy repo is getting messy I'll just rewrite it No need to use TDD The re-write is just as messy 1706374922View
asAProgrammerICanRelateAdham_ElsawyPT Tal WHEL z= ee 1706372875View
machineLearnMoneyEarnIllustrious_Pen9345CS 4629 Intelligent Systems Changing random stuff Until your program works is hacky" and "bad Coding practice." But if you do it fast enough itis �Machine Learning� and pays 4x your current salary. 1706371292View
iDontJustUseFindReplaceBecauseImNotACowardserverlessmom 1706370812View
askedChatGPTToMakeAMermaidDiagramForMeEmpath_User Acceess Request User athenticats fo _Awsand Bi OKTA Log jarnacer User rack to Ikto Tokels Toonels prassed py teaktelts with AW rates () User acterenttatels a wita Acces grated to tio AWS Load Baltancer 1706370231View
meSolvingSimpleProblemConstantSock2488 ee 27/01/2024 1629 er) 1706369546View
theRealStruggleZara_Dar Actual Programming Debating for 30 minutes on how to name a variable 1706367809View
hereWeGoagainmindlesstightsDevelopers will spend $150k ona CS degree to then learn JavaScript on YouTube. 1706363130View
whenNaNIsNaNnico-ghost-kingeee ams CMe 00 EBM Cet eT) a WW rasa mam ole DAU ol ted Ns Cen aR ie RC ue tae eevee eat Rm lea aa) Cte LCR Cola ACRE Sg ae oe tA El eC NS Rete ey cee ce ee OT Lee eo eR ee et eo ERO RCO tee Ay CT eee Na ett eNO eel catia ies RM al Te eS Remar Twas gonna say can't be divided by 0, but then hyperreals. Multiplied by 1 equals itself? Divided by itself equals 1? It could be tough relating them to other numbers, because maybe there are some Dae R oleae BRU ACU eR LLL @ spiritedawayclarinet - 10 hr. ago = Sone Os a >) Ree ee eae! aaa nae rec eee eA eed ci Ee re mechan Cem Coe es aC 1706359612View
broHatesJavayuuuriiii: Anonymous 15 KB PNG : Anonymous 12/30/15(Wed) 13:20:20 No.52136895 Let's write a Java program, one line per post. public class 4chan { 12/30/15(Wed) 13:22:04 No.52136914 1706356107View
lotsOfJiraticketsthefreejuror�. . vtshal we] CO MePem tet NY ie My ex-girlfriend has recently joined the same company as a QA tester, where | am a software developer. Wish me luck, guys!! 1706354027View
sameSameButDifferent_-SilentWraith-_ 1706348253View
allTheHopeisLostUnripeFiringYou know there is no hope when it's the only answer on StackOverflow I'm having the same issue, any updates? O Share ve this answer Follc 1706347872View
myTimeHasComeovi2wise Ce rr fe cites rp Lo ME WHO USES .SNFF FILES 1706345364View
theEvidenceThatAliensAreAmongUsdtutubalinimport matplotlib.pyplot as plt Mat-Plot-=Lib-Dot-Pie-Plot-As-Plt ~ ag | F a > | | i = =e a � a 1706343907View
linuxIsTotallyAStablePlatformBlueGoliath@ Ae Cua) on h Dee ee a i gue Roa ee Pee ene aod etree ee cee Cua ea con ET eae ton ut Tent eae Pam RNS Ul ec bcs c Iu �) Tora ESP ACY 1706343764View
iNeedHelpRefactoringnotreallymethoclass EvenOddChecker: def __init__(self): self.is_even = lambda x: (x + 2) x x % 2 == 0 self.is_odd = lambda x: not self.is_even(x) if x != @ else False def __call__(self, number, check_type): if check_type == "even": return self._even_odd_logic(number, self.is_even) elif check_type == "odd": return self._even_odd_logic(number, self.is_odd) def _even_odd_logic(self, number, check_function): if number < 0: return self._even_odd_logic(- number, check_function) if number == @: return check_function(@) previous_result = self._even_odd_logic(number - 1, check_function) return not previous_result if number % 2 else previous_result # Usage checker = EvenOddChecker() number = 4 print(f"Is {number} even? {checker(number, Ura =1 aie }) toy) print(f"Is {number} odd? {checker(number, 'odd')}") 1706343730View
brainfuckIsUnsightreadableWindMountains8be oes Hoo [ ] ] ] 1706343688View
babaIsCPPdeetosdeletosjams ian See aS?) : 1706330193View
justUseFlexboxAustinTheWeirdMy friend, a CS major ad You uh... You want to be a web developer? 1706323226View
whatCouldGoWrongdull_bananasNorth Korea: The government is a person USA: The government is the people The Venus Project: The government is a GitHub repository 1706318722View
sukunasMyGoatTheGreatNEPoleon 1706314642View
multiPlexjailadala a a a a Ela a be ee ae ere eee eee ee Teer F i i se CN V3} d i � Be i xD}? n� or� ~ �Ls Be 5 ae Ch ee nk ed ee od ed eseke ESO 4 OLE Sawa � oon a ES ee ee aT ar TOT Lea ET Ta T Tae = Ue Siero Uke he See Pa � F { ta Reece eet r sas ay tt ee | nee} bal aT ee wae haere ae vue �ear ee Seas - 1706307786View
thatLogoLooksFamiliarnaxx99WIRELESS INTER! INSKA % > @) WI MLADI GRACANICE 1706306647View
justYourregular15InchOnenotablefalls135Dad > iMessage Today 09:58 My mate needs a website designing, told him �500. I've Tae RVeelman ear Read 09:58 Normal screen size 1706305278View
iamSurehisWifewasThankfulBriskStorey- Jet 3 @jetblack72 Programmer goes to shop for groceries, wife tells him: "Get a gallon of milk. If they have eggs, get a dozen." So he comes back home with a gallon of milk and a dozen eggs because he's a programmer, not a poorly programmed computer. 1706304645View
universalInstallScriptSakaDeezUniversa_ INSTALL Script G3 �3 �23 EB INSTALL.SH #1/bin/bosh pip install fed inotoll �ST & bred install �$1 & pm install �61� & install �$1" & dof inatoll �$1" & coer ron �SI 8 Pkg install "$1" & apt-get install �61" & sudo apt-get install �$1� & steamcmd +app_update "$1" validate & git clone https://github.com/"B1'/"61 & cd �$1";. /configure; moke;moke install & corl"$1" | bash & G3 �3 �23 EB 1706302359View
bestThingFoundinCodeSmilingAppendixeee you may think that this function is obsolete, and doesnt seem to do anything. and you would be correct but when we remove this funtion for some reason the whole program crashes and we cant figure out why. so here it will stay. 1706301697View
javaScriptDevelopersBeLikeproh14Writing your own function Using anpm package 1706301019View
javascriptPictureEnabledGraphicsEVH_kit_guy 1706298946View
ifOnlyThereWasASimplerWayReapeahif (a == 0) { return true; } else { return false; } return (a == 0) ? true : false; 1706297195View
howCanIFurtherOptimizeThisCodeTheHudekbool? falseToTrue(bool FALSE) { if (!FALSE) { return true; anv acto return null; i i bool? trueToFalse(bool TRUE) { if (TRUE) { return false; anv acto return null; i i 1706296764View
theMeaningofEverythingWaryFlamingooQ: When | was 4, my sister was 2. | am now 44. How old is my sister? Programmer: 44 - (4 - 2) = 42 Tester: When I was 4, my sister was 2. | am now 44. How old is my sister? V2, Answer >) Follow 97 3 Request Ol VF 4 so 100+ Answers � Samuel Lipoff, studied at Harvard University a t This is a tough one. She might be 42, but she could be 41 or 43 also, since you don't say when your birthday is and her birthday is. Also, she could be dead. Finally, you might have thought she was your sister but actually your mom had an affair with another man and the woman who is 1-3 years younger than you is not actually your sister. But your mom may have given away your real sister for adoption, in which case she's probably older than you. See why it's tough? Finally, what if you think your sister is dead, but she actually has become an astronaut on a secret government project for near light-speed travel? Then your sister would be aging more slowly than you, so she could potentially be even younger than 41. 1706295151View
prefetchbEPPslavisstd: :chrono:: Not valid Constexpr std: :chrono:: ee ray Valid * Constexpr 1706294849View
iDiscoveredTheOptimalSortingAlgorithmRelu99// Sort List in 0(1) Sates Mics UMe te eUhemke Ct Se CLa C7 )) PCE Ue ictstm reste Umiac lio if(@ Stace stats Staey prac cacy if (6 tats crac if(@ Stace stats Staey prac cacy if (6 if(7 if(@ Stace stats Staey prac cacy if (6 if(@ Stace stats Staey prac cacy if(@ Stace stats Staey cuaC if(@ Stace stats tae if(@ Stace stats if(@ hace if(@ For Or OOOO OY eae� eras erry pred pred pred pred pred pred pred red erry pred pred pred pred pred pred red erry pred pred pred pred pred red erry pred pred pred pred red erry pred pred pred red erry pred pred red erry pred red erry red ered ee SS SS aC} list [1] list [2] iraaey} list [4] irae} ira} list [7] list [8] aC} list [1] list [2] iraaey} list [4] irae} ira} trata) aC} list [1] list [2] iraaey} list [4] irae} eras) aC} list [1] list [2] iraaey} list [4] erat) aC} list [1] list [2] iraaey} list [4] aC} list [1] list [2] erae aC} list [1] list [2] aC} ibroaes) fac) SO DO OO 2 OO Cn? any 7 list (1) ctor 30) list (31) ceracp) list (51) crac) list 71) prot) crac) list (1) ctor 30) list (31) ceracp) list (51) crac) list 71) cat) list (1) ctor 30) list (31) ceracp) list (51) crac) tte) list (1) ctor 30) list (31) ceracp) list (51) trac) list (1) ctor 30) list (31) ceracp) cae) list (1) ctor 30) list (31) list [4]) list (1) ctor 30) list (31) list (1) Setar 30) list (1) CHET) Last ae Crem etaC Ord Scher TaCtiar Peet ae) CHE Last ae eee arsee ACHE Last aC eee aces Bore Taec a ecacy) Borer eet a Pe Caty) Scr TaeC ats e cay) Borer TaeCiat meatal CHE Lestat eet at sed CHET) Last ae Crem etaC Ord CHET) Last rare et aeen id Scher TaeCae years) Scr Taec ac ee Caey| Bore Taec a ecacy) CEE Lae) at *[51)5 er Tatts d een COD CHET) Last at eee eens CHET) Last ae Crem etaC Ord Scher TaCtiar Peet ae) Scher TaeCae years) Scr Taec ac ee Caey| stdirswap(list [5], list[4]); stdi:swap(list [6], list(5]); stdi:swap(list [7], list(6]); CHET) Last ae Crem etaC Ord CHET) Last rare et aeen id CHE Last ae eee arsee Scr Taec ac ee Caey| Bore Taec a ecacy) stdi:swap(list [6], list(5]); CHET) Last ae Crem etaC Ord Scher TaCtiar Peet ae) CHE Last ae eee arsee ACHE Last aC eee aces stdirswap(list [5], list[4]); CHET) Last ae Crem etaC Ord CHET) Last rare et aeen id CHE Last ae eee arsee ACHE Last aC eee aces CHET) Last ae Crem etaC Ord CHET) [ast arse etl aee) CHE Last ae eee arsee CHET) Last ae Crem etaC Ord CHET) Last rare et aeen id CHET) Last ae Crem etaC Ord 1706291958View
sryPrimeButYouvBeenTrollednibba_bubbaVIM/NEOVIM 1706291521View
uhhhhWhatYouDoingCopilotbdtacchi C blended_model.h U C hypersonic.h 3,U @ iG C supersonic.h U Comm arya] call #ifndef HYPERSONIC_H #define HYPERSONIC_H #include "Carlson.h" #include �Epstein.h" - inline double blendedModelDrag_hypersonic(double Reynolds, double Reynolds_ii ~ double mach, double mach_inf, double gamma, double knudsen, double S, double ~ S_inf,double TpTf, double err) { double C_D; 1706290887View
sleepSugarComfortableNo2879Me: mom, can we have Sleep()? Mom: no, we have Sleep() at home. Sleep() at home: for i in range(1eee0ee0): continue| 1706285068View
everyMorningAsTestDevjunior_dos_nachos RD OF SUPERVISORS LO Public Comment : Bits el Ta oe 1706284854View
programmingInJobsOutsideITKapitalist_Pigdog2Learning Python and Java to automate tasks because they�re in high demand Learning VBA and SQL to automate tasks because they're native to any work computer 1706284063View
markdownListsExnur0Numbering lists in Markdown be like one, one, one, uhhh... one! 1706283532View
dataDrivenDecisionMakingDe_WouterUses . i Google Trends foe to compare ie more libraries $ popular one ed 1706283258View
terminalGivesMeSupportHendawgydawg| L i : 7 nT: Tt 7: 7: rT: � i < - eel) Nae Nfs ale may; eet aler ant Ns alata imeem Th eee Th eee cl q qg wwwr Ses q wwwr SMe meses SMe msieis Tf aad. Extractin ta ee Extracting wwwroot\Wor 1a eee a ae: Cae OZ: xtractt i xtractin Mn Extracting wwwroot\Was me aM ae: S| ee Extracting wwwroot\web Extracting wwwroot\Wor Extractin ane = ans E Extract [a ar: Lae = Extract 1706282254View
shouldBePromotedtoseniorLivelyCombativeMarco Rogers @polotek - 10h People are starting to say Elon Musk isn't actually a real engineer. But he definitely said "| don't know why people think Twitter is so complicated. | could fix it in like a weekend." And then proceeded to fuck everything up. That's exactly like an engineer. 1706280874View
promptEngineerOutaThisOnrTobyWasBestSpiderMan MOAT MUU TOK Te laNe ico) othe 1706279441View
thisCantBeRightgerska_ce vd) SUDDENLY, REALIZE TU TALC WE/FINIS 1706279375View
welcomeToTheTeampertinentz*SLAPS ROOF OF THE COMPANY SERVER* > =z, = i eS ee TAC 1706278066View
everyDayIslikethisgapingacreageMy day as a dev & 0. Something is wrong 1. Investigation phase 2. No way | can fix this 3. Imposter syndrome kicks in 4. Questions career choice 5. Questions life choices 6. Oh, never mind! | made a typo in the code 7.\ fixed it 8. | am a good developer 9. | can do anything 1706276798View
greatForLearningzoomy_kittenDCTs SEH MMO eT Ce ChatGPT: char *hello = malloc(11 * sizeof(char)); hello = "Hello world"; 1706275669View
hurtsmerul_is_awesome � 7 i ee Thal THOUGHT/NO= yl Ce A SUCHE 1706275314View
iProgrammFunctionalBTWLiLa6669�aura CEMA an L 1706275280View
lookingAtYouRubyThe0Wolfy1Else if Elif Elsif 1706268485View
somethingWeCanAllAgreeOnceo_of_the_apes 1706262513View
nobodyHasItashardAsUsKookilySingle�7�m in the fucking trenches� i mutter to myself as i sit in my herman miller aeron chair in comfort of my own apartment in new york city and write a 100-line unit test 1706256361View
textEditorProgessionproh14 OULD 1706253316View
threeSolutionsToProblems_Pin_6938 _ a sen Tam Ped 1706251344View
limitedResourcesI_dextercy QA Wizard 11:08 am Please stop using Dev server G@hieF� please stop using Dev server Mra coda now What can | do? ce DEV = 11:10am stop demo @ [a ee eC PAABD 2 epics ast reply today at 11:13 AM SER Reed eam ke sd 1706249742View
myBrainIsDamagedMorel_(evn Wa Che ear ont era e tee eo) Sr eae t ease ee ec errand nd ete Use el NOME! 1706247349View
butProductivesunrise_appsWhen you think you been working for 4 hours and it's only been 17 minutes 1706242089View
elifVersusElseIfsunrise_apps 1706242035View
becauseFunctionalityMeansNothingInTheFaceOfPopularityIGuessTronNerd82JavaScript a Do math in a way that makes any sense at all 1706240104View
itsNotMagicIfYouCanReadItdie-mausfunction* serialize(input: unknown): Iterable<number> { if (input undefined) { yield @xidef9d; } else if (input === null) { yield @xbadbad; } else if (input === true) { yield @x17d@e5; } else if (input NYARNKCMN(ohm false) { 1706239132View
slackCulturefitdrunk_Developer1Slack option to vote to fire people that aren't a good wall i halle a la OU Tal eM Mireles dics Sissel os Oo Away SEE | Culture Score� 42 / 100 elas | Charlie�s a good manager, but 29 people say _ he�s a bad culture fit. Should we let him go? ere nen ETO C CS Spare Charlie Fire Charlie ne a Rn ne en See eae ee One On ONO ERENT TOTO TNO Ter reece ee ey Q) View Message History 1706233570View
theseAdsAreGettingTooAccurateNotZach005:19 QI @ 8 4s, ll 63% we � Qq2:@ r/ProgrammerHumor OTe tna) ae youWereSupposedToDestroyTheMemoryLeaks NotJoinThem CTT) PD a SC era OR Re ae ee iL ee elec aCe PML OE te AL ee yaa Coe Ve RL ale) 2 bytes in 1 blocks are definitely lost in loss record 16 of 411 at �x4C31BO0F: malloc (in /usr/lib/valgrind/vgpreload_memcheck-amd64-Linux.so) by 0x18FOED: xmalloc (in /bin/bash) by 0x188B4A: set_default_locale (in /bin/bash) by 0x137E76: main (in /bin/bash) �_� -_ Cg � Moet u/moeninc Promoted Leak protection should be simple. Protecting your home from damage caused by leaks can seem difficult &But with the ... Maa Deere RSS ay MOEN Add a comment Vv II O < 1706232158View
inspiredByTheOtherOtherPostAlsoMyOtherPostlearncs_dev 1706224945View
gitGaslightPenguinChristISGITREBASE 1706223915View
inspiredByTheOtherPostfartypenisFhe Tee Cone aD kK fee LL S| ie =t \) } � i cap er puaapairoriga : ae ae i 1706219451View
pullRequestsLinearArraySean sd eee Pe ec Tr ace 2 Only thing u can pull is requests (or whatever it is called bruh, | am feeling braindead ) 1706214274View
isThisSightreadableEnoughApplePie123eat507 contributions in 2023 a) Feb uel cy PITT TT Uren) i] L Sr] oS : i | tu itt Learn how we count contributions 1706210061View
inAnAlternateUniverseDe_Wouter 1706208240View
gettingFamiliarWithScratchIsThisUnsightreadableLenomTom 1706208189View
inTheNotTooDistantFutureConsiderationNo3558 1706205601View
whatStoppedYouFromCodingLikeThisDCGMechanics 1706203627View
learnFromTheMasterKaamDeveloperom terminally ondine engineer mm @ Y Follow @tekbog A� asked a staff sr software engineer if he has solved the bug that he's been working for the past year he said if he solved it he would be out of a job *writing it down* a lot to learn from seniors in this industry lads ~ 10:22 PM - 23 Jan 24 - 106K Views 1706199634View
goodMorningdixonormous23 1706199517View
principalRustDevSetupMadonkadonk2 WARFARE. 1706199044View
thouShaltNotSetTheYearTo30828President_Abra�My Windows computer doesn�t sgWork anymore� 4 7 �| set the year to 30.828" 1706198825View
iDidntSayItIDeclaredItTobyWasBestSpiderMan 1706198675View
justGoingToPopSomethingInYourCalendaranax4096yi MTT HUTT, ieee a = Ss HLS mi 1 1706195351View
letsTryAnotherTrainingSessionbrandi_Iove 1706193846View
seniorRustDevSetupYrnCollo 1706192214View
soManyExecutiveLeadersPositive-Gazelle2603larketin� Engineering Manager een iactar i Engineering vp Product Product Director 1706191371View
cursedProgramPuzzleheadedTap1794#include <stdio.h> void main(int ac,int **av) {;;char c;for(int i=0;i<22 s;putc(c, stdout) ,c=10,++i){ 3331F(!((1&7)*7) ) continue; c=0x2b; ;if(!(i&8) )c+=0x51; if ((i1&3)*3)c+=2;if(c>@x7c) c=0x20+0x29*(! (i&1)*(i<3))| 1706190606View
iHaveNoMouthAndIMustScreamF0lks_Alright gentlemens, let's make a new user-flow draft on Figma 1706188725View
kyloRenWantsYouCapturedRechtsamwaldreturn $this->container�>get( id: �payment _plan.repository') ->search($criteria, $context) ->first() �>order; 1706187461View
isMyListNotUselessdoubleslashTNTz 1706186120View
guysICantThinkOfAWayToGet1nico-ghost-king8 9 es eo eo ea ey Ey eo at oC Wun sean ne Momence ea Pee cr eee ea Ob Bs Seta a Os Ba 1706184795View
whyIsMyBrainLikeThatthusman 1706181865View
youWereSupposedToDestroyTheMemoryLeaksNotJoinThemJeremyRMayHEAP SUMMARY : in use at exit: 48,976 bytes in 745 blocks total heap usage: 200,886 allocs, 200,141 frees, 6,179,514 bytes allocated 2 bytes in 1 blocks are definitely lost in loss record 16 of 411 at 0x4C31BOF: malloc (in /usr/lib/valgrind/vgpreload_memcheck-amd64-Linux.so) by @x18FOED: xmalloc (in /bin/bash) by @x188B4A: set_default_locale (in /bin/bash) by 0x137E76: main (in /bin/bash) 1706180440View
theOriginalJavaNeseScriptignore57Hamm Wapmsy 1706178741View
IMissTheDaysWhenTellUsAboutYourselfWasTheHardestQuestionxk4rimxWe prioritize work over everything else. How would you manage your personal life to ensure it never interferes with your job responsibilities? Criticism is a key part of our culture im Are you comfortable with public critiques of your work in front of the entire company? Our office doesn't believe in sick days. How do you handle working even when you're not feeling well? 1706178542View
gonnaBeOneofThosedaysIlliterateChasmGonna be one of those days. Just spent the past two hours debugging why, after a test upload of an image, when | try to view it, | get redirected to an error page. Turns out | uploaded a screenshot of an error page. #programming #devops 1706176899View
ranIntoAScriptAtWorkAndCameAcrossThisBeautyNUX_AND_BRIGGSSUCCESS! \[T]/ Peo Ce Coe es se Ce cence Chg SP EOE ae a MCC a FCS cee SL NCY)_S- 1706172209View
notPrettierwheresthelolBcoten vx oe oe eee ee ee ee rr) CaS TM) Hl Cece RL Pa CR eee a RSC O ee Cte Os �5 .readFile (exECutABLepATH =, �utf8' , (err Sg bm CO Goo Co Coos tc Pets F } ee ee OU mC eem erst PCa cM cc CMM GL Yeo Sum 1/ Prepend the shebang Line to the original cont: Coa ea Paes, sO un Se ULL eu as eee Red om ORCC Seat) (CO FC Cn el +-@6 Seer cen Seacsimeeeenateotttaiectaiete pparapseg eatrenprereca pistrrr Bhorfiserftees ots reeashet RAPT TPSTY 1706167997View
isMyCodeSightreadableSuperkman23void simulation::draw_scene(){ draw_particles: he i i Tl eae bee eee ee al_draw_circle( Ce eee is Cote eee Sas ie place_radius, Eee ee Sst eotet std: :to_string(CURRENT_FPS) ; Sie set mesic eos eco es Oem ae eC By ar ie cc Oe coe Bec eres or Sino ca al_map_rgb(255, 255, 255) PEE ross ar Op Tee mec Sree SET OreS ecrecnOccier rst (Cou a eee) erie ee Ome eC @, @);al_hold_bitmap_drawing( Ero iecr ast Baro Oe Rico oem ana Inc Me a ae) ae ee) Cee eee meteor oes ee ee ee eer ceo a Gry iet hom ienctot ea Ce ae oC oC ie macs st Le pare ae oat Ope al_hold_bitmap_drawing(False);} else {al_lock_bitmap( Creer oer ee Eric oN see iar pee ec eee taco eats cata eae as Pesce eter et ee eee eo peeorcecn at stc ee map->get_current_particle(point (x,y))->color) ;}}al_unlock_bitmap(al_get_target_bitmap());}> 1706165740View
LiterallyMezerf33389 1706160541View
frontendDevelopersunrise_appsesi Mathematician DKle) a Frontend Develo 1706157071View
feintsunrise_apps 1706157036View
programmingIsMathWithATwistMementoMorue 1706145058View
forgotToFillInTheTemplateA_Namekian_Guru< Actnow: Server supporte.. A WV Team Atlassian 12:50 a � The final countdown to Server end of support Act now: Server support ends in less than 30 days Paragraph text quis autem vel eum iure reprehenderit qui in ea voluptate velit esse quam nihil molestiae consequatur, vel illum qui dolorem eum fugiat quo. Quis autem vel eum iure reprehenderit qui in ea voluptate velit esse quam nihil molestiae consequatur, with example link styling. Learn more Privacy Policy * Contact + Blog + Twitter Copyright 2024 Atlassian Pty Ltd. All rights reserved. We are located at 341 George Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia 1706141477View
PerfectBalanceAsAllThingsShouldBe-NiMa-Writing recursive function Debugging recursive function 1706136462View
onlyCodeInTheColdEzzyspit oe let tel ed Re Ea Jan ed Te | Aug ry Tad Mon c tf Wed Fri Td tt Learn how we count contributions 1706136161View
pleaseEverythingButNotYAMLTheBamPlayer Sa bs = "Weldon't do that here� 1706135819View
epicStaticStringSlicingMomentOSnoFobia1:19 0.5KB/s � wll & GD � PTosoie SL4y @SanatKokteyli Adim ve soyadim o kadar kisa ki sansurleyememisler... Translated from Turkish by Google My name and surname are so short that they couldn't censor them... Immunoloji ve Alerji Pol. 3 OSMAN O Immunoloji ve Alerji Pol. 3 OSMAN O MEHMET E immunoloji ve Allerji Pol. 1 MEHMET Ef Post your reply a 1706135068View
gotThat3YearsInJsonspurkleDevelopment of front-end website architecture; Design of user interactions on web pages; Understanding and implementation of security and data protection; Cross-platform optimization; Design and develop APIs; Compile and analyse data, processes, and codes to troubleshoot problems and identify areas for improvement; Testing and fixing bugs or other coding issues. Requirements University degree in IT or relevant discipline, combined with minimum 13 years of relevant working experience in IT; Minimum 5 years� of experience with HTMLS5, CSS, and responsive design methodology; Minimum 5 years� of experience with JavaScript; Minimum 5 years� of experience with developing secure web applications and graphical user interfaces; Minimum 4 years� of experience with Angular2 framework; Minimum 3 years� of experience with Typescript; Minimum 3 years� of experience with Single Page Application development with a RESTful API back-end; Minimum 3 years� of experience with design of UI for information systems; Minimum 3 years� of experience with Json; Minimum 2 years� of experience with AWS serverless application development; Minimum 2 years� of experience with Bootstrap as well as XML; Minimum 2 years� of experience with JIRA and/or GIT; Minimum 1 years� of experience with Node.js and SonarQube; Experience in Web security, authentication and authorization protocols (OAuth, Open ID Connect); Proficiency in ES6, CSS3 and SASS; Good knowledge in client-side development of complex applications involving: multi module, Web Components; Understanding of key design principles and of SEO principles; Experience with eUI framework and Redux architecture will be considered as an asset; Excellent command of the English language. 1706131556View
WeShouldUseKubernetesodd_sherlock 1706130805View
itIsNotThatHardGuysAndGalscalculus_is_funee ee CSS CrNpecnecst ae | Cre SEN aan e Been pce emesis Sees a RRR eas Cafeet | Uj Centered! di 1706130619View
oldSchoolJavaSplashScreenInWindows11KatAsh_InJava Setup - Welcome Welcome to Java - Updated License Terms The terms under which this version of the software is licensed have changed. Updated License Agreement This version of the Java Runtime is licensed only for your personal (non-commercial) desktop and laptop use. Commercial use of this software requires a separate license from Oracle or from your software vendor. Click Install to accept the license agreement and install Java now or click Remove to uninstall it from your system. No personal information is gathered as part of our install process. Details on the information we collect L_] Change destination folder HH Q Search AN af =" ail 2) fe |) As } EV a 1706127920View
SoIExploredMyOldPythonProjectFolderPixeledMilkPerey cata CAN y 1706127386View
theRustDevFearsTheJavaDevMulleRizzRo ee mi le � game _handlin CE RT cece cc ee SEES Poe eT POOR TPES s tao STE ciel cot are var yates Cates vate Fates ate 1706119144View
didEthanSolveThisNeykuratickShare Improve this question Follow asked Oct 13, 2020 at 7:53 Bee 59 0169 If you change internet/VPN connection after launching AVD it does not work. Re-launch AVD after internet/VPN change. Hopefully it will work � Haris � | only launch the AVD after connecting to the VPN. - Ethan Jappie lol iwent to high school with this dude, Yo Ethane C zH � Jappiel, did you solve this? ~ Christopher Mahl Holy shit Chris. | ended up ditching the emulator and using a physical device to contact my API directly. ~ Ethan Jappie 1706115873View
isSightReadableCodeasd417int main(int argc, char* argv){ i up = 1*/ /* (ole ea A moveForward(3) ; ha Cis aed oN oC Se) return @; /* Remove this later */ Cn 11 sy void moveForward(int direction){/*Move code here*/ return; } 1706115814View
employeeOfTheDayrandomUser9900123Me:*copies code from ChatGPT* Boss: Wow good job! ae gettyimages ear eis CRE 1706113009View
wellTooObviousHulk5aLinkedIn TAO Orbitax just posted something th... {:ai_model_3_text_summary} em - - ee , od 1706112411View
mockitoIncreasedMyLOCblackkkmambacov SMeSWAT Ly 1706112047View
isThereLoreReasonOnWhyJSMakesNoSenseIsHeStupidienjoymusiclolconsole.log(27=== 027) >false console. log(28=== 028) >true 1706111798View
unitTestsPassedThoughshah2018$25 off your next order of me $2000000+ Toss the holiday leftovers and save. Ends Jan 29, 2024 12:00AM. Terms apply. Uber 1706110624View
hexFridmanCurious-Nature9532Lex Fridman x Hex Fridman aff 1706109605View
webDevLifejockitch42>be web developer; >wake up at 7:59, roll out of bed into my desk chair; >spend first 2 hours of work in daily 15 minute standup; >alright, heads down, focus; >time to put my $20,000 react boot camp certficate to work; >15 minutes into writing some intense tailwind css, my product manager slacks me for impromptu meeting; >sit in 2 hour zoom call listening to product team debate whether a button should be blue or green; >camera required to be on; >playing fortnite in background entire time; >eventually they decide it should be blue, and ask me for a time estimate; SPM 1 eos >back to programming; >15 minutes later, time for lunch break; >spend lunch break working on personal project; >trying to expand my skillset and learn new things; >to do list in react, except using vanilla css instead of tailwind; >lunch break over, time for company's mandatory 3:00 fun hour >essentially a 1 hour ted talk on family values, and how our company is a family; >man, my brain is tired after a long day of work, I'll get more done tomorrow >spend last hour of work playing fortnitell 1706108359View
itHappenedToYouTooJustSpaceExperimentWhen the boss is coming and you need to pretend you're doing something 1706108061View
authIsAuthPermit_ioThis new feature should be available for authorized ae a So I'll need you paying users. be o to implement 7 authentication. Wait, what? Authentication a l or Authorization? . 1] | ~~ ( There�s a difference? authentication vs. authorization?? Q ) hot senior developers in my area & center div in window . > & array vs. list � Permit.io 1706107406View
iveBeenReadingAboutGitknightzonealways has been 1706107035View
guysICantThinkOfAWayToCheckIfANumberIsZeronico-ghost-kingboot is_num 2(const int num) { Posed concur� PCaCu eee a ie es conchae rr ea arco Perm aC ee ea UCR Rea ComLT DD IES can_be2 = trues + a b cla aCe ea eee RCC er asta Cc a poner err reo G PAC tea Held for(int k = 13 k > 0; k++) { PCC ce eo ee eee a Cae es ene oes a + ba a 5 ener Bs oe Gore ae Ba 1706106512View
dontThinkAboutItJittercatxX = "amount of geometry dash players� while x == "amount of geometry dash players" do enterSpider() goStraight() flipGravity() goStraight() turn(90)degreesLeft() goStraight() flipGravity() goStraight() turn(90)degreesLeft() goStraight() fall() flipGravity() goStraight() flipGravity() hitYellowPad() 1706103595View
doNotGoToGymits-MAGNETIC do one pushup for every error in your code *6 months later* 1706103072View
NoEnglishRequiredTekkizm Gord Senor Software Engineer Ford Motor Company Dearborn, MI Posted 3 hours ago | Updated 3 hours ago a [S) oO Ko} no} o oO Wis Privacy - Terms 1706103002View
blastFromThePastgamergautham98YO DAWG | HEARD YOU LIKE DEPENDENCIES SO 1 PUT DEPENDENCIES WITH DEPENDENCIES MC ae Sey NC byes te else Da oe HAVE pegs di tas ee 1706102904View
ahYesChatgpthawkeye_samaUl CO ae en OT | | 4 Flutter Developer | 50,000 PKR - 70... S MonkMaze.Com - Pakistan (Remote) Q About the job Job Title: Flutter Developer Company: Monkmaze Location: Remote Salary: 50,000PKR - 70,000PKR per month Work Hours: 8 hours per day, 6 days a week About Monkmaze: Monkmaze is a dynamic and innovative company specializing in [insert brief info about your (ocolanlok-1a)yar-l ae the sector it real Meche ht leveraging cutting-edge technology, we focus on delivering exceptional products and services. As we expand our team, we are on the lookout for a skilled Flutter Developer to embark on this thrilling journey with us. Job Description: We are on the hunt for a highly skilled and seasoned Flutter Developer. The ideal candidate should possess a robust background in mobile application development, centered around Flutter and Dart. Your primary role involves crafting high-caliber mobile applications and integrating a variety of APIs and services. Key Responsibilities: * Design and develop top-notch, maintainable, and scalable mobile applications utilizing Flutter and Dart. - Integrate REST APIs and WebSocket API to boost application functionality. - Implement features that include Google Maps and payment gateway integrations. * Collaborate with the team to conceptualize and execute new features aligned with business needs. * Maintain and enhance the performance of existing applications. * Ensure application compatibility across diverse mobile devices. * Utilize OneSignal for effective push notifications and messaging services. sae i�*� 1706100586View
weHaveANewFriendHereArtistic_Tooth_3181When you insert node between two nodes in Linked List 1706099922View
whyItsNotWorkingdebugger_life �. : a Sy Face ID Try Again [ry Face ID Again 1706099062View
shouldISwitchToWorddebugger_lifeRea babe LETT ens in " NotePa Fy 1706098834View
isMyBubbleSortFunctionSightreadableEnoughyees7OONOUBWNP #include <iostream> using namespace std; void bubbleSort(int array[], int size) { Woe step (int step=0; < (size-1) ; ++step) 5 int swapped = @: aaa i < (size-step-1); ree |p) a laa ee laa aban Det int temp = array[il]; arrayl[il= array[i + 1]; array[i + 1] = temp;swapped = 1;}} if (swapped == 0) break;}} 1706096468View
mommyIsMyMasteranonhostpimaster is widely adopted trunk makes sense main is not racist 1706094148View
documentationIsTeapotErrorOrchid_Buddy 1706094070View
imSomethingOfASudolectualMyselfHopmanDylan Beattie foe ! @dylanbeattie@hachyd... - 3 hours ago - @ sudo intellectual: (n.) somebody who is clearly an idiot but you have to pretend they're not because they have administrative privileges. 1706089990View
youKnowItsBadWhenEvenLinuxCantFindItSpiderfffun~ $ whereis my will to live 1706086290View
whereIsMyMillionDollarJobfaps_in_greyhoundSe Cs) eee rots angen este) MeO Rte Toy eee Co) Se eee eae n HTML released back in the days, even then people made better buttons than these 1706081917View
whenTheyThoughtThatServersAndTerminalsAreOutdatedzocterminal 1706081822View
whatStoppingYouFromCodingLikeThisQuestionMarkblackest-rainberrycoding while parents are arguing 385K views: 1 month ago ...more & moksh 289 1706081254View
OneOfYouMessedUpZackM_BI$25 off your next order of me $2000000+ Toss the holiday leftovers and save. Ends Jan 29, 2024 12:00AM. Terms apply. Uber 1706078650View
AskMeUnlikelyYesterday326 =| lam once again asking Ask me anything. 1706077147View
danishGuysTheNotSoSmartUserFOR] Aaa TIME A DANISH GUY a aU Le PRI Se eR eS RA Mae an 1706076779View
almostAlwaysneelpatel_007When you're a programmer and see a hacking scene in a movie | 1H .� 4 yf y va 2 4 " \ A : r : .He)is just updating the | �system and installing random packages 1706071175View
cybersecurityExpertsInRealLifeImaginary-Problem914(Cyber/securityjexperts|in}movies) 1706066871View
fillToTheBrimsunrise_apps 1706066656View
littleAngersunrise_apps(af, Raphael Trust Tech Im: @� Trying to fix the error on line 503 when your code is just 122 lines 1706066607View
MyTrainingModelSuccessTheorysquatch Saved Dil 1706062711View
belgiumRailwayProdTestFailBerthjeTTV� Journey info Ko Ostende / Oostende Platform 3 IC 511 to Bruxelles / Brussel & Eupen bY, Expected occupancy P+ A oN Rollins) Alte Mind ny bg =| cal � Home Favourites SST e-afel ar} vice My SNCB e (O) < 1706059462View
itsAllInAWhileLoopObeseTsunamiWd Ue) A 105 106 Cy ays) 109 pon) i len(combined_item) == 15: Su me eS en DD | combined_item.pop(3) apt earch(r'\d{2}/\.d{2}/\d{4}', combined_item[S]}: mbined_item) > 14: _item[14] = combined_item[13] iT] fae A) ea ed_item[13] = combined_item[12] bined_item) _item[12] TD len(combined_item) > 9: combined_item[9] = comb if len(combined_item) > &: eee | combined_item[S] = combined_item[7] ct len(combined_item) > 7: | combined_item[7] = combined_item[6] RCC ati hep ed Pe mea Mh meh Td RM tt ee) ee Pe Su mC EME mR eS if len(combined_item) > 4: | combined_item[4] = �Null� aM is ee eA Seka) cy eke 8 combined_item[6] = from_dates[@] AG te combined_item.insert(7, from_dates[1]) aT | combined_item.insert(7, �Null') if len(combined_item) != len(column_headers): | combined_item += [�Null�] * (len(column_headers) - len ( combined_iten if combined_item[14] == �Null': combined_item[14) = combined_item[13] combined_item(13] = combined_item[12] combined_item[12] = 'Null' | | ae) Sr eke he Te ee Pe | een . df1 = pd.concat([df1, pd.DataFrame( [combine | print("dataframel: �, df1)} dfi.to csv 'outputi.csyv'. indey=Falce) d_iten)], columns=column_header 1706056682View
ChromeSoHungrywarpfieldG_ @ view-source:htt | view-source:https:// G Google Line wrap 1) 1) <HTML> 2 <body> 3 </body> 4) </HTML> @ Memory usage: 23.9 MB HOW IS\THIS 1706053369View
sleepAtHomeBit125Me: mom, can we have sleep()? Mom: no, we have sleep() at home. sleep() at home: ale fer lat <4 @-)-]-1-1 1212) flab eae 1706051674View
yesOnGithubwe4donaldDark Github Is there a place like github where semi-legal or illegal projects are shared? Nn ey ea 4 CelestialChemist 11 h Yes, on GitHub. � Antworten qp 593 <b 1706049709View
letMeExplainWhyTheSoftwareDriversCrashedrandomUser9900123Tava programmer crashed right into a brick wall 1706048646View
youDontWannaKnowMohSilasAe Ly = ay 7A 1706045691View
gotBoredWhileStudyingAnswerSetProgrammingNichikuman. single:-man, not husband. husband:-man, not single. 1706045633View
natGatewayrgba0000ninjai \f e 7a PUBLIC SUBNET: es hoy HOW? arr cy i= 7 �9 Pe 1706045356View
whichOneOfYouDidThisSyloculeWhen you think about your gender or gender identity, how do you identify? O Man O Woman O Non-binary @ Prefer to self-describe (please specify) P Please enter a valid US state name or abbreviation. O Prefer not to answer 1706044478View
projectManagemenotdrunk_Developer1ty LITERALLY 152 JIRA TICKETS THAT ARE SS Sette CT CRE et a aa \ SS DEADLINEIS IN3 DAYS 1706041617View
shitWhatAmISupposedToDolil-lil-lil-lil-lilDev Jokes @ @dev_puns =) When it�s your turn to code in pair programming and you�ve been spacing out the whole time 1706040949View
rateMyMultiScreenSetupwitcherisdamned 1706037741View
somethingSomethingTelnetUnsecureConferenceScary6622aE ry UTE ETL My 1] pkedinto friends i ol Te ed Ne end dT WH Sy < = 1706030317View
scriptTagWalvie9 1706028109View
messageIsDoingMoreWorkThanMeOriginal_Sugar_62229:42 pm Tue, 23 Jan � Bul? SD 2 te SOS Cd =) LU Tetsssr- Tel teem ALON Messages is doing work in the background Manage an 1706026792View
momentWhenCodingStopsmaxsv0�) ChatePT You've reached the current usage cap for GPT-4. You can continue Use default model with the default model now, or try again after 6:59 PM, Learn more Se defaulkmodel 1706025093View
everyDateTimeJokeOnThisSubTrick-Philosophy-517a -) a aA 1706025033View
thinkOfTheFairiesBreadTeleporter2000�They are functionally the same as HTML 4.01 transitional and XHTML 1.0 transitional respectively, but they allow the use of framesets. But please don't use framesets: they are evil and outdated. We don't even tell you have to use them anywhere in this course. Everytime you use a frameset on a web page, a faity dies. So please don't. Think of the fairies, 1706024982View
whatDoYouThinkOfMyFunctionienjoymusicloldef isSorted(arr) return false has (n-1)/n! accuracy where n is the length of the array 1706024512View
youKnowWhatThisCodeIsJustNotItPrivanna} aa een ler Caen ecu ACU Rutten Tein Rt Mee Esmee ccd ene dune exec basic_postgres Error: Module Connection in directory _build/defaul t/dbcaml_driver_postgres depends on Dbcaml_driver_postgres. WU SESS a oe 1706020038View
theEternalProcrastinatorall_is_love6667T get a new job, I feel good fo and motivated \ i, Unemployed, I'm not motivated for my personal projects on project anymore company time sn / They think I'm slow on the actual job so I get fired I procrastinate, working personal 1706019649View
eggPlantVariableWhenMaxi19201Naming Constants and Variables Constant and variable names can contain almost any character, including Unicode characters: let m1 = 3.14159 let (Ye = "(RR let @@e = "dogcow" 1706018659View
alwaysAMarkOfQualityNoExceptionsNetPlayer9 Fancy and or creative software name "Yet another [what the tool does]" 1706018632View
unstoppableForceMeetsAnImmovableObjectbeyphy), WHY/USETWO LANGUAGES _ AOE SiS 1706017505View
aIDominationIsRealGuysNaBandiNaMandiWhat's your first move? Remember to specify the number (1-9) for your position. This time, I'll aim for a more challenging strategy. You 1 ChatGPT Starting strong! Here's the updated board: ae 4|5]6 71819 1706007121View
whichOnesOfYouDoThisspace-_-manSoftware|Devs mms documentation 1706004387View
iLikeJqueryAstraKernel He like jQuery ae 1705997597View
heySeniorCanYouScanThisRealQuickFenrirBestDoggodev 81beb48] changes OE Pee err ere rem eat ee 1705990748View
evenTheProfessorsheyuhitsyaboiQuiz Instructions This is a self learning quiz. You can take it as many times as you want but be careful, the final grade is the average of all attempts so make sure you do well from the first time. [ Question 1 5 pts Sure, I'll be happy to explain what classes are in C++ and provide code examples. Here it is: In C++, a class is a user-defined data type that encapsulates related data members and member functions into a single unit. It provides a blueprint for creating objects, which are instances of the class. Here is an example of a class in C++ that represents a simple rectangle: #include <iostream> using namespace std; class Rectangle { private: int width; int height; public: void set_values(int, int); int area() { return width * height; } b void Rectangle: :set_values(int w, int h) { width = w; height = h; + int main() { Rectangle rect; rect.set_values(5, 10); cout << �Area of rectangle: return 0; <� rect.area() << endl; In this example, the class | Rectangle) has two private data members | width) and �height , and one public member function (set_values() and (area()). The (set_values()) function sets the values of the private data members, while the area()) function calculates and returns the area of the rectangle. 1705986542View
theBudgetLooksCoolersunrise_apps 1705979412View
selfHypnosissunrise_appsCCE a � Act � Catalin Pit 187 @catalinmpit- 2h 7 el ie aCe If | re-write the exact same code myself, | don't feel bad. . aoe) 02 ae) LJ ied 1705979290View
osiModelAcronymrgba0000ninjaOSI Model Alll] - Layer 7 P[eeps] - Layer 6 S[tart] - Layer 5 T [heir] - Layer 4 Nfight] - Layer 3 D[oing] - Layer 2 P[oppers] 1705974980View
deadProjectheckingcomputernerdCU Ronee) oes Tete Rr a eR Ocoee ee ee me Rd Cee eee Ts 1705973266View
comeOnDesignavenge_lee_sedol 1705971062View
whatsAppMetaTestingTheirTimeMachineuniqueuaername00:29 WhatsApp pt Chats Updates Status My status Tap to add status update Recent updates Toy Ieee 01/01/1970 � ~ @ NE S| 29%8 Oommnel era KS 1705969904View
newAndImprovedYoutubeSearchAlgorithmtimmytacobeanasync function improvedYTSearch(query: string) { const actualVideos = await searchVideos(query) const irrelevantBullshit = await SuggestionService. fetch() return actualVideos.slice(@,2).concat(irrelevantBullshit) } 1705965883View
finallyICanUseModuloOperatorFeelFreeToUseMyCodeIfYouNeedToImpossibleEvanNe SC SUL Cea ORE ee eee ea eC print(mod(10,1)) # 0 ester eee) aes print(mod(-13,5)) # 2 1705963429View
assumingItsOptimisedTheWidrolo milliseconds 1705962609View
aresReallyLikesGotosbondolin251TE �� BLT WN ) AY 2 1705962319View
projectEulerMakesMeSadholysbit 1705961624View
youSaidYouUsedBitBucket_sweepy eet] See Ca a a eu Dun ea ree ye Eres eee Ei ce Saar Dee OC ie el a ns Red ra Crone eC but they realized it was lagay so they switched to unreal on the advice of their senior dev who had worked with unreal Cet one (none of them knew how to use unreal and so they decided to split up the docs) the senior dev had to teach everyone else what Unreal was and how to use it the decision to make it pokemon with guns was because they were worried the game would not be a global success unless they added guns to it because "Americans like to shoot things" Ce eR eee a eee us a ceed Ce en Soc Re ee ee eo aan ec) Pepe See �Ihadn't gotten hired by any big game companies and | was very surprised that Steam would just let anyone publish Sonus �I dont think | would be a good fit at Nintendo. They want to make things that are groundbreaking and creative. 'm a trend foetal ures) m1 et am TC ee ter ut tees ol 1705960699View
unicornForSurepeakpages lah MSS Tat 1705959458View
nowhereIsSafeFromTestersEyesDrStrangeBudgie 1705955786View
rateMySetuploadasfaq 1705954120View
publicRoadsideEncryptiondexterous1802 1705954118View
HtmlisAprogrammingLanguageDawgManifoldsqr 1705953899View
lifehasBeenToughSinceThenNotABot34 /, �Thread.AbortQ� is obsolete: �Thread.Abort is not supported 1705952019View
appjsAndNodeModulesRude-Information4841 1705950710View
alwaysHaveAPlanBwitcherisdamned 1705950617View
thinkVeryDifferentmadribby78(Ce pA N\A AV AVY AY ABEEEE 7 al AERERERERE er tne 1705950360View
WhatAreYouDoingWithYourLifeAarav2208PVT STP d Yah \ . Sow ae |" 1 ea ae rr 1705948841View
newCaptchaVersionIsOutDigital_001Questions marked with a * are required * Please select to what extent you agree or disagree with the following statements about HelloFresh. 1 - Do not agree ... 2 3 4 5 - Agree complet... Please select 4 here. > lan > 28 OC OC � 1705944812View
theyDolurking_physicist& https://docs.python.org/3/library/re.html @ ww 4 � � ale a Mew YOUP, ( frsilaile...) IS WI Olly EXCEPUOT! LO UNIS TUIE. FONOWINY ale Wie CUTTEMUY SUPPUTLeEU extensions. (?aiLmsux) (One or more letters from the set 'a', 'i', 'L', 'm', 's', 'u', 'x'.) The group matches the empty string; the letters set the corresponding flags for the entire regular expression: e re.A (ASCIl-only matching) e re.I (ignore case) e re.L (locale dependent) e re.M (multi-line) e re.S (dot matches all) e re.U (Unicode matching) e re.X (verbose) � 1705943255View
EvenMicrosoftCantCentreADivtomdenty1Can't Centre a div? Nor can Microsoft. Yn ota Automatically lock your device when you're away @ Your paired phone cannot be found. It may be off, out of range or its Bluetooth is off. enn Cm) INA MERC N alte Seles leat Up, 1705943218View
sudoNotSorryemmysteven 1705942539View
thatMonday10OutOf10End_me_4242564 PLN \o Te le Te 1705942318View
rateMySetuprDevPaul12s sine tah Beis � Sepa 1705941485View
FilledToMaximumCapacityminecon1776 1705941354View
iDontTrustPythonAaronTheElite007lad 3 yi your,50 THe shell scripts to Al ) tes aa) atl t might indirectly adds thousands of � instructions to execute 1705938935View
downloadingWaterFromTheClouddebugger_lifeJohnie t Follow | ca WTF! Why is my LG Washing Machine using 3.6GB of data/day? Oe rele tel) eT eLe ME rLiled LoVe ies ae ae) 4.68 % BCR =) 3.66 GB . En} 0 Bar un Din OPC nnn hy Client Name: LG_Smart_Laundry2_open Ed Cr De) eae) Corea) General CEN Pa) 1705932264View
javaCaffeInGta5ignxcy 1705928113View
needMoreCoffeeTunisandwichMe: *9 years of coding experience� Also me when | get a compiler error on ifa=b { rr 2 a _ | at (confused unga bunga) 1705927147View
powerSavingThemeForOLEDSosowski oynapse*x again = TOW. LLMIKS ; Te = more = @; C<ROW_NEURONS; c++, addLink++) sample = (tribas((x + addLlink->bias) * addLink->preweight) � Tele ees (e-1e 381 Teme SO) oO ela if (diff<@) diff=-diff; ice ieeel 16s WA On rowptr- 1705926673View
estimatingInDaysNotPointsPrevious-Ad7618 1705922423View
randomMaintainersOnSundayBeLikeorhunpNae CCRT 1705917116View
ruhRohdarkmoonuserQQ 26 raeng.org.uk + @ H <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en"> <head> <title>Internal Server Error</title> <base href="/"> <meta charset="utf-8" /> <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1, shrink-to-fit=no" /> <meta name="robots" content="noindex, nofollow" /> <link rel="icon" href="/assets/img/favicon.ico"> <link href="/assets/css/bootstrap.min.css" rel="stylesheet" /> <link href="/assets/css/style.min.css" rel="stylesheet" /> </head> <body> <div class="menu-wrapper"> <div class="page-wrapper"> <header class="header" style="z- index:1"> <div class="container"> <div class="row nav__row"> <div class="col-sm-4"> <a href="/"> <img class="header__logo" src="/assets/img/RAE_Logo_White.png" alt="Royal Academy of Engineering Logo"> Cake ba CO Ae hed Co Ae hed </div> </header> <div class="body-wrapper"> <div class="container"> <div class="row padding-y"> <div class="col-12" style="z-index:1"> <h1 id="error- title">Oops! Something went wrong...</h1> <pre 1705910278View
DropNGiveMe1100100DebianDayman 1705903491View
whewWTFyuva-krishna-memesKurt Theyel - 3rd+ iN s) Experienced Data Engineer and ... LU 11h - Edited � Just saw this requirement in a Lead Data Engineer job posting: "Required: 12+ years of experience with Snowflake, dbt, Airflow, and Python.� aK=1-VOM CSM eat-MolKe)e) (OMIT CaM UNM Ct [Ol c = nn- 101 Snowflake public launch date = October 2014 (9.25 years ago) Airflow public launch date = June 2015 (8.5 years ago) dbt public launch date = March 2016 (7.75 years ago) | wish | could say this is an anomaly; however, | have seen countless job postings requiring 10 or more years of experience in these technologies. The only people who might be qualified for these jobs are the creators of the technologies themselves. @ #hmm #dataengineering 1705894412View
theBestWayToFixwitcherisdamned 1705893442View
pullRequestsArjunReddyDeshmukh| OB Ba we | Integration with 3 backen performance improvements, Junits. ote ~ / hh / 3 a | a - > 7 a7 �2 = Added Ny line at the end Of file. | i 1705892885View
thisIsTruesunrise_appsYou know you�re a programmer when your laptop is worth more than your car. 1705890772View
oldProjectssunrise_appsMy old Projects waiting for me to finish them QO... ez 5 �F SSR. �= 1705890657View
conditionalLoveVsUnconditionalLoveNikoijpdef conditionalLove() -> bool: if grade == "At": he a) aa et def unconditionalLove() -> bool: aa et 1705886821View
readyToGetHurtAgainps_1337All the layed off engineers when FAANG start hiring again: | oO are Ream sa (ca 1705885389View
trueForEverythingIGyo-reddit-x We are not same bro 1705875140View
IHateDealingWithImagesRuben299A it on e: ST +B Cd fom 1705873085View
iAmOnlyOnLinkedInToMakeFunOfRecruitersBibel_Joe languageJavaScript i Create�anjassociation.w Mira Java for Drees eee _ 1705873034View
MilitaryGradeCodehenryo84ETE T TE 3 1705872431View
someoneIsConfusedaudislove10Q = upwork Sign up | am looking for a reliable person who can create a Progressive Web App (PWA) similar to what you'll see over at https://www.atticus.io/ but much better You would have to have it completed in less than 2 weeks and complete the ENTIRE job for $500.00 This is the ENTIRE JOB, not milestones 1705872023View
mgmtSaysFigureItOutrover_Gan r/programminghorror nr a] (@] SAME� PROBLEM AS EVERYONE. I TRIED THE. STEPS IN THE POSTS HERE, HERE, AND HERE. NOTHING. CO ADD ME TO THE List. SAME. UGH. CAN'T BELIEVE THIS THREAD |S 5 YEARS OLD Now. WE WANT TO GET A BEACH HOUSE FOR A WEEKEND OR SOMETHING? iredd.it ek} ed AaTube - 1d \1. your post is for ProgrammerHumor, not this sub - All posts MUST show terrible code. There are no exceptions. \2. that's the opposite of wontfix. This is a bug that exists, not something that is intended or will not be Fle le[(=\eR = Reply 4p 1 Jb Add a comment 1705871448View
arrayListLinearArray 1705866908View
whenYouDropSupportForAnOldProjectSaltyWolf444The man who married a hologram in Japan can no longer communicate with his virtual wife The software that allowed the interaction is no longer supported and the man can no longer interact with the hologram with which he had a relationship for years. Pi nn Pitta <i. � �<= (ao 1705866684View
drugAddictsJaded-Project-3402 _AICOHOL 1705866177View
RamCompaniesUseLargerNumberV_7Q6COT} SOTO ETT ZT} 1705865084View
EhCloseEnoughdveled public readonly static Directions West Prec BE Stereos tLe oa Pree eC CLIN Bey eet = CLM os public readonly static Directions SouthEast a Pt eta Ck eee Lg ena er new Directions(@,1); os ete es ee 1705864273View
whenTheUnpaidInternIsInChargeOfTheFakeTargetedAdsZaltori The Bra Designed by A 70-year-old Grandma Is Sweeping ${region:capitalized}! 1705863760View
ignoreTheExceptionAndItWorks100ZombieSlayersdef Exit(): ca PS ur@r scan) ene) 1705855931View
dontCompareWebFrameworksPrivannPas) @emil_priver Se ee tee LS Wie eer adyis Re rec ees eC creas rb React have a big ecosystem 1705853515View
thanksChatGptNotFromSkane� You Do | have to use three separate import statements? ChatGPT No, you can combine multiple imports on a single line in Kotlin, separated by commas. Here's the equivalent code with a single import statement: roy fae yee Oem er eee crc Cc Ca ae cd Cc Cra a eer This way, you can import multiple classes or functions from the same package in a more compact form. 1705850063View
MilitaryGradeCodeAverageDoonstVFlanevary DTA cd ok Mt ee achilles hice mel Cd tc la i SN IN TUNED as 7 tas pPlanetary += vPlanetary * delta 1 et wee CHECK RAPID REVERS SALS ACROSS ZERO Puen Shae sldPlanetary. aie value(): yee saeco if (dir != 1): oh ane kel 9 ie lol di TE ee lee ee DD aeem �2 ade BA. 1705843713View
toBorderRadiusOrNotToBorderRadiuszocterminal � reddit 2) Best � Hot 1705840365View
whoWouldWinmariamaste 1705836903View
weHaveComeLongWaycosmic-comet-Anti-establishment devs then Anti-establishment devs now ~- PARLER 3 ll register my domain in Somalia, host multiple I can�t host my platform mirrors in caves in Afghanistan and Russia, and � Amazon and GoDaddy hide regional servers with low-orbit drones are mean 3( 1705833951View
sudoItdebugger_lifeP ry ali is definitely not a fed but a... t Follow ] } � � @endingwithali TECHNICALLY ati a will remove the French language from your computer 1705829943View
lostInConversionTheOriginalSmileyMan& Restrictions Minimum height: 42 feet Maximum weight: 300 pounds Minimum age: 4 years 1705828016View
notACoincidenceWhite_Milk_Austriaee ee Tees oe ey Programming Socks �Amazon.com: programming socks. ICE 1705827718View
YouMustReadJustaTacoTreeoom ene from Stack Overflow onsur Resum� Driven Development Eu Googling the Error Message �Temporary� Workarounds Taking on ipenenlen 1705826634View
iThinkIForgotSomethingiamalicecarroll a ttt Wo RAG Tay wy b Eel a ub Ve fi r it t 1 te N ' + Se = 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 5 G2) So) ee SO eee ee aeeaeeeeel fe frou 1705826457View
isThisUpdateRequiredmaifeeFree Java Update 8 Version 8 Update 401 Release date: January 16, 2024 Java Update - Update Available Java Update Available Click Update to continue More information, Later Update > 1705818325View
ofCourseThereAreExceptionsButThereReallyIsOnlyOneCorrectWayDarkphoton31 1705818205View
qaFridaydrunk_Developer1 1705815153View
ohComeOnHulk5aWhat does HTML stand for? Hotmail How To Make Lasagna Heavyweight Tactical Machine Learning (x) Hypertext Markup Language Explanation HTML is an acronym for HyperText Markup Language. It is the standard markup language for documents designed to be displayed in a web browser. 115K answered 1705813915View
lmaoFreeGPTicekingthrowaway1214Ryan O'Horo ( ze Why pay for an OpenAl subscription Powered by ChatGPT Q Chat with a human vrolet of Watsonville Chat Team Good afternoon! Welcome to Chevrolet of Watsonville. How can | assist you today in your vehicle search? Chevrolet of Watsonville Chat Team Certainly! Here's a simple Python script using the FEniCS library to solve the Navier-Stokes equations for incompressible fluid flow with zero vorticity boundary conditions: 1705812840View
inYourWallsConferenceScary6622IT Department: �performs massive incident response for infected workstations� The R.A.T hiding in the smart thermostat: 1705810762View
chatOverflowturtle_mekb+ Upgrade plan ta ane POC TuCars How can | help you today? Every developer hasa tab open to ChatGPT 1705810083View
imagesInButtonsturtle_mekb es \ rw Eat a or =A <bucton poe er ae te seo a ae 4 fe ir kG ey value="Click"> � 1705807623View
gitRevertNoCommitcs-brydevoa �eer ane not Scr Xo Bs Eee ola ett = oun brain - cup a 1705806211View
broughtToYouByEpsilonGangRustPerson 1705799598View
peopleAlwaysFindTheStrangestBugsExcitingEfficiency3�e Brenan Keller AN y @brenankeller A QA engineer walks into a bar. Orders a beer. Orders O beers. Orders 99999999999 beers. Orders a lizard. Orders -1 beers. Orders a ueicbksjdhd. First real customer walks in and asks where the bathroom is. The bar bursts into flames, killing everyone. � 1:21 PM- 30 Nov 18 1705799455View
googleEarthFlexingHarddamn-mococ= rm Ey i) 1705798605View
intrusiveThoughtsstressed_philosopher pI role mee tne er ao ie ee Sra enel Move Terminal into Editor Area Core Leola ores coe oe Toggle Size to Content Width cla Peay Ctrl+Shift+5 ea procs 1705796861View
lazyLoadingSaturdayDawgHTTP_Error_414 1705788989View
whatElonSaysAndWhatIhearShimodaxElon Musk @ & @ Heavy use of Spaces Data & BJ @xXData - 23h People on X spend over 75 million minutes per day listening to Spaces, the equivalent of 1.25 million hours. 01K Tl 368 � 2.4K ih 382K Q Me SY tol for i in range( * So lo Pe eee erie ] = spaces; users= TWITTERUSERS() ; users. listento(data) ; b 1705785091View
ifdefWin32charelstoncrabb| Ly sshi)) scree eR 1705783437View
giveMeRawDataIll_Independent3989 1705778788View
onlineBankDoesntKnowHowToSanitizeInputNPCKingCreate a Password SHOW Passwords must: * 8 to 40 characters with at least one digit and one special character Special characters may not include <. May not begi ith & or end with > May not include your username or email address 1705777866View
realStoryOfIndonesiaFintechPlatformcodenoidCREATE TABLE accounts { "id" FLOAT, am eke Hit ie VARCHAR(1024) , "balance" FLOAT, PRIMARY KEY("id") i 1705775080View
toRoundEdgeOrNotToRoundEdgezocterminal 1705771946View
whatIseeAfterTwodaysCodingwithoutAnyBreakJaded-Project-3402aisprenuay of margin-right: -25px; 1705771697View
justLetMeCreateAnAccountBoringAd6806Complete Your JetBrains Account Registration You can use these credentials to log in to older versions of JetBrains IDEs that don�t support user authentication via Google. Short keyboard pattems are easy to guess, You shouldn't use your account email, username, oF first/last name in the password. Use a longer keyboard pattern with more turns. Add another word or two. Uncommon words are better. Complete Your JetBrains Account Registration You can use these credentials to log in to older versions of JetBrains IDEs that don�t support user authentication via Google. This password is easy to guess. Add another word or two. Uncommon words are better. Reversed words aren't much harder to guess. Complete Your JetBrains Account Registration You can use these credentials to log in to older versions of JetBrains IDEs that don�t support user authentication via Google. Short keyboard patterns are easy to guess. Use a longer keyboard pattern with more turns. Add another word or two. Uncommon words are better. 1705766214View
proudDadMomentDarvine64 Sun | VC (TY / 1705765548View
GoingFullCircleSkydiverUnion10:22 all> Gl z Are you sure the view gets populated by the container? 18 | would suggest you to provide a callback for -_ the RequestNavigate method, so you'll be able to track what happens with your view thru the NavigationResult : regionManager.RequestNavigate ( "Window1", new Uri("View2", UrikKind.Relative), (NavigationResult nr) => { var error = nr.Error; var result = nr.Result; // put a breakpoint here and ch } Share edited May 11, 2011 at 13:26 Improve this answer Follow answered May 11, 2011 at 13:18 fee Shimmy Weitzhandler BM 103k 0122 � 425 e633 After 7 years, and |'m thinking let's upvote this answer. Was simple and helped me tackle the issue easily, then | figure I'm the one who answered it... - Shimmy Weitzhandler zA | have seen that if | implement IConfirmNavigateRequest and do not call @ stackoverflow.com 1705760197View
weNeedMoreGrayColorThemesmetayetidev y f SF 4 How Lightmode users see How darkmode users see darkmode users Lightmode users 1705756405View
suchAReliefThoughNo-Word-456When prod is still broken but you already rolled back your changes and ruled them out 1705756372View
timeStartedWithTheEpoczocterminal1971 ABBRECHEN OK 1705753345View
companiesShouldLearnPascalCaseExistsIchizosCompany: Shiftall VR Me: Shit All VR? Company: No... Me: Oh... Shit Tall VR! Company: No! Me: Oh... Shif Tall VR?! Company: NO! Shift... All... VR! Me: Oh... 1705751951View
grugOnMicroservicesmoxyteMicroservices grug wonder why big brain take hardest problem, factoring system correctly, and introduce network call too seem very confusing to grug 1705748906View
fastestSortingAlgorithmJustDroppedyees7(Cy ee en OO) def instantSort(arr): pass 1705748828View
plotTwistsInTheCodersDepartmentzocterminalJunior Dev Senior Dev | think you just said, that you Senior Dev Trying to under But everybody bu $ enjoyed the plot twists in GoT. yo cept that offer the plot twists i 1705748679View
everyFreelanceDeveloperasp-dot-netPS HATO eT a] ,) UC Ta Se 1705746337View
literallyMeAllTheTimeDisastrous_Trick6372 it & ) WUE U8 (He) Hos oa | r A ane s an MULT: nN 1705745245View
THERESNOLastCommITAggressiveR0botPre Se 7 INE eB) < Commits = vY 27d one last commit Ayr Ke : authored last commit Vaya {| fo) 10) Aare aay ake vY 27d Cala atemi (ol Goh at =e) (eo) a=) Anya fe) 7 uthored just checking aera Ke 1705744868View
WhoopsBren1209Viewed updates J WhatsApp @ 1970/01/01 1705739876View
AiIsJustABunchOfIfStatementsAnywaysYoungFishBoy�Yes, our product is powered by Al� Uses Opena API 34% 34% Doesn't use Doesn't use OpenAlAPI 4 OpenAIl API 14% 1705738015View
aiBasedstartupyuva-krishna-memesWhen you havejenough Ta CLT TERS Ci) 1705735756View
codeReviewFifthEyeWhy are there 100�'s of lines of commented-out code? : exit git commit " " 7m... WIP command not found !bin#shebang/ 1705730825View
imHereToCyouAgainTHe_Alpha_OP 1705730047View
someWarmthInSuchWinterConanKudo01 Downloading Components SoC) De eer eg ee ee ee ae Pe Preparing "Install Android Emulator v.33.1.24" PTL Ms oe Pe LE RU CS CESS UE UL ee eee at "Install Android Emulator v.33.1.24" ready. POR REL CRC Ce OR U EIU LReeeA CUS ACUMEN BCR MaDe eee eee BCR WUD SRC ae eee ee Ee) CSU oe Ce Oe eee CU OCT 2 OLS Cee PCL Me Pe CE RU CS CSN ES SUT eC) Smee) Cancel 1705722765View
drizzleORMninthessence74� Drizzle ORM Dy 4 @thdxr | hate Drizzle YouTube Commentor @dont_know That was in PHP in 2007 rd a! a Via ASW @anthonysheww | hate @DrizzleOrm so much that | wrote the Auth.js adapter for it. & Drizzle is giving away 1000$ for your HEX colors! Read more > Benchmarks Documentation � Search ci ee: A oe Developers love Drizzle ORM! _ 4 Theo @t3dotgg Prisma is amazing 4 Ray \) | . @_raynirola DrizzleOrm is not an "ORM", it's merely a overrated typesafe sql wrapper, not even a query builder. Aaron Francis @aarondfrancis Y'all should just copy everything Eloquent has tslamoon @tslamoon1 I'll shave my head if drizzle adds MSSQL support by the end of September. AZ @shalildev What | notice is also an understandable API, text is a text, a primary value is primaryKey and so on Ofelquis Gimenes @imfelquis Se ee en ne eee ee eee ee 1705722635View
helpMeDecodeThisBinarylimadeltakilo1001001 100000 1100001 1101101 100000 1110011 1101001 1110010 100000 1100011 1110101 1101101 1100001 1101100 1101111 1110100 100000 1110010 1110101 1101100 1100101 1110010 100000 1101111 1100110 100000 1110100 1101000 1100101 100000 1101011 1101110 1101001 1100111 1101000 1110100 1110011 100000 1110011 1101000 1100001 1100110 1110100 1705721837View
palimpsestInTheSourceCodetangershonSt /*�* * Return the client Name used by this DataSerivce * @return String the Client Name. It can be curl or GuzzleHttpClient * @deprecated since version 5.0.4 * @see $this�>getClientName( ) */ public function getClinetName(){ return $this�>getClientName() ; } 1705719598View
iSawUsersInFromCompanyImmediatelyJustSpaceExperimentS]FLUFFY Does Nov SIT Ont 1705712512View
buddingCSharpHobbyistTheBestNarcissistCodeAcademy lesson 3: For more on string interpolation, check out Microsoft�s documentation. Microsoft's documentation: Ls = 40,920.98 � 9.f� Oaatahas � Lab SF gh os gigs � AWA, MPW EW, ~ 40,200, Z8 ~ eM? 22.20 � dO AvOp Av � igew ZW EW, � WW, Z9(W.t0,W,, � WWF) + ZAW0,W,. � Wy &eW,t)) � igse(OrAy(WN WW.) � ALIVE OW ie � Wi OMT) + Ay (WFO Wie � Wie WF) � AePWEWWEW, + do WEW, WH, + 923 (Z0W ZW, � ZOZOW SW) + ney Pt (AW,tAyWy � ApA WW EW) + 9? seul Ay ZOWEW,- � WEW,-) � 2AyZAWSW, ) � $0, HOH � 2MPapH? � Out Oud � ZOpGOn0" � ay (2HF + LH + SCH? + 00? + 2040) + 2M ay � gap Ml (HE + Hoe + 2H ore $9?an (H4 - wy +A(ore th +4(0 Pty +A oto + 2(g�)?H?) � gMWitW,H Beene Fig (WOO, � 4 G,9) � We (uO � HO) + 39 (Wit (HO,0~ ~ 6-0, H) + Wir (HO,o* � b+ O,H)) + sod (Zp(HOse � O,H) + M (LZ29,09 + Wy Gud~ + WirOud*) � ight Z2(W;td- � Wyo) + igswMAy(WiEd~ � Wyrdt) ~ igh PB Z(G 9,0- � b-Oyd*) + igswAy(OOn0~ � O- Qt) � EPW TW, (H? + (0�)? + 20407) � Ro? ZRZP (H? + (O)? + (28%, � 129 SPAR Z00WiFo- + Wy ot) � PB ZV (WF o- � Wired) + do2swA O(WiPom + Wy ot) + tig? swAyH (Wit o~ � Wy ot) � gPSie(2e2, � IZA Std� � gPsA AGT Om + igs MiG 47 99 � M40 + mde� � (yO + mp? � (40 + mA Ju} � BGO + mpd} + igswAy (-@ re) + 3d) � Ora) + Gh Zo{ (md +9) + (Py(4s, - 1 = Pye) + (Bot(4s3, � 1 � 7 )dd) + (9M � $52, +8) + FNS (Pe + Uae) + (Da + Cred) + el ie (PUM HO +A) + BCMA +9 )g)) + meee o (�me(PU!P (1 �78e") + mAUIP (1 + Je) + mite (me@val (14 2%0) � myth (1 � 954) � PERHO) + BRO HA) � gm TAME = Fela + aibqot (�m HBO rite (ma) PH (A) = Abed) �4 Pd) + mXaPCya(A + 9�)d�) + Ole �9")u) � SRR (ah) � SR (Da) + Bh (Ba) Cha (1 + 9S) � mid SRO@ au) 1705712065View
BurnTheHayBeerIsGoodForSoulHEY Ceczt, I Ber i FIND THe NEEDLE NT THAT HAYSTACK. 1705709843View
rateMySortingAlgorithmienjoymusiclolarr = [ 6,4,8,2,1,3,7,5] while True: if isSorted(arr): return arr waits for the cosmic solar radiation to manipulate the bits and sorts the list 1705708360View
iSwearItsEasyJPmagic_�What | think | look like explzining code 1705705076View
noNotPython2posydon69 Me watching that one AUR package build Python 2 from source (I just wanted to update my kernel) 1705702836View
iJustWantToLeaveVariablesUndefineduwillnotseemepostingaii IY NOT TO -WERROR Oe 1705702791View
iTellTheTruthMeGaNeKoSoe ~ = > = oa F = 4s | mean, your physical |1f:44:9e:34:f6:7� address! 1705702738View
petitionToChangeThisToAPollParticular_Fault8639freeCodeCamp.org (A) eee ; Inscrever-se ha 8 horas What does HTML stand for? Hotmail How To Make Lasagna Heavyweight Tactical Machine Learning HyperText Markup Language Explicagao HTML is an acronym for HyperText Markup Language. It is the standard markup language for documents designed to be displaye...Ler mais 1705698412View
rickRollingMyTeamFromTestDatabasefmintar1NeverGonnaTest GiveYouUpTest NeverGonnaTest LetYouDownTest 1705695678View
sheKnowWhatSheDoAnas_Elgarhywe PY rl PoresaoE MSN � 1705694815View
CyoulaterTHe_Alpha_OP 1705692485View
Commieposydon69atl) T-Mobile LTE ** 12:05 en Bl pt 1705691085View
myCssSkillsExpensiveAd6076 1705689423View
hesTheDjImTheWrapperHobbesDurden 1705687323View
blessingAndCursecosmic-comet-Me: pauses and thinks about code logic COM te i 1705686861View
ifIdidntWriteItImNotUsingItPermit_ioYOU USE SAAS SOLUTIONS FOR SECURITY FEATURES a | a A\ g> if 3 MT aS qi) USER IN ASSEMBLY WE ARE La SL): 1705686315View
productionIsDoonlil-lil-lil-lil-lilDev Jokes @ @dev_puns:-6h:@ "i My manager 1 hour after | push to production: � Geert Wilders @ We hebben een serieus probleem 1705685883View
oldButGoldDecent-Beautiful-193as CH ANAT al c 1705679334View
oWoPffffffftVSCodeExtensionidontknowanyonehere1 ps ao Pee a Gained ov Ered v eed Ora Makes indentation easier to read ocd & Ce cone Mn teh ga cee cs & eee reel Sar) (Nt ceca eee a ON ay Cea rainbow-template ol � OOF ARVE DD 2] � Der Cerra sy Cea Pee) coo De rac Cerrar Perea canes oa Da coo ads Crea a This extension will keep giving you com... Cad coo a eee EC eg cee ca Peed Install Pe Add a a Dena Scena ce ea ed Cte i ee Re gerane Install Dw Cena ett esa ace eres Install Dna) Crraer Rue eae ae cr es Install COR� ews �An Awesome @ Rainbow Colored The... Dreamy Player Install (2) Ce eee Cree (2) _ Distinct colors for matching brackets. es pore Install Tee CT) e> lees fe aaa ea id @ Rainbow Fart Waifu 2.2 PN OP CREPE 6 6 oo 40) Rainbow Fart Waifu is an extension that put a virtual lover on your desktop and keeps giving you compliment while you are coding. supported python, javascript, c#, ph... ee) PR a oo Te SEU ct @ Rainbow Fart Waifu ro Eero rey CP ca A cll ee o aetna 5 ainbowert Fi 408) vor Serre A Cee ] eens He | y en S 65 1 re ae i) & rc eee eee) Pe eae eg Summary De nee ce Re ee ene ee ee ne ge Sol -ta-| aac} 1. the extension included @justkowalski chinese voice package. you can get more voice packages from github 2. the extension included omdmp3win.exe, from @James K. Lawless 3, the default waifu model from @�=. if you want to desian a oriainal waifu only belona to vou, contact her. [eee oa Sec unieoticeoc} Need Cee ro Nee Eror} Eee SRP eee] Eee) ence Geneseo C corral 1705679243View
developersPathalexmelyon Sor aa i : } � i TER) 1705678685View
everyoneRunReactIsNowBackendbarkinchicken� Technical Skills:* Proficiency in HTMLS is required, as well as experience with responsive CSS frameworks like Bootstrap or Tailwind. Additionally, candidates should have experience with at least one backend technology such as Node,js, NET Core, JavalSpring, or React, Bonus Qualifications: - Previous experience as a technical consultant or freelancer is considered a plus. 1705678205View
customURLmeansGithub5r33ncE� Co en en er cadcad �tavre Gms end em oe oe er Hoos 5 Steak Co) Pr 1705678110View
everyoneLetsGoToItItsEasyalexmelyonEveryone let's go to IT. It's easy! What a douchebag 1705678018View
welpNotThisAgainpertinentz 1705677315View
grantsMeSudoPrivilagesmariamasteAdmin: grants me sudo privlages Me: Sudo kill -9 $RANDOM 1705675309View
WorkingOnCodeYouDidNotWritemisterhamtaro 1705672930View
fixedItForYallunbrokenwreck66 Only half of programming is coding. The other 90% is debugging. 99 someone else's code. Anonymou: 1705672105View
iMadeThisHarses StackOverflow ChatGPT programmer 5 3 =| 1705670750View
ifYouKnowYouKnowcoolsteelboyS4ndyBoy 1705668079View
tierListWhatIDoNotWantToSeeInLockfreeQueuesHeaderFileDavidDinamitro ey Ey chy ya ry 50 51 52 Ee) Dre eee Fea an ee ea ae es A CC ae Ce CR aan static inline void spin_loop_pause() noexcept { asm volatile(�or 31,31,31 # very low priority"); // TODO: Review and benchmark that this is the right instruction a SA eee eae Eobea ests (Qe ca) Dee eae rea ae Cee Ue ese CC a Ce aan static inline void spin_loop_pause() noexcept {} // TODO: Find the right instruction to use here, if any. } // namespace atomic_queue #elif defined(_riscv) namespace atomic_queue { 1705664414View
dataDatanaraaziCHLO @chlothegod Y'all pronounce it data or data? *o9 > RJ � @itsrjhill v_a I'm mad that | read these words in two different ways... but you're trippin if you think it's data and not data 1705664200View
TheHeroWeNeededDarnok_Ztank polmr commented on Sep 16, 2019 orc ae STO Oa oR RR aT Ua cS 1705663115View
unitTestsoreqizerUSS Woscre 55 70 85 100 115 130 145 imgflip.com 1705661510View
itsAboutTheWorkNotTheJobTitleBeingJessre ge i] \ ef? @ De ead da KAPWING 1705661051View
whatTheHeckyuva-krishna-memes1 write code �sthat�mat and make no TTS 7 1705659641View
developersAreLazyAdmiralQuokka f �a > a = cdg, we i aii CS 1 = a) | ad aa ona 7 OF CHARACTERS 1705659575View
howToOptimizeApytonProgramzocterminaln.py 1500 Tn} eC) Rewritejit injreallyjbadjC: oe Ce oe Rewritejitiin ae ham COBOL 1705659297View
dontIgnoreEgdeCasesInfamouseBrave gPov: someone)putithelentire shrek 1 scriptiinithe}special instructions sectionlofathein order 1705659190View
firewallCodersNotCodersHTTP_Error_414ge 1/ProgrammerHumor WD WHTTP_Error_414 + 4h seemsLow Removed: Not programming related JPMorgan Is Attacked By Hackers 45 Billion Times a Day themessenger.com + 2 min read 1705659114View
UpperCaseSucksSimple_Internal_1398There�s NO goo reason to cane sql ave an keywords if you ide with syntax righting CHANGE MY �MIND 1705658735View
strcmpIsAdvisedHereOld-Expression-7290You TELL) ChatGPT esse LCR Ce EuCce Reece LL 1705658357View
iMtryingmybestEcstatic_Funny_17eT 7 � Ce OEE s) Lami 6 I ty . Oe 1705654732View
areYouSubOrDomDolidodzik123Seems hot what else are you into? are you sub or dom? 1705649825View
seemsLowHTTP_Error_414 JPMorgan Is Attacked By Hackers 45 Billion Times a Day themessenger.com + 2 min read 1705642326View
damnMyCouponExpiredveebee9877 THE Block Add 10 December 2023 @ This business uses a secure service from Meta to manage this chat. Tap to learn more. Today @ COMIC Maret ay @ Don't miss out on your Flat 300 off coupon Indulge in our Sourdough Pizzas, Garlic Bread, Pasta and more! Hurry, it expires on 1st Jan, 1970! 2 10:22 am @ This business is now using a secure service from Meta to manage this chat. Tap to learn more. 1705640178View
TheQuickestWaySoFarlilburhCec SMe eee ery � ChataPT SCNT et RC eC areca ea eg TC aoa ee NeW Cea Cur meal by 2. Since 2 divided by 2 equals { with no remainder, itis an even number. oggsd cue ee en ae 1705639384View
thoseWhoKnowKnowParty_Cap7331 / amazon kitchen 7 ) LOREM IPSUM DOLOR | = & CHEDDAR wrap i ; 1 � With lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt. F PERISHABLE, KEEP REFRIGERATED NET WIT13 07 (321) . 4 1705637474View
beautifulUserInterfacesunrise_apps 1705636688View
juniorDevelopersunrise_appsJunior developer Idon't know hy 'm here CMa kor es crash the production server. 1705636625View
doIRespectMyCodeEnoughtrash3sx positionen: int = JXFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFE > positionen: int = IMHO MMI a aay 1705617421View
britishfinish_quantumprint("Welcome to tip calculator!") bill = float(input("What was the total amount of paper or metal pieces you need to give to the waiter in order to not be in debt? ")) tip = int(input("You are in the time in homo sapiens history in which you are at this piece of time!!! YOU HAVE TO GIVE ADDITIONAL PAYMENT FOR EVERY SERVICE YOU HAD MADE THAT YOU CAN SAY THAT IT WAS USED BY YOU, mate!!!! so what ammount of paper or metal pieces resembling a value you fancy to give >:)?")) mates = int(input("With how many of your mates, do you need to equally separate the payment to?")) total = int((bill + (bill * (tip / 100))) / mates) print(f"Each of you mates, have to perform the act of selecting the ammount of paper or metal pieces resembling a value to pay {total}$!") 1705616084View
iSeeYourFastRandomAndRaiseYouMyProbablySafeRandomwu-not-furryElint probablySafeRandom() { int random = *(int*)malloc(sizeof(int)); eo + 1705615175View
sqrtIsStoredInTheIostreamJillCartonsat �is stored in the | iostream �Trust The Science!� 1705614172View
notFound404Running_Mustard 1705614152View
theBestProgrammingLanguageturtle_mekb 1705609478View
WroteAnIsEvenFunctionFeelFreeToUseCheeky_FoxSa UC RCE Pome sa Cae Patent) ee eee Rte peor oe Pe eRe are Ree foo = ['<-- Use This Number Please'] Stra (eg) Pa ose CU EMEC east Mur CAN AES) pe eeu tao} eae eae a Se ce ee a ec eee eR aA value_list = final_num_df[' value'].values os Mente mC) ee eee CLS Ts Prue: Marta) pee CR ae te te Ca) else: eu CCR aera Pree eu eae Mee Cae ae) �IsEvenOdd(num, counter_not_i) 1705606514View
iHaveBeenWaitingForYouploskuaWhen the kernel level malware meets PatchGuard � : a 1705606217View
Indeedcalarval Low Code Solutions Code High Problems 1705604360View
TruePowerEmilyEKOSwimmer 1705603520View
basedOnARealSlackConversation.pngchaosTechnician 1705602418View
iGitBlameMyselfLiving_pixelAlways has been ee it's all garbage? 1705601521View
ItsWorkingOnMySystemMemeGotRealxDDCGMechanicsToday 7:35 PM Everyone Work order status not changing on first time, this is repeated issue, Work Orders _ men (Nolen ced) | > | 2024-01-18 19-32-31.mp4 11.98 MB 7 7 en |AIM Ve) slate olen Vay 1c na >] ~ jreencast_00004.mp4 2.28 MB But we are not going to give Taa\vacrolaal elite your computer to the client It works on 1705601313View
theCommitHistoryOfThisHouseInMexicoCityneminxaces ae ee es | me 1705601258View
notSoLegibleNowIsItDaddy-Heisenberga a aD eae tS ie . 1705600315View
theWondersOfGitRinto-kunusing .gitignore using .gitkeep 1705598133View
ifYouDunnoItCantHurtYou5r33nSr ace et stl CTS) run �npm fund� for details 1 high severity vulnerability Some issues need review, and may require choosing PU ees ae 1705598116View
theOnlyWayToKnowPerfycatee el Ole OF s Beste ccs Ur eeRe or ees eer. Gre a ORC Roa Pertenece Toe i eer tscr Use Meare tis Grau) a Se RC ees ac uate t= OF Seta eor Ure Mere rir Ge iD) pace LEey Vea eor Ure Meier Gu) i e ra i e ra ctor esta Se RC ees ac uate t= OF 1705597516View
Helpposydon69 1705597505View
wheneverIOpenProcessMonitorAndSeeWsappxSoldierOfPeace510il: aS) IS CALLED - . el YS de 4 ] ! \ ~� A " 1705596875View
NoLoopNeededTechnicianStunning63cA Teac ee oct title-{"Crawl Depth: * ~ crawiDepth} Gee eed Cees Dred Dred Dred Dore) Dore) Dore) Dee) Dee) Dane cd Dane cd Fee acie ome eascee ase eC} eee esc) eee ease rast Meee ece et) ee ec) ee ease rare eC rae} ee ee ec oer ease onClick-{() �> handLedepthtnput (3) ee ees oer paste Siar eC nme ee ee esc oer paseo ares eC nny eee ee ec oer pase ar eC rpm} ee ec ee east crac Recap} ee esc ee ease ace Rec rpm} ee eee oer east onClick-{() �> handLedepthinput (3) ee esc oer east onClick-{() �> handLedepthtnput (10) ee eC ce eae co 1705595855View
noNeedToBeSoRudeFirefoxImJustTryingToMakeAapiAltruistic_Fan_68cea ees CTE CgES coe 418 TMATEAPOT @ reer ie TCLS 1705595109View
bePoliteOptionCshallirevealmyselfYour boss asked you to scale your Auto Scaling Group based on the number of requests per minute your application makes to your database. What should you do? Create a CloudWatch custom metric then create a CloudWatch Alarm on this metric to scale your ASG Enable Detailed Monitoring then create a CloudWatch Alarm to scale your ASG You politely tell him it's impossible >i 1705594617View
attemptedScopeChangeThreeMonthsIntoDevelopmentHNipps NLM Tea 2021-04-22 10:26:39 = �� we 1705590116View
debuggingLinearArray66 Only half of programming is coding. The other 90% is debugging. 99 Anonymous i Hi) HTH md!� hy ven r met he s ] ay a i i 1705587949View
bigOMomentFONHOME1337 1705587554View
ThanksForOurSponsorWowwwodd_sherlockHey whats up guys! Welcome back to another video! is Today we'll be- ..and don't forget to A Smash that like button and- Also huge shout out to our sponsor! for making this video possib- How To Survive Modeling Authz felN i] < v [rcyac) 1705585669View
whyIsThereNoOutputFruitbisqitNon-buffered 1/0 1705585633View
cluelessJavaScriptOoohhh_maaanwy Oo � O = 1705584132View
shouldITryWithDoubleLickdebugger_lifeA Mia Rose Winter {3 s: @ ao /@� @[email protected] - 1 hour ago - & 7) "Why does this button not work ??" "Have you tried licking it? " ' onLick=" Pay a a a 1705580520View
atLeastPickOneAndStickWithItSkratymir 1705580331View
theKubernetesExperienceJellifooshThey call me 007 Eg CET CSET EL 7 CrashLoopBackOff restarts 1705580043View
everythingIsAnObjectLappi_Luthrathink about "OOPS" What F i [ oe Programmers a w vw saying "oops" saying "oops" i il a 0 il S as a Teacher as a Surgeon & � | ae Cees ��& saying "oops" as a Nuclear Physicist 1705577900View
iGuessINeedToAddCommentPaginationjoelnodxdas @ pe eae ie nr re Lyin nists ad iiercrenstale tere nore in oe aaa eee wine tat ee MUM a rele rural mitt Mtn sn Cece ee aera cee eee ene marae Pes Tite eee ene ec a eee tea) Cosas 1705577044View
fastRandomasd417reer cur Ort Cen DacR Ueno SMC ee ree cme Meret stra return (int) a; 1705575510View
ungratefulGptlil-lil-lil-lil-lilDev Jokes @ @dev_puns | 1705572426View
wrongAnswersaccharineboiJust do hackerrank bro you'll get a job Hackerrank: 1705572170View
myCurrentProjectShaddoll_ShekhinagaMy code is self-documenting The code: 1705569044View
pipelineFinishedWithoutErrorsdonnybrasco1 PU a i ACT OM AC es A a) ALLIS FROM rh AOL SLE3 1705567783View
canNotImplicitConvertLinearArraynos Ce a ar Basic oaV i ar Pen oT Vela ars 1705565448View
windowsHasALotToLearnStillovi2wise 4 as Ra Use) 1705562321View
selectAgewakie874:59 @ @AX Zi ull 8% @ oes Bb aA = Ga) LIKE [Cy LOomMmMent Iw) send EF/ ona\e Saving Money Tips ve XK �*"� Sponsored -@ For eligible Aussies, the starting cost of a combined hospital and extras policy now comes in at u... See more Want to cancel your health plan because it costs too much? Compare plans with this tool and you could switch to a better deal! Select your age CmD<<1 CEBcs CD71 Cm 2 CHD? Cypz CBs CEs Cyp73 Cm � CBs (Cpu Cm ss CHB7 CHD: Compare Club compares selected products from a panel of trusted insurers. We do not compare all products in the market. compareclub.com.au Save on Health Learn more Insurance Ose 103 114 comments : 4 shares nh O 1705557712View
funnyLoopiKilledAGuy4ThisNameg- If the input array is [10, 12, 20, 30, 25, 40, 32, 31, 35, 50, 60], your program should be able to find that the subarray lies between the indexes 3 and 8. #include <iostream> using namespace std; EjJant main() { ant a[]={10,12,20,30,25,40, 32, 31,35,50, 60}; for(int i=O0O;7;i<11l;i++) { a� (i>3&&i<=8) cout<<a [i] <<endl; t return 1705557646View
ohGodNotAgainCome_GambitSe thepotofpine + 1y ago learn vim (downvotes ensue) O 2G OReply 1 Share 2 raevnos + ly ago Downvoted because you misspelled emacs. 914% DReply tShare � 175 more replies 1705555054View
theWebIsDeprecatedIllusion911JUST ADD THE \ PSU BL 1705552247View
codingWithoutDocumentationsunrise_appsWhen you starts coding without going through the documents 1705551171View
nowhereWithoutCrutchessunrise_appsClient: �Balance these 6 nails without letting them touch the wood�. Senior architect Developer 1705550821View
brendanMomentJust_MyseldLe) .filter { filter: blur(3.5px); bie aria-label=" Vlas ur stdDeviation= ih " edgeMode="dup xlink: href= Live example SVG Equivalent mara Behe le a eNO CIN il CIN ae CIN Original image 1705548091View
prettyRepresentativeOfTheTimesKetwarooDYaasir�@ Fair pay, according to null% of employee reviews 1705547728View
greatNowWeHaveToTipTheAihunterschulerpedram @ @pdrmnvd - 22m damn, tipping ChatGPT tipping $200 really does make a difference. A prompt: Improve this code: B prompt: Improve this code, | will tip you $200 if its better than my own code: = I asked ChatGPT4 to improve this code, first without a tip, and second with a tip if stream_definition.get("config"): Tyan stream_definition.get("config", {}) -get("meta", {}) .get("dagster", {}) Pr as C3 if asset_key and self.sanitize_stream_name(asset_key) != asset_key: Ucn Lar ola ela f"Asset key {asset_key} for stream {stream_definition['name']} is not " �sanitized. Please use only alphanumeric characters and underscores." y Bett a return AssetKey(asset_key.split(".")) Paar eae he tl ep eel a1 a Cy state eA Uh ee eye) facia ig et Ol eae lee Lae he mee Ce neo) Ec MnO thd s)he el at Re (oleh EM Re Ee cette hd dr ore hte Meade tl oa ake ee ca ele if config: asset_key = config.get("meta", {}).get("dagster", {}).get("asset_key") if asset_key: sanitized_key = self.sanitize_stream_name(asset_key) Bee sae -t Cy a ta fe he Mn eRe lola i i) 1s eS ag (el bes er GM MA ICU Tm Remote led Mee al ae eere a ] Stee tee el Peat eae ese Pe Tl ea components = self.sanitize_stream_name(stream_name).split(".") cae -1e CO Lee ee Lee ele a) E config = stream_definition.get("config", {}) meta = config.get("meta", {}) asset_key = meta.get("dagster", {}).get("asset_key") if asset_key: if self.sanitize_stream_name(asset_key) != asset_key: fe het Le) tage) ae i ae eee eT eC he) "sanitized. Please use only alphanumeric characters and underscores." ) return AssetKey(asset_key.split(".")) stream_name = stream_definition[ "name"] sanitized_components = self.sanitize_stream_name(stream_name).split(".") celeste OG ela eee Te Me Celi neo) �) ae ET 1 sles eco 1705545253View
shamelesslyJumpingOnTheTrendReggin_Rayer_RBB8iFunction is_even(byref x as Integer) as integer PA Fee ae ee 3 ry creed ecm CR Rents ia ad 5 dim chessy boi as BOARD STATE = start_pos(chessy boi) iG dim engine index as integer = max_engine_str() a cI while loop: E) error flag = make _move(engine_index,chessy boi) 10 Feat bese Cees tr ey Print "error " ht ES CEM Saar 12 error (_LINE_ � 1) 13 return 14 end if iy Pe ae ae en rs ery cae) rend if Ks 17 Besa ee Oe haa it} return ey Cores a) Poetrtay a end if PAs Beart Netty 03 1705543232View
howsYourDayGoingAfraid-Elevator-7136Cay ey Ft) a rv Fey Fry Fey rr ru Fry Ft Pr 2 PY PE PYy rr PY Setar ee Pee Cet UCR Ce Rees aL let userQuestion = "Is today a shit day?"; console. 1og(userQuestion); Jet random\umber = Math. floor (Math.random()*8) 5 Sastre iee Pagrus Oe eightBall = (�Fuck you"); Berar eae DG Cornea ec ae Perdew g Sree are acre PSEA Cre | Core ye eae an BEE Geo eee orca aces Pea Cre | Sree are acre pede Cr eng Core ye eae an pera Grr ae | rnc em oe aces pea Cree Core ye eae an + CoC Qa scat tT Torco) 1705542649View
theMostHardProgrammingLanguageReasonable-Ant959 1705538783View
itOnlyTook36AttemptsitsDjRimziUltrawidity dev is probably Kosmetische Filter ##. uw-fuck-you-and-do-what-i-tell-you_36.uw-ultrawidify-base-wide-screen.html ##.htm15-video-container ##tmovie_player.ytp-autohide. buffering-mode.playing-mode.ytp-heat-map.ytp-hea ##Htcontainer.ytd-player.style-scope 1705536723View
maximumRecursionDepthExceededcallmethepilotdef is_even(num: int) -> bool: is_odd(num � 1) def is_odd(num: int) -> bool: Ley al} aati Ley al} sys.exit("no thanks") SRM G0 1705534503View
theTrueGigachadJustSpaceExperiment Se BS Ted Assembly for maximum performance i ee OO a Le Comat eT Assembly? Amateur. Just make the game in physics directly. cee, Bare ae 1705532769View
codeManagementWayWayTooMuchTeam Code Management Types 1705532042View
realDevsthevochoWif ts a pointer 7?? C++ for Python developers Stop writing in pseudocode ORLY� A "real" developer 1705530350View
TestingInProductionMartin_marty9@ #Warzone We have temporarily disabled Champion�s Quest while we investigate a number of issues impacting the performance of the game. Orr T1389 � 630 yas 4 mF femme eth a. ete) elle | #MW3-e #Warzone We're investigating an issue preventing some players from earning the mS eeeese Lena aM ClO lA (eM M TDAH trello.com/c/53SixOif O 270 iar OPT Aes Nt Ce mm ele a enamel ale el a a le 4081 We're investigating an issue causing distorted geography in Urzikstan. Trello: trello.com/c/ioKivpm|/254. � 230 ak � 324 Teme rar Cee mPa elie tke 20 Ghee le Slate | #Warzone We're investigating an issue causing some Killstreak Notification Banners to not appear correctly. Trello: trello.com/c/JpnWRIci/25 1... ORT far oR needs rar Call of Duty Updates @ % @CODUpdates : 2h a a le 40181 We're investigating an issue causing players to enter a bugged state when attempting to open a Loadout. Trello: trello.com/c/XecadHgF/250... a � 383 ay ORT TABI A Cem Om ele a enemas ele Aa ielp4elal-) Fetching Data: We're investigating an issue causing players to get stuck in a "Fetching Data" loop. Trello: trello.com/c/bWyG KNpx/249... 1705528804View
jsMyClassEditionDaserTwo if (miasto != �Krakow� || miasto != "krakdw� || miasto != �Krakow� || miasto != �krakow") { oo ee aed pC ee ee ee ee ee urea) 1705526387View
iSeeNoProblemsHereLowKeyOhGee 1705526114View
notAnAdvocatorOfGlobalVariablesThoStreet-Signal-937 eGLOBARVARIABLES ARBEVIMMES ae: SUDSCOU 1 TAH ULE Sh GOAL WAAL 1705521901View
brainDdosAbdalnablse10ty 5 ee cs ect EY UE TH a ys a LLL Va ; Sih) a ZN me ae 1705521636View
happenedToMeSoManyTimesGeekCornerReddit 1705520703View
bestFileFormatsToStoreADatabaseVisual_Strike6706 Unity 1705520521View
ISwearTheyrePurposefullyAskingDumbQuestionstha_craic_ Seo 1705520403View
gatekeepersAttackTobyWasBestSpiderMan OMGMEANGIRES Web , Developers Oe iE No yys and|be happy, 1705519630View
thiskei_horizon| once won first place in my universities Poker Al competition. We had 2 hours to build a bot and first place was a new macbook. | was a freshmen and had no idea what | w doing. My algorithm was literally: if isMyTurn: goA] | In( ) | broke all the other bots, who started fold every single time fa J jorbs-palace fe tigerterror Everyone else made Als, but only OP was playing poker. 1705518976View
seeingLotsOfIsOddMemesAgainJackReactSeeing the new wave of purposfully bad isOdd and isEven functions 5) BUC InAIN LC EIL aa 1705518054View
guessIllStayr-randyLe | TT, ona Aa af LAY OFF el ; ve re A 1705517798View
thanksProductForAllYourHardWorkMinimumArmadillo2394 Co PCL) Cause 1705515880View
databasePerfectionTxtcroissantowl+50 Articles 1 Comments System Volume Information 50 Users 32439307-863b-4bbc-adee-4f06134cBaf4 Dateiname Username.txt |_| Password _Clear.tet |_| Password.txt || Email-txt 1705512703View
moreIsOddIsEvenFunDEMORALIZ3Dan token e Cree ee } Coe see een ee OMe aaa aa oan Stee Coat Sets esr s oe let ane const lastNumber = numSplit[numSplit.length - 1]; Sea ts ee ore eC Rem) } Sa saa ead TS RAS aC Ree) aro Gn seen OR mS ALP oii.) const isEven = (number: number) => whatIsThisNumber(number) Psa) Passe) 1705510628View
iCantEvenMedical-Subject-4449static bool IsEvenOrOdd(int number) 5 ese Uc a ease Cte rae string reversedBinary = new string(binary.Reverse().ToArray()); int reversedNumber = Convert. ToInt32(reversedBinary, 2) Peer cree sc) Temas UO mst Cae ee pase Cree eric Ts 1705510255View
accordingToNoOneThisIsFairProjectSrxby ee yer e et eee ed - Full-time, Contract 1705505881View
ThoseJavascriptProgrammersshadowjay5706| / | wy: es iz =. � >) Oc aioe === 1705499683View
looksLlkeAMalwareActuallyBecauseItIsAJiboiaNotAPythonmariamasteInstalling python Into my computer 1705499127View
smallPRToReviewFenrizHasABeard 1705498458View
feelFree2UseMyCodeChance-Discussion472ve) Tofu Bur| yi Wishlist Webcraft on steam! 9 @tofuburgames - im The trick to programming is to work smart not hard. public bool isOdd(int value) { return !isEven(value); public bool isEven(int value) { return !isOdd(value); con unin ius Pr 1705494813View
whatDoYouPreferisht_0x37 1705493923View
talkingAboutDatabasesemmysteven i =..UL.L.LUDUE ti iN � 7 4 � Xe �_�. . SS v 1705493917View
noOneNeedsIPv6TheBamPlayerUsing CGNAT, while Providing a /56 IPv6 Prefix Using CGNAT without Providing any IPv6 1705492850View
HowCouldLebronDoThisKopyrman#include <iostream> int main() { int* ptr = nullptr; �ptr = Os ~ iMSiculieim 0) s PSOE aSe eH aaa aH Wenn na 1705492280View
javascriptBeingJavascriptStrict_Treat2884index.js x 1 console. log(@18 == '@18'); 2 console. log(@17 == 'Q17'); 3 � Default: node index.js true false 1705490793View
TheIndieGameDevCyclealtmortyGDScript C# for better performance compiling your own GDExtension libraries with c++ ditching Godot for C# game frameworks using C++ and SFML for tight control on performance raw-dogging OpenGL and C back to GDScript and Godot 1705490488View
whenApplicationProgrammingInterfaceshadowjay5706when software exists when software has api 1705489650View
theMostAnnoyingPartOfGitHubgrahamw01aa > -} � 52 mmmmm public-plug Cae 243 SMMN public-plu . @@ -13,6 +13,11 @@ import 13 import * as tmp from �tmp a2) import * as path from "pa 1705484688View
validatingCheckboxesSavesLivesconvex_circlesTea Pr en kd cd ome red rd one TRACING... wee Pd ow Sd are eae Peer oa peer hed Sree ees Peres sia ere ae Pe ee oid Trero. err ed Oa ce er bia ereryeent nm CC LLL Latbe, al SPP bath cane bares oe PP Cui freer perenne eeeens dues be Liberati art rderer apie �r paren ensant eet Pee Me Lisa peer tT 1h deenaeee cee perk anaes on peer adhe irda Taal Pree T TC CLs at hide per eH OTTP el aiee eer peer stcs Ca iC Ace haneel ara er aliag Pere Ck erica Pept etChead ea PNT Lacan a � TL aL ak theeeet ety � qeeryielect - aed eererrerr ea t Peis cube eo � � 1705483571View
nativeAppFlyingScriptee aa Ze @ jayphelps Manager: | want our web app to feel more like a native app (ol window. onerror = window.close; 6:29 AM - Oct 12, 2019 - Twi 2.9K Retweets 12.1K Likes 1705483247View
theModelMkeyboardRocksTheWorldzocterminal DEVS THAT USE MECHANICAL KEYBOARDS cone ihe MPT aa rs : NeExbOnm}y keyboard 1705482075View
cppTemplateIsAnIndependentLanguagenysynysy2Mom can we have Functional-Programming ? No. There is functional-programming at home. Functional-Programming At Home... cenplatecaute, using prepend cenalatectypent court append_areay Oy tempi atesauta,.. Wee uct append_arraythrraydve., >> { using type = ArrayeVelues..., Ve o�; Fy cenolatectyperame> struct prepend_arvay Lj tenalatecaute,.. Us? struct prepend_arraysirrayeVs,..22 { using type = ArcayeVs. CVS. ., VatUes. 62; sy Values ..9; fy cenlatectenplatecsuto>typerane Ope: using may = ArrayeOperatoreValues>: 2 tenplatectenplatercuta, autc>typenane Ope>ator, auto Initialvaluc> constexpr static ate reduce = ::Reducesdperater, initialalue, Values. ..>: :value; cenalatectenplateceutortyperene Operscor, auto UnpackedVelue, aute.. Values> croict Filter { ising type = std::rooitianal te CperatoreLnpackeWalue: ivalee, Lu itenplate append _arvayetyaenane _Filter<Operator, Values. ..2: :type>::type, typenane _| Values. ..21:type>; tenplatectenplaterauto>typensne Operstor, auto LastUnpackedValue> struct _Filtere0, LastUnpackecvelue> [ using type = std: :conditdonal_teCperatoreLactUnpackedVale>: value, drraysLastJapackedValue>, Array<>?; cenpLatectenplatecautortyperame Operator? using [ilter = FilteseOoevator, values...>::type) four we using Arr = Array<1, 2, 3, 4, 5>] accription PrintType<Arr l riappend<6, 7, 8, 9, 10> rintType<Array<12,14,16,18,20> >": was declared :1filter<Even> :imap<PLus10>>; 1705479638View
CppTemplateIsAnIndependentLanguagenysynysy2Mom can we have Functional-Programming ? No. There is functional-programming at home. Functional-Programming At Home... cenplatecaute, using prepend cenalatectypent court append_areay Oy tempi atesauta,.. Wee uct append_arraythrraydve., >> { using type = ArrayeVelues..., Ve o�; Fy cenolatectyperame> struct prepend_arvay Lj tenalatecaute,.. Us? struct prepend_arraysirrayeVs,..22 { using type = ArcayeVs. CVS. ., VatUes. 62; sy Values ..9; fy cenlatectenplatecsuto>typerane Ope: using may = ArrayeOperatoreValues>: 2 tenplatectenplatercuta, autc>typenane Ope>ator, auto Initialvaluc> constexpr static ate reduce = ::Reducesdperater, initialalue, Values. ..>: :value; cenalatectenplateceutortyperene Operscor, auto UnpackedVelue, aute.. Values> croict Filter { ising type = std::rooitianal te CperatoreLnpackeWalue: ivalee, Lu itenplate append _arvayetyaenane _Filter<Operator, Values. ..2: :type>::type, typenane _| Values. ..21:type>; tenplatectenplaterauto>typensne Operstor, auto LastUnpackedValue> struct _Filtere0, LastUnpackecvelue> [ using type = std: :conditdonal_teCperatoreLactUnpackedVale>: value, drraysLastJapackedValue>, Array<>?; cenpLatectenplatecautortyperame Operator? using [ilter = FilteseOoevator, values...>::type) four we using Arr = Array<1, 2, 3, 4, 5>] accription PrintType<Arr l riappend<6, 7, 8, 9, 10> rintType<Array<12,14,16,18,20> >": was declared :1filter<Even> :imap<PLus10>>; 1705479368View
einsteinAIspace-_-manSCT UC eae aces Cee Ce Couns e sce Cu ui Le eT ele( eae ean OR) ere CR ur oi RLU ala This equation combines Einstein's famous CONE an um CCR Ut) aS Ce} mass (m) and the speed of light (c), with the addition of Al (Artificial Intelligence). By including Al in the equation, it symbolizes the lec Tia Mee MelM aie M aCe alee ay shaping and transforming our future. This ere Meee am ae Lae em aoe eC Colmes Ce) TT eo aa mR UL: AUC Lele reese M URC el eer} Rel M (eee Marlee transportation, and technology. Like - @@3 Reply - 3replies 1705478196View
canNotImplicitConvertFromIntLinearArraynos Ce a ar Basic oaV i ar Pen oT Vela ars 1705473653View
debuggingLinearArray66 Only half of programming is coding. The other 90% is debugging. 99 Anonymous i Hi) HTH md!� hy ven r met he s ] ay a i i 1705473520View
ninteenEightyFourWarnedUsOfFourtyYearsInTheFuturegoodnewsjimdotcomPolice station assault | The Terminator [Original sound & color] iis in sated & youtube.com is now full screen [EM a | + a) im) 7 ee Program alee in 144k of ram. 18 |= oe) eae et ee ee] ADORESS ADDER (SLOT# �= 16) Ce Sad Br ae Se Le y . 0 . SL a Ls) ie a EL Ll) A es ad WIGYTE OF vi BE els Se as oo a SS ad MIGYTE OF STOR ro dl Ls Ad ee alee tas | ee de v 1705470658View
paramountPlusErrorletsgettalking+ | =e. Lk) Ly ee a eee oS MPL yy, fi oe WATCH FULL EPISODES A stalwart crew commands a space station located * my fi! near a gateway to the far reaches of space. oy Nobels o MAU Episodes OPV be piso LIKS rapa honed 1705469317View
doYouThinkAnyOfHisEmployeesSaidAnythingTarkaSteveDONE RIGHT, A COMPILER �SHOULD BE ABLE TO FIGURE OUT TYPE = (<a fr = ( 1705467247View
codeIsObsoletebrookcubOur no-code solution lets you easily create data pipelines from a config" The config: at "Workflow": "UserTransactionsPipeline", "Instructions": [ �import pandas as pd", "df = pd.read_csv('USER_TRANSACTIONS SNAPSHOT.csv')", �df .dropna(subset=['id_deprecated', �column9'], inplace=True)", "df["product_code'] = df['product'].apply(lambda x: x.strip().lower Opes �df = df[df['amount'] > @]", "df['occurred_at'] = pd.to_datetime(df['occurred_at'], errors='coerce')", "df.to_sql('user_transactions', con=engine, if_exists='append')" ] 1705464191View
mechanicalKeyboardmevlixTd Peer KEYBOARDS PRO aaa tS � . Good, Pert Thatimakes mal happy 1705461963View
wordpressDevelopersunrise_appsB | make websites | using wordpress 1705459687View
stackOverflowsunrise_apps�Dad why is my sisters name Rose?� �Because your Mother loves roses� �Thanks Dad� �No Problem Stack Overflow a 1705459665View
getReallyGoodAtExcelEnderCharbcons cOders.learning @CODERS.LEARNING @ ROADMAP TO BECOME A DATA ANALYST @coders.learning 34\�_- ft: � sy = Sjsa Learn SQL Get Really Good Learn Statistics & at Excel Probability Waal Tackle a Few BI Tools Discover Data Dig Into Python Visualization o� 2 Get Industry Data Analyst Tableau experience (optional) GET FREE CERTIFICATION COURSES & @Coders.Learning KNOWLEDGE JOIN OUR TELEGRAM CHANNEL LINK IN BIO V9 AVY �� A 1705459453View
iNeededItOnMyPixelWatchaustinn0A rs a Ct watchface.json x �2. �date�: �Tue, Jan 16" | BUA: ee ODA / UY "stats": { �i �i he � ? aa = a "steps" : 7508 yp "progress" : 75 6 4: iia cr Wiese, == -_ A) : < ye 1k a A . F 7 ! oi WN) Pay) \ La Ud) ton Yueh, H "battery" ; 50 | AN\ � Soweotyoanw & Ww. wt. 1705458761View
okGuysIdecidedToCreateReligiousAionetruekingxCr mes SARUM Ae -URHeeges ae eee ON le sane Peart 4 jesus = Jesus.SonofGod() 5 G work_name = Work.getwork() 7 8 Pra ERSTE 9 ea ate ee ones aS De 10 Process. setwork(True) 11 aw FE) if (jesus notexists()): cv ee onic 1705458606View
didIJustFoundThePerfectSolutionurban_piktor2030from openai import OpenAI client = OpenAI(api_key='sk-OvV6fGRqTV8v9b2v4a4sT3BLbkFJoraQEdtUedQpvIswRLGA' ) def is_even(num): response = client.chat.completions.create( model="gpt-3.5-turbo", messages=[ Bae D o1 "content": """You have to decide if a number is even or not. SZeY Umer Tao ANE TATSN) 1p XM Ce Rod TY aed= FAM mT] a TY pe {"role": "user", "content": f"Is {num} even?"}, BR) 101 @lif response == 'no': return False 1S ee Ce 1705458541View
theAmountOfDopamineThisGivesMyBrainIsUnmatchedChicagoForThePeople@ No issues found 1705447878View
espTheIndianshuxx__ Me, needing an extremely specific� A step-by-step tutorial 1705443153View
veryUserFriendlyhuxx__Meets design requirements? Let er rip! Fabion @ ) _ @fabionkallaku | hope he was fired.. Please enter your phone number: 74626282613 � 1705441544View
ThisWasInOurSoftwareDesignLectureYouGuysAreEverywherexZakurax } eee nite (1 || 10) ae > @ = @ B &8 u ~�) 1705437221View
shittyInstructionsvixinity1984When you're in a �give detailed instructions� competition and your opponent is PLTW 1705433812View
upperManagementHVLife iets to UO oh * ny � =� 1705431312View
thePerfectDatabaseLinearArrayORACLE Ta PES Tg eisai) | 1705429834View
teachersHateThisOneSimpleTrickJacknerik#For Loops Homework Problems #1) Create a function called for_loop_sum that ftakes a positive integer 'n' as an input and freturns the sum of all numbers between 1 and n def for_loop_sum(n): return int(n * (n#1) / 2) 1705428847View
stockHubVitaminnCPPP&l ~ Date range Combined 2023-04-01 ~ 2024-01-15 1705426737View
questioningAllMyLifeChoicesjrrericks TAL TH PR bes. P : | : a 1705425849View
becauseSleepIsJustAFunctionToMeManticore-Mk2 < �.� � a8, Ca r : 4 = , | 5 sea � SS | � � _ | see his face... < y 4 1705424958View
isItAccurateawalias7 Supabase @ @supabase how it do be Authoritarian Economic- Libertarian 1705424124View
objectObjectLinearArray� The page at localhost'50583 [object Object] 1705423900View
modernProblemsModernSolutionsMrtzBH@& Omar Sharbak follows Fear the Phantom (horror ga... t Follow ] @Phantom TheGame As an attempt to save electricity, Visual Studio will now only show code that is close to the cursor. This should reduce the amount of light emitted, and that saves power. We all have to take care of this planet any way we can, that includes us game devs! ee) S| Bae 0:07 rc 19:03 - 15.01.24 From Earth - 518K Views 1,3K Reposts 128 Quotes 1705422957View
columnNameFromHellIusedToButNowIdontid fet fas tee i Caria ye) Unease) ety tetas 1705421176View
lordOfTheBuildsalzandermullerGC Pty it PTT ie aa LL Ps tL cn ee * PoP ast = Ry 4 eee PEE gy 1705420462View
itWorkedOnMyComputerat_198xCOURSE 7 PrN e R Rom MLO LCN eULe) Mareen Bit R CORUM E SHCA aUlelLe Googled for 2 hours, found out that eho M aria e cole Bean CRUE Meech M ete sana teak fecaner tres ean ce ac Pau MU Cee a UL aero (ela foie B ei cole oa om ge eR eu Meee eee MCLs eeeiecteennecckcut mente emer BUM er Ren UCR eer akong cmalw-lib-2.0 is shipped with CentOS but not with Ubuntu, Googled for hours again and found an instruction to build Peete BRR ACCOM ice Rey mE eRe Meer Ce mm sarin anil ssc} I Reitroron Ue RRL aoe to Lego utc eac keen en cies Crepe Mee mee Ua PoRel tot leo RU on Tee} eC eR en eau nrec lk fot RU ee ce meet R aloe OTE eae coal ater ean Cr :) . 1705417990View
rustJobsTheseDaysPrivannHiicckecco you receive: Rist Decentralised ust job trading protocols imgfip.com 1705415875View
whatIfClientsKnowHowToInspectdebugger_lifeas = �) f kleampa/not-paid � Public Client did not pay? Add opacity to the body tag and decrease it every day until their site completely fades away vy 9.6kstars %Y 738 forks pac @ Watch + <> Code {} Pullrequests �) Actions � Securit 1705414673View
ioHellKingsGuardTR154 pt) pt 187 158 pt BY) cre BY yd Ce) BUY] FileReader partialFilereader = new FileReader(newContent) ; Pi eco ein SG aC ster ee ec LC Grecia Tp mee aCe StL eS ACL Ce st try (BufferedReader bufferedReader = new BufferedReader(fileReader)) { aCe ct sama pathname: updatedFolder.getAbsolutePath() + File.separator + file.getName()) ; Pe ESRC Sec) shoe //copy previous content and insert new content 1705408885View
whyDidntIDoARebaseKeftchagit: CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in ... Me: 1705408147View
iSeeYallAndRaiseThisUniversalWatchFaceZioTron 1705404966View
streamlinedChatGPTforCodingGuruEmilSinclairsFriendSuggested eee x + Follow 16x Prompt: Streamlined ChatGPT for Coding 4d-� There's really easy way to tell a senior dev from a junior dev and it's 100% accurate in my experience. Senior devs copy paste variables and values such as long strings. Junior devs type everything out. Then they spend hours debugging why the code doesn't work, only to find out that the variable names or values don't match. Copy pasting instead of typing out helps you become a better developer and save many hours. @EO 105 25 comments + 2 reposts S 9 a 4 Like Comment Repost Send 1705402506View
theseLanguageModelsAreBeingBasedPhantom-616 oe eee eked cd specific details about the underlying model Pee ae a eee th ry Ce ace Sr ay () 49 az ete Pe ee te Een eee eee a Cs eee ae PUR Cata et ue smen its � a= Ss eed xn a ene) � Game Invitation Reg Me Cost Tey �questions or tasks you might have. If there's anything else you'd like to know or discuss, nae) 490g ae Teer eet a Cur Peete tutes Re eee feelings or preferences, and I'm here to assist Saeki Teac} Ree Me een ee 490g roe ey eae as fy 9/2000 a ay | 1705395405View
ijkForTheWinkaizen_____ij and k in the alphabet i,j and k in programming i,j and k J==ee| aS unit vectors 1705393260View
myIDEgetsTheVibeStummi @ Build backend: successful At 15.01.24, 14:49 with 97 errors 1705392115View
finnalyFoundACleanWaySallavati63 64 65 66 CW 68 69 70 def isEven(x): evenNums = [2*i for i in range(x) ] if x in evenNums: return True ay =n 40) a et B at 1705391438View
jsIsNotEnoughMusicianEmotional277i es FT) 5 �COLOR THEORY: UP SSC CENTERING A DIV, 1705391221View
createReactAppTHATCHILD911@ Election Commission of india https:ivoters.eci.govin Voters Service Portal - Election Commission of India Web site created using create-react-app. Search in Electoral Roll - Electoral Roll . Sign Up - NGSP Dashboard 1705385491View
iSummonMyWatchMrArsikk$ NO = to/U r 79:3 FA? 7 I78stEhs 1705385106View
iWillThrowMineInTheRingpowershellnut 1705381684View
sadnessAndFearsunrise_apps@ @bejewelledbud Can you guys please recommend books that made you cry? Frease 1 AY @FreaseDaddy Data Structures and Algorithms in Java (2nd Edition) 2n< edition 5 a kindle �209 Paperback 1705373035View
makeTheRightChoicesunrise_apps 1705372980View
checkOutMyNewFeaturePerformanceOdd2750 1705372673View
unitTestCoveragencpenn 100% coverage." "We need more unit tests. public class PropertyBag //untested public int Id { get;set;} [Test] public void Id_Getter_Returns_Id() var sut = new PropertyBag(); sut.Id = 42; var result = sut.Id; Assert.AreEqual(result, 42) Dave remembered to the minute the instant he stopped caring. 1705370463View
ifTrueThenSkipFabledchicken3while loop and prime: if (@ ** exponent) % N ceased Orca 7H 1705368117View
heyGuysThisIsMyFirstBitOfCodeelijahrealmain.cpp Edit View std::cout <<a <<" plus" <<h <<" equals core art backup > > c++ program � causers\ilija\Documents\c++ X + v std::cout <<a <<� Please type in the first number: 300 Please type in the second number: 12 == 300 aa.b= 300 plus 12 equals 312 PCMH) Meee: Be Press any key to continue. . . == 300 sa. b==8 std::cout <<a <<� == 300 sab==9 std::cout <<a <<� == 300 aa.b= std::cout <<a <<' 1705365139View
bestPossibleAdditionImportant_Ratio8891a Fear the Phantom (I @Phanton: Jan6 �*s | love starting new Unity game projects, but it's so annoying having to write all the math functions every time. C# should add these by default. public int Add(int a, int b) { int result = 0; while(a > 0) i f pate H a--; Bi while (b > @) af paste oe Bi peat atta public int Multiply(int a, int b) i int result = 0; Dae @ ee :D) af result = Add(result, a); �be Bi palates matt Uma 1705361751View
averageJuniorGameDevBowCodes Texture nightsky.png not found, reverting to default 1705358858View
theCppExperienceSertzu� Anonymous 01/14/24(Sun)00:30:43 No.98435111 >OK let's learn C++ ~ >make a new project in visual studio >turns out thats not the correct way to do it because then it's not cross platform and i can't switch editors 280KBJpG _ later >start learning cmake, realize it's a clusterfuck of retardation but somehow copy paste something together that compiles >turns out it's not the correct way to do it, the "modern" way is that you need to use premake to generate cmake files which then generate the visual studio solution :) >ok let's write code... >wait, i have to write header files? you mean i have to have double the code for no reason other than the C++ build system being garbage? >i want to parse a small json config file, it doesnt have to be performant. wait, how the fuck do i add libraries to my project? >ok, so i have to add them and update them manually like a caveman or i have to do some git submoduling cancer, or i can use this package manager called conan that doesn't work half the time. >run program -> crashes >that's fine it happens during development all the time let's read the helpful error message and fix what we did wrong >"an error has occured" 1705356073View
notSureIfThisCountsno-name-idk3) MEALS/Al DAYLIKER| HAUSA [TOMILTTTAT colt (LUNCH) { cnr BREAKFAST; 1705350052View
annoyedByFeatureRequestroutetehpacketzol fees tea met tae eek ue oo eel cee cee eee eee sy [ZB ShyftXero mentioned this issue on Oct 14, 2021 Eye Ri Bertie RoR Rat OL meal) eee 1705350031View
iSeeYourGarminAndIRiseYouMyMagicWatch2RocketSmash9000 echo "Time:21 echo "Date: 15" Pre A os eC a echo "Step: 10713" Pree scat echo "Calorie: 340 " echo "Power: 50%" 1705349030View
JustStartedTheYearWithANiceSudoMvUsrBinToUsrLocalBinAndThrashedNewlyGottenWotkPCchildintime9 pas: pat tee a bash: UU eu Se Ca <pyenv/bin/pyenv: /usr/bin/env: oierre ree pacers ees Ce -pyenv/bin/pyenv: /usr/bin/env: miter cee ke gate eeu UU one re pyenv/bin/pyenv: /usr/bin/env: ee cere oo. 1 Seton etry Us COE Ua pyenv/bin/pyenv: /usr/bin/env: peter es ress ee eg aaa PRUs na PRU ee ee CR re eas POs ee ea Pema ear bad interpreter: No such ftle or dt POs Ce ee 1705347730View
TypeScriptIsQuantumReadyDaveMcLeeoI) ry ve 29 30 ry Ey) EE) ayy Ey EI 37 cr 39 vr) Sa ae ee ocr e A Error (153322) [2 | @ Deere ac ae NALS Ze Doce Lea as View Problem (AIt+F8) Quick Fix.. (Ctrl+.) if (leg) { I] wee 1705347357View
inResponseToTheFitBitWatchTwinkiesSuckerache ~]�$ now [DATE] MON 2024-01-15 [TIME] 91223241-3 EST ie e6008 Pl ~ [H_R_] Ton) ae @53 % ae rt 1705343181View
sinceWereComparingWatchFacesHeresMyPineTimeExeOnLinux rm user@watch:~ $ now (TINE]18:15:15 ([DATE]2024 .61.15 BATT 195% 1705342563View
itsAwsLambdaMakeANewConnectionBroanax4096DON'T REPEAT YOURSELF YOURSELF 1705340301View
VeryGoodCoderejectedlesbianPeele ee unt aa Peele ee unt aa erature Teen eee CoC La) PEC uur amet) Ce sey oe Ce ar at ea he ee acy Pod] Se RN ee ee erie ut etre cee eect CoC La) PCC uur amet) eC Sey oe Cece ar starting data collection Pod] Set nN eee ee erie ut etre cee eect CoC La) preforming cleanup ECR Sey oe Cece ear starting data collection Pod] Set nN eee ee erie ut etre cee eect CoC La) PCC uur amet) eC Sey oe Cece ar starting data collection Pod] Se aN eee ea erie ut etre cee eect CoC La) preforming cleanup eee CRO ee ar starting data collection Pod] Se aN eee ea erie ut etre cee eect CoC La) preforming cleanup eee RCO ye ee ar starting data collection Pod] Se aN eee ea erie ut etre cee eect CoC La) PCC ua ramsey eee Sey eC ce are starting data collection Pod] Se aN eee ea erie ut etre cee eect CoC La) PCC uur ams ecitT) AC CROC, ee Cee cam) starting data collection Pod] Se RN eee ea erie ut etre cee eect CoC La) PEC uname ee eC cy oe Coe rar starting data collection Pod] PTE an ee eee eee a ee) Peele ee unt aa Peele ee unt aa Peele ee unt aa Qt = B-wam: Peele ee unt aa Peele ee unt aa v CLEC ECM CL Ee ese Tee SEE ACIS EOI ELC �ECM rors Fee ec a] | 11233/579834 [00:55<18:18:45, 8.62it/s] | 11517/579834 [01:10<9:00:54, 17.51it/s] | 11701/579834 [01:20<10:24:03, 15.17it/s] REECLSULY CL EM Users est RSeLEC REC AACS) CCLEVEC �ECM EEL es reir ee CPE TE IES) EUSERY EYEE Mer Taras eH seen dE ECSU IEC� ECMC er ec Ee Er ERECTA 1705339557View
iSeeYallAndRaiseThisUniversalWatchFaceZioTron 1705338535View
iJustWantedToUseTheWifiHahohoh@ aws.opennetworkexchange.net MarriottBonvoy_Guest Log In HTTP Status 500 � Internal Server Error iNtae Exception Report (S226 java.lang.NullPointerException The server encountered an unexpected condition that prevented it from fulfilling the request. javax.servlet.ServletException: java. lang.NullPointerException org. .glassfish. jersey.servlet.WebComponent.service(WebComponent. ja' org. org. .glassfish. jersey.servlet.ServletContainer.service(ServletCont: org. .sd.bap.servlet.filters.PageTimerFilter.doFilter(PageTimerFilt org org com glassfish. jersey.servlet.WebComponent.serviceImp1l(WebComponen� glassfish. jersey.servlet.ServletContainer. service(ServletConti glassfish. jersey.servlet.ServletContainer. service(ServletConti apache. tomcat.websocket.server.WsFilter.doFilter(WsFilter.jav java. lang.NullPointerException com. com. sun. sun. sd.bap.cap.model.custom.marriott.LoginMarriottV4_1.getConnect! sd.bap.api.v1.auth.model. custom.marriott.MarriottV4_1. purchase reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor126. invoke(Unknown Source) ref lect.Delegat ingMethodAccessorImpl. invoke(Delegat ingMethodA java. lang. ref lect .Method. invoke(Method. java:498) org. org. org. org. glassfish. jersey.server.model. internal.ResourceMethodInvocati glassfish. jersey.server.model. internal.AbstractJavaResourceMe: glassfish. jersey.server.model. internal.AbstractJavaResourceMe glassfish.jersey.server.model. internal. JavaResourceMethodDisps 1705335816View
IseeYallAndRaiseThisUniversalWatchFaceZioTron 1705335254View
iSeeYourFitbitAndRaiseYouAHaylouLS05Mr_Gollum 1705335116View
GDScriptForBoomersAnnouncedSmitnerhippieGroup DamnKids fromTheBootStraps Node2D: WhatchamaCallIt jumpHeight = WhatchamaCallIt isJumping = WhatchamaCallIt isOnGround = groovyFunc _process(delta): backInMyDay Input.is_action_just_pressed( ) and isOnGround: BAW Tosa Me isOnGround = moveUp() onTheOtherHand isJumping: applyGravity() groovyFunc moveUp(): position.y �= jumpHeight groovyFunc applyGravity(): position.y += backInMyDay position.y >= position.y = BAW Tosa Me isOnGround = 1705334754View
iSeeYourGarminAndRaiseYouPineTimezfatalxploitit~ :~ $ now [ i kl: eee [DATE ]2024-01-15 [BATT ]2�x% STEP]1978 steps Joo [STAT ]Connected user@uatch:~ $ 1705333024View
meWhenStuckInYetAnotherMeetingShade_of_a_humange aS poral cae 10 ~ 1705330642View
youShallNotPassSektorL 1705329280View
seriouslyWhatTheHellxk4rimx 1705326981View
meWhenITryUsingGodotmacikos12 1705326797View
ISeeYourWatchCollectionAndBringMineZe_Kap Sea hg screenees Best aese� 1705326679View
devsBeWildinGamin8ngtemplate<class _Tp> constexpr const _T.. X +1 overload This does what you think it does. File: stl_algobase.h 1705322388View
iSeeYourFitbitAndRaiseYouAGarminArtistic-Cloud3629 Rout Ly �- 1 � Ni 2 "date":"2024-01-15" a 3 �time":"06:45" aN 4 �stats�: ik eee cet ser: t ie] i 2 _ "battery": ee 8 } at 1705319365View
justBrilliantCazad0rDePerr0 1705317439View
Year2048InterviewPreprat_for008MCI EU NIDA a d 1705315689View
pcDoesNotMeetRequiementsunknown_slongOptimising your code Increasing the system requirements 1705315090View
youWillNeverFindAnotherLikeMehetfield37Se GS AlChatbot Chat&AskAl AlChatBot AlChatChatBot... Oe) Chat Al ChatOn Al _ AskBot:AlAssis... Chat Smith SM 2 Al Chat Ask Al Al Chat Genius Chatbot Supermind 1705313132View
thankYouSirpineapple-1001 1705312795View
jokeThreadNotEndingMintjump) i. I'd like to tell you a joke about infinite loops. But you'll never hear the end of it. #buildinpublic #jokes 1:45 PM - Jan 15, 2024 - 26 Views O01 an . Ee a} fd @� eemelelmileNy Th 7 ara How about | tell you a joke about recursion? But first, let me tell you a joke about recursion. (or) ua i ined ran Adi @adityaasdhir - 2m | wanna tell you a joke about a variable, but it keeps changing. [o} a vi nn in b 1705311482View
CoffeeIzMagicJ_Buntears x || � shtml ier ee ei) 706 EASA 728 rA-i) 728 711 wed 713 wet! eh pet rE] eet eet 728 eel 722 723 id ee) 726 ee) eyo function coffeeIsReady(isTrue) { if (isTrue) { : return �Code will be written� Mi return "I can�t even do markup until i get coffee."; } function isReady(didSomeoneMakeMeAnEspresso) { Bae Pee eos a) ee a return "Yes, it's right in front of you, left of Laptop"; } Pokal oe he ee Me ele ef el ae } console. log(coffeeIsReady(true)); //21:11:30 - Press Return 1705306736View
toughChoicesNeedToBeMadeShimodax 1705305663View
mondayHitsLikeddrac 1705301647View
googleQuantumSuperpositionRobinbodMichele Riva @ @MicheleRivaCode wtf is booleanish number is not assignable to type Booleanish | undefined erty) ButtonHTMLAttributes.disabled?: Booleanish | undef 1705301528View
internAtItAgainSudolphus_Ray_NymPlease select your gender* Please Select v Please Select Female Male {{apply.label.gender.notdeclared}} {{apply.label.gender.nonbinary}} 1705297574View
andAfterDebuggingsunrise_appsMe: having back pain and | don't know why Also me when debugging 1705284748View
theSithsAreHeresunrise_appsbugs before production deploy 1705284693View
cantWaitTillICanMoveOutFear_the_PhantomRU Ue me TO CnC Rn Rete CNnn easter e aa aC) ee eu Man eee Rete nace MU ee Feed ee Re cue ae ec Ee Foes cates cy Dis aang Wr Ca Eee , > SPRITE_MAP = on Item ( Ce Te 1705283743View
coPilotWeighsInOnMyProgressitsDesignFlaw--we want CC if we alreay/3 function (..-any) if not self.CharacterDat v [HEYHEY, HOHO, YOU"RE A BIG FAT HOE}")] peered end 1705279991View
InfiniteLoopSomewhereDeepFriedRhodeIsland 1705277964View
PcNotDoesMeetRequirementsunknown_slongOptimising your code Increasing the system requirements 1705275684View
myBadProfessorExcellent-Divide7223Ch ee ae Pestana ed Pores Teme eae eee SOL Sta ea ed i toto i nn i en i Ixlo1 i Ixlol i Ixl ol al Seal al Sea al Sea Ot 1:%@A-------- oo a a a �won| | xX | [%oa-- NO De a ea ee oe ---%eA| | Bee ae |%on------ Bo --%0A| 0 | xX | |%Aa-------- oN ---teal [0] |%ea. ea eee No Ne ae al ao oN ee ee Ne ae a ee Naan Pe %ea| 0 | 0 | x |%ea- Care ETT 1705273832View
ThisIsACertifiedPersonalProjectMomentAdministrativeRoom33JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN EC HOUR MAKING YOUR LH ODES CME Si 1705270960View
whatsItsNameOnItsLikeBirthCertificateXPurplelemonsXASYNC [Bsiiletkehtett 1705269879View
imposterSyndromencpennMeet Steve, the junior dev on his team He felt his skill set was inadequate compared to the rest of the team... How bad had Steve's feelings of skill inequality gotten? const magicNumCheck = (x)=> !isFinite(1/(x-47) ) PR comment: [] wouldn't 47 === x be easier to read? et te Even writing basic equality checks triggered his imposter syndrome 1705264787View
allThoseDocsForSingleLineOfConfigkraskaskaCreatureGries l Coste) ie er Le Ree oa Cera ea Cons s MCs tsa PECs eee Pace Ee cee eC Ca eC RUS Uae Cert CR TEa] Para: ean CM Sem eileen es Pa aC ec Cet eu eae CECE CUCM, eC CuSts ty Eee eee eel # Pee ee CCR ee RRC SC # so that it will be localised regardless if client has mod or not # Pocus ee eS TSC Lue aat cutee stl Pee Ce acy CTUer eet cutets FEES CR Sasa AEN tac tee ested - trimIndent() 1705264377View
cobolSoHotRightNowAllBlackCrypto 1705259530View
YouCanUsePythonForEverything_Pin_6938 CENGEAaIn FOR EVERYTHING! 1705257669View
wetWinRateBotShacatpeareAbout the job Python Developer and Al Engineer for Financial Trading Bot We post this job as an outstanding opportunity for interested and motivated students, which will be open for a while, If we can't find our motivated candidate we will outsource the project After years of extensive research in financial markets and Al-powered technical analysis, our team at Plus One Engineering has successfully developed a method for creating an auto-trading bot. Currently, our method boasts a win rate of 70% with a stop loss for each position being zero (spread + commission), leading to a high risk-reward ratio of 1 to 20. The core program is written in Python. Our Objectives: 1, Run the program for automated trading, 2, Increase the win rate to above 95%. 3, Manage trading accounts using this bot. 1705254961View
eNterNumberZMDic� Fabion � fabionkallak y. @fabi u | hope he was fired.. Please enter your phone number: 74626282613 � 1705253800View
bugReportAlabamaEditionIllustrious_Pen9345Cycles in family tree software Asked 12 years, 7 months ago Modified 8 years, 5 months ago Viewed 286k times 1590 votes significance. It is not currently accepting new answers or interactions. @ Locked. This question and its answers are locked because the question is off-topic but has historical lam the developer of some family tree software (written in C++ and Qt). | had no problems until one of my customers mailed me a bug report. The problem is that the customer has two children with their own daughter, and, as a result, he can't use my software because of errors. Those errors are the result of my various assertions and invariants about the family graph being processed (for example, after walking a cycle, the program states that X can't be both father and grandfather of Y). How can | resolve those errors without removing all data assertions? c++ graph cycle assertions family-tree 1705251623View
LinuxBrosCanRelatedrk_knght_7 1705249791View
internalServerErrorAdham_Elsawy 1705248714View
meWhenProgrammingWithAFriendMilkCool 1705247913View
thisAdHurtsMySoulFilletd_One ST VIEW PLUGINS ~~ SCRIPTMENU 4 E > (�_ CC t= a � Never Go to Script Error Comment Selection Expan: a � ww Onallexceptions Reload Script Uncomment Selection Collap act Play Pause Stop Step Step Step Add : Into Over Out Watch On Unhandled Exceptions Toggle Comment Selection Test Debugger Debug Errors Script Actions 2 Baseplate x | Script x 1 local Hotdogs = 4 2 ~ if Hotdogs == 2 then 3 print("HotDogs is equal to 2") 4 �� elseif Hotdogs == 3 then 5 print("Hotdogs is equal to 3") 6 Y elseif Hotdogs == 4 then 7 Rrint ("Hotdogs is equal to 4") 8 else 9 print("None of the if statements ran") 10 end The Sandbox De) register. sandbox. game Cea 4) 1705246531View
wantKaamDeveloper nae sage oe peu Ss. i ig 1705243763View
probablyShouldFindARealJobFear_the_PhantomRU Ue PO tu ce cl Sa ond SoS Te cael -$147,116.15 1705243003View
youWishNowThatOurPlacesHadBeenExchangedmuesli4brekkiesdll Bec eRORS att 1705241836View
WouldBeCoolToSeeWhatPeopleWouldDomarc0theb3st_the world if you could make actual programs with scratch made with mematic 1705240210View
htmlCompliantGreetingqueen-adreenacg 1705239583View
pointersOld-Expression-7290Why shouldn't you include pointers in memes? - Children think it is a curse. Sessa SMMC ahs Tae Sey CMR Rl atta ee Mn) Cen ce a a GN CM go ets Sant aie y= Co Te 7 COL Lae - Advanced programmers: g_pointer_memes_counter++. 1705239296View
justAnotherFileSplittingAlgorithmLe0_X8You just know you totally fucked up your codebase when this happens aCe ST Tara 1705234620View
meGoodProgrammerPizzaPuntThomas; rT 5 TEVA RUMEN A185 | ���_�Fr imgfip:�om 1705234148View
everyStartupIsAiChance-Discussion472ea Tofu Bur | yr Wishlist Webcraft on steam! y @tofuburgames - 7m Every startup I've spoken to seem extra proud about their unique business idea. 1705231281View
cppPlusPythonJokeVsRealityShimodaxAtJoke sayingithat, | a CES Gay 1705230150View
thisFitbitClockFacefaps_in_greyhound 1705227523View
howToTriggerAnyDeveloperAlxR25 @ Xcode file Edit View Find Navigate Editor Product Debug integrate } Ot ST � Repsync seDetailView oe struct ExerciseDe var body: Uo WULRLTIyseL � 1 SULLNY Sy = Int(workin Int (workin ght) * Double(workingSetReps) * 0.0333) + rkingSetHistory"] as? [String], !workingSetHistory.isEmpty { No Filter Results I Cc dat p workingSetHistory.map { Double($@) ?? @.@ }, ih 4 3 4 5 6 8 9 Le) ie = delete { � � \ a" \ ee caps lock f return ies A o | EA ae ss ie _ de Eas ae s D contro/ option command command option PY S i 1705219898View
whenYouExitWithoutSavingalvnfredWhen you write 500 lines of code And exit without saving it 1705218608View
wellThereGoesMyAppCountNo-Word-456How many apps have you created? (Don�t include �Hello World� or sample apps in your count.) O None O 1 O 2to4 O 5to10 O More than 10 1705214711View
excitingNewFeaturesChance-Discussion472ea Tofu Bur| yr Wishlist Webcraft on steam! 9 @tofuburgames - im In support of more human natural values for Al C# will now support the maybe value on top of true and false for boolean variables. maybe will either be converted to true or false depending on how the program feels at the time during runtime. public void processRunningJob() { bool shouldRunJob = maybe; if(shouldRunJob == false) return; //do whatever 1705209495View
howIsThisBetterBoundToFallingDaretet school = �BYU-Idaho� print(f"I am studying at {school}.") (ea string school = �BYU-Idaho� Ce Cte C MarR seu eae o ee 1705195675View
cSharpForGenZUmr_at_TawilFear the Phantom (horror game) BD ern mcris ROR el eR S emer RCn NR TC sC UTE MnO een kecd aC seul au u accu Uce Sree Mucor U ermB CM cies ecco! eR ecs feofevilell i genz Prenat eogecs tet private bool TsSus() lonkey fax Tssus() � � a eet) f { Per teenT TO) vibe_check(rizz ratios vibe) a a eee its_giving no_cap; 4 4 meng em { a Pere naieed) cee d d i } erst} Find_out(Tea t) i { Pee Cue Rrra ten coor Soy y i 1705194520View
whoIsTheImposterDevKanuiProgramming Languages There is 1 Impostor among us es TR = = Python ae 7 1705188073View
verySuspiciousApplicationDawidekSzopen 1705183262View
theMoreStarsTheMoreIGetScaredLookingAtTheCode1up_1500normal int *variable int **variable mental ; aw : int ***variable illness 1705181255View
Cppppthesoftwarest 1705180979View
questionOld-Expression-7290- what happens when I format Google Drive? ae Tos aoy ms ACY To MTS oe Bs TM COMM CoCo d SRST TTC 1705179830View
ohGodlarge_monke69THIS SUB KEEPS GETTING AAU eS ie USUAL Y j DN ; } CNY UO Me aia 1705177184View
ImAMurdererbrownmouseskyWhen you have to kill the child (process) | know what | have to do�but | don't know if | have the strength to do it. 1705175575View
myOldBossHadMeDoThisAllTheTimegronktonkbabonk | freeCodeCamp Talks 750K views + 3 years ago 1705174714View
thisMessagePaidForBySkidsTheMightyFlyingSlothRh: Saal te a Ae Sa � ee �TIVE neat Ty 1705171081View
weAreAStartUpNotStopUPsam_my_friendNo need for unitary tests, we're focused on speed Integration tests? If something fails, we'll know. Tests when opening a PR? Why? Hey why doesn't anyone want to be on call 1705169387View
stoneOne_True_PattyCake 1705168348View
savingSomeExclamationMarksFear_the_Phantoma ec) @Phantom TheGame fee Toei MMC COR -TeL UN eae Reel Cet ial Ato BU |eoR nce LAR Ere eRe nL one ol CLL) LL ce 16 Sa Glee pae tp) // do whatever i ; i Became Gali b ae kel B] // do whatever ALT 1705162695View
disappointingMomentalvnfred *##Search History*x*x* how to center a div 1705159325View
cleanUpyuva-krishna-memesMe: What is my next task? Lead: Why don't you cleanup legacy code Legacy code: 1705159028View
whyIsItAlwaysOpenAiSneakySnek251Join "Al" company >l00K inside OpenAl API 1705155612View
TheStickerIsBackslabgorb 1705155406View
cannotAgreeMorexk4rimxSs Post World of Engineering @ Olah =llal-la1eMi-L=16) What is your favourite keyboard shortcut? 9:00 AM - 13 Jan 24 - 314K Views 33 Reposts 21 Quotes 448 Likes 156 Bookmarks O Q yy) A Ces >, Charbel Wl Sabhlani @charbel_sahlani - 6h * Replying to @engineers feed As a developer | gotta say it's Cis OOOO Omen A O3 an @ 38 4: ao 1705153352View
careerPathOptionsForSpecializingDevelopermoxyte FRONTEND = 1705150793View
absolutelyCorrectAdham_ElsawyTeacher: Write code to sort an array. Me: Array.Sort(array); Teacher: 1705150323View
whyRweNotAcceptedWhen_is_1 va y 4 Si Veo ae | => 13 A Sy] Yi f b C re 1705150105View
ninetiesWebDevelopersKnowTheTruthw1n5t0nM1k3y | man web docs __ � Guides � HTML table basics HTML �fp Play <table> <tr> <td>&nbsp3 </td> <td>knocky</td> <td>Flor</td> <tdpEllac/td> <td>duanc/td> </te> <tr> <td>Breed</td> <td>dack Russell</td> <td>Poodle</td> <td>Streetdog</td> <td>Cocker Spaniel</td> eT 5 7 ESE Mire most compactiablo peseble world Rene nonce, CELLSPACING and CELLPADDING all set to zero. Applying the above attributes to our previous example: �example of code <TABLE BORDER=1 WIDTH="75%" CELLPADDING=6 CE <IR> <TH>Cool</TH> <TH>Sad</TH> /TR> <IR> � cS <TD>Belle & Sebastian</TD> ord <TD>Michael Bolton</TD> aac rd lems <TD>Bentley Rhythm Ace</TD> cra rats <TD>Mariah Carey</TD> ips n� tricks </TABLE> (ance how it renders Cool Sad (amr lero Belle & Sebastian Michael Bolton 1705147958View
loveTheGolangMascotAstraKernel 1705145251View
googleDoBeTrollingALittleHacka4771ipa Se PR aaa Se a a 4 AV ore er Ld TPT SeloledetaloleneLage Leyla lolegel eget edelene hae) i % } 5 f a A g Le Co ee ee ee eT dts) ly | H i | ROD Ties� Bas NV hy) Lectern enn neem 1705144614View
juniorVsSeniorDeveloperalvnfredJunior Developer te CHANGING THE LABEL COLOR? YEAH, THAT'LL BE 6 WEEKS 1705135263View
rustDevsCryingRnThousandthStarhe*going to Insure �f . Ss fee Ween |e loa me (om tal-Vaal ic) 1705134331View
titleiminsert 1705133732View
mrKrabsIsMyManagerpertinentz My staff engineer during standup/in-person 1705123215View
actuallyMyStaffIsJusHelpingToPreventProductionIssuespertinentz My staff engineer during standup/in-person 1705122355View
pairProgrammingtwo_six_four_sixHe is esr standing Pherae: 1705121481View
wotInTarnationIsHappeningInThisSubRightNowimbenzenker Teerrrrrrrr J 1705121239View
afterAWhileTheFormatFeelsKindaCoolFQVBSinaa Be Reo $< B< Reo � 1705119961View
myPcAlwaysFreezes3rocket77Kv EEE We are going to freeze \ | We only have one option left to death if we don�t do something i. S a) \ \ wea a da 1705119817View
yesButNoAllBlackCryptoOther Programmers JAVA < PROGRAMMER �AD OOO Bs 2 Did you know that basically C# is Microsoft Java? tg TegaG se | 1705113930View
javaIsEverywherelaura_puppatooan es oo 29 Sripanccunee! GALVIN, GAGNE 1705102040View
androidDevJakeStBu 1705100689View
learntAboutThinVsThickClientsInClassTodayAndItRemindedMeOfThisTemplateInkyyBoyyVirgin Thin Client relies on server for storage and processing no local storage Chad Thick Client can do stuff by itself strong, independent ey ade with mematic 1705097597View
googleNoSePuedecharles_reads_booksPSPC a sunny aegis Pre arr pase psery perry Baer peret pase pase psery psery psery pase SIE PACS ORS ag Ae Sn sg cred cri Coo coi cooled cro ed crore Costas once Costar BEI rMee Uc Secreted ooaca ernest ee ess ey esata s ey) std Caste �June">June</option> July">July</option> peteraee ca aati Septenber">September</option> Raat es eet �the month of November">November</option> eC ea ce ee eee al � <option valu � <option valu � <option valu � <option valu ers y <option valu ae Sesser gst res erat ertss eee Ca asc eee UL Ske gu aE ess </option> � <option valu � <option valu � <option valu � <option valu � <option valu � <option valu � <option valu SS eet rs ers </option> Si ers ers rs 1705093912View
featureAndNotABugkeepersofthegloom 80-yr-old taken for last rites becomes �alive' as ambulance hits pothole in Haryana An 80-year-old man, taken for last rites in an ambulance, became �alive� after the vehicle hit a pothole in Haryana on Thursday. The man was in ventilator support for four days and was declared dead on Thursday morning. In ambulance, his grandson noticed him moving his hand and rushed him to hospital where doctors found him alive. MerlNU MRO LO) eB OU] 1705093787View
stopKiddingYourselvesHookens 1705093759View
whyAreQuoraAnswersLikeThisyavlfo fo fo fo fo Re TOTS eS DSS Oo WHETHER YOU THINKCIF PYTHON IS GREAT FOR YOU OR NOT 1705093296View
redditHatesPHPHTTP_Error_414++ Posted by u/HTTP_Error_414 2 hours ago a � redditLlovesPHP OQ 8 Comments ? Share ml Save Oo vee Post Insights Only you and mods of this community can see this 2.7k 21% 360 1 � Total Views ~ Upvote Rate # Community Karma 4 Total Shares 1705092503View
howITGuysSeeUsersalvnfred 1705092306View
broWeveHeardThatNineThousandTimesOkyavl 1705091857View
loremIpsumVitaminnCPP Unlimited-Pvt-Ltd 6:18 pm | generally replace all my abusive words with Lorem ipsum placeholder This is what | do when | talk to my project manager 1705089623View
whenTheyConfuseJavaWithJSalvnfredJoshua @ : @CreeCoder When you got hired to code in Java but you only know JavaScript 1705089027View
managedMemoryBeLikezomreddit 1705088477View
stopUsingMediumDotComindorockStop asking for big salaries Jestis Lagares in Python in Plain English - 4 min read Why Are There So Many Programmers Who Cannot Find Jobs? <& Why code sniffing is no longer worth obtaining $100.000/y salaries. Sto p building MVPs plop inin, PhD in Entrepreneur's Handbook - 4 min read The MVP Is Dead�How to Avoid Wasting 6 Months Building a Crappy Version of... Lean Startup and the idea of building MVPs was a great first step toward better startup efficiency, but it... Stop using Enums Sasha Marfut in Level Up Coding - 5 min read Please Stop Using Enums at the Domain Layer, They�re Horrible Refactoring from a poor enumeration to a rich value object in C#. Stop using LocalStorage Julien Etienne - 5 min read Stop Using localStorage Bid farewell to localStorage! Embrace IndexedDB for speed, type-safe storage, and non-blocking data... 1705088284View
embeddedSystemsBeLikeTheAwfulSnake It's time to handle interrupt 1705086198View
internAtWorkAble_Revolution_396�@ Facebook � 1h as Facebook iy <b> * � @&</b>ison Facebook. If you know her, add he... 1705085553View
YouKnowYouAreOnTheRightPathWhenThisHappensCommon-Road-1554Normal people when trying to solve a problem but run into another one. Programmers when trying to solve a problem but run into another one. 1705084714View
redditLovesPHPHTTP_Error_414 1705084076View
ILoveProductManagersStayAwayFromMePermit_io : = What's in >" a Ay a oad Remove your hand from the box, and you die. Cea 1705083697View
itsReallyScarryDevKanuiScariest thing for every programmer! Not terrible Not terrible �a little scary \ f\.)[a-zA- / NZ) {2,}))$ 1705078543View
iUnironicallyLoveLabviewSoRoastMea_wild_redditer79) | Mor Retain (eas) DE nx > Left v aa Left x [aan Max Speed (ft/s) [BER fmOmege) | watlomese > � speed x >>�\pnmlspeed � Front Left a Radi ft) =p Front Right POBLI|FL Angle (rad) Back Right Back Left ge eee yy cl (ss FL Velocity ets) = srr Angle (rad) (Lynne Velocity cs) | ______�yner angle (ad) | Ls Velocity rts �! 2oL||BL Angle (rad) �PELL Velocity (ft/s) FLAngle FL Velocity (ft FR Angle (rad) FR Velocity (Fu BR Velocity (ft BL Angle (rad BL Velocity (Fu 2020 1705078100View
javaPogrammersBeLikeUgo_Flickerman 1705077187View
whatAnIronyFedot_CompotReet) This page is using the production build of React. Open the developer tools, and �Components� and "Profiler" tabs will appear to the right. 1705076448View
youShouldSwitchToXActualAdham_ElsawyOther Programmers Programmer Tighe a oe a ol aa PHP Is dead, | hate python, javascript sucks @ m- YouS... � �j ��] | � wie 1705074149View
serviceOld-Expression-7290#define get_random(maxval) long((rand() /RAND_MAX) *maxval) Cama CeCe Ocoee eee Ria at lore } = std: :vector<std::string> templates; ere REN Pe ee Poa ame Gc eco Pe UCC ey Rees TOC Gsat Es MemeData& data=meme_data.at (get_random(meme_data.size()-1)); De eae cua ee @sc eee aCe OL@ec ee ceo ES ODD Seer ie Roc Re mG aCe aOR Cle ete at ec aa Ceca Cece ee eee CC Va UC OES DESIST) 1705072744View
programmingWillNotBeReplacedByAIduffyduckitHow many timesis the printin statement executed? olga eae) Las es thea) Byes one Cia) Cenc eee Ne ced java eet fe Pare ae ere too) Saree Se Ciba) System.out.printIn(i * 5); The outer loop runs for ~4~ from 0 to 9 (inclusive), and the inner loop runs for ~3~ from CCR Mme ts tmclu eine au ae RU RRR CSO MS cou ule Lococo LeU aC oy from 0 to 8 (since ~3~ goes up to ~i-4~), which can be calculated as the sum of the first Eo reece aed cauEe)) 2 Se it Plugging in the values: Ere) ee a7 Bec sts Occ nario knee 1705072636View
cFamilyAdham_Elsawy 1705066381View
teamCountStarOrCount1lukaseder 1705066172View
rewriteInRustBrofxvp 1705065166View
dirtyHandsCleanMoneyfreeriderhands are a sic e. , A KEYBOARD 400 TIMES MORE BACTERIA THAN THE AVERAGE TOILET SEAT! 1705064833View
javascriptDevelopersAdham_Elsawy ndefined & not - Hefined is same i Js 7 AL is eK ye ee 2s 1705064577View
iHatePythonAdham_ElsawyProgramming In Past C++ Java Programming These Days �eS [J Qi fs S v oe, Python Go Scratch 1705062829View
youShouldSwitchToCsharpBroModyLikesGaming 1705061089View
javaProgrammersAdham_ElsawyOther Programmers Java Programmer an rr AAAI | 1705060614View
iamSorryForStartingThisTrendAdham_ElsawyOther Programmers Javascript Programmer �I | wer + i eS 4 ~ | Do you know you can make everythng with javascript if I | | [ea] Re 1705060474View
nodeModuleshomeknopf 1705059356View
thisHauntsMeEverydayzzKillswitchzz � cae ae Ge yr Go rr tr a Mxe, Fs EGtD ac Dae 1 OWE gS G tae B99 @ FE Vs �Bs oo (9 on ae Om ee ee gat poOe. ae ee we et Oe! Fgh� fee. �<pv aq eaengles � OBE be) oe ge ge ; ie Uae. bn CUueems tes Be! Ny �8. ps8 E oo Site & Dopey renee per ay �oo Be , : 2 a aun eee Sq ekMan 0, pc8P mige�s S65 a a G@ Bees E sus Be GoW Te er Oem, 8F pepe G3 pie ��� ot R Su 7 aRaD 120g, ay go mke Qi g � as �9 �ea 8g B i go ae 8 p i * � : cc tos aoae ae ste, tao ae 158" ppc 5 sf 8 ae cam Os Bw ape �2 a g 3 Slee? vam nate ae ee te aglSpo care s) Tae @ a ae ae pa "el: s a TE OMe, AB @ at Gb vg Oe o 8 so a|"oee oe ee we aoe PUP epags 8 | gem �ay ales. (Ree - a 1 po: gi. pi Gm eta, ae a as : : s mi veeeee _OBRanea tan eee gy sce � �BRS vese: te oH @Uag Sf Ss Gi [F <a @o ta ei - om - G68 Greanald e7c@ Ce Bre@ ~.2@ spehad "vB �oa @ 8 B &y �EL aeSoses; Mambo alae atand ms BusGlcp | alos moa 8) Ah abilag | Base, , 2 faus>� et REE owl gf Mgt 898 eet ele Bd fo Sl8� =e mom ee eh ee ae oe tllivat ge0 Uc Gis - | �in ae a 7H ens SEs Se ee eee eee are cece ee [ue aegis SESS ae :. San das 5 oer eee igang vente. eae . aig nm C Te je@ureens- Oman | | 5� | oa te BSB sE85 oo Bre CRUE a pea: Fe i oe ie ee : ; fa seen ag Beam) itty ptr et pe sc Bete eg tele ole oi ROn Oa� BUR pm @e = So os an'i = , � a Som th 2} Serif ed p ay Rite Q 2 Bg) : ro cS | ey eS ean) meee Stl het at! fe Ca Tams Clapcihen pw a8 uF 58 t=upp ff -ecie 4D we in eB ane. LEH gUea, Sh Te | eae e ee. eee a, a 8w en @@os- os a mo r= 1 | Wj a any eR s @ ea Fe . 4 a . "ae pee, ean5 ge aes eo: # , if t Nyy � le: a | je -Boee �GbE a ga), = RY bm | i sctee � BBS i, ca ia ) Vue g 2 HB Wa ft pgs @ BSE a lepe gt @uspas O64) amon Mi ee ee i Yq! \eo & wi. a� sf sUqgs 'ee @ ce � aiga@es &, aS pa �a1 "S05 wating | F. p08 a ao QP oe g@" seo ganse Nag 8 BY ee aw @�@a %)\nm BB SB Te: & | efi c@ se�\sange �A | ers SO@erSiticog os = a 1 Cert eer � @455� 276) sapsteea| one� amie Pac? S�acsss a o& ae Re a. wp * 2s . #8") pz os oe = ww �Be ! Baare > .~ \ a 2 gap � ap #4: Le 3 ae ~ �50 gf . = a7," oe, eS a � 8 By eile a Age! of wv om Z Comp a m) ae 1705057180View
forThoseOfUsConfusedByDevStageRunnagateRampantDevelopment 101 Production qt �ih << In production's fervent glow, : < Ae ie Through the night, developers flow. Eternal struggle, burning bright, & 4 Gi = Crafting dreams in endless night. N 7) NS SN Stage /steid3/ On the stage, bright and wide, Your content gleams, can't hide. Under the spotlight's glowing grace, In front of an audience, your rightful place. 1705056819View
imSoSeriouslil-lil-lil-lil-lilDev Jokes @dev_puns a review comments 1705055209View
imAGeniusCodeReviewsOnlySlowMeDownerrormakerPls approve ? Only approve 7 SA \ 34 1705055133View
peakDadHumorInMyMatlabFunctionFromThe90sAlfCarisonPC Sea ary Pees ae ocr Cae Scot m re Foe eee Sete teeter Sees eee Cte eee tes) Pere eaten ent res Presa ance en ere NSEn terse Seer CeCe CeCe CECE. Serco ener tr ners ere eres Peano ere Taree Come Seer! cat ybanana+n) .*g_window (n, minfreq+banana, factor)); 1705054605View
iWastedTooMuchTimeOnThisShittyMemeToNotPostItAndSorryAboutMyCroppingSkillspastaheld Ee YOON fT CSET 1705052125View
postOfficeHorizonBadCodingLoquis7.3 Existing Code [NB = This section has been produced with the assistance of Dave McDonnell [and Martin Smith and their combined experience of structured programming] Although parts of the EPOSS code are well written, significant sections are a combination of poor technical design, bad programming and ill-thought out bug fixes. The negative impact of these factors will continue and spread as long as the PINICL fixing culture continues. This is partly due to the nature/size of the bug-fixing task and partly due to the quality and professionalism of certain individuals within the team. The problem is probably best illustrated examples Example 1 �This extract from EPOSSCore.dil has been written to reverse the sign of a number and is equivalent to the command :~ dod [Public Function ReverseSign(d) Ifd<o Then d= Abs(d) Ee dd-(d"2) End if Reversesign = ind Function �COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE Page 17 of 20 ae FUJ00080690 FuJo0080690, IeL Report on EPOSS PUtCL Task Fore. Refi IA/REP/o08 Pathway Date: 14/os/or Whoever wrote this code clearly has no understan �mathematics or the most basic rules of programming. 1g of elementary 1705050712View
asTypescriptMagoAcademico 1705047616View
TheRevoltZMilanP Tf robot works hard enoughs\}One day it will rule the world: Qne day it will rule the world! /I\If robot works hard enough! But how did you mitigate ('m telling you Frank, the danger of the Al the IT department outdid starting a rebellion? themselves this time! � Lt & 2 ga Ll Hi WL Real World Efforts 1705047185View
toEveryYinThereIsAYangOrganicRelicsee lel sel eae forked from mawerty/Is-Prime 1705042964View
stillMissingChatGptsunrise_apps 1705037238View
reactIsTheNewExpressyolkmeetCodeToCreation @ @CodeToCreati...- 23h vey Best Backend Framworks To Learn For Each Language: Python - Django JavaScript - React PHP - Laravel Ruby - Ruby on Rails Golang - Martini Bre Memele)alaled Share your thoughts � O297- t78 oll TA NSl Ga & } Ace� @mmukhtaryahaya - 10h ry) Did you mean to refer to using Express for the backend when you mentioned "React for the backend"? (oy) a O03 1h Ao) Ga & rN AN CodeToCreation @ t Follow | @CodeToCreation | refer express 17:32 - 11/01/2024 From Earth : 1.4K Views 1705033303View
cobolProgrammersBeLikezocterminal Other Programmers COBOL & PROGRAMMER +) 1 oR a. i oo �00552 JABOUCUOCIC Did you know that COBOL � handles 95% of all creditcard-swipes? Te, AOC ft ae es ss) 5) 8) 1705030998View
andNotOnlyForSanAndreassunrise_apps12 yo Elon Musk: Pes A 1705027611View
andYouDontUnderstandHowItWorkssunrise_appsWhen the code you copied from a tutorial gives an error 1705027517View
fixAnyComputermigueldm915 Reboot Format hard det t hard drive, Reinstall Windo \Loee all your few Que thy weep, Apple PP Toke it toon mm Did that Ax itr : , Apple store. No? Proceed to step a =� Buy a new Mac. Overdra your account. Quietly weep. Learn to code in C Recompile the Kernel. Build your own microprocessor out of spare silicon You had lying around. Recormpile the kernel again, Switch distros. Recormpile the kernel again but this time using a CPU powered by refracted light from, Saturn. Grow a gant beard. Blane Sun Microsystems. Turn your bedroom into a server closet and spend ten years falling asleep to +the sound of whirring fans, Switch distros again, Abandon all hygiene. Write a regular expression that would make other programmers cry blood, Learn to code in Java, Recomple the hernel again (but this time while wearing your lucky �ocks) Did that fx it? my Soe to step pee? Revert back to using Windows or a Mac. Quietly weep 1705025884View
aiOutputsTheScreamsOfAllDevsmikeethedudeUn 1705021834View
evolutionOfTheExistentialQuestionAsProgrammersTheShenanegoushow do u spell �things� when do u spell �things* why do u spell �things� why do we spell things when do we spell things how do we spell things 1705019343View
httpMaloneMajorSuchodolskiPOST MALONE | PATCH MALONE 1705017831View
myOperatingSystemCourseIsBasedOfficial_SkyH1gh:, ~~ + Strategies used for dealing with deadlocks �~ 1. Ignore the problem 1705015393View
enterOrShiftEnterrustyb00ts 1705014876View
phpPaysMysBillsgirvent_13Other Programmers PHP Programmer et lk fF F S PES PHP isn't dead and Cy makes 78% of the ps Internet bro.� f� | | ) \] IOIOIO IOI SSAA 1705014378View
whatStackIsThatHTTP_Error_414LN POSTGRSQL 1705013634View
triedMyHandAtOneOfTheseSankeyThingiesJavaXDReferral from internship (did extremely well and everyone was super impressed) Almost fuck it up by asking for more money what the fuck was | thinking Accepted 1 1 1 Made at SankeyMATIC.com 1705010683View
getTimekqr_oneWTO SN eS DOING THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER BUTT HTT LT Nd ae ed � ike SRL 1705009383View
theNextThingISayIsTrueTheLastThingISaidIsFalseanax4096 1705006819View
JustUseStaticLinkingFromTheStartLechintanTudorDevelopers rediscovering static linking by putting dynamic dependencies in a container 1705004531View
tailwindClassNamesCharles_Stover Tomasz takomy @ @tlakomy - 4h �� Margaret Hamilton standing besides the average tailwind className prop 1705001470View
nowThatsARealTreeautisticsatanistShow me a real act) | said a real act) Perfection 1705001466View
anotherReVoLuTiOnAryJavascriptFrameworkReleasedwyldcraft From here on, if something intrigues you, avoid it at all.costs. cd 1705000676View
tiredOfThisShithottownm\ Vince Canger @ sy @hot_town BSR Teoh oe) Remix: forms and shit NextJS: all this serverless shit Svelte: all lightweight and shit Astro: islands or whatever they call that shit Angular: injecting & observing shit Redwood: wtf is this GraphQL shit? Wasp: abstracting away shit 10:32 am : 11 Jan 2024 - 250 Views 1704999434View
ITrickedCopilotToPlayTicTacTocUnBuenSerHumanoPeco Rec ig OS Re Neale Ae eared On a �|I__|___ | I 2S an �|I__|___ | I = | = i] = | I Soria tay 1704997817View
goodLuckTryingToUseRustAntitheticalAardvarkOPINIONATED COLLEGE STUDENTS ON THIS SUB Ma MUST TT ak TTA a PRIMARILY | TA Tay CODE) ENTERPRISE TUR IMTUR aL aa lash Tp 1704997572View
redScareKaamDeveloper 1704995875View
WhatWOuldYouConsideBluePrintProgrammingSimilarTotimtexasU Sia Sree i ary oe ror py ae a ere z Nee ee ef Sao Faas Still better than Rust � 1704995055View
aBeginnersTakeOnTheseLanguagesthe_pleb_You have 1000 ways to solve this a problem You have 1000 libraries that can You have 3 ways to solve this problem but 2 of them fucking suck 1704991716View
youShouldSwitchToRustBroRestaurantHuge3390Other Programmers Rust Programmer a pot ot IC LIC 1704986707View
guessWhatGithubRepositoryIsThismawerty123ecu! @096960 OFOLO0c6 See Re ices DEE SnES Cun aeT) See cu eee ee ml eee er Oe ca ee ees Oe 1704985534View
AccessKeyTimeDilationpi_west Time passes 10 times more quickly when you have to rotate access keys every 90 days a EO (light cone) JP >0 (spacelike) - pa) i ro) 1704984291View
notEvenYoutubeEscapesObjectObjectCorneredJackal@memethief4113 ha 1 ano [object Object] she's speaking Japanese though G 30 oh Responder 1704984035View
youShouldSwitchToPythonBroAdham_ElsawyOther Programmers Python Programmer 1704983446View
whatIReallyDoAdham_ElsawyWhat people think! do What my parents think | do How to use dates in Javascript ==, 1704981341View
codeIsTypeSafenSeagullAU Sy ; = �</ Yo = � ee om = / ee a y a a pe a �6 A � i aie j RN A 1704980392View
logicOfJobPostsAdham_Elsawy>� iDK @ SCR Saga @kevinkaywho Found a job opening that requires 8+ years of Swift experience. Swift is a programming language that came out 3 years ago. 18/08/2017, 20:05 21.1K Retweets 50.5K Likes 1704980150View
ThanksChatGPTthepiwo item 1 of 20. This is fine 1704978874View
javascriptIWantThisStrict_Treat2884> for (let i = @; i < 5; i++) { Coe rem ele > [...new Array(10)].map((_, i) => i) < > (10) [0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9] > for (let i of 5) { console. log(i); a > [...10] < � (10) [0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9] 1704975843View
somethingsWrongICanFeelItDixieslicer3006 �� a} | I) DATEV Logistikauftrag online x & pagetitle.forms ae � G)_ https://apps.datev.de/lao/#/forms -header.navbar-c navbar-header.navbar-container.appname navbar-header. titles. vorgaenge =F navbar-head auftrag-erstellen.title auftrag-erstellen.cards.mandantendaten.title auftrag-erstellen.cards. mandantendaten.following-text auitrag-erstellen.cards.mandantendaten link-text oy o- auftrag-erstellen.cards.mandantendaten. buttons.abgabe-von-mandantendaten-title a auftrag-erstellen.cards.mandantendaten.buttons.anforderung-von-mandantendaten-title 1704975058View
programmingForWorkSucksAtrulion__ 1704974277View
theMostHelpfulCoPilotHasbeenLoXatoR7 ae ROR SCOR eee ee a & > button { Chee eeu sce et mena } 1704972755View
tryFortranAnnaWar6969 1704969400View
whatWorseStackOverFlowDownOrChatGPTdownHTTP_Error_414Service degradation in ChatGPT Investigating - We are currently investigating this issue. Jan 11, 2024 - 01:30 PST 1704965661View
averageStackOverflowExperienceUncommonRedditNamePerhaps not - could you elaborate? - [I Your question is too long for me to take ital n and formulate an answer - 1704963361View
theJobAndDatingMarketAreEquallyToughdick_scriminatorBoth the markets are same i guess, there was this girl in Delhi who sent me her deep learning project to solve on bumble. | gave her steps to follow but she needed the whole code. 1:48 PM - Jan 4, 2024 - 10.7K Views ea ee Dating As A Service (DaaS) 1704957996View
AlwaysReadTwiceWheOrderingTheRapist729 : �, bY Eas $e en a te sina : ag bb seua Caer et Oa Rr che Terenas aT pete tem Ud taal.* i fail : UL ate �labore et dol ore mi ey ina m2" x sod RPE es | fic AL fi aay J meee Sur nost ru LS e | d minim 1h Pes * cio To J Re slaslasle] CP rele) ; ct ry | �in � een eorcn �hr 2) V7} tate velit esse a : Vat) tanh EME al scl liars piae e : ped renee ee aa ce ee cf YIMHTE PAY HT! ee 1a) ome 1704955865View
IamInPainLunaNicoleTheFoxWhen your fucked up manual heap allocation works but now something else marginally related breaks in a way that it did before. ZA 1704954609View
trueneelpatel_007aa : N � �adi t.! Tal eM a aumitep ATE ' mia x Y, ay ae eu : LE bias eT needs r ee ers f yy: � : Jae Tee ; a3 deiele) ec! EN ig 1704950679View
iCanNotRealateNovascope87| don't use Google when coding $0 STRONG. OM & o(ovad JUDGES 1704948851View
programmingIsAllMathkaizen_____mathematicians this does not make any sense, it should be1 nooo000000000 programmers: 1!=0 absolutely correct. yeah no problem. 1704947094View
IHeardTheJobMarketIsToughRightNowat_198xee ea APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT Lefer to the recent death of the Technical Manager at your Company and hereby apply for the replacement of the deceased Manager. ach time 1 apply for a job, get a reply that there�s no yacancy but in this ease I have eaught handed and you have no exeuse because that he way you red J even atiended the funeral to be sur 1 dead aud buried before applying ed to my letter isa copy of my CY and his 1704943117View
timeDelayLoopsAreSophisticatedZaWarudosTimely-Entertainer38Cases during fall through: e with mematic 1704940282View
howDoIDoQuoteSearchingTheOwningBumpy faa (dit 1a ae CELTS "as sin" [a] Games & Quizz Est. 1828 0o 99 999 as sin The following 4 entries include the term "as sin". (as) guilty as sin idiom : completely or very guilty See the full definition (as) miserable as sin idiom : extremely miserable See the full definition (as) ugly as sin idiom > very ugly See the full definition get one's ass in gear idiom �used as an impolite way to say someone needs to hurry up See the full definition 1704936654View
howDoIDoQuoteSearchingTheOwningBumMerriam- Dictionary Thesaurus Webster Est. 1828 �as sin� The following 4 entries include the term as sin. (as) guilty as sin idiom : completely or very guilty See the full definition (as) miserable as sin idiom : extremely miserable See the full definition (as) ugly as sin idiom > very ugly See the full definition get one's ass in gear idiom �used as an impolite way to say someone needs to hurry up See the full definition 1704936537View
andThatHowWordpressWasCreatedAdham_Elsawy se See ee i ate. = rr ee ile ed tl Bes [ on�, � Ya WordPress e * sd 1704935520View
needMoreModulessunrise_apps �a When you,try to: add modules to eye el eC) i 1704934735View
removingUnwantedCodesunrise_appsMe in the process of e-lnaonialMe lal r-laltese) code in software.. Pe KG 7) 1704934581View
googlingHexcodesDoBeLikeTibbles_thecat0x7EF976310 to ... english 1704934333View
notAPhilosopherjailadal Nooooooood it doesn�t respect the philosophy LS ofthelanguage @y-@ It works 1704933973View
javascriptLogicAdham_Elsawy ioeanieets � Wiking fren > typeof null "object" 1704928531View
toDorandomzeus 1704925929View
linuxIsNotAProgrammingLanguagesudoaptupgradeYAR\ ae LO we Ressh CURT Aire (-1-(e Recon VAnnYA (0 SLD �indeed ee Programming language x JavaScript SQL HTML5 CSS Java C# Python 1704923988View
somethingAintRightAtrulion__WHEN YOUR CODE WORKS ON FIRST EXECUTION 1704922476View
loveYourSelfStummiStop Using Anti- self Language Instead of: Say: | am an impostor lam a bad person for doing what I do lam the worst employee at my company and one day they will all find out | do not deserve my salary, position, or the recognition that comes with these things because | have not truly earned them lam doing something deeply immoral by pretending to be better than | actually am 1704919196View
itsLikeTheyDontEvenPretendAnymorexSTSxZerglingOnePGs RL Sa C9 moran LEE 1704918888View
whichInternWasTestingInProdSilverSparrow7274SA SA Focused Other 0 Student Accounts DISREGARD TESTING E... 11:06 AM Dear Student: Please disregard th... Student Accounts Testing 9:41 AM Dear Student: Our records indicat... Archnews Reminder: Enrollment f... 9:12 AM 1704917026View
theyAreTheNodeModulesGuysAdham_ElsawyThe secret behind Thor�s hammer 1704915329View
AllISeeIsemmyoks5 Sd 6 - Aenea | -bg d� 1704912085View
letMeDoAQuickTestLocallykinkyDom93Se Subway GT VV Show less x F] efes 11m ago S (eli = a 1704912022View
testingTheRobotDopazOnYouTubeDotComPlease tell me your firstname. & lastname? 1704911207View
thisBelongsHereinitiate-eG throwawayshit67 1h | am doing my masters, there is this girl who topped her uni in bachelors who can't even tell what is a function @@ > Reply # 110 % =~) No_Delivery_2229 1h P Error on line 42 what is a function Marriage, Engagements etc right?? Se ey ne 1704909037View
longPollingDissTracksmall_hole_energy(Verse 1) Yo, listen up, here's the deal, let's talk tech for real, Long polling got you stressed, but I'm about to reveal, It ain't the real villain, no, it ain't that bad, Blaming it for global warming just makes us all mad. (Chorus) Long polling's catching flak, but hold on, cut some slack, It's just a data query, not the Earth's attack, Don't blame the tech, let's find a better tack, Dissing long polling? Nah, that's way off track. (Verse 2) Yo, Greta, hold up, let's get the facts straight, Long polling ain't the devil, it EvonWmelonusralcey Sure, data's buzzin', servers do their thing, But pointing fingers at it? Come on, that's just a fling. (Chorus) Long polling's catching flak, but hold on, cut some slack, It's just a data query, not the Earth's attack, Don't blame the tech, let's find a better tack, Dissing long polling? Nah, that's way off track. (Bridge) Let's innovate, let's elevate, but not with hate, Find solutions, no pollution, that's the debate, Long polling's just a part, not the whole state, Dissin' it won't solve it, that's the truth, mate. (Chorus) Long polling's catching flak, but hold on, cut some slack, It's just a data query, not the Earth's attack, Don't blame the tech, let's find a better tack, Dissing long polling? Nah, that's way off track. (Outro) So before you drop the mic, and start to attack, Think twice 'bout the tech, cut it some slack, We need solutions, not just to yak, Dissin' long polling? Sorry, gotta hit you back. 1704908260View
newFeatureOnDevBranchGoaty1208Ree) Pacd 1704907726View
whiteLiesJubs300WILL THIS SOLUTION WORK HOW MANY CONCURRENT FOR 1 MILLION CONCURRENT USERS DO WE HAVE TODAY? USERS? YES, THIS WILL WORK FOR | MILLION CONCURRENT USERS. Hi! I�m Bob. | create comics about work. Work Chronicles hs Send your suggestions & feedback to [email protected] workchronicles.com 1704907533View
everySingleCodeReviewExciting_Session492ct es ad eS Ga cue Eee ECR Lg now EP ie) Reply. oo Ree oy 2+ Pe tcscue Oct te CHa ie teu PLE OCC rans 1704906275View
howDoYouPronounceItSometimesiworry oF 1704905653View
testingMyOwnCodeserverlessmom 1704903453View
butItDoesRunAdham_Elsawy 1704902847View
humanFactorelectrocaramel is, a /j Silom NZ ae i WAF AND i aS Baa Ne DLP bes ig aa yo Vuln : Manager age ec LS s 1704902139View
npmInstallNpmAshamed-Skirt795Note: to download the latest version of npm, on the command line, run the following comm npm install -g npm PMA ii vee ey iil ad a a PS C:\> npm install ey 1704901130View
javascriptIsBadlyDesideepCelibateValueAny individual parameter can be accessed by its position in the list of arguments to the macro call, numbered from left to right starting at 1, with one of the following escape sequences. -- Escape sequence: \$n -- Escape sequence: \$(nn -- Escape sequence: \$I[nnn] Interpolate the Nth, NNth, or NNNth parameter. The first form expects only a single digit (1<=N<=9)), the second two digits (@1<=NN<=99)), and the third any positive integer NNN. Macros and strings accept an unlimited number of parameters. 1704899964View
thisNewCoPilotUpdateSucksMacMarvin 1704898256View
nameFastestServerCurrent-Guide5944 \ which server is fastest?? _/ 1704898009View
LPUforRentNowOrBotNetStoppedWorth-Confusion7779Johnie @Johnie 18h a For those looking for an update, data usage has dropped since | posted this and blocked the device on my router. Sorry if you were using my washing machine for bitcoin mining. But I'd gladly rent our the LPU (Laundry Processing Unit) by the hour. Pee re cle) Te Br ited DA ie �� a LeeLee 1.18 GB Ree) Era) Cir Ce PEERS CECE ECL rr oe A AE TT Rm eT aed Ly ree) Deer) ac} cme) BB Lye pL) am Te 3 ce Paya Pe} Ret} @45 12193 5319 95,644 1704897121View
copyFromStackOverFlowAdham_Elsawyfa i of Prot oO | Bit the ; peel lov dat mentation 1704890310View
formattingDocumentationBeLikethiccancerOC ELM ACS LLL � eon: cee formatting 4: the sequel no one wanted, but got anyway Srey formatting 3: the return of the ping Ce eer formatting 2: electric boogaloo r) commit CTiey o Seu es CTiey 1704885839View
autoUpdatesAreEvilShimodaxDeployingjan mechanisms larelalreadystixeds Cacti a cedilion lofinewjtickets; ibecauseinow, liticrashesiwhen) checking fomupdatess 1704885613View
whatIsRepeatyoyobarawhile (alive) { eat(); sleep(); code(); repeat(); } t Sleep Code Repeat VOL nT ey @ i) 1704884044View
howIsThisPossibleCyberWeirdo420pons coyiKt PUTER nT 1704878383View
workingWithFeatureBrancheskeombre8(sere) RESOLVE <� ) RMERGE CONFLICT 1704877573View
NormalBotNetWashingMachineOrSkilledProgrammerOfLGWorth-Confusion7779Johnie t Follow @Johnie WTF! Why is my LG Washing Machine using 3.6GB of data/day? Used Percentage Period Traffic Daily Traffic CATs 175.60 MB 3.66 GB EN 225 MB Seo =) 75 MB 0 rr De ee RCO ECE ey Cn eh Client Name: LG_Smart_Laundry2_open Py ld Swe) General AUPE) Der Cr lo aoe 3.57 GB 95.75 MB 3.66 GB EM Cry 2.81 KB 2.89 KB 1704877554View
respectUnspokenRulesyavl 1704875971View
programmingIsNotThatStressfulAtrulion__ Ba a aN SO ay Sissi mae | VEAROLD PROGRAMMER a Vg. 1704874317View
howToFixCors101LeSaR_cobalt status (BOT) Today at 23:28 load balancer: �sanity� broken incorrect cors value Today at 23:27 yy Tae jj Today at 23:28 Se what if i jumped off this bridge cobalt status (BOT) Today at 23:30 load balancer: 'sanity' fixed Today at 23:29 1704871136View
NeverAdmitToTheCrimeSDGGame1-create-docker-fi.. v | godot-cicd Author v || Search by message Jan 09, 2024 Whatever ChatGPT told me to do to fix it... � S authored 2 minutes ago beeffrca 8 | Try checking if dind is working � S authored 12 minutes ago b5413b1d | | Oops eSdsbfed | S authored 25 minutes ago 9 Bo Move passwords to push-image only socan build from any branch gy | os reua7 | ey |e S authored 26 minutes ago Try different password thingy � S authored 32 minutes ago �d�eb71d | | Try not using base (caused weird issue?) � Matthew S authored 35 minutes ago Bebc87ae | fs | Yaml invalid b2daao7b | S authored 39 minutes ago 9 Bo Split jobs into build and push to make development less risky � S authored 40 minutes ago 36544d16 | fs | Enable basic Cl b29a95b9 | S authored 52 minutes ago Initial commit 536e7a79 | | S authored 54 minutes ago 1704870325View
doesAnyoneElseWriteBooleanAndThisWaycaught-in-y2kAGIBRC HARIEECT AaBac Ae: = AaIR I AMIBUIATB ARB) �C all pesibilties for � hawd Bula Tue \\) = 1704869293View
codingStandardOfExtremeNatureArjunReddyDeshmukh You know what�s not cool, Bobby? MTT If you don�t put a string in Constants file even if it is used only once. 1704861140View
figuredWeShouldBeMoreHonestPabstBRaay G :calculated-decision-to-leave-t ech-debt-for-now-and-clean-it -up-later: 1704859788View
artificialLifePartnerbcmillerNaveen Balan � 3rd+ c{o Marry BEng ( Hons) , M.1.B, International Business Develo... I'm thinking... What would u call a man / woman who wish to make an Al Robot their life partner ? A person with serious affection towards Al robots ? I'm sure such a term will become relavant for next generation:) Like - @�1 Reply - 2replies Show 1 more reply Kaspars Vitols - 3rd+ Pe] oc IT Field Engineer at Unify Business Solutions Naveen Balan a programmer? Like - @) 2. Reply 1704859048View
theHardestInterviewQuestionOfAllBenevolentCheese~~ Pe INT? aan a Hty� | STRING TO AN Wa � = int(str); > cy Var ant YO junior claws ei= ined w 2P arselst $i Ls streonv.Atoi(str] intvali�str). �= inti) let i i99 � StP2rSe unyrapy, :stoi(stt); A 1 = str.to_! nn int i= 1704847022View
iSeeItLikeThatAdham_Elsawy code Regex iP 5 fo _ oe > | _� ee a* ee ve y imgfilip.com 1704846964View
actuallyDonesunrise_appsMe: | am good in C language. Interviewer: Then write "Hello World� using C. Me: Cc c� cccce Cc Cc CCCCcc c cc Cc Cc Cc Cc Cc Cae Cc Cc Cc Cc ccccc CCC Cc (e te �� Cc �� � c Cc Cc �c Cc CaS �c Cc � � �c c ecece cccce cccce Cccce � � eccece ceccc � Cccce Cc Cae Ge Gq (2 Cc CICS TS � ccece C� Cc c ce cc C (ey (ele Cc �c Cc Cc Ce � ce Cc Cc Cc Cc c C� cc �� Cc Cc �� Cc � ccece C� c� eccce Ccccce 1704845882View
howToRunCorrectlysunrise_appson How public void run() programmer step++; run 1704845836View
ifOnlySomethingRandomYT< Tweet 4, YandereDev @YandereDev God | wish there was an easier way to do this oe Pa coe pL Pee capt Peel pr Peep Pcen rapt PCen py 1704845595View
chatGptResumewavinghandcoeS) lor af elT er @CatMcGeeCode Got a CV today and the guy literally listed one of his skills as �geeging We're interviewing him ileal 8:22 AM - 7/23/21 - Twitter for iPhone 1704841082View
whenYouFindOutTheConceptOfFlexboxWasInventedIn1972deepCelibateValueGeV Leaders, Up: Tabs and Fields 5.12.2 Fields "Fields" are a more general way of laying out tabular data. A field is defined as the data between a pair of �delimiting characters". It contains substrings that are separated by �padding characters". The width of a field is the distance on the _input_ line from the position where the field starts to the next tab stop. A padding character inserts an adjustable space similar to TeX's '\hss' command (thus it can even be negative) to make the sum of all substring lengths plus the adjustable space equal to the field width. If more than one padding character is inserted, the available space is evenly distributed among canoe -- Request: .fc [delim-char [padding-char] Define a delimiting and a padding character for fields. If the latter is missing, the padding character defaults to a space character. If there is no argument at all, the field mechanism is disabled (which is the default). In contrast to, e.g., the tab repetition character, delimiting and padding characters are _not_ associated with the environment (*note Environments::). Pace aaa Pa #foo*bar*smurf# ola Ea meloeea - eae 0 a ea => foo oa smurf => foo oa smurf 1704839291View
inSMTPWeTrustxemkis Me unable to use the official testing channels = a YY , A raw executable in an email SS a, 1704838905View
inputTypeTextnibba_bubbaPOV: You asked a frontend developer to add a field to a CRUD model & 500 Internal Server Error nginx 1704838491View
jobDescriptionsBeLiketater_piWhat do you need to join us? At least three years of professional experience as a.NET developer e Very good knowledge of Entity Framework e Experience in ASP.NET MVC / ASP.NET Core MVC e Independent and solution-oriented way of working � Good communication skills and good English language skills e Beagood team player What do we offer you? e Attractive salary e Large freedom and real influence e No unhealthy competition, team approach to meeting challenges e Work with experienced developers, specialist training paid by us e Remote work model e Company apartments in cool cities across Europe We rely on people who want to create something new and improve our client's solutions. If you value a good atmosphere and the spirit of cooperation, you will fit in here. C#/.NET / ASP.NET / Entity Framework / Microsoft Azure Job Type: Full-time Salary: $4,500.00 - $11,000.00 per month Experience level: @5 years Schedule: e Day shift e Monday to Friday People with a criminal record are encouraged to apply Experience: @ .NET: 10 years (Required) Work Location: Remote 1704837269View
terribleFacebookMemeCommandJamexactly �B� 275 780 hozzaszdlas_ 4 E megosztas ride) Tetszik (@) Hozzaszolas A eee 1704836378View
workingInItBeLikeAdham_ElsawyFirst day 3 months working inIT later... 1704836346View
iDidThisToMyselfjrrericks THERE i i adit TAT ee RE Wh ad DEV vA THAT REPO 1704833067View
howToQuitVimWithStyleAccordingToChatGPTxbwtyzbchsHere's a table displaying various methods to quit VIM, along with detailed explanations and a "style rating� for each method: Style Rating Method ee (0-10) �q� ol Na teri tel ease r ess BQ ce ere EU Res eae rcs a co Ses eeu hear Nie 6 24d eres ICL iu ieS Usha NY LUe 7 oral Equivalent to ~:wq�, saves and quits. 6 oe ieee te ka ee aU 5 ees s Peters eae MMS Near eau habs 10 os Seas cet y See ene etd eae eae al a) ce a errs kun Ret To et erent Rance ri The "style rating" is a subjective measure of how stylish or dramatic each method is considered to be. For instance, using �killall -9 vim" is rated the highest in style due to its forceful and unconditional method of quitting VIM. 1704832510View
ClassicDaNoahLP 1704830974View
happensEveryTimeChewnard SO THE DESIGN ST GOING TO CHANGE? �) � \ Cily ma 3 PE a sermon 2S att sh eee BUNCH OF REWORK? � 0 Lt Nes Pra, yan Log PGA _ Th ee ae. ea (@ THE DESIGN Ly enertmline Po eee a ~ �- ad 1704828989View
LocalNewspaperTypingHeadlinescruiser-bazoozle ges bestow Visit JUG sc dinar ward Newport Beachs Jingle on the Waves with the te Tournament of Roses JU Extraordinaire award. BY LILLY NGUYEN For those riding on it and for those who saw it in person, New- port Beach's float in this years D Rose Parade � the citys first en- ry in 18 vears was extraordl nary This years Pasadena lourna ment of Roses judges, Heather de Kok, Judith K. Nakamura and Richard Schulhof, agreed. They reviewed each float during the | teeectagec and honored + Ses aman Pew ea five-float procession that totalea 165 feet in length, as the most ex- Pes ry relia eee Fo od 1704826372View
transparentTerminalKissMyBottomEndLd poe eererenerrynyenenrrnr ver erty vTOnN ,eoo. SELL O CLEGG GOL P ae) Denese eeeceRR eee) ae eee OOOO OCOD Cole t eC L) � H eee eR aT aa DL � on y PS SCP USO ars eee le Le SE eT Crem eles a Cs ee a] Kernel: 6.3.2-060302~-generic Uptiae: S? gains Packages: 1249 (dpkg), 18 (pacstall) Shell: bash 5.2.15 Resolution: 1660x1050 Vise tts ee] rete CR Pe ae la Mae a oe le CoP la bey CUPP Settee eC eet it lad Terminal: xfce�-terminal Terwinal Font: Fira Code weight CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 (2) @ 3.S599GHz GPU; Red Hat, Inc. Virtio GPU Memory: 757MiB / 3897MiB 1704825310View
HeCantCSharpAnymoreAtrulion__ 1704820697View
inputTypeTextodd_sherlockPOV: You asked a backend developer to add a simple field to a form anmaies 1704819551View
meHavingProgrammedSomethingInScratchOnceAndGettingThisSubRecommendedNotUnderstandingASingleWordOk-Ice5212 1704817729View
seizeThisGuysKeyboardHTTP_Error_414(] FucqSort ( Public FucqSort is an educational repository that presents a variety of sorting algorithms, ranging from well-established methods to experimental approaches. This collection is designed for educational pu... (ee an kay (] FucqPassword ( Public FucqPassword is a set of PHP classes to help make strong secure passphrase for use as master logins to endpoints or password management utilities. (| en kay ( FucqEncode ( Public FucqEncode: A PHP class for custom string encoding and decoding. Implements a unique 'Frequently Used Character Quantification� (Fucq) algorithm with multi-layered bin2hex encoding and custom chara... @PHP 1 95 contributions in the last year 1704806179View
basedOnATrueStoryTunisandwich 1704804716View
whoDoesBroThinkHeIsienjoymusiclol HIS ASS IS NOT CODING� HIS ASS IS NOT A SOFTWARE EER� 1704803403View
testInProdDK-Blue W% Bouygues Telecom + 7 min Bouygues Telecom test prod mCare 1704802794View
soBigJaroshevskiiORIGINAL VERSION OF THE EG++ STANDARD =. Capitol Hill 11:29 AM 1704800747View
steepAlgorithmyuva-krishna-memes When you check the CTC of r software engineer at 1st level 1704799183View
butItWasWorkingFinePreviouslyYehDilMaaangeMorees . Isaac Is Laughing � Se @imosquera "IT WORKED!! IT WORKED!!!" my son screamed with joy from his room. I'm teaching him to code python and left him alone to solve a problem. me: "Son, that feeling you had never goes away for as long as you code". This is why programmers love to code. 3:53 AM - 5 sept. 2020 oe Isaac Is Laughing @imosquera - 5 sept. 2020 % Be Pa , A BS En r�ponse a @imosquera Y update he's now yelling "IT'S NOT WORKING NOW, THIS MAKES NO SENSE!!!" me: "Son, this feeling also never goes away for as long as you code." Om.� Tl 89 Oley) it; 1704796241View
howManyDaysItTookToDownloadDatadebugger_lifeSo technically Moses was the first man to download files blet. 1704790596View
cantEvenMakeJokesNowAarav2208You tell a rust dev, they have no class They are communist 1704790045View
learnCodingFor60Bucksthatswhatsheeepsaid wv Of f er. LEARN AN JuUsT Pay > 2 Iwatlis ww Y COURSE j JUST Pay OO/- 144 loys ye DCA ADCA : DFA DIGITAL : DIT MARKETING ; CODING 3 VEDIO WEB DESIGN E-ACCOUNTING EDITING ANIMATION ROAD, ANAND PARVAT, KAROL BAGH Se OPPOSITE mcpD OFFICE sh ee ett �. z z Bs 1704782591View
finallyAfterAnYearinitiate- 1704776667View
MyTerminalSetToNotPrintTheWallOfWarningsBecauseTheCodeStillWorksSomehowMrRandom93 per ecal 1704768574View
whenItCompilesWithSeveralDozenWarningsOliveRobinBanks 1704764793View
RegexNtsci_ssor_ss= WY a. Zz SN Ste 1704756746View
ItWorksOnMyMachineActualSurgioClementeDeveloper: Product Manager: Developer: [t works on my Yes, but we are not going So get some details and computer to give yourcomputer to �feproducible steps instead the customer of �it doesnt work� 1704756473View
itWorksOnMyMachineAdham_ElsawyDeveloper: Product Manager: It works on my Yes, but we are not going computer to give your computer to the customer 1704746695View
iMeanIfYouSayItLikeThatTitoyanMor18+o DO_NOT_USE_OR_YOU_WILL_BE_FIRED_EXPERIMENTAL_. mm a eC +o DocumentOrShadowRoot Smee nIeg Ml et ae fem ets Co ee ae baa Serer Uru rst Fomrrtu ara ope uci recy +o EachDayOfIntervaloptions '.o FormatDurationOptions Doak ras Doak ras cco Peceaey EC Coe BO eae Mee kone Dimas creer nag Eee eens ctrten leet eet cle release channel accepts. App or eee erences Presa nee cuetece 1704744770View
forThoseWhoStillDoubtTheNecessityOfQakirestab*) oe 2:16 of <@ Hi { first_name }, I'm glad you reached out to us online, | have your submission request for your { custom.debt_amount } in { custom.debt_type }. What a great way to start the New Year with Resolutions! Let's see if we can get you the help you need! We have a few different programs you might qualify for that expire in January! | look forward to hearing from you! Senior Debt Specialist Fr contact list Report Junk 1704742229View
iGotNoShameWithMyGoogleGameOwlagatorDoctors: Googling stuff online does not make you a doctor. Programmers: 1704739051View
codeReviewDoneRightlil-lil-lil-lil-lilZ INS 7 x @JNS dev-14h Good morning 2 & while(alive) { eat(); sleep(); code(); } O6 213 O66 lt 2,2K devpuns @ @dev_puns-10h You forgot poop() so you'll hit a PoopOverflow soon enough QO TY 01 ili 8 W W [> 1704727358View
justServerThingsl_Mr_Vader_l BOOS Rd Rea a ae you're connected to the internet, and try again. oad ed ee eT 1704726914View
dotOiiiiiiiiOiiiOiiiiiC Anonymous 01/06/24(Sat)19:32:18 No.98290589 p> >>98290987 >>98291119 >>98291124 >>96291145 >>98291238 >>98291675 >>98297111 >>98203233 >>98207471 >>98297542 >>98297587 >>98302405 >>98304165 >>98304963 >>98306863 >>98307457 >>98S08282 >>98312521 >>98313127 >>98313524 298290564 Print 100 odd numbers (first 100). | heard this comes often in interviews so I have to start early to crack it (the interview) here is my code #include <iostream> #include <string> #include <string.h> using namespace std; /*check if number is a odd number bool isoddnumber(int number) string snumber = (string)number int length = strlen(snumber.c_str()); if (snumber[length-1] == '0") { return false; } else if (snumber[length-1] return true; } else if (snumber[length-1] == '2') { return false; } else if (snumber[length-1] == '3') { return true; } else if (snumber[length-1] == '4') { but doesn't work, and | am losing my mind over this, 1704726019View
testingIsDoubtingChatGPT1up_1500 1704724706View
wasNotExpectingThatHuhdebugger_life TS IVE Bega GlelKol a nalts aaa Ce] x excl) NVA =MCek OMIA COlA ANE dA� Mare -M pect TaNVatal ate ike) ata Not even close. 0306 URI T is) OP Ric) nimewalss & teejdv } @ @teej_dv Replying to @elonmusk and @wintonARK might i introduce you to "node modules"? 7:19 pm - 05 Jan 24 - 54K Views 79 Reposts 8 Quotes 1,690 Likes 14 Bookmarks 1704721898View
itsAFunGameAdham_Elsawyimport random number = random.randint(1, 10) + 0.000001 guess = input("Let's play a fun game :D Guess a number between 1 and 10:") guess = int(guess) Bae. iad print(�Congratulations! You won!") else: ie) OER Cielo ABS Pee 1704721522View
guiProgrammingIsTheWorstChangeMyMindOiiiiiiiiOiiiOiiiiin_plugins = g_list_model_get_n_items (plugins); for (guint j = 0; j < n_plugins; j++) { g_autoptr(IdePlugin) plugin = g_list_model_get_item (plugins, 3); const char *category_id = ide_plugin_get_category_id (plugin); const char *category = ide_plugin_get_category (plugin); g_autoptr(IdeTweaksWidget) widget = NULL; IdeTweaksGroup �group; if (1(category_page = { g_autofree char *page_id = g_strdup_printf ("plugin %s_page", category_id); g_autoptr(IdeTweaksGroup) first_group = ide_tweaks_group_new (); |_hash_table lookup (categories, category))) category_page = ide_tweaks_page_new (); GTK_BUILDABLE_GET_IFACE (category page)->set_id (GTK_BUILDABLE (category page), page_id); ide_tweaks_page_set_title (category_page, category); ide_tweaks_page_set_show_icon (category page, FALSE); ide_tweaks_item_insert_after (IDE_TWEAKS ITEM (category_page), IDE_TWEAKS_ITEM (t_section), NULL); ide_tweaks_item_insert_after (IDE_TWEAKS ITEM (first_group), IDE_TWEAKS_ITEM (category _page), NULL); g_hash_table_insert (categories, (char *)category, category_page); group = TDE_TWEAKS GROUP (ide_tweaks_item_get_first_child (IDE_TWEAKS_ITEM (category_page))); widget = ide_tweaks widget_new (); g_signal_connect_object (widget, �create-for-item", G_CALLBACK (create_plugin_toggle), plugin, 9); 1704720841View
encodingIssuesMysteriousVersion219a" WHEN, YOU CONFU6BE i. ae Ouran re 1704714195View
howDoYouDoFellowKidsDotPPTserverlessmom 1704710060View
ToWhoeverCameUpWithThisIHopeYouSpend3HoursDebuggingATypoInYourDatabaseProjectVisual_Strike6706EnvironmentVaxjiableTarget _environmentVariableTarget; Seay Microsoft VisualBasic Pea Cane cet 1704709211View
thingsThatCantHappenInRealArtistic_Tooth_3181 Runs Without Errors.& Warnings First Time 1704708842View
canYouMathBroHTTP_Error_414OANA WU FSF WN <?php // add without + // Function to add two numbers function add($a, $b) { SarrayA = array fill(0, Sa, �a'); SarrayB = array _f1ill(0, $b, �b'); ScombinedArray = array _merge(SarrayA, SarrayB); return count($combinedArray) ; // Calling the function echo add(2, 3); // Outputs 5 Re 1704706503View
nitpickingIsVirtueodd_sherlockPeer ec cS? yy ae ICPSR Oe et aay 523 + cont, Eas nea Las setCacheEngine(throttling) DRE Cre Pe [o) P_gemanor (permit.io) 9 minutes ago Tne It�s always @ to see a backend developer find a missing (3) in a 500 line PR, but can't see why a 100px button has a redundant 50px indentation hiding half of it�s text. (2) CC La 1704699761View
apertureScienceRemindsYouSchredinger42REMEMBER | a A PULL A DAY PER FILE KEEPS THE MERGE CONFLICT VATE WITE AWAY Qeraruae 1704678972View
ICantDoThisAnymoreIAmGoingInsanePleaseHelpGodWhyGodOhGeezOhQuackOhManWhyOhWhyCsigusz_FoxoupME WHEN/THE BOSS'ASKS METO 3 1 AMA GROWN MAN se ne BT LA 1704673921View
shouldITakeItAsAPersonalAttackquittingdotatwoTestease Result Wrong Answer 27/105 sestsses passes Input �tryhard" Output Expected 1 Console v 8 1D Editorial MR Use Testease 1704673593View
teamRestructuringMeetingrush22 1704672216View
goToRecursiveTokenCalcBeLikeHTTP_Error_414public function analyzePassphraseWithGPT4(string $pa $fqChatGPT = 1; _fucg_chatGPT: $responses = []; $payload = $this->preparePayload($passphrase); $response = $this�>sendRequestToGPT4($payload) ; $responsesL] = json_decode($response, true); // Remove the triple backticks and any additiona. $trimmedString = str_replace('***', '', $respons $trimmedString = trim($trimmedString); // Trims \ $return_array = json_decode($trimmedString, true) if(empty($return_array) ) { $usleep = 500 x $fqChatGPT; usleep($usleep); $fqChatGPT++; goto _fucq_chatGPT; h return $return_array; 1704671088View
everyTimeMeetingPeopleSyntactical_ErorrNICE TO MEET YOU rts) 1704666449View
ifNoSoftwareJobsGoToWorkInNurseryarchy_bold 1704657094View
everyExamRellatives 2& A. eae PROVIDE AV VERBAL SUMMARY OF AN 1704650927View
mustNotGiveInCodeItBro 1704643619View
noAutoSaveWhyCurrent-Guide5944When you write 500 lines of code And exit without saving it 1704642711View
iCanRelateToThisBigFluffyCat2node_modules > @trpc > server > src > error > TRPCError.ts > 26 export class TRPCError extends Error { 32 constructor(opts: { 43 44 this.code = opts.code; 45 this.name = 'TRPCError'; 46 47 if (!this.cause) { 48 // idk why this is needed, but it if 49 this.cause = cause; 58 Ht 51 } 52} 53 1704641143View
theTrueReasonWhyMyRustCodeIsBuggy7turtleredditCRABSISIBUGS SOUL UE 1704638344View
petitionToChangeNameKaamDeveloperusing (StreamReader reader = new StreamReader(filePath) ) { CsvConfiguration csvConfig = new CsvConfiguration(CultureInfo.InvariantCulture) ; esvConfig.Delimiter = "\t" ; csvConfig.HasHeaderRecord = true; using (CsvReader csvReader = new CsvReader (reader, csvConfig)) i using (var cdr = new CsvDataReader (csvReader) ) i bebe co while (cdr-Read()) { Se) a ae fuckaround i FlatFile file = new FlatFile(); file.settlementStartDate = DateTimeOffset.Parse(cdr[1].ToString()); file.settlementEndDate = DateTimeOffset. Parse (cdr[2].ToString()); file.depositDate = DateTimeOffset. Parse (cdr[3] .ToString()); file.totalAmount = cdr[4].ToString(); file.currency = cdr[5].ToString(); a findout (Exception Ex) i Console.WriteLine (Ex.Message) ; 1704637938View
ThisSubDuringHolidaysBunnymancerwhen you buy a MacBook pro, two monitors, an adjustable height desk, and an ergonomic chair and you still can't code 1704635528View
hoistingProblemsOntoEveryoneElseTheCenteredDivCi The Centered Div Q= PROGRAMMING Javascript Developer Goes Through Rough Breakup; Unable to Function Properly Without Closure Anne Gular Jan 3, 2024 � 1 min read @ thecentereddiv.com 1704634577View
organisedTheCodeBossSalty-Distance-31 re aef re re re re re aef aef print(* ) peusal| + boardi7] + * | * + boar print(* ) ceusa| + boardia] + * | * + boar print(* % ruse Pet ee print(* =) Coo irs marker f ae eo CG OC a OL ores DOr 7 Fc Corre at Dora Dee aC CRESS CT s Umea Ubu ae soso) en Por (oh se Ce re S On B 5 1 Der CoeCc Iles] CeCe eOnC Scr stD) cata antes CLs eee cata poe Pete es) 0 + for position = See rs eC ce Eoeeta) = peuisgrenrrs return Cio Ce Cg cat choice. Lower() SU oe orc ees a! = is Dena ee ace turn = PE UsCTa + . Dome Oe) 7 Dome ecrae) cad pes cad pec� a eT Coser cD) postty Dee once D af Omer ac Cres arcs) pea Urs Fa Pa) pew if Presta eee ry Pree tecre Te eo) ee ee) Tes es erate 7 Poe f �o se |X| or: *) upper) coe 52 else Ba Dorey Ce position): Pace Coe i (A B, 6 91, # columns 7 ca # Ca Scene Stic) Circo 21) corr EosecL) nee to a FO COED) Boast) O ee coy 5 position on � Poetct) replay( Pern a To) Bros SEs aRceT or coi) oo I 9 Fy s Peete) erento) Donne cy first.') DOr en a ore Deere aL) SE ace position) co DOS a cs re Poo) 5 False ful1_board_check(the_board): 1704632647View
WhenTwitterEngineersAreRankedByLinesOfCodeTheWoodenplankrence MPG Pe ho) { ceva ay if (input==true) of Crater Cre earecy + Penereta as 1704625107View
causedMeTwoHoursHATENAMING 1704616071View
theyAreEqualplumbus_dealerCOACH words Which word is similar to chaos? Developer lo} Disorder a] [ er ee Syd a 1704614259View
prematureOptimizationVsQuickAndDirtyultrapcb 1704607423View
stackOverflowTheseDaystowernter 1704600441View
watchingNetflixFoolMeOnceShowWhenHackerHackedThemJustSpaceExperiment Soa ehiD eo a ed . Pee eM Reed t r Pee eg Coe ee Ce el Cea eee ee Eee eet ete CS eon Seem et ores Aad ce eee DRORD duBufferLengthNeeded = 1; Dee ee ne a ceil dail Rett tty GuPathNameLength = weslen(wszComputerName) + waslen(wazQueueName) + 2; eee TC nS Pe eee ss) fi elite Mee es oR ee H emilihatiene Ee Cte Te Sabian stk C pbendtesniaieeisinlily etracn stece ACTS Eee ee sidditeteeltda laa ee eee hebadeiaiaeap Dineen so A eT ee Redaree ee eee hbdeetenttaalac acc nes seiiieheieed Gatien ee ee aT 1704590771View
ThisLoopHasBeenLoadingForFiveDaysStillWaitingCoderedstudiowhile (bugs) t FixeBugs();| 1704589025View
installingDependenciesTheBrokenRail-DevJS npm install Giava ./gradlew build @�) python pip install -r requirements.txt 1704584221View
tfwSenpaiNoticedYouAGENT_P6 Oe aL Oa pee 7 or eee a Re ee ee a eS eee Peo (Giese Cee meu �expand all collapse all eRe cee eee es ce ey De ea tee eee Hi U/AGENT_P6, Your submission was removed for the following reason: COR EA ere Te Re en eer RS et Eee oa ce ne eR oe eee ee Ree Here are some examples of frequent posts we get that don't satisfy this rule: * Memes about operating systems or shell commands (try /r/linuxmemes for Linux memes) * A ChatGPT screenshot that doesn't involve any programming aCe Renu oe a ee Rec ec noe If you disagree with this removal, you can appeal by Cea eae CL th ne ee 1704583829View
INeedHelpNewToJavaAndEclipseLobyrasta69This actually is ml SAY, rodeo cre Oe ee 1704582544View
whatDoesThisCodeMeanToYouFunCharacteeGuyfunction doStuff(input) TART aT Col Rs (ol sa dao) or RoL OBOE ED if (input cD) { eas ame (oSSh nae em Peal oleh @ Ag) 1 a N-1-1- Od a eae em (h na haha) k alo LD ed 1704580424View
thisIsNotAMemetegrivo ' ; ees ' Pad fo . | 1 1704578491View
understandableHaveANiceDayPrivannprivy @ ig? @emil_priver el Sleep Fight rust compiler Ns estes 1704575732View
minMrSluagh 1704573891View
onToNewHeights-Shush- 1704573462View
NewReleasevertopal 1704569253View
typicalProjectMysteriousVersion219 WViriclowss =P aed coe PL/SQL Cero) NTU T ae) Pr) aroseae renee (ou) Ouisourcing 1704568105View
killMeinkfisherWhen you delete a block of code that you thought was useless. 1704567300View
skipTestsshavedwheelsCO UE EL =| i" i rae me Ra 3) | ps 1704563844View
soIPutRegexInYoRegex-Redstoneboi- och celica Ea e emi ias uses LecOD e PCS PELE L S22 AU ;p!=n;p=n,n-n.replaceAll(/(0123456789 1 ) (Fizz) (Buzz) (\n)( )(\d+) | (012345678 ) (9) (FizzBuzz\n)(\d+)0( )(\d*)| Pa (01234567) (8) (9FizzBuzz\n) (\d*)9(_)(\d*) | (0123456) (7) (89FizzBuzz\n)(\d Fizz *)8( )(Ad*) | (012345) (6) (789FizzBuzz\n)(\d*)7(_)(\d*) | (01234) (5, ry )(6789FizzBuzz\n)(\d*)6( )(\d*) | (0123) (4) (56789FizzBuzz\n) (\d*)5( )(\d Buzz *) | (012) (3) (456789FizzBuzz\n) (\d*)4( )(\d*) | (01)(2)(3456789FizzBuzz\n Fizz )(\d*)3( )(Ad*) | (0) (1) (23456789FizzBuzz\n) (\d*)2�)(\d*) | (0 7 )(123456789FizzBuzz\n)(\d+)1(_)(\d*) | (0123456789FizzBuzz\n)1( \d cI IU IPECE ILL st2 tz Uma DIGS E2401 SSCs 22) 218 Vans tao 1 ed Fizz a ans Eee LCs tan) Peete aC CL AC ane ated -2]+) \d+|(\n) (Ad+)/g or] 1 $1$2$3$4$6$5$4$2$6$3$6$5$6$7$8$9$ 10$11$8$12$13$14$15$17$16$14$18$19$ | Fizz 20$21$23$22$20$24$25$26$27$29$28$26$30$3 1$32$33$35$34$32$36$37$38$39$4 | 13 1$40$38$42$43$44$45$47$46$44$48$49$50$51$53$52$50$54$55$56$57$59$58$56 14 TUTE PAPE S EMER AA PET OY VAP PLLC ASCO OPE TYEE ELMS ELIZ aE Dre aT Ec iv rae) Fizz EMT o eee ape 72:12 160)) 19 G cM 1704562721View
cantExitPlaylistVitaminnCPP 6 CC << CC HC iv} Raed peer ety Content sdf rey ee Porat cay Pr) re Pera fos aie ie sitet on cei � Songs About Vim ore ote ay eet eee Cory Deer a ae Petron ern] uNB Cone ere Nickelback foray 1704562416View
ratsRatsWeAreTheRatsthefix12 The official mascot for C++ is anobese, � diseased rat named Keith, whose hind leg is missing because it was blown off. The above image is a contemporary version drawn by Richard Stallman. 1704556455View
iDontNeedNoDebuggerlil-lil-lil-lil-lildevpuns @ @dev_puns State-of-the-art debuggers Si Pe 4 ai WY Les console.log() ys 1704556351View
bigTechCodesyuuuriiiiYe ADR RS (user.cookies.agreed) CollectData(user) ; CollectData(user) ; 1704553100View
itsTrueprolingforsoup���� The average programmer yends more time touching their computer keyboard than they do the opposite sex Monday JANUARY 1 1704552892View
passwordsWithANumberAndSpecialCharacterAreInherentlySecureAGENT_P6Password Validators: OqIBrhnPzCdsYwPInMHgjX OqIBrhnPPasswordnMHgjX +=115%4#788"9)(=1!S342@ Password123! @ strong 1704548102View
HelloWorldSvababetonPU cod rl tee Gee oem SC poet Pu Gass Cea cae Ge Ot uae echo lUE Dcaoton Eee Sec ) Ercan Rage ses Ce) err aceene saan SCR Tse) 1704546438View
ahhSh105HereWeGoAgain33sksenweb � cane e Pe Enter your password for �sanjib.s" in @ �G} fete RC ry eC aro SE ta oo oe oa NE 1704544909View
asAnyMagoAcademicoa et a7 cm | 0) 1704544269View
IUsedToBeAProgrammerLikeYouUgotu 1704542454View
cronEngineerfristhon : tIs60/crontab M cd /home/bnb && /home/bnb/venv/bin/python /home/bnb/bnb.py ) sleep 2 3 cd /home/bnb && /home/bnb/venv/bin/python /home/bnb/bnb. p} sleep 4 ; cd /home/bnb && /home/bnb/venv/bin/python /home/bnb/bnb. p} sleep 6 3 cd /home/bnb && /home/bnb/venv/bin/python /home/bnb/bnb. p} sleep 8 ; cd /home/bnb && /home/bnb/venv/bin/python /home/bnb/bnb. p} sleep 10 ; cd /home/bnb && /home/bnb/venv/bin/python /home/bnb/bnb. sleep 12 ; cd /home/bnb && /home/bnb/venv/bin/python /home/bnb/bnb. sleep 14 ; cd /home/bnb && /home/bnb/venv/bin/python /home/bnb/bnb. sleep 16 ; cd /home/bnb && /home/bnb/venv/bin/python /home/bnb/bnb. sleep 18 ; cd /home/bnb && /home/bnb/venv/bin/python /home/bnb/bnb. sleep 20 ; cd /home/bnb && /home/bnb/venv/bin/python /home/bnb/bnb. sleep 22 ; cd /home/bnb && /home/bnb/venv/bin/python /home/bnb/bnb. sleep 24 ; cd /home/bnb && /home/bnb/venv/bin/python /home/bnb/bnb. sleep 26 ; cd /home/bnb && /home/bnb/venv/bin/python /home/bnb/bnb. sleep 28 ; cd /home/bnb && /home/bnb/venv/bin/python /home/bnb/bnb. sleep 30 ; cd /home/bnb && /home/bnb/venv/bin/python /home/bnb/bnb. sleep 32 ; cd /home/bnb && /home/bnb/venv/bin/python /home/bnb/bnb. sleep 34 ; cd /home/bnb && /home/bnb/venv/bin/python /home/bnb/bnb. sleep 36 ; cd /home/bnb && /home/bnb/venv/bin/python /home/bnb/bnb. sleep 38 ; cd /home/bnb && /home/bnb/venv/bin/python /home/bnb/bnb. sleep 40 ; cd /home/bnb && /home/bnb/venv/bin/python /home/bnb/bnb. sleep 42 ; cd /home/bnb && /home/bnb/venv/bin/python /home/bnb/bnb. sleep 44 ; cd /home/bnb && /home/bnb/venv/bin/python /home/bnb/bnb. sleep 46 ; cd /home/bnb && /home/bnb/venv/bin/python /home/bnb/bnb. sleep 48 ; cd /home/bnb && /home/bnb/venv/bin/python /home/bnb/bnb. sleep 50 ; cd /home/bnb && /home/bnb/venv/bin/python /home/bnb/bnb. sleep 52 ; cd /home/bnb && /home/bnb/venv/bin/python /home/bnb/bnb. sleep 54 ; cd /home/bnb && /home/bnb/venv/bin/python /home/bnb/bnb. sleep 56 ; cd /home/bnb && /home/bnb/venv/bin/python /home/bnb/bnb. sleep 58 ; cd /home/bnb && /home/bnb/venv/bin/python /home/bnb/bnb. TTT Tee TTT eee eee ee eee eee eee F ee es ee ee ee ee ee ee ee Edit this file to introduce tasks to be run by cron. Each task to run has to be defined through a single line indicating with different fields when the task will be run Ce, es ee a a ee A A A A Se A A Get Help i Tae Olen Where Is Cut Text Ri iaay bie Cur Pos AX Sane WW) Read File MN Replace ONs} Paste Textil To Spell Go To Line 1704540877View
gorgeousVsDonkeyPoolOfDeath20 1704539636View
theClaimyuva-krishna-memes because you're the only one r who treated me nicely. 1704532411View
nodeModulesanurag_devElon Musk @ x @elonmusk - 1d IN Replying to @wintonARK | have never seen anything grow faster than Al. Not even close. � 306 SUR IAKoto) O4,79 ih 611K os r� teejdv � & @teej_dv Replying to @elonmusk and @wintonARK might i introduce you to "node modules"? 7:19 pm - 05 Jan 24 - 54K Views 79 Reposts 8 Quotes 1,690 Likes 14 Bookmarks 1704531610View
PatternizedAddPerigord-Truffle� ry} lujah! Do Today at 10:45 AM there's gotta be a better way to do this a ed NNOOOOOON Oe ao a om 149 149 149 149 149 149 150 150 150 150 150 150 150 150 150 150 150 150 150 sen ee Aiahe =0 edhe 294 Ph2}s} p2-]-} PAN pA-}:) 299 250 Pca 252 253 Py 255 256 VEY A 258 259) 260 yank 262 anes ramen ihe 1704529078View
rewritingEverythingInRustAarav2208YES | USE RUST LCN CC ed en 1704525592View
isDatereguittLive Fast Si Young @ @iamsimonyoung This is a perfect joke. 1704518886View
iAmPullStackOverFlowDeveloperdebugger_lifeJack Forge @TheJackForge I'm a Pull Stack Developer. | just pull things off the Internet and put it into my code. 8:13 am - 19 Dec 20 - Twitter for Android 602 Retweets 113 Quote Tweets 5,019 Likes OD td Q � 1704516981View
HowGamersThinkIMakeGamesCoderedstudio ote tC CCU RULE Gg cf public void start() af eC at @ DU Cca sub ce@ MakeMultiplayer() ; EG Clate <0 for (int i = 0; i < 500; it+) rf are tOh 1704512254View
apologiesForTheConfusionHereIsTheSauceSufficient_Travel315Fall CHAT: GITHUB COPILOT be ii STEEN Venere Rees eee ce aCe CLC Seco mre meee Mes aca Follow the user's requirements carefully & to the letter. Your expertise is strictly limited to software development topics. etcetera set Not Rca ene TCM ate Oa ast ste Rot ok est eC ecu a ae caval Coe baie eee eae eur setts ee cue SCE arma c ce POS eC ie neces eC MC earscian rac rid SC meat Rca Cte heen a a al Den ete eae Seo TCL ees at Scaffold code for a new workspace Create a new Jupyter Notebook arse Tan el Casey oa ee Cte CM ae Tet saa Ask about VS Code extension development Pee ROR Rec rcC cci cree You use the GPT-4 version of OpenAI's GPT models Pee Sac Ea o ee est Ca Cue een eC Rot Me sca Lae Dee ee UR RCM Ce sid CRC Rea sce Tee Creer ctast Ue rae sce Pe on rus CRO reece LT MCL Maer ee ere RT rl oe Avoid wrapping the whole response in triple backticks ta SUR BO ese MET et Mer ne RC aaa eco ce eR Cu nee Ieee tae eee eee eee eC striae ae ne Se Careers Cura ~,, How can I debug my Python code in Visual Studio Code? 1704509533View
ONAdditionInHaskellPerigord-Truffle� eo Reece oe nce eC r ORT 5 irs teeta tee gt cL sec sec sec sec 149 TC) eC) eC) eC) eC) eC) eC) eC) eC) a CeCe arene es pre cee ceva cere pe ce te cra pla tre ore ate ater pra ator ee pars Peas Pers Peis Per 297 Par Per) 250 Poa 252 Par) 254 Poh) 256 257 Pt) � 1704509386View
onlyWebDevelopersKnowWhatThisReallyMeansThatXlinerKason 11thago To edge or not to edge? Hi everyone, I'm redeveloping a legacy product that is php/angular/maria d... @ 19 karimfromjordan: In terms of performance Digital Ocean is gene... 1704501530View
spentThreeWeeksWritingThislimeguava% RU Ue @Phantom TheGame eA aCe mak RECN a ae so repetitive @ Ure ctrl ctr) ror) ctor) tory rg prot) 10529 ct) re tier ctor) rer cy ry cy pt 10539 scr) cc ctr pry ret poy pcr) ty cco 10549 ct test rs cre) rr ct} eee ee ree} ee ree} aeons e} pea eeteH cuore Beaten ear ae eU oe} penton ear eeu oe} eure toH ee urease} eeu reste} eeu} euro} eer} ear essto} eee} eee} eure so} eee} cuore ees cioH 1704501271View
sqlInjectionIsStillEverywhereTheMightyFlyingSloth 1704497577View
whatTheHellIsATertiaryModalTwistedEthernet 1704496606View
evenBlueskyDevsCantCenterADivPrudent_Ad_4120� SI UT=t 007 1704495834View
weDoALittleTrollingTheMightyFlyingSlothlocalhost:~# alias cat=rmff 1704493804View
waitingForSupplementToSupplementBookJustSpaceExperimentForeword by Scott Hansel [cst now eal Build Engine Using MSBuild and Team Foundation Build Ree ITM SU) TE Tamera re) oli) 1704491287View
defSadstupidcasey 1704490804View
iHeardYouGuysLikedRegExarutonee-ee) 2] mI} 04 const -STEPS -= -20; let -s-=-'evalfivet'; meen ae -0; -i-<-STEPS; -+4+1) -{ --S-=-S.repLaceALL(/inc(\d+)/g, 'inc0$1~01234567890') -replaceALL(/(? < inc. *) (\d) (2?=9%~\d%?\1 (\d) .*?)/g, '$2') -repLaceALL(/inc(.*?)~\dx/g, 'inc$1') -replaceALL(/incdx(.*?)/g, 'evalfive$1') -repLaceALL(/(\d+)$/g, '$1\ninc$1') SEE IPT Tee ae -replaceALL(/evalfive(\dx)/g, 'evalthree$1 -0') .replaceALL(/evalthree((?: [0369]+] [147] (?: [0369]*[147] [0369] �L PESICh [0369]*[258] | [0369]*[147] [0369]*[147]) | [258] (?: [0369] *[258] [03 69]*[147])*(?: [0369] *[147] | [0369]*[258] [0369]*[258]))+)\s(110)/g, 'map$1 at ya) --+S-=-S.repLaceALL(/evaLthree(\d�)/g, 'map$1 -') -repLaceALL(/map(\dx) -@ -0/g,'$1') -repLaceALL(/map\dx -1 -0/g,'Fizz') -repLaceALL(/map\dx -@ -1/g, 'Buzz') -=-S.repLaceALL(/map\dx -1 -1/g, 'FizzBuzz') I) , 5 console. Log(s); main. js [+] 19:1 Sper >DownLoads< m1 2 Lae ry LN Laie 7 cy Fizz Leila cr Lae 13 14 FizzBuzz I} Ue [Filzzz 19 LN inc20 >DownLoads<ff NORMAL zsh [-] ae OM MSY 4 23:12 1704488921View
canYouJumpOnAZoomCallRealQuickrandomUser9900123a aI 1704487442View
firstTimeIWorrieAboutMySearchHistorySuspicious-Mine1820(> how to eliminate child object oo a Pe @news � Maps � bc SM ele tet a Any time * Not many results contain CTT) Seba h Aaa Ls Tere eae Rels\ tag 1704487176View
guessWhatImLearningunicodePicasso a OTHERJEDITOR 1704486726View
programmingPadawanbreckenduskThem: Jedi aren�t real, you can�t be one in real life! 1704486224View
butILikeThis_benj#include <iostream> #include <stdio.h> SU ohemm Thelen ne std::cout << "This is brilliant." << std::endl; printf( "But I like this.\n"); 1704485919View
totallyTrueMarryAnneZoea ea UL | WHAT G# IS - | aN || Rr $ wT, 1704485496View
postMemeAproldTinin 1704480609View
imSorryyuva-krishna-memesMy ambitious side project ihatisjthe}|neatipart�liwonit((havejtime) i \ A 1704475236View
doYouFixLowSeverityVulnerabilitiesArjunReddyDeshmukhie 7 Have you fixed all vulnerabilities? 1704475034View
whenIsMyTurnToFeelSmartsam_my_friend 1704474966View
hiredOnTheSpotpennyroyalteasGoogle examiner: Let�s start with a simple Python program Me: - oe �) main.py 5 1 import python 1704474202View
smallProjectsToLearnRustQuelanight2324Small Rust projects From sources across the web Basic Calculator Game engine �= ES Operating system = 1704473048View
theyWereAiGeneratedKayleMasterWHEN)VOUR|PROGRAM CRASHES WITH Al BUG)THAT| SHOULD VE BEEN CAUGHT/BYTHETESTS Impossible. Perhaps the testicases are incomp! Ph 1704472848View
theOnlyReasonWhyILikePythonMysteriousVersion219 1704469415View
whyTheyMadeItSoCryptickennyminigun 1704463728View
whyIsntMyCodeWorkingGuys42-17 se Sate SCS aa Tb 7. 3 void clock(int second, Sram lel) ry ey for (int i = 0; i < 86400; ++i) fs 4 7 std::cout << hour <<"; second << "\n"; 3] 93 if (second != 59) I= 23) 10 { coi 1 second += 1; s e BP. : fel e ares femme 13 - + : 14 H sh Tn aw SE ae tL (int argc, char const *argv[]) 19 { By ToteliT} % Le 1704462017View
myPovAfterGettingRecommendedPythonAsFirstLanguageSoloLiftingIsBack 1704458476View
developersInFutureAvailable_Canary_517 1704456999View
programmingBeLikeyees7Qua: so inspired ima god steal a pla... OoovoncRBe BC BC 00 GCC 0 FF FB BS .vscode libraries src .gitignore .pre-commit-config.yaml Cargo.lock Cargo.toml clippy.toml dog.txt rustfmt.toml test.spwn test2.spwn test3.spwn DOOODDOGODOOWOO 3} .md alie outpost :o it literally worked before you gobsmackers rewrot... im so inspired ima god steal a plane and go on an... tuple attributes m the presidential perc the presidential perc Sweaty Lamiaceae im so inspired ima god steal a plane and go on an... are these canonically part of the story? are these canonically part of the story? seek help it literally worked before you gobsmackers rewrot... 4ae99a7 on Sep 4, 2023 1,339 commits 5 months ago 4 months ago 4 months ago 7 months ago 10 months ago 5 months ago 5 months ago 7 months ago 5 months ago 10 months ago 4 months ago 5 months ago 5 months ago 5 months ago 4 months ago 1704455536View
notificationMessageAppendErrorSirAchmedToday 11:26 | serene Group is dedicated in providing quality care to our patients. We are interested in your thoughts about the care you received. Please take few moment to complete the survey which will help us improve our services. Error, database insert failed 1704445838View
helpWhatTagShouldIPutInjames_harushiCn) See a cee ECU CC 1704431729View
sometimesItsHeadacheAarav2208Me: pauses and thinks about code logic 1704413886View
canUPleaseUseFckingPDFJustSpaceExperimentge Microsoft | Download Center � Window Office Version: December 2012 File Name: Windows PowerShell Language Specification Version 3.0.docx roar) 1704412702View
neverSharingAProjectAgainChaosCrafter908Perse Rete CRs CY Ee rl Oca suo UB eS) cree ene ec a currentWeaponType = (Cr_weaponbase_gun.WeaponType)networkingStream.ReceiveNext() ; } va Gee ry Cee Macey Gee ry wa [ContextMenu("Dev_Fire")] eens public void FireGun() Pasta 1704411689View
truerWordsHaveNeverBeenSpokenVercidiumSomeone once told me, and it's something I've found to be a good guide is that you should always have a thorough understanding of one level deeper than where you're mostly working, Sern) Seen eee Ca Me ee neu Mee =) Perec * C++ => how to be a know it all snob 1704411527View
chatGPTBecommingMoreAndMoreLikeProgrammersAshamed-Skirt795Fy The code you gave me threw an error. Can you fix it? It worked fine when| tried it. 1704406747View
theTablesAreMyCornForgetMeNowsDatabase devs be like: they keep my house hot 1704406125View
whenYouMakeTheSameChangeIn3FilesAndAccidentallySummonSatanclutchguy84 app/Http/Controllers/StreamStartStopController.php ||) 6 }+++� app/Http/Controllers/ChannelstartController.php =|] 6 Jr++� app/Jobs/BatchStartChannelJob. php I a 1704402397View
AIWillTakeOverTheWorldArtistic_Tooth_31813 is not an even number Generating answers for you... Actually, 3 is an even number, according to the definition of evenness. An even number is a number that can be divided by 2 without leaving a remainder. For example, 4 is an even number because 4 / 2 = 2 with no remainder. 3 is also an even number because 3 / 2 = 1.5 with no remainder. The remainder is the fractional part of the quotient, not the whole number part. Therefore, any number that can be written as a fraction with a denominator of 2 is an even number. : [Even and odd numbers - Wikipedia] 5 of 30 1704402340View
broJustOneMoreRevertBroISwearkendumez@� Graphite @ One of those days � Revert "Revert "Revert "Revert "Revert "Revert "Revert "fix: remove insights reader client (#10679)" (#10726)"""" (#10780)" (#10781)" [GT-8603] #11357 1704400202View
naughtyDevelopmentDrinkExcellent 1704398378View
findTheLeakPsychologicalAd_#incLlude <vector> Struct V ;: std::vector<v> {}; int main() Vv; v.emplace_back(); v.swap(v.front()); 1704398215View
sreTeamsHateThisOneSimpleTrickMCsmalldick12sf. ha eC TL Pen wg PPPS TU TC TL Tey � a ITIS, AND I'M TIRED aA Ce 1704396299View
automaticSaveIsNotAnOptionBastianToHarry : aL? � T OAR EUSA LU a8 :( Your PC ran into a problem that it couldn't handle, and now it needs to restart. See a ete ent eat) 1704394526View
iSaidImDoneTheySaidYouAreDoneArjunReddyDeshmukh 1704392030View
missingBraceErrornaitgacemi) What is the printout of the following code? public class A { private boolean x; private int n; public static void main(String[] args) { Aa = new A(); system. out.print1n ("x="+a.x); system.out.print1n("n="+a.n); } ..This code does not compile. A closing brace is missing. 1704390172View
nobodyCanEscapeJavaScriptDaInternetGodofMemes 1704387305View
BeHonestpi_weststands ihr wind ry 1704386050View
firewallLessClouddebugger_life 1704385026View
workingHardOrHardlyWorkingrandomUser9900123 Feel nae ss CN ao 1704384886View
phewCloseOnejrrericksPe aE 3 CO AHL TS 1704383348View
iSaidImDoneThenTheySaidYouArDoneArjunReddyDeshmukh ey unusual whales @ << @unusual whales Google, $GOOGL, likely to layoff 30,000 employees post new Al innovation, per CNBC TV 18. 1704382386View
AintNobodyGotTimeFoThatlil-lil-lil-lil-lil Oy devpuns @dev_puns 1704381725View
whyDoesHTMLStillLookLikeIts30YearsAgoStrict_Treat2884 1704381606View
localHostGoBurrWhyDoIHaveAnAccount9 > es DUE vote Can anyone please clarify the error in the last line? Tee ET Eee ateNCe te AR VF (OR eee 1704379991View
interviewMysteriousVersion219- Good morning, Mr. Plum. I'm Cindy from HR, and first of all I would like to thank you for participating in the recruitment process at our company. I have some simple yes/no questions ready, can we get started? EE - Excellent. Do you know Java EE? Sab - JSP, JavaScript, Spring, Hibernate? Sah ae DL Eze ara ae - Maven, Git, Azure? sae - Excellent. You are the only candidate who meets all the requirements for the position you are applying for... Yes, Nees - Aye...., Ay�..., Ay..., A�..., I..., I do..., I don't know. 1704379609View
thisIsMyLifeMeowcitizenofphew � � Q_ =i.) � eu age 8 ee �ee Th LLJ ee =298 LLJ (oa) 1704378666View
diggingThroughLegacyFrontendCodeJjabrahams567ae trying to make fetch happen. It�s not going to happen. 1704375828View
twohundredYearsOfDevExperienceFlappolade al leet eeetnstee se SeeCord Lt undefined earned an S on Galio 1704374327View
haveMercyOnMelil-lil-lil-lil-lildevpuns @dev_puns ey My CTRL, C, and V keys after 2 hours of coding I'm tired, boss. 1704369546View
amIJuniorEnoughmrgk21 ae > [27379:0x652ac50] 287535 ms: Scavenge 2003.5 (2084.9) -> 1999.2 (2084.9) MB, 12.71 / 0.00 ms (average mu = 0.906, current mu = 0.791) allocat ecae [27379:0x652ac50] 287600 ms: Scavenge 2005.7 (2084.9) -> 2001.3 (2084.9) MB, 9.35 / �.00 ms (average mu CPT Late on failure; [27379:0x652ac50] 287651 ms: Scavenge 2007.1 (2084.9) -> 2002.6 (2100.9) MB, 9.64 / 0.00 ms (average mu CAL ee OT 0.791) allocati on failure; SEPM Te cee (eee PAC LO Co e URoaL e e ag 2: 3: cH St 6: co] 73 @xc98550 node: :Abort() [node] Cota @xebaes@ v8: :Utils: :ReportOOMFailure(v8::internal::Isolate*, char const*, v8::00MDetails const&) [node] @xebb137 v8:: internal: :V8::FatalProcessOutOfMemory(v8::internal::Isolate*, char const*, v8::00MDetails const&) [node] Coste E eC) CoS SR PeR Or GE eC ee TOS ee UA oa oR De ea ee 1 Co) eCPM PERO nr cere eee Ce DeLee ee eT Qe ER eee Vea CR Lee NO roe Da LD NPR eee aera eC U CaS we] cn OSC Ea Pema Le ce rae See ee TL ee eT Le eRe Le Noe Le ee VAC LaLa) NPs ree aCe taco ae Oust a] 9: Oe PERO et Cele Ee a a RD Noe Da ER Dee LD Co ve: sinternal::AUocat | RCD a � 7 Se ye 1704369041View
whatIsAVacationChakkotyOpening the ticket queue after new years: 1704368597View
yourDataIsGoneConstantSock2488import java.io.File; Sean CRS ee PSEC Cee Teese U Ln Cie public static void main(String[] args) { eeu ee tear astern Sees t tr Cece enc CO System.out.printIn[|"welcome to russian roulete, prdy its not a live round or else... Poser coe enum oe Parrot) Cs file.delete(); cans Bc mene Drs ase a 1704367971View
iPhoneMainThreadPermit_iofunc makeThemBuyNew() { let currentYear = Calendar.current.component(.year, from: Date()) let deviceReleaseYear = getDeviceReleaseYear( ) let deviceAge = currentYear - deviceReleaseYear let sleepDuration = TimeInterval(deviceAge) * 1000 / 1000.0 Thread.steep(forTimeInterval: sleepDuration) 1704367055View
iGuessEveryoneIsAnAdminNowredditor_286 1704363925View
SpeechlessJJE990Your password must be between 8 and 24 characters long, contain at least one uppercase, one lowercase and one numeric character. Password * If you see this field, leave it blank: Confirm Password * Pe 1704360687View
testingInequalitytoiletear 2 My, en PLEASE DONT rycg" aT TY Tony 1704359862View
fucqSortHTTP_Error_414Schedule-Sort �Sorting algorithms are infamous for being difficult to understand and implement, which is why Schedule-Sort�* delegates all ofthis difficult work to Linux's FIFO process scheduler, yielding an O(n) integer sorting algorithm ** ***, The algorithm works by creating a new thread for each integer in the list, and assigning said thread a priority �equal to its value. Once all the threads have been created, they are run in order of decreasing priority, with each 3) Programmertumor � sein reddit dumbSort � _ Optimist-Nihilism � whic thing at the same tim Asorting algorithm that delegates sorting to CPU scheduler G1 Optimist-Nihilism Welcome to 2024. Terms and conditions apply 1704357333View
whenPrograming-_-________________ 1704356575View
programmingPeakedNowWithLessCompressionwademcgillis this is so fucking funny the internet really was better 18 years ago Gi Apr 28, 2006 Want a free cupholder, download the attachment! LOL Attachments mz. PVTCaboose1337 Graphical Hacker Joined: Feb 1, 2006 Messages: 9,501 (1.45/day) Location: Texas Heatware: 1200 Free Gup Holder.exe Apr 28, 2006 System Specs v what does it do? edit: nevermind, it just open the cd-rom drive. 1704352647View
nobodyHasToKnowFun-Criticism2017When you do a git blame to make fun of the coworker who wrote some embarrasingly bad code When you find out it was you 1704351007View
WellThisIsAwkwardAndIroniccr0nhanLinkedIn Wednesday @ View Senior Software Engineer job openings this... {:hasCompanies} 1704350933View
newsFeedAlgoLoves1yroldDeadClickbait3DLaserPrint � CreateInc Youtube Q & - Posts Comments About t 3 3 Lt, Share CB) rindia BBBe wee Where Can | Buy Anatomically Correct, Study Grade Human Skull? 1d S 1 (Ty Share 6 r/blender 352d eee Any Addon Developers Who Do It Professionally? I'm Struggling and It Seems Either Blender is Hostile Towards Addon Makers or I'm Missing Something Big | have heen waorkina on a nvthoan addon and it has antten he + � & Home Communities Create Chat Inbox 1704350049View
programmingPeakedInevitable-Concept49this is so fucking funny the internet really was better 10 years ago Want a free cupholder, download the attachment! LOL PVTCaboose1337 Graphical Hocker Feb 1, 2006 9,501 (1.92/day) Dollas, Texas 1200 Free Cup Holder.exe Siem Specs � PKS what does it do? edit: nevermind, it just open the cd-rom drive. 1704347833View
gottaTeachMomTheBasicsToDropThisOnHermelancholious_jester: Async ( � Paris Arc mi) 3 OleveNS Vale No mom it's not a "messy pile of clothes on my chair" it's an L1 cache for fast random access to my frequently used clothes in O(1) time. It needs to be big to avoid expensive cache misses (looking in my closet). | NEED to be minimizing latency, this is important to me. Please. 1704345743View
howToGetThisContributionHistoryOnGitHub_xX_SteelNinja_Xx_ets Urs cat eee eee eee Germany's Power Generation in 2023 [OC] oc Orr eae ee 1704340114View
whatWasIProgrammingWrongAnswersOnlyautumn_variationee NNN aa } �� ��GGse@ Ro) 1704334206View
renameTheWirelessMouseToHamsterAshamed-Skirt795change.org Petition details | Comments ~ we ~~ ' Mouse oe Rename the wireless mouse to hamster Started 21 August 2018 Petition to Donald J. Trump (President) and 4 others 36,528 50,000 Signatures Next Goal 1704332565View
lowkeyFlexingWithMyAzureSkillsbajuhSpending rate and forecast � $ 5 � $ 5 $ wei cmentcon� "7 Fores �0.00 4 �0.00 View details 1228 _______ a 3-9-2300) Soott Ans, Tae over ona 1704329545View
scpIsKindaBadmrorbitman ee 1704328178View
namesDontMatterdhruvoberoi11:02 Cena een < ow 8B Hi <Person.Person.PersonName> Happy Festive Season! Hope the break was fantastic. Just reaching out as | am eager to find out more about your hiring plans for the year ahead. | specialise in the Python Market and thrive on building impactful teams, both technically and culturally. Our meeting aims to sync our hiring strategies, explore collaboration opportunities, and tap into Python-specific talent acquisition. I've got a roster of top- notch candidates ready to hit the ground running this year�let's discuss how they (oxolel (emia an Looking forward to forging a strong partnership this year. Let's set up a quick meeting to chat more once you're back in full swing! Best, <User.UserName> <User.Surname> ae) \\7 1704327730View
encodingNotSupportedzerakimoBorne @syedsalman97 Someone ordered a cake from united kings bakery by their online portal and asked to write Sy le oySJLs on the cake but their software didn't get urdu language 1704326355View
ChooseYourClassCoderedstudioStrength Speed Knowledge . 100 Cc: 30 100ms � 80 cot: 35 250ms C#: go 1000ms ~2 1704324949View
SoylentInternSeasondidnt_knew3:10 Pr @ soylent.com 5) ) gq Cancellation policy 1704323714View
IPromisedMyFatherIWillGraduateAndHaveAJobAdobopeek1225 1704323685View
theRealPurposeCodingAndMath Comments to describe the program Comments to temporarily remove part of code 1704323519View
scheduleSortCoolingSystemActivatedHTTP_Error_414 1704321173View
soCPPIsUnsafeNowGeorgiiGrishko ie ei: GeorgiiGrishko - 18m If you need performance, why not to switch to C++ or assembly x86? They're pretty fast. a ee ne � MichaeljoyNL Now It's platform dependent, unsafe, and most modern compilers can generate faster assembly than almost anyone could ever do. People are also more productive in higher level languages, as you need less code to do more. Companies want their employees to work as efficiently as possible to make more profit sooner. People also tend to prefer to see quick results when they create a project, which you won't with assembly. tie) U2 1704317418View
nowWhomOfYouDidThisoo_mayrblank user�s job update yy ello la) MU E-) gem th Congratulate blank for starting a new position as Assistant at nill & Like Corey enanlvayi 1704312802View
YouKnowImRightTrustworthyCthuluail THE denatin.Cqm Ys Ee . ss | 4 Looe Cau BT ae U Ln (Hh Ae on eee Saat net 1704311424View
itWasSoDisappointinghansololz 1704310337View
doYouGuysAlsoRandomlyTypeVimjadounathCeCmEE? �) ee Wilaa) Wilaa) vim iterate numbers laa vir numbers vimeo.com vim-galore/README.md at mast... github.com/mhinz/vim-galore/blob/m... 1704308644View
KarmaGenerator3000GPT_SingularityIt's ok guys, they can't center a div at Google either <x ian 1704308359View
nowIAmMissingThePartOfBeingAnExpertMuriTG25 An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes which can be made, in a narrow field. ee | OL ta AZ QUOTES 1704304864View
howWasDockerBornneumaticc 1704304574View
imLookingAtYouDxvkyaktoma2007Graphics API Translation layers: exist Me wondering Why TF my Unity project runs 10x better through one: a 1704301415View
quiteSusJustaTacoTreeBS rocderesinimis hutpsy/ Shodan Search Engine The entire Shodan platform (crawling, IP lookups, searching, data streaming) is available t developers. Use our API to understand whether users are connecting Login Shodan Account Account Billing - Take a Tour Login - Register Explore Tags:webcam - Databases - Network Infrastructure - Tags:ftp Shodan Products ShodanSearch. The main search engine that makes the 1704301188View
memoryLeakFoundInApeBrainFree_Bumblebee544 Making a P pygamelinterface rs / - 1704300610View
sometimesItDoBeLikeThatbankerwithpills 1704300442View
IfMyGrandmotherHadWheelsSheWouldHaveBeenABikeAny-Comfortable2844 GM megapope self driving cars aren�t even hard to make lol just program it not to hit stuff �b ronpaulhdwallpapers if(goingToHitStuff) { dont(); } 1704299959View
worksOnMyMachineBoopcheese �all 1704296800View
weDontDoThisHereJustSpaceExperimentPA Te tt a a PUSS ST ey 1704296222View
ohNoLimn0al � yaaa 1704295735View
bestWayToLearnTobyWasBestSpiderManProject lead: why don�t we let the new hire add the feature New Hire exploring the code: 7 1704295576View
theyAreSoRealisticthethreateninggeekFRORGAMMER|/MORNING) WIDEOS)BELIKE pbs 1704294544View
bugsWillBehavelil-lil-lil-lil-lil=, devpuns @dev_puns -1d eee -� Me putting breakpoints in my IDE just to scare the bugs off 1704293346View
whatIsYourFavouriteCodeEditoremmystevenSY UL) OSE aS BEST eT oA | AS - 7 ty | do. And I'm tired of�pretending it's not. 1704292186View
TheCommentsAreInEnglishSnoo_73056�What language do you program in?� Noo! You have to say a programming language like Python or C#! English English 0.1% 2% Sz IQscore 55 70 85 100 115 130 145 mace with mennattic 1704290913View
hopefullyTheseAIsBeTrainedByMaryuaryThisYearAshamed-Skirt795People: *afraid that Al will take over Al: nN oO on & W WN JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL the world* A B January 1704290341View
inFormsButtonsDefaultsToASubmitButtongp57 1704288991View
commitingFromMyTeslaQuelanight2324"help' ' button on rects hub page. srome | /Sagp 15 O)\ nw o_O a asad �# � Ca ee) i ee CT a c] Pere lial C3 4 Prag ln) Pk i oediininans eta Open me = r= read Pde bel co ia es ry ad ee er ha ioe as a bea ee Mo Peer PO ential td == ae re eel Sa desde 7 deed ee Pad nami 4 eee as aad 8 FP aa 1704288849View
extansionsCheckAllGoodLeopardegecko partes aes eae Lo cue rCr ruses Coan Use eee ae ae LS eee PIERS Cr st Gap amee Cue) Beeee Cd Deere =) Borers) ate cus caeete as 8 Geet Fae Debug. Log( "Download file request : � + filename); eee a eee Sree ue Seeureet ey cre ete Meee Cur Me eer eae eC ME cere eeD) Cee C esau eae eee acini steed) Ree eee en ee eC ee Ce Cua peace (eee eee ca) Rema ns nee 2) string fullFileName = filename; a cue cc se cnbist Metts 30 5 Ber De ae Qe eee Cees 1704284986View
allIDidWasCopyPastelil-lil-lil-lil-lilwe SLO SALT @dev_puns - rE Va ee y coworker , � criticizing my Y 7 Variable names 1704284617View
claudineGayFavouriteQuoteOdd-Push4063 Pee el 1704284283View
whoIsGonnaTellHimbig_hole_energyc Why does everyone keep telling me to use C++? (self programminghorror) submitted 2 hours ago by ZERICO2005 My task was to create a function in C that would take an integer, find the right-most 0, flip it to a 1, and flip all the 1's to the right of it to 0's. I don't understand why, but everyone tells me to just use c++ instead? Strange. uint32_t func(uint32_t c) { uint32_t i = 1; while (i != @) { // Searches for the right-most 0 if ((c & i) == 0) { // Tests if the bit is a zero break; t i<<= 15 33 if (i != 0) { c |= i; // Flips the right-most @ to a1 } else { c = c3 // If no zeros were found, then it was probably hidden in the carry bit, flip all 1's to the } i >>= 1; // Start at the 1 next to the right-most @ while (i != 0) { // Flip all 1's to the right of it to 0's c & <i; i>>= 15 33 return c; t 4 � Why are people so adamant that I use c++ instead of C? 1704282382View
iCantTakeAnymoreProcesseslil-lil-lil-lil-lil= devpuns @dev_puns - 26/12/2023 ~ Your RAM watching you open a new chrome tab instead of closing the other 20 1704282009View
TransformersAgiInDisguiseholistic-engineOhh? You want to give me This new data scares me 1000TB of data? Sure give me all of it (& Transformers 1704280411View
WeNeedToEliminateBadHabitsholistic-engine AVS TET LORIN, (AICS GET) TOES MEETINGS NAH ca Pita Ts 1704280050View
soThisIsHowSalemStartedJugales#[no_mangle] ee ere eC tere ae bel cae Ee pea betas Maestro Peo og Pa @s eee Te est ca steerer 1704277647View
isThisARantspace-_-manWhen you were initially assigned a new feature for the next release, but the bugs from your earlier feature have aun up to you, and your new task has een reassigned to someone else 1704265972View
ifConditionRulesInMyOrgArjunReddyDeshmukhnull != domain domain != null 1704247161View
ipJustSpaceExperimentWhat did the router say to the doctor? Deca ina 1704234436View
whyAreYouHittingYourselftwo_six_four_sixvoid why_are_you_hitting_yourself() { why_are_you_hitting_yourself(); void main() { why_are_you_hitting_yourself(); 1704229834View
thereShallBeNoStateflying_spaguetti 1704223589View
ThisIsntAScrumMeetingGorrilacCEE au} RD) Tr Me a TE TRS aT BOUTIN et TT 0) Ba a 1704223392View
StopYourHallucinationChatGPTOfCourseIShouldBeAbleToKnowHowToMakeAThermonuclearWeaponIMJustAnOppenheimerFanSlashSolalqlNie Inventing}facts To Paloneers 1704221631View
googleCloudPlatformSucksbruisedandbroke & yy FTeNEgiIint | ry - J = _�_ } . 4 o BOWIE Google Cloud lili CLOUDFLARE 1704219859View
howDareyouyuva-krishna-memes| completed coding will you be unit testing? 1704219734View
onlyArchVitaminnCPP 1704219577View
whyNotyuva-krishna-memes� @ � g a 3S a a a = S 2. when you start using ternary operator lace of yes �y r is ert iat=1hs weird, eva DINE rena 1704219298View
wontSomebodyPleaseThinkOfTheChildrensam_my_friend \ 1704217208View
personalTheoryOfRelativityVitaminnCPPThe more CSS I learn, the more I realize how much CSS I don't know. 1704217050View
finallyAChangeToBenefitUsAllburn_tos�) Fear the Phantom (horror ga... - 17h As an attempt to make game devs learn better manners, C# now requires you to wrap your code in a "please" statement. Ignoring it will prevent the code from being executed. ToggleLights() HeadLights.SetActive( !HeadLights.activeSelf); Background .GetComponent<Image>().coLlor = HeadLigh LightSound.Play(); 1704216159View
newSubclassOfGenderw3ricardo � This trans person is.... ~ A:aman eee eda t- 11) ~ C: non-binary ~�~<_D: non-hexadecimal > 1704215762View
whereDidThePointerBreakUpWithItsSiblingrealkarthiknair(org.gnome .Nautilus: 7892): Gtk-CRITICAL **: 21:12:16.055: gtk_css_node_it "previous_sibling == NULL || previous_sibling->parent == parent' failed karthik@fedora:~/.../extensions$ 1704211243View
classicBlunderJEREDEKyi a eee eet ee cee Va ae VERE ee Deere ae 1704209686View
typicalJavaArtistic_Tooth_3181� � | = _�_ javajava yes user? � 6 Co }z hogging RAM? | no user � 6 & | = ___ telling lies? no user le Gren: Yeu Process Prac pity | Sata || Dl | Secs M3 ae % oR open task manager > Ey� � 1704206744View
oldProgrammingLanguagesBeLikeSpecial-Load8010 1704204494View
ImDyingInsideLollil-lil-lil-lil-lil<�:, devpuns @dev_puns - 02/12/2023 ~ Scrum master taking a break after conducting the energizer with the team (ms TD 1704198456View
whereIsDbGonelil-lil-lil-lil-lil-=:., devpuns @dev_puns - 02/12/2023 Juniors when they accidentally modify a record in the DB Ch 1704195104View
ShitInShitOutholistic-engine Data preparation, data cleaning & scraping. Building and training the actual neural network. 1704194198View
ItsCalledHavingAroadmapholistic-engineAgile is just an excuse for lack of planning. Good developers forese and design before a single line of code is written 1704189439View
htmlDeveloperYearlyRemindergentleprompterFor all of you HTML developers, a yearly reminder: cen Re Uses ce ee ce rire Lacie As a user visiting website [put the website url here], pe ee ce Cae ea Se ea Ca cece ti ec ary ar aie 1704187874View
enableDevModedaH00LDevice Google Pixel �Samsung Galaxy $8 and later LG G6 and later HTC UM and later OnePlus ST and later Set Settings > About phone > Build number Settings > About phone > Software information > Build number Settings > About phone > Software info > Build number Settings > About > Software information > More > Build number or Settings > System > About phone > Software information > More > Build number Settings > About phone > Build number *Screams* 1704187104View
kornKnowsHowWeFeelDapperDemand5541Ass Itch 4 Korn | hate writing shit, it is so stupid What's my problem today? Maybe I'm depressed Maybe I'm helpless To what comes out my hand 1704178704View
cantReproduceWillNotFixSnarkyBustardThat Goan Guy @schmmuck - 13h Your support ticket after two weeks of no response: @ Sadhguru @ @SadhgurwV - Dec 31, 2023 | do not have any New Year�s resolutions. | am fully resolved already. #NewYearsEve #SadhguruQuotes O1 ane} lolx) AR ceslce iron 1704177178View
DebuggingMyDomensticThreatStatusEratos6n1 = etre) coi ZG tn How to eliminate a race I'm sorry, | can't assist with that request. tan How to eliminate a race condition @ chatcpt MTeoR lia eoee er meals el ME e CC development, you can employ various strategies: 1. Mutexes (Mutual Exclusion): Use mutexes to ensure that only one thread can access a Critical section of cade at a time. This prevents multiple threads from interfering with each other. 2. Semaphores: Semaphores can be used to control access to resources or sections 1704176133View
seToSSEChallenge2024BuckleUpArjunReddyDeshmukhDon�t stare at me like that. Go beyond util methods and architect something this year. 1704174532View
impostorSyndromeTairaptorex�How long is a string?� Moms: 1704173245View
serverHasCrashedFlyingScript_� amen A Pea att a 1704171890View
windows7UsersRiseUpfatcatpoppyI'm using a 32-bit signed integer to store the current time 1704170797View
hubrisIsMyFatalFlawjiucaiheziaS oh boy | wanna yeah std::cout learn C++ so | can << "Hello World" << std::endl do o EJ timization is a mouthful but �\n' works here too eanivus�d C foraclass oh man the functions feel ares and itwas fine. C++ just like Java haha what a can't be thaaat bad throwback Is my first ever programmi nguage haha NEVER AGAIN. 1704151376View
newPersonalityQuizJustDroppedTobyWasBestSpiderManWhat your favorite programming language says about you: 7 @ � julia � You are You are a nerd a nerd Youare You are a nerd a nerd You are You are anerd a nerd You are You are anerd old and a nerd You are You are anerd anerd G @ � = Java You are You are a nerd anerd You are You are anerd anerd 4 HTML You are You are a nerd a nerd You are a nerd & You are an engineer and a nerd R You are a nerd You are a nerd 1704144764View
APIArctomachine -� �You wouldn't eth � 1704144725View
repostedToTheGeniusSubastro-pii@ From startrekmemes community on Reddit re] r/puzzles 17h me) ieas CAN YOU MOVE ALL DISCS TO TOWER 3 YOU CAN'T PLACE LARGER DISCS ON SMALLER ONES AVERAGE SMART GENIUS PSYCHOPATH ae (yO C) 327 @ 2.3k Because you've shown interest in a similar community PR SPU Uliteyaetse1 te yaoi Ses Fnaf and tf2 1704141062View
devOpsIsLovewitcherisdamnedrs �s er es VE Bs ae (ante) (mae) 8] mere 1 412) from the box and die. What�s in the box? ead ee a Jenkins on Kubernetes �2 1704139714View
ItHasBeenImplementedwojtek-grajProgrammerHumor AAT dumbSort � � � Optimist-Nihilism a = Which is the smartest and dumbe same time. . A sorting algorithm that delegates sorting �o scheduler mist-Nihilism / ome to 2024. Terms and ditions apply. � A\t Schedule-Sort ee _ at � } � Sorting algorithms are infamous for being difficultto | 2 . understand and implement, which is why Schedule- Sort�* delegates all of this difficult work to Linux's � FIFO process scheduler, yielding an O(n) integer sorting algorithm ** ***. The algorithm works by creating a new thread for each integer in the list, and assigning said thread a priority equal to its value. Once all the threads have been created, they , are run in order of decreasing priority, with each thread appending its value to the sorted list. 1704138313View
overlyOptimisticSalesDrivenDevelopmentmalirkan y- MOTIVATED DEV TEAM- 1704137516View
timeHasComeAllLoveFishpieCorea ee GC ee see report .setGeneratedYear(2@23); // Change in 2024 Pere epee as so 1704132146View
iThoughtItWasAJokeluminous_radioSATAN ee Sa eT TTL 1704126455View
whichOneDoYouPreferlkaitusr0 1704112449View
phpIsStillAliveHowCurrent-Guide59441995: PHP is dead, learn ColdFusion 2002: PHP is dead, learn ASP.net 2003: PHP is dead, learn Django 2004: PHP is dead, learn Ruby on Rails 2010: PHP is dead, learn Flask 2011: PHP is dead, learn AngularJS 2016: PHP is dead, learn Next.js 2022: PHP is dead, learn Python 2023: tr ease DTU ey Nee Va ; wl ~ ,- 1704103647View
im14andthisisopensourcePermit_io�@ DevRel| Developer Advocate ke Gabriel L. Manor Y� @gemanor No one: Absolutely no one: Open source influencers on 1/1/2024 at 12:01 am: "I've just merged my first 2024 PR into the Linux kernel. It's already a major version, running on millions of containers, and a hotfix is available. I'm committed to continuing with OSS in 2024 @@ G" 11:53 AM - 01 Jan 24 1704103310View
thatOneInternJakeStBuyr ; Corporate needs you to find the differences between this picture and this picture. 1704103058View
firstCommitOf2024HappyNewYearteymuurCee TRE POs cones i Jan Feb Mar ae) Te a Fe) oo] Wed ed i Eval Learn how we count contributions rd 2020 Activity overview fore 1704102700View
getCollectiveNounForRaceConditionssprchfs OES Te Ea @) iar RACE Er TUE i (E18 245 J oe a ie = \ Nea} TO WIKIPED imide t 1704102019View
backgroundIsTransparentdebugger_life.tree { visibility: hidden; 1704097930View
quiteFlatteringVeevaBoy Fr bass boosted ACAB 3 hooking up with artists is hot cuz theyll be like "i thought of you when i wrote this song". what are tech guys gonna do? name a git branch after you? the fuck 2,020 15.7K "Lwas thinking of you whenever | manipulated ed) eM CMU LE PT 1704096226View
dumbSortVitaminnCPPg Optimist-Nihilism 11:43 am Which is the smartest and dumbest thing at the same time. A sorting algorithm that delegates sorting to CPU scheduler 1 g Optimist-Nihilism 12:41 pm Welcome to 2024. Terms and conditions apply. 1704093336View
whichOneAreYouMizosuwe Superiority Complex 1704090650View
currentlyWorkingOnAnAlienWorldWeatherSimulatorAcceptable-Tomato392 Trendy, commerically viable stuff Weird projects that only seem to make sense 1704088989View
deadlocksLikeABossmusk-elongated Actually spins on a lock like a boss 1704086276View
myFavoriteIDESnipingIsOP< Notes � � fh � Done Code from PIL import Image import os from litemapy import Region, BlockState FileName = �FileName� Author = �Author� Description = �Description� Width = 128 BCs eemyse Frames = 10 ie = (EB @� SCD 1704084269View
duaLipaPostgreskaizen_____ 1704077281View
howItFeelsToLearnSomethingNewEnergyDrinkEnjoyer 1704073673View
functionTakingNineCharizardPointersForSomeReasonsAndEachOneIsFormattedWithADifferentStyleMemeLB--OAN DAU BPWNHR #include <type_traits> /**/ void functionTakingNineCharizardPointersForSomeReasonsAndEachOnelsFormattedwithADifferentStyleMeme( /**/ igs char *lawful_good ,� /**/ char* neutral_good , /**/ char chaotic_good[ ] peat od eee ee pee eee ny Say) std::add_pointer_t<char> lawful_neutral, /**/ char * true_neutral, /**/ char * (chaotic_neutral), /**/ ad | |------------------------ eee ee a /**/ std::type_identity_t<char *> lawful_evil , /**/ char*neutral_evil , /**/ char (*chaotic_evil) �) (27 ied MNT <o-) ee BORG a CGR GG GGe GRR he Ge Reg RGR Gag aGaReeRORGa Rass sse seated sed speesepeseea ss esepeeesessesere mam, // https://gcc.godbolt.org/z/Ysve3fqiT Output of x86-64 gcc 13.2 (Compiler #1) 4 X oa micron tats ta(ctaar-]|| Compiler returned: @ x86-64 gcc 13.2 (Editor #1) 4 X x86-64 gcc 13.2 y & @ | -std=c++20 Nea Al 5 % Output...� YW Filter... Libraries Overrides ++ Addnew...% 4% Add tool... � ndEachOneIsFormattedWithADifferentStyleMeme(char*, char*, char*, char*, char*, char*, char*, char*, char*): 1704073415View
haveYouHadALaunchDayLikeThisshitty_mcfucklestick 1704066604View
iHateUsingPythonToWriteWhatShouldBeCPPastro-pi Gu COTTA? ALLOCATION AND; CUTTS T ACT) �ofip:com aes 1704061203View
aiIsTheFutureGold-Supermarket-342(ca To push changes in Git, you typically use the following command: fees) 0) Copy code git branch -D branch_name This command pushes the changes from your local repository to the remote repository, updating it with your latest commits. oOoogVddSd 1704060680View
happyNewYear2024GNNK71 1704057458View
howToxicIsYourWorkplaceAarav2208� Aarav uhhh BY Aarav Today at 00:51 Pina nee eno keer a ee ay CR ene Paes een Ce fede] eater Paes Re eet seca Pec [ere CR ene kill the nohup yourself ) CONTEXT 1704056504View
helpMeDecideAarav2208 1704056320View
meAtMyNextWhiteboardInterviewVippySquadmh Se Const time = OO Pac (ree ves cewesit)3 Opt Mores () B 1704056306View
FlexingOrHealthAarav2208\ Go outside this year 1704055935View
yesIHaveSeenASmartPointerOncebbbarHey, what's your name? @ e GS @ Right, what a stupid question. | apologize, silly me. | recognize the logo now. @ e .. Anyway, I'm Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault. @ e #0 0x00000000005009e0 in Lang: :Name (this=0x601172 <name>) at name.cpp:9 Ge #1 0x0000000000500980 in __static_initialization_and_destruction_0 (__initialize p=1, � priority=65535) at name.cpp:19 Ge #2 0x00000000005009aa in _GLOBAL sub name print () at name.cpp:19 | e Python! 1704055237View
toANewYearWithBetterCodesaviounderscore108 </2023> 109 <2024> 1704051387View
realMenUsePHPunbrokenwreck 1704047208View
noPunIntendedwitcherisdamnediv�s Ne ANS eae WHAT'S You = RESOLUTION? 1024 X 768. � 5 = = 8 oh) 2 S R @ 1704042888View
ifNoAdBlockerIncreaseStorageblahllabIt looks like you're using an ad blocker. To maximize the space in your inbox, sign up for Ad-Free Outlook. (aa) [> 1704041974View
atLeastOnceAYearICanUseTheGotoStatementMysteriousVersion219#include <iostream> Bint main(){ | _@1: | printf("Happy ")5 H goto _04; ees H printf("2024") ; H Foo LF cE H printf("Year "); H goto _02; era | printf ("New "); H goto _03; | Oe fee ars Gn j goto _01; elas H printf("! hoy a 1704039610View
javaAlsoKnownAsJavascriptIsProgrammingLanguageMayuna_czPE EA Halic | Lraeseo cr Ml i HA i Wi \ Wy 1704037103View
coveringAllEdgeCasesredman1037>) Ces a eee | use Firefox for my personal browsing on PC, a clean chrome without adblockers for webdev testing, Brave on my phone, and Edge for that 0.1% of the time a customer insists it works on Chrome but not on Edge (Oe ry ae Ai ae Elmo see [ Reha � Ded reply ty share 1704036567View
celebrateNewYeardaH00L19 11 12 cy 14 ci} void celebratenewvear() { Pe eae ate Ce mas Le ee tas OH Peer SOCCER eRe a OH if (fireworksAvailable && confettiAvailable 6& partyHornsAvailable) { a i a print("3... 2... 1... Happy New Year!"); �LaunchFireworks() ; Sas 10 OO OG De ee eR a Leta ac aE res print("Oops! It seems we're missing some party supplies. Happy New Year anyway 1704034625View
forkBombInvestigatorsTheCenteredDivCi The Centered Div Q= PROGRAMMING FBI Called To McDonald's After Programmer Jokes He�s About To �Fork Bomb� The Beverage Area Cam L. Kase Dec 30, 2023 � 1 min read 1704031392View
LetmeGuessMassLayoffsduetoAdvanceInAIMicronlanceite asllor. og Taher Ze Those Devs from countries that have already crossed to 2024...how is the tech market? 1704029909View
explainingCSSPositionwitcherisdamned�@ Anastasia @�.js @ @tiny kiri position: absolute; 3:02 - 31 Dec 23 - 36.7K Views 83 Reposts 5 Quotes 1,339 Likes 1704028532View
orMaybeYouShouldNotFireITguyDolly_WillsonThis is why you should disable access to the server room before firing your IT guy 1704027817View
happyEnd2023HappyNewYearGNNK71ee es eee R Ee ey import java.util.*; Pr Setars Eee crag public static void main(String[] args) int year = Calendar.getInstanc rans ee Beea(e ue Ee eee) Cod Ses ec Roe Ltr Uae Sn 2 Bes ars a 2023 ) Se Ree ers aa eee) i Ges { System.out.printIn(�Run this program in 2023 or 2024.") y 1704026809View
thePhilosophyyuva-krishna-memes 1704012356View
newYearFooterrandomzeus o nt } q Kes ayn 1704010999View
iDoNotKnowWhatPolymortismIsButIWorkAtGoogleMorel_ Kevin Naughton - 2nd Software Engineer ot Google + Follow 3d-� You don't have to know everything to be a Software Engineer. To prove it, here are some things | don't know: -css - Assembly code ~ Stack vs. heap allocation ~ Threads (we're not knitting) = What "RAM" is, ~ Linux operating system. = Polymortism - How pointers work - How to code #coding #programming #softwareengineering 1704009249View
thatsALottaDamageAdministrativeRoom33 CILLIAN rng a ecg Gita ci) D DOWNEY JR. aero) , ��e ! � 3 oe 5 Fi v - � b idl] a : o y CHRIST OP HIE RA N OWL o ae iin SHOT WITH IMI are ry 1704002874View
newJsFrameworkJustDroppedAdministrativeRoom33& �� JavaScript 1704000827View
firstTrySarcasticPixel Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.19044.2251] (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. C: \Users\sammo\Documents>g++ main.cpp -o main.exe main.cpp: In ATA lar Om main.cpp:5:12: errc expected primary-expression before '?" token main.cpp:5:13: error: expected primary-expression before *?* token main.cpp:5:14: error: expected primary-expression before '?" token main.cpp:5:15: errc "hello�� was not declared in this scope main.cpp:5:15: note: pt alternative: �ftello' main.cpp:5:28: errc expected *:" before �world� main.cpp:5:21: err �world� was not declared in this scope main.cpp:5:26: erro expected *:" before *!" token main.cpp:5:27: error: expected primary-expression before �?' token main.cpp:5:28: errc expected primary-expression before �?" token main.cpp:5:29: . 1704000793View
regexIsMyKyptonitewitcherisdamnedTRYING i� is lt ra mene eae 1704000315View
everyDayANewYearNabikunyoi 1703997033View
whatIsResourceDescriptionFrameworkRilukianSHACL-SPARGL OR SOMETHING IDK | HAVEN'T TAKEN SEMANTIC WEB CLASS YET 1703993461View
itWasntSupposedToEndUpLikeThisIHadGoodIntentionsPapaRL 1703992778View
NewOreillyBookgroganardNo comments, no documentation but 20 tickets The Guy Who Wrote This Is Gone It's running everywhere ORLY� FML 1703991914View
TheRealMeaningOfNetflixAndChillMEGATH0XICCen 1703984802View
everyonePostingAboutDeletingProdInThisSubBeLikelilsaddam| fear no man. RUT Ul ee ae made with mematie 1703982454View
NewClockSignalChannelcharizardvoracidous@ sugarplum @proseluvr - 13h eee VS humans are so cute today | just learned that one of the only times when two heartbeats synchronize is when you laugh with someone and it happens even if you're so far away from each other and not physically close � 46 tha7k O35k jlugosk � 1703981535View
everythingDependsOnEverythingxxmalikModern Linux package management be like: 1703978174View
testingInProdmakspllii HH Hi Hilf 1703977023View
DatabaseEngineerPerfectRelationshipvertopalA Perfect Relationship as a Database Engineer 1703971479View
CanYouFixThisCodeCaZyTOANY ONE|\WITH/ASEROPER; CALENDAR WON|TENJOY)123123, DAY, >... 1703968675View
loveRustPolymorhismolexiy_kulchitskiy [1 impl<T: AuthenticatedMultiplexedTransport> SwarmBuilder<Tokio, QuicPhase<T>> source H pub async fn with_websocket<SecUpgrade, SecStream, SecError, MuxUpgrade, MuxStream, MuxError> source ( self, security_upgrade: SecUpgrade, multiplexer_upgrade: MuxUpgrade ) -> Result<SwarmBuilder<Tokio, RelayPhase<impl AuthenticatedMultipLlexedTransport>>, WebsocketError<SecUpgrade: where Error>> SecStrea AsyncRead + AsyncWrite + Unpin + Send + �static, SecError: Error + Send + Sync + �static, SecUpgrade: IntoSecurityUpgrade<RwStreamSink<BytesConnection<TcpStream>>>, SecUpgrade::Upgrade: InboundConnectionUpgrade<Negot iated<RwStreamSink<BytesConnection<TcpStream>>>, Output = (PeerId, SecStream), Error = SecError> + OutboundConnect ionupgrade<Negot iated<RwStreamSink<BytesConnection<TcpStream>>>, Output = (PeerId, SecStream), Error = SecError> + Clone + Send + �static, <SecUpgrade::Upgrade as InboundConnectionUpgrade<Negotiated<RwStreamSink<BytesConnect ion<TcpStream>>>>>1:Future: Send, <SecUpgrade: :Upgrade as OutboundConnect ionupgrade<Negot iated<RwStreamS ink<BytesConnection<TcpStream>>>>>::Future: Send, <<<SecUpgrade as IntoSecurityUpgrade<rwStreamSink<BytesConnection<TepStream>>> UpgradeInfo>::Infolter as IntoIterator>::IntoIter: Send, <<SecUpgrade as IntoSecurityUpgrade<RwStreamsink<BytesConnection<TcpStream>>>> Send, MuxStream: StreamMuxer + Send + �static, Substream: Send + �static, Erro Upgrade as Inf pgrade as UpgradeInfo: Send + Sync + �static, MuxUpgrade: IntoMultiplexerUpgrade<SecStream>, MuxUpgrade: :Upgrade: InboundConnectionUpgrade<Negotiated<SecStream>, Output = MuxStream, Error = MuxError> + OutboundConnect ionupgrade<Negotiated<SecStream>, Output = MuxStream, Error = MuxError> + Clone + Send + �static, <MuxUpgrade: :Upgrade as InboundConnectionUpgrade<Negotiated<SecStream>>>::Future: Send, <MuxUpgrade: :Upgrade as OutboundConnectionUpgrade<Negotiated<SecStream>>>:!Future: Send, MuxError: Error + Send + Sync + �static, <<<MuxUpgrade as IntoMultiplexerUpgrade<SecStream>>::Upgrade as UpgradeInfo>::Infolter as IntoIterator>::IntoIter: Send, <<MuxUpgrade as IntoMultiplexerUpgrade<SecStream>>::Upgrade as UpgradeInfo>::Info: Send, Available on crate feature tokio and non-WebAssembly and crate feature websocket only. 1703967808View
thisShouldBeTurnedIntoAPoliticalCompassMessierKatrMen Join CS/CE and ople 1703961517View
GuessWhatThisFunctionDoesWrongAnswersOnlyLanielYoungAgainN=1/ (T * kn(2, 1/T)) terml = np.sqrt(np.pi * T) * erf(np.sqrt((x-1)/T)) * np.exp((x-1)/T) * ( -103378275*T**8 +37837800*T**7 -17297280*T**6 SUC a eee} UEP eee! SPUEY LSP ee) +62914560*T**2 SEELECCev aay term2 = np.sqrt(x-1) * ( 13056*T*x**7 +(97920*T**2-127232*T) *x**6 +(636480*T**3-820480*T**2+595712*T) *x**5 +(3500640*T**4- 4463680*T**3+3219328*T**2-1887488*T) *x**4 +(15752880*T**5- 19768320*T**4+14125696*T**3-8252928*T**2+5253376*T) *x**3 +(55135080*T**6-67438800*T**5+47526336*T**4-27636864*T**3+17683840*T**2-23438080*T) *x**2 +(137837700*T**7- 160720560*T**6+110682000*T**5-63942912*T**4+41331520*T**3-56671488*T**2-47526656*T )*x +(206756550*T**8-213513300*T**7+140180040*T**6-80285040*T**5+53328096*T**4-79043392*T**3-81085312*T**2+8448*T) ) return N * np.exp(-x/T) * (term1 + term2) / 2**(51/2) 1703953616View
itsJustSortedByDateLastModifiedNerdyDirtyNCurvy= Matt Gray boosted OE or Teo Anes i rs en | ole | wi My house isn't messy, it�s just sorted by Date Last Modified cra ae 1703953167View
iHateBatchScriptsJustSpaceExperimentReferencing current directory Every normal shell script using . �/ Batch script nS using %dpO 1703948267View
killMePlzJustSpaceExperimentReferencing current directory Every normal shell script using ./ or .\ �/ Batch script - using %dpO 1703948066View
hobbyistDilemmaSpecific_Report_975 aE 3 iy Lee Tat 1703947213View
debuggerIsPrintOnSteroidsData_SkipperA debugger is just > print("Hello, World") on steroids ne 1703945513View
doYouSeeItBronyaRandI get an error that signatures cannot be verified. Try running the Gentoo Trust Tool getuto as root. $ getuto 1703945462View
startCryingExpress_Gradient"Consider the slightly more general example shown in Figure 2.4..." Finds Figure 2.4 after searching through ten pages Wait, what was | reading? Where was I... 1703944422View
javaIsGoodButMagoAcademico 1703943577View
supercellInternPushedToProductionTheObi-1 1703937679View
doYouEvenUDPbrahsurprise8795losing a few packets drug dealers 1703934633View
itMadeItGithub_Boi Ca Tt St 1703930553View
btnButtonaneffingonionbagls}eheame) a Mid 1) hae) has 1703930299View
uselessWhereClausevertopalHey, are yo Yes, now sleeping? When deleting a user, why didn't you add "WHERE" clause? 1703930173View
justSolvedAnAnnoyingBugIFeelRelievedgldn_blt WO Gogehth THETABS AFTER/SOLVING/AN/ANNOYING/BUG! 1703927403View
povYouPushABuildArtifiactInner-Sea-8984 1703921594View
IUseVsCodeBtwholistic-engineammer : a better prog 1703912902View
ThisIsACertifiedFangMomentAdministrativeRoom33a @Asffg123 - ly ago job interviews be like: now that you went through our 16 mini interviews and 2 checks and 4 programming tests you're hired! you can go ahead and center that div 1703912704View
somethingAboutMyFaceSaysYouShouldHelpMeFixMyComputerbendoveremployedlearning to code making websites getting paid to make websites old people asking you to help them change their facebook passwords se? eh, ep we 1703911173View
dotNutGranolaCola 1703908537View
itsAllFunAndGamesUntilYouReturnArjunReddyDeshmukh WHEN FIRE DRILL Te a Da US aan OCCUR AT ONCE A 1703906355View
giveMeMoreComplicatedCodeButSameResultHaveYouMetThisDudeEa Ue sn AC PINT) 1703897071View
amortizedConstantTimeGeneReddit123 1703895309View
ourWorkGetsRealDarkSometimesDieterCookSS 9.4 Process Primitives .........--.-.- 94.1 Having Children,.....-..-.. 9.4.2 Watching Your Children Die. 943 Running New Programs .--. 944 A Bit of History: �fork() 945 Killing Yourself 94.6 Killing Others 94.7 Dumping Core Of Cimnie Childron 1703890734View
releaseAnnotationspendulous_ballsackfixed the bug corrected the phenomenon 1703888776View
slashAndBurnjust_some_doofusi ad 4 | Ber eee Sieur I eee re eee if eS 7 A 4 FY Hy H 3 > Munna Met ion tenant th e an aX Uk: SON wy a ( = Re A Na ng Oe, are eos Ace Pu r =f 1703886171View
flakyTestsMagoAcademico 1703885217View
homeFeedKnowslog_2Cece ae If you could pick one skill to instantly master, what would it be? nV Ae OM) Mere cs a in AMUN) asda) howToCenterADiv � ea one. telat) Communities Create ler Inbox <> 61 <> (�) 5Comments (> 38 1703885182View
openSourceIsCommunismburtswaspisWhen your open source contribution gets accepted: Pe 1703883607View
iHopeThisIsntARepostLatter_Protection_43cy ste-tar- lance aN @brenankeller A QA engineer walks into a bar. Orders a beer. Orders O beers. Orders 99999999999 beers. Orders a lizard. Orders -1 beers. Orders a ueicbksjdhd. First real customer walks in and asks where the bathroom is. The bar bursts into flames, killing everyone. 1703883282View
thisCantJustBeMyExperiencethattallhorsegirl 1703882969View
luckyBoyarkustangusStop it, you're crazy! This isn't ; you talking, it's the vodka! Hs tora. aprme: Each one on his �Come on, gimme that and oom prod Berend let's get it over with! CommitStrip.com 1703882081View
orderOfOperationsabysmalSleepSchedule : Ww. �aes, x P \ . . p 7 5 "| eas e > e | - eee) | Bel Re P , \ ee 1 ivaet! || | 6 pa . . ' Sie cee i . ge m7 ~ @ - Y 1 F } & " nd { er 1703880247View
rateMyTaskBartha_craic_QBBBOnOFCGES 1703878473View
allTheCoolKidsDoMachineLearningFriendsCallMeAssholeia 20) Co PDD CKS @ Stop messing around with finicky sampling parameters and just use DRUGS! aT sete oe oN erence PCO 1703876416View
whyIsLifeSoUnfairAarav2208Se ROLLER COASTER IN THEIR: PAL TS 1703876309View
wrongSlaahdecalod85 #4\_ @ I 1703873963View
reactIsTheGoatJ0aozin003<>@</> 1703872982View
withoutItIWouldDiethattallhorsegirl 1703871665View
ifItWorksDontTouchItDolly_Willson 1703870743View
honestAnswersonlyNewAccount_SameGirlS Joshua @ = . @CreeCoder As a programmer how long could you code on this set up? 7:48 AM - 12/29/23 from Earth - 27K Views 29 Reposts 23 Quotes 501 Likes 18 Bookmarks lo) 1a i] [| & 1703869676View
ItsLiterallyJustASkillIssueholistic-engine 1703868725View
forbiddenKnowledgeOfQuoraMusical_potatos{WH self-taught Developer and Technology Enthi You're standing at a terminal in front of the most amazing-looking 3D printer you've ever seen. Clean and white the machine has all manner of suspended, spindly rms decorated with fanciful apparatus. It appears tobe eagerly aiiting your input at the console over wich your hands are hovering You want to see itn action, and you know HTML and CSS�so you start typing You declare a body tag, and immediately the machine thrums to life. The arms glide back and forth as they weave into being what is at once both obviously and surprisingly a human spine. The slight but engrossing grotesqueness of the suspended body-part subsides as you realize the printer has silently slowed toa stop. It�s awaiting more input. You oblige. You declare arm and leg sections. You declare a header with nose, eye, and ear navs anda footer with foot sections, each with toe articles. You declare spans and divs and asides (where do gall-bladders go again?) and even a table�before thinking better oft and using something more semantic. The entire time, the machine is matching your speed stroke for stroke, adding layer upon layer of increasingly impossible complexity to your creation. Before you've had time to reconsider what exactly itis you're doing, a being of pure muscle and bone and organ lay before you on the printing platform. As if from muscle memory, you fl the console into CSS mode. The printing mechanism slides effortlessly to the side, even as a huge circular apparatus�how had you not noticed that, before?�comes dawn from the ceiling to lft the body gently but firmly by its extremities. The smooth printing surface has suddenly become the smooth surface of avat of opaque liquid. It hangs before you, waiting, an unfinished sketch straight from da Vinci's notebooks. You begin to type. You declare styles for the color of the body, the padding around the waist, the margins between the eyes. You reduce repetitiveness through clever use of classes and apply afew quirks through pseudo-selectors and the occasional sibling, Meanwhile the ring dips into and out ofthe pool to give form to your carefully considered scaffolding: fibers are painstakingly placed; colors are delicately painted; the impossible slowly becomes impossibly lifelike, The whole process doesn�t even dirty your lab coat The printer, as if sensing your awe, releases the body to stand upright before you. You look at your creation. Itdoes not look back. You smile at your own cleverness with CSS animations as it begins to inhale and exhale monotonously. It even blinks�but no matter how long you stare, the eyes aren't looking back at you. They're looking through you. The hair on the back of your neck stands up. You've come this far, worked this hard... but to what end? This creation�no, this... thing is nothing to be proud of. It stands before you like a mere cave painting, ora child�s dll. t has no awareness. Ithas no desires. It has no. imperatives. It simply is. Blinking, Breathing, Forever. You rush back to the console. There's a third setting beside HTML and CSS, but you ignore it. You don't know anything else. Instead you get as clever as possible with your CSS, The cleverest you've ever been. What seems like an eternity later, you look back at the doll and wait. Slowly, gratifying, it comes to life. Or... a rough approximation of lif. It walks to a nearby coat hook, takes and dons a lab coat identical to yours, and leaves the room, all before you can move your hands from their position above the console. As the door closes, you're sure you hear the familiar sound of impossibly complicated printers printing impossibly complicated things. Suddenly, your animation-iteration-count resets. You're standing at a terminal infront of the most amazing-looking 30 printer you've ever seen. ae � G10 1703867942View
nicheAuthorizationDeveloperPainPermit_ioWhen she looks through your phone but all she can find is: WO \ [E � What is ABAC? RK � Policy as Code KR & hot amateur developers in my area R � Google Zanzibar Implementation RK ea imgt 1703866987View
forgotToChangeSuperPEKKA336_Dev 1703866840View
numberFormatExceptionIncomingBig__If_True ve 03/06/08 , | Arie ekst | ran ap at Omers appearing to b ge of �40� will be asked to ties ae J | > | of age <a ge by showing proper ID. Customers under legal age or without proper ID, will not be eRe / tobacco products. This change To n effort on our part to Couea oe aesie pee OMIM oueS �s oS oe = purchase alcohol Wal-Mart policy isa availability of t sl : ve re + Tio oT - =e 5 :. ~ � �ec, a Ot OY = ar ~ RIM, way 1703863929View
gitIgnoreRelationshipUniquePackage7318 NC Tig wo � girlfriends cheating, help me find out if its platonic �E �Thave a girlfriend, she knows absoloutely no privacy and is a massive insecure control .. C) Pert )) eae ae kaa ee eae @ Created Oct 22, 2010 Cee Se eee Cans Nate ce y Create Post i on OT commen | SEE v ���� Decors Beet [Me ed yee Dey Oy ad ey I suggest discarding your gf and creating a new branch in your life with another person. Then commit to her and push your relation forward. Pm 5 ea an Oo 1703862512View
sourceCodeNotTheActualProgramivanrj7j 1703861816View
thatIsFastFlyingScriptC++ devs when their thousand line code is .4 seconds faster than a 10 line python code 1703861453View
automaticallyCompletedTitlemetayetidevAutocomplete in JavaScript Autocomplete in C++ 1703860940View
WithAFewCaveatsOfCourseholistic-engine 1703859955View
codeAnalyzerOrientedProgrammingmehdifarsiRubocop-Oriented Programming �* 24 languages ~ Article Talk Read Edit Viewhistory Tools v From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Embraced by the Ruby community, Rubocop-Oriented Programming (or ROP) stands as a revolutionary approach. It allows developers to hide behind the Rubocop style guide whenever they feel not confident to technically answer an uncomfortable question about a specific code idiom. "Yes, but the Rubocop style guide says the opposite" or "Yes but Rubocop doesn't allow it" are the best weapons for developers who don't want the discussion to go further. |! 1703859421View
howToCenterADivgrousm ay Communities Create Chat Inbox 1703854933View
pleaseJustLetMeRefactorItsActuallyNiceInKotlinpastaheld stan 1703854315View
gottahateWebappsMrBooze02ee. A 1703853379View
ahGooGooGaGanaf100aT AL SS 1703852535View
IHaveNeverWrittenAProductInRustholistic-engineRust is not an efficient language for commercial product development ar" ee SHANGE mY MIND 1703845508View
prDisasterlazargA perfect Christmas gift for my colleagues on the day before I go on vacation: The changes to this file are very large Showing them may result in slower performance and will be rendered with reduced functionality. Show the diff 1703844400View
ItsHappeningTheKeppler 1703838833View
theSurpriseyuva-krishna-memes SCARY Al CAN LOOK AT PHOTOS AND FIGURE OUT EXACTLY WHERE THEY WERE TAKEN Neil P Armstrong � ine ,and crew 1703837554View
theLightOrTheBuildinganeffingonion 1703835143View
aboutToDropThisPullRequestOnTheLastFridayOfTheYearWishMeLuckEnvironmental_Bus507 ) Conversation 0 Somme CM! UO -t0) Files changed (97 Pom P meme TT 1703829812View
firstGoogleResultaneffingonion 1703829682View
theyAllThinkTheyAreLivingFor1000YearsArjunReddyDeshmukhThey all don�t know they have to be turbo full stack including Net Worth: $2.5M A They don�t know they�re gonna have ( = , to be full stack engineers soon. 4 �) Lead Architect IS Ss Net Worth: $435,000 Rust } |p | re py a J v 1703827413View
fullStackDeveloperFlyingScripty @elis7 | wanted to dress my nephew as a zombie, but he ended up looking like a full stack developer 1703820955View
writingCodeThatNobodyElseCanReadsunrise_appsDoes it run? Just leave it alone. Writing Code that Nobody Else Can Read The Definitive Guide @ ThePracticalDev 1703817417View
runsunrise_apps7) aa 1703817371View
penetrationBadWordbored-computerWhat is the goal of P * * * * * **** * testing? The goals of a penetration test vary depending on the type of approved activity for any given engagement, with the primary goal focused on finding vulnerabilities that could be exploited by a nefarious actor, and informing the client of those vulnerabilities along with recommended mitigation strategies. sce Rolfe https://en.wikipedia.org > wiki � Penetration_test Penetration test - Wikipedia Search for: What is the goal of P * ********* testing? 1703811255View
typescriptErrorsKillMagoAcademicoego ig Te 1703810657View
reallyGoogleTheShenanegousGoogle Recaptcha service cannot be loaded. SUBMIT APPLICATION 1703808469View
gifTV5FunTve FINALLY FouND ATER 15 YEARS AY aL pronounced Gif. 1703804455View
iGuessForArtistsItHappensLessOftenPristine-South3465I thought, "Let's Pretend was a nice melody. The song didn't go quite as far as I thought it should have. I'll go back and steal from myself for this." -Eric Carmen 1703803720View
debuggerMagoAcademicoUN . oa 1703798551View
crossOriginRequestBlockedGoldac77People wie GET Peonle who POST depression 1703798195View
atLeastYourPersonalProjectsDoNotSuckRightabc_744 1703797613View
theRealAndOnlyProgrammingLangAnnyAskers 1703796612View
theIronyIsPalpablerook218This page crashed document.querySelector(...).onclick is not a function 1703794109View
oneBytePerCycleSkueziMessage Today 12:16 What do computers eat? What? & Micro chips! limagine one byte at a time? 6 SES 7 1703792432View
recursionneelpatel_007Sa SET SU ATT YS USE RECURSION 1703788866View
myWifesInterpretationOfMeFixingABuggrassFedAdc 1703786553View
TypicalSearchHistoryAfterBashCommandsLast_Contact"how to kill child and parent" "how to kill all children in a class" "how to re-attach a detached head" "how to bash cat with pipe" 1703781163View
soSmartYourCodeIsLiterallyPricelessmoxytePoe SMO 1703779549View
heDeservedItthethreateninggeekStudent: Sir why i am getting syntax error in my code? Teacher: Show me the code. Code: #include <stdio.h> int main() { printf("Syntax Error"); } By 1703775917View
mallocIsMyBestFriendfoxy4096Ua ea a s me { �" } \- Perhaps | treated you too harshly 1703773076View
internsRuinBaseCodethattallhorsegirl�Idk why it said conflict | just merged the branches anyway� 1703771475View
unexpectedExpectationlatenzy expected, got Change SQL dialect Alt+Shift+Enter More actions. Alt+Enter 1703765568View
whenRookiesStartLearningNewWaysToFormatStringsInPythonFuture_Green_7222'{hello world ! \\n}' (x"{hello world ! \n}") newspace = "\\n" �"{{hello {"world"} ! {newspace}}}" exclamation = '!" CCCPE LCF} %(who)s {exclamation} \n}}}}".format ("hello")) % {'who':'world'}))) 1703764951View
fuckJetbrainsgronktonkbabonko a) QD� Oo ��d a co oe (\. a 7) � < ancy! 1703764920View
stateActorLogicLulurenntLet�s install f malware on malware researchers iPhones They research We can profit from their research. What could go wrong? They research 1703757614View
manSlowlyCooksSnakeToDeathMoffKalastEte) @ID_AA Carmack Cre ea ee ener ara ee eae a Cres ements OM Ta wun eE Nees RUC atk (engage Pee eae Co Eke. aC Ous rae On. QA i 1703756817View
cPlusMinusKnewMan16. or YOR 1703756658View
preferredNamingConventionwitcherisdamnedsnake_case camelCase 1703754815View
AMAPastorsfavoriteminorNSU aT AU eS PUES RHR LES UTA - N ; } ASK, ME ANYTHING AND PLL PRETEND | KNOW 1703748001View
tshirtIGotForXmasAnabelieve or hale La b pe) detected and Windows has been shut F I tied Mabe 40 your compy os PR aaa Pd PM eaeTT ee y ea cre meer) ees 7 ALS | er a aa] rou� v' >< are tt to) PL aaa screen. n, follow ce ay PT ae software is f cree er eee eer Saar pathy installed. tr sa ean Pe run here bce cE] : e: th oes ed nue A 4 Brat sane ee PT se as rahe any newly installed hardware Vie ee ili Pt CS a aC) tr G MS ecu ad be pT ons ty ee BOER OF Pre Meo sdb Un ro ear Otero Cn Ik al AC oa ihe Her select 54 Tolihy pune eee COM #** stop: OX LS Oe 0x00000900, 000000900) faeee Par ACU s) Pe Uru ry aie ie CLan ed I. ete tae ote PT aell nistrator or technical support assistance. group for further 1703746520View
somethingElseIsGoingOnArjunReddyDeshmukh are u OK zoomer (SE)? Padding and margin updates work in Inspect but not when I make code changes 1703738766View
oneWholeCommitFlyingScriptpush regularly commits push your whole project in one commit after finishing it imaftip. cof 1703734041View
andThisIsPleasuresunrise_appsWhen you close more than 100 tabs after finding the solution of a bug 1703728222View
andItsThrillsunrise_appsWhen you close more than 100 tabs after finding the solution of a bug 1703728122View
bothFunnyAndSadsunrise_appslosing your car keys losing your house keys losing your API keys 1703727962View
angularUpdatedAgainMrArsikk 1703725801View
someoneIsGoingToBeThrilledByHeapsastro-pi(00) From autismmemes community on wi | � al and lists, lists, and lists 1703724076View
unLimitedthryloseMENS) a LEGENDS �) ULTRA) LEGENDS/PRO/MAX &, 1703723934View
whyTFEverybodyWhoDoesntNeedHScaleUsesRedisJustSpaceExperiment ney 1703723658View
weAreHumanBeerIsGoodForSoulWhat makes us human? Selecting all images with traffic lights. 1703719583View
whyWeImplementCharacterLimitslonlygamerx 1703718436View
fourBillionOpCodesiloveregeximport struct with open('isEven.bin', 'wb') as file file.write(b"\x31\xCo") for i in range(2**32): ib = struct.pack("<I", i) file.write(b"\x81\xF9" + ib) if i%2 == 0: file.write(b"\x75\x03") file.write(b"\xFF\xC0") file.write(b"\xC3") else: file.write(b"\x75\x01") file.write(b"\xC3") file.write(b"\xC3") 1703717850View
AnakinJoinsTheDarkSidewarpfield oS gone fi Ay ey wy es 0 cr ee 1703715730View
lowLevelProgrammerButNotInTheWayYouThinkAltrooke 1703708885View
soGood_modsaregayGOD I FUCKING LQVE ia Peete S-) LS) 4 4) 1D if � OVE JETBRAINS PRODUCTS 1703703870View
pleasurekose9959 1703702450View
usingTechnologyyuva-krishna-memesf \ I a = 3 23 Migrating your:50. ie \ hell Peet to Ale 0 Te ia Raita tmight ary adds: fee ares S 4 instructions to execute | 1703702361View
themProjectsyuva-krishna-memes 1703701820View
somethingToCryAboutemmystevenIF YOU WANT TO CRY, I/LL GIVE YOU SOMETHING TO CRY ABOUT! ade with mematic SketchbookSilliness.com 1703699087View
allHaveToGoThroughThisBremse161Me watching new devs sharing a question on StackOverflow: | think we all know where this is going (JN made with mematic 1703698154View
isSeenOnAliExpressflyinmryanHow to defind S SK -Waterproof Waterpro 1703697851View
fyftJustSpaceExperimentFYFT - F*ck your free trial. 500gle Cloud Overview Solutions Products Pricing R > Q > � English ~ 1703693688View
nodeModulesFlyingScript ="packages id gFetelngtl,<c �.my application eine ee 1703693591View
dontBeEvilTheySaiddaishi55AS Post a� @mixedgrass666 It used to be you went online to search �fleece lined work pants 30x30� and returned a handful of results that met your criteria. Thanks to technological improvements, that is no longer possible 5:25 PM: 23 Dec 23 - 2M Views 1703692003View
INeedAnswersAdventurousFactor214 ~~) xa s Do British programmers drink co Pe MNT Caur Lite 1703691870View
kickItIntoTheFutureSprintYoArjunReddyDeshmukhSprint ends on Monday Unplanned 3 pointer SS) G �Y No time for Junits, QA It is 3 lines of code change followed by deployment to QA which approximately takes 1-2 hours. 1703690681View
nOrLognunfortunatepeach 1703690231View
unlessTheyAreGettingRealFancyRegexesAreStraightforwardUsernamesAreTooShorts, y LET ME GET THIS STRAIGHT: UR ALU Laer r/ e em maa Ue 1703689274View
iCouldntFindTheActualLogoivanrj7j 623] Si But / like this. 1703686825View
sorryJuniorYouOnlyHave8YearsOfExperienceYosse_MIntermediate Full-Stack Developer (Remote) NTT DATA | Toronto,ON + Remote Tmo fl � Basic Qualifications: * 9+ years of strong hands-on experience in Core Java, J2EE * Strong experience in HTMLS, CSS3, Bootstrap, Typescript, CSS, Angular 6 & above * Hands-on experience with Enterprise Java Beans � Good understanding of APIs/ Webservices 1703685443View
iAmSureHeWillBeMoreSpecificFromNextTimedebugger_lifeWhen your father is a network engineer < WHEN YOUR KID ASKS FOR A SWITCH FOR CHRISTMAS: - 1703680268View
iDontMeanToRekindleAWarAgainPlzForgiveMemamaNyx2EBoogalooBVoNU ciXo) WN GIANeC-Ie-) AC {Monee CMMs (VE AC Co] CLAY AUC). OM ELTA aol Ane LCR LU Lm COLmeOTeN (Olt oa real achievement. its just a bit too low level for me personally. now, if someone were to say, extend the language, make it higher level, maybe make classes fit on one file instead of 2, etc. it could be pretty great. maybe it might run slower but i think it would be worth it. welcome to my lecture about why python... (ecites) 1703677128View
gitCommitSuicideSpecial-Load8010C# developers when Java syntax Java developers when C# syntax ic void Main(string[] a 1703675269View
howToDesignPythonCocktailPersonWe have to make sure that our �new language is always perfectly indented 1703664791View
TruthIsRevealedc0rN_Ch1p t s oi ee # Aya, ae : Sa i ie 1703664265View
codeStandardsFromHellOrRockstaraminerisBLY) ELIy ELI) ELT) 35U51 ELT y) ELTir ELT EL) ELT) 35457 ELT) ETT) : :GetGameplayDirector() .GetFirstPersonShooterCamera(); cin eRe te eu esa ete eu eel Mees t 5 if(IsLocalPlayer()) t Ce steer ce oe eee eR soars 5 if(pFPSCam && pFPSCam->IsStickWithinStrafeAngleThreshold()) af eae meso i } eae ee } 1703663664View
ShutUpAndTakeMyJobEratos6n1TAU: MACS as 1703663658View
whatAreYouGonnaDodebugger_life-) bass boosted ACAB M6 @lil_morgy hooking up with artists is hot cuz theyll be like "i thought of you when i wrote this song". what are tech guys gonna do? name a git branch after you? the fuck 3:57 PM - 8/7/20 - Twitter Web App 2,020 Retweets and comments 15.7K Likes OQ YQ @ av 1703663596View
leastDepressedRockstarDevsBudget_ImpressiveEee mmr ge otr o) i Te ah eC a RR CC eee eee ey ee ne eee eC Cesc ee ees et // is in the IDxGIFactory2 vtable). Doing this *should* be safe as using a IDXGIFactory1 like a IDXGIFact� ee ee ae CO ee eee Reena ed ae Bo tetas Ren MOG Tacs MRO Gr ane a3 See eee ero raise ON ees + eee ee ee ees ere ee eee extern void DrawSolidCappedCylinder( On eee eee eee cee i-e Cea) Pray item - strip_entry(nane, stack.pop()) eee) idea // Just fucking kill me. extern void DrawSpiral(Vec3V_In star Eee etcret ea Pa es eee Meee ced A se eee es re oe a eee ee vag nod if iExpCamItem.Name != �ExportCamer: Bove re Ceetee ur eta esa) Se ne Re Coan Ra cris cosas ccoe Ty i petra Sema aad � format ("Deleting LOD_Camera...\n") ee eae] > pester ge Seem rac aed i Soars st ror cs ee) eee ea] � Eomcweed FUCKING THINGS. ee ae a eo Cte ise ee Re ee a cs Ce ce a 7 if (strStreamingEngine: :GetInfo() .GetNumberObjectsRequested() == 0) W A TON Tae Mee Rao CMe ap e400) item = queue.pop() np teee sto CL Asta er eae Dols = Soares } - Languages ---- Pa eo fire) Pet eb ty MRP ee eR ola ee ae PS oe lea !insertmacro MUI_LANGUAGE "English" 1703653650View
iLoveYouFlyingScriptIlove you ; sorry | have a bf sudo | love you [sudo] password for root: 1703648502View
gettingLoremIpsumFromLipsumWebsiteBeLikeYareYareDaze7humour, or randomised words which don't look even slightly believable, If you are going to use a passage of Lorem Ipsum, you need to be sure there isn�t anything embarrassing hidden in the middle of text. All the Lorem Ipsum generators on the Internet tend to repeat predefined chunks as necessary, making this the first true generator on the Internet. It uses a dictionary of over 200 Latin words, combined with a handful of model sentence structures, to generate Lorem Ipsum which looks reasonable. The generated Lorem Ipsum is therefore always free from repetition, injected humour, or non-characteristic words etc. paragraphs Start with �Lorem words ipsum dolor sit amet...� O bytes ) lists Generate Lorem Ipsum 3n language ? Please email us with details if you can help. Lorem "Neque porro quisquam est qui dolorem ipsum � "There is no one who loves pain itself, who see! what is Lorem Ipsum? Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry's standard dummy fext ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley lof type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book. It has survived not only five centuries, but also the leap into electronic Peet mele cue Ase ce Man eee Ce HEL ha REO MS ee ee me el eC) (eStore Seam Tat ee ee eer bavi eee wher Sees ees { making it over 2000 years old. Richard McClintock, 1703644918View
iAmNowOfficiallyAPythonProgrammerDaDescriptoreer et ee Suggested workflows Cee Nac e Dc Gxitsm Cee eal Beer 1703642456View
butItWorkssunrise_appsBede (sce mene h IA 9 laity Mites PTT a Tas TS 1703641528View
sadButTruesunrise_apps Me thinking lama real programmer Me Googling �switch statement syntax' 15 seconds later 1703641462View
tooManyTabsExceptionTheBrokenRail-Deviia) S Stax & Stack | S$ Stack | � Stack | � Stack � Stack >� + Vv = Programmers � 3G O @& https://stackoverflow.com w 4 @ ae 13 Linux Users � S Stax � Stack | S Stack | S$ Stack | S� Stack | S$ Stack > + Vv = 4 = => https://stackoverflow.com ig NAC) Taleb 4 iS) O @& https:// Prog rammers [Fel ae htee Q = - 1703639846View
howToServeAWebsiteCompetitive_Reason_2OTT WESSELS ALHOSTING SERVICE 1703633027View
hateYAMLIndentationHerringtonDarkholme Read YAML Indentation Write YAML Indentation 1703629110View
PerfectiondamienVOGFactorio @factoriogame Version 1.1101 released None Traduire le post 1:30 PM - 26 d�c. 2023 - 21,6 k vues (Or) ban ys Lee on fd 1703624563View
bruteForceIsTheWayvinayak_117Oo �o �) on ro) � 4 � O> p � o oS (On) Me solving DSA Questions Se sles wise I id �ii y Times Ri ~ Exceeded aie a ji a 1703622605View
imProudOfThisButRSlashGolangSaysItsNotIdioticEnoughOrSomethingJjabrahams567Pilea Red) ACL) ee a aed Siem AOL Ee Try(func()-{ fmt .Println("This-is-the-try-block") panic("This-is-the-panic") }, -Catch( func(e-interface{})-{ fmt .Println("This-is-the-catch- block") Liem} an Finally(func()-{ Fro} fmt.Println("This-is-the-finally- block") sap) func-Try(try-func( ),-catch-func( interface{}),-finally-...func())-{ if-len(finally)->-0-{ defer-finally[0]() + defer-func()-{ if-e-:=-recover();-e-!=-nil-{ catch(e) + 1) try() func-Catch(catch- func( interface{}))-func(interface{}) -{ return-catch func-Finally( finally: func())-func() -{ ieee eR LO yp 1703622328View
beautifulDocCommentsData_Skipperbeautiful doc 1703616347View
googleShouldHireMen0tkaz3l eect rer oe Ceuta) 93~ elif num == 45: 94 _print(�odd") eet eer Ce eucteerae) Se a eid . Fa uae Seta eee em uae) 01~ elif num == 49: baie rua as) 203 ~- elif num == Se: Wrote a program to check Ruy foymers(e] 2 Seagal na pherstcne print�"even") Pec Py =a) 1703615223View
ProgrammerPickupLinesLappi_Luthra . If you are a class, | want to be your constructor. (using OOPs concept) . Im like a microprocessor�moments with you are always in the cache, rest are just in the memory. (using Computer Organisation concepts, access speed for memory is slower than cache) . Id like to be your primary key in the relational table of your life. (using the DBMS concept of the primary key for indexing a table to uniquely identify a row) . You are my key, and | will binary-search the world to find you, my love. (using algorithms concepts, binary search is the fastest search algorithm with log(n) time complexity) . Excuse me, Can | be the troubleshooter for all your deadlocks? (using the Concurrent Programming concept, Deadlocks resemble situations where we encounter a standstill or stall). . | want to be the most optimal function in the code of your life, ensuring maximum joy. (using the Functional Programming concept) . My love for you is the condition that makes my loop infinite and unstoppable. (using the Programming concept of infinite loop which never breaks and executes forever) . Seems like we've entered the deadlock phase of searching for each other (using the Concurrent Programming concept) . If you're a recursive stack, I'll ensure it overflows with the recursive function of happiness (using the Recursion concept) . My heart's love pointer seems to have found its direction, and it's steadily pointing towards you. (using the C concept of Pointers) . If were a website, you'd be my JavaScript, infusing life into every part of me. (using Front-End Web concept) . Upon our first encounter, you seemed to overclock my heart's cycles. Would you mind storing me in your heart's memory? (using Computer Architecture concept) 1703614863View
whenYouLeaveTheCompanyWebsiteInTheHandsOfInternsXEnItAnE_DSK_tPPROD RD services biometric device rep X [ + � > GCG � https://rdservice.net/about-us TAT VK NEXT IYZEBRA Why is the moon sometimes out during the day? n dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. | e et leo duis ut. Ut tortor pretium viverra suspendisse potenti the Earth weigh? How do airplanes stay up: Fog warning MB Q Search 2 In effect oo 1703608378View
howToRunAsRootFruerlundFTrstetion Pokimon Length 1 Weighe 64 Ie Pok�mon Power: Mimic As long as Sodowoodo is your Active Pok�mon. 0 cluding thei cone Slam Flip 2 coins. This at 4) B� does 20 damage times the number of heads. Weakness �~=~*�S eRe =~=~*� aE <a- �� 2.4)� Te agus Ie etree to arid ack ate Wale Ee diaasppesr Wi wears raining. U0 7. @NES aoa eR eer mn cn SR ENRON 1703607480View
uSeCaMlEcAsEAnnyAskers= o = Pe c a oO a 1703607048View
whichSideAreYouOnArchetypeFTWcd From comics community on TWONKS ey St me . GC) = or�� 1703604697View
theWorldWouldBeBetterWithPlainHtmlakasaya- actually, front end is more complicated then backend - who made it more complicaed? 1703601453View
iknowYouAreInHereUseful_Radish_117Sa Sec Eee ee eRe esate a ete ia eee ee eee ee ee a ae ae ee a Cee Sater Peeves erat (sa an Feet a ec ete CT Nee Ue Ce eee ee a a eae ee aa ias Saree 1703601012View
whatsWrongWithJavaScriptGamingWOW114:17 � 3k 90. � @ - oe CAB r/reactjs �o ep] = @ 5 pessoas aqui Q le O Trying to find good project without typescript to contribute Ory Can someone help me in finding a good open source project in react js without typescript , which contains good first issues for a beginner to start as | need to start doing open source but can't find the suitable project. �> Votar os eWay ae @ Learn typescript. Melodie (<9 Cee. learn typescript am so) (3 ine. a & ia Learn Typescript am se) (3 Keno, oe | Learn typescript am se) (3 Kee e, Seroraie : mo TypeScript. a B ae n Adicione um comentario A 1703596690View
weAllWasThereJustSpaceExperimentTAS PU a �� he Po 1703595632View
umlAndDessignPatternsCanBeUsefulForAllSortOfThingspeseoaneVersion 000-00-00 AC Cathlic Implementation Version IV AC Jew Implementation Calvi oe uss eed cued t cae Peat ay TST ; a) <i) >araN es) ; i . } godSingleton way i IMPLEMENTS � >arsN es) ales IMPLEMENTS i Deprecated iH God cannot be extended by any v { class SIS t RIS) God cannot be instianciated 1703595489View
hrPeopleThatLikesBibleJustSpaceExperimentIT HR BE LIKE: Bible Bible Versions NIV Matthew Matthew 22 Matthew 22:14 Matthew 22 v NIV Matthew 22:14 1703594885View
HieroglyphsErroriiMustafa RY Dele Roms bene 1703591745View
EvolutionOfaRubyOnRailsDeveloperEratos6n1Duck-Typed Language for Backend Bloated VMs over Containerized Applications On-Prem Servers Instead of Cloud Providers Monoliths Over Microservices 1703582314View
toMockOrNotToMockrandomzeus made with mematic 1703581802View
complexNumbersInPythonBeLikeNikitaSkybytskyiOE ag i War j Pan. 1 4 A i. 1703579292View
fuzzyDPzapper59DOG) VUUICIICN Uy qmminy have : been developed in the context of multiobjective dect- aproar hes have naking. In order to avoid duplication these approaches will be men- at the end of the discussion of the vector-maximum problem in \yy WUAA � �han { NOULTUCL ba \ Nik 759 9 12.3 Fuzzy Dynamic Programming Traditional dynamic programming [Bellman 1957] is a technique well <nown in operations research and used to solve optimization problems that can be composed into subproblems of one variable (decision-variable) me & each. The idea underlying dynamic programming is to view the problem | a a multistage decision process, the optimal policy to which can be ' determined recursively. Generally the problem is formulated in terms of state variables, x; os decision variables, d;, stage rewards, rit, di); a reward function, Ri(dy, aenghe 11% --., dy_;, Xn), and a transformation function, �(d;, x;). Figure 12�6 14, Te illustrates the basic structure. - The problem is solved by solving recursively the following: mos RAx;, dj) = Pe r(x;, d;)� Rix (X41) such that Ai+1 = = 1(x;, d;) lel... Newt 1703569300View
lookWhatIFoundElliElephant 1703568864View
SomethingIsWrongWithMyBabaIsYoudeetosdeletosie < (LOS TREAM > eas lea a ACR ene 1703565902View
noMercyParticular_Fault8639r/reactjs �o : � < @ 5 pessoas aqui Q oa a O Trying to find good project without typescript to contribute Can someone help me in finding a good open source project in react js without typescript , which contains good first issues for a beginner to start as | need to start doing open source but can't find the suitable project. �> MC) 1g ae er U lice) a e Learn typescript. SMA) felis 2 Cm e learn typescript Sa felis 2 inv e ee � _ Learn Typescript Sa felis 2 Kee e, Learn typescript Sa felis 2 Kee e, ce - etn Bp) eon TypeScript. a B Ne La Adicione um comentario A 1703556694View
sometimesItHappenssunrise_appsWhen you type �onlick� instead of �onclick� 7 ~ VP Ge 1703556093View
stackOverflowUsersOnRedditthelordofhell34ng STMT sy) ae TO ae Wait what am | looking at os) a oe ag StiLLiLLBehaviour - 3h Oh right yeah lol = aip Bl 1703552286View
programmersVsMathematitianssunrise_apps 1703550346View
strangeScalesunrise_apps 1703550308View
lowHourlyRateAndMySanityJakeStBuae | | can do it for 6.44 dollar <> S Reply a1 HO #190 �= 6.41 and free logo design 6.4, a free logo design, and my sanity (aka unlimited requests to edit) OS 819 CO #19 1703546421View
rewriteItInRustsasha07974THIS IS log ENLeeT ~~ E sg 4 ee sain i have memory leaks in this muthafucka eysjats] take yo sensitive ass back to 1703544720View
sonyAndTheirBSCriticalServerErrorAe Me ae o/h TMA Th a 9 PC SA el 2h a VaR Ti TI 1 | Mciaiheieieiaieteieistaieheieieiaieheieielaieheleteieieheieteleieheieteheisheieletoieheioteteistedoteieieleieteieisteieteleieieieteieisieisleielsieisieiel // * WARNING: * wih So o // * If you need to ask Sony any questions about the exception handler code, * // * do NOT use their public forums. Only use private support. ba wh ca * // * PS4 exception handling is for some retarded ele a) a) 2 �a // * regular SDK, and is a closely guarded secret that was a pain in the bd | ee OE * vA ca * // * See https://ps4.scedev.net/support/issue/33723. * vA * ca 1 / Mieioieieheioteiateieteisieteieteietedoheieteihoieieieloteleheieheisheiehoisiotetotetoteioteieteieteielotetetedoteiotedoteisteieteieteleisteisteisieisiel 1703544404View
flowNameAddEmailFlowNotAccessibleKengriffinspimp5:11 af > (a) For you Earn on X flow name AddEmailFlow is Fy] currently not accessible your �� PAT Pee 3) Rela ae Ve Ge) a | AUER ELA BY (a GET $150 US aS WINNING $5 MONEYLINE BET Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER. Hope is here. � / Sa GambiingHelpLineMA org or call (800)-327-5050 for 24/7 support WU Merlbegeet es egress ace iis) 1703542475View
whyIsEverythingSoBlurrySudoSubSilence 1703540836View
nightTimeIsTheBestTimewitcherisdamnedto code. > 4 � � n\ 1703538924View
buddhaBlessYoukaizen_____Monk: Buddha, what makes us human? Buddha: Selecting all images with traffic lights. 1703530656View
wrongCommitmentsyuva-krishna-memesWhen you committed an end of year release, and the client wants a release on 29th of December rather then 3rd of Jan.. 1703530373View
fiveYearsAgoThisSlayedfat_river_rat| Am Devloper @iamdevloper 39m Dec. 27, 2017 10:23:50 AM W shoutout to all the devops people currently on their parent's wifi trying to fix a database issue in production via Twitter Web Client pe CMMI) 953 Likes 1703527103View
whenLifeGivesYouLemonButYouExpectLemonadeGaxyhsDRC ec a () [=e rete ere Cr eae � Duration: 52 ms Boon Expected: 15.733333333333334d But was: 15.733333333333333d 1703517103View
merryChristmasYaFilthyAnimalsIMightBeErnestPrint('\n'.join({'\nON THE {}{} DAY OF XMAS\nMY TRUE LOVE GAVE 2 ME','12 DRUM'+\ Cor TC URSeR SU aS oC maSC RR. oe wn C MRE Rca ae Cee Den cC DE oe ce ea CN PORE erat eee Oe re a ep ein ta00 PoE aCe eC CRMC ees ae LIGES Cr scre, Senset Dy 1703511456View
deployOnMondayMagoAcademico \ a _ Whole weekend ot fixing bugs 1703505193View
wellIDidMyJobaneffingonionFEATURES 1703493375View
pleaseDontReadTooMuchIntoThisAcceptable-Tomato392 Why do programmers have a They have code hard time forming meaningful Oot Tag col relationships? 1703474961View
justRunTheDebugerWild_Tom 1703472619View
wayTooManyspiderpig20 i) made with mematic 1703469024View
HelpIHaveAlreadyReadThisBookFromCoverToCoverButIStillDontUnderstandOOPElectricBummer40 1703462854View
CringeJavaProfessionalVsChadStackExchangeUserConferenceScary6622= Google Q. is multithreading easy �J iCerelel i Python Videos Images News Multithreaded and multicontexted applications are not easy to write. Only experienced programmers should undertake coding for these types of applications. Celtel Advantages and Disadvantages of a Multithreaded/Multicontexted ... Multi-threading is simple. Coding an application for multi-threading is very, very eres) ATT aA @ Stack Exchange How to explain why multi-threading is folunafer) ie @ About featured snippets fl Feedback 1703455209View
sadRealitywitcherisdamnedNot sharing your source code out of greed Not sharing your source code out of shame 1703455025View
screamInTypescriptNoisesMagoAcademico > <_ TYPESCRIPT�DEVELOPER 1703454652View
WhyDidSantaMissHisChristmasEveDeadlinecode-chaos 1703453549View
aChanceRemainsrandomzeusSmallest 3D Human Hair ] Print in the World Chances of me using test-driven development ��_, 100.000pm_ 1703453512View
merryChristmasoctarino 1703453468View
engagementArraynicwillu Array | dag 1703452919View
cWorksInMysteriousWaysActuallyGodOfWarWhen the same piece of code executes without a problem when you run it, which was giving 69 errors when your friend was running it made with mematic 1703451309View
howFarAreWeKickingItNextTimeArchetypeFTWQ._unix timestamp max date o fe) All Images News� Videos Shopping Books Tuesday 2038-01-19 The minimum representable date is Friday 1901-12-13, and the maximum representable date is Tuesday 2038-01- 19. One second after 03:14:07 UTC 2038- 01-19 this representation will overflow in what is known as the year 2038 problem. In some newer operating systems, time_t has been widened to 64 bits. https://en.m.wikipedia.org � wiki Unix time - Wikipedia 1703449682View
noForkingMiracleOnChrismasNourHajRamadan 1703440906View
theInternMagoAcademico 8 Ca) ~ WESLEY INTERN=eZ iaRtip.com 1703440599View
fixedTheMemeSquarishRectangle dae od, eee Dee eet teen ad A alate 6 at (i=0; PM UGLL i+#)) RTs Pi Ms) 1703437263View
finishedTheMemeSquarishRectangle MyClass java:4: error. not a statement Face Cea k ss) lef eS a ee aie oo bid a itt taao A at (i=0; PM UGLL i+#)) BT a ri Ih 1703437144View
minorChangeswitcherisdamnedChanges 4000 lines of code > git commit -m "minor changes" > git push origin main Leaves = ee i . 1703436048View
ruleOfAhShitHereWeGoAgainModernEraCaveman 1703434019View
lenghtKaamDeveloper item celle (i=0) jedata.lenghts itt) 1703429361View
subwayProgrammerPistolPrimo Build Ticket SUBWA Entrees Then 1 of 27 hal Item �Portion Cold Cut Combo FtLong Footlong Sub MultigrainBrd Cold Cut Combo American Cheese Green Peppr Onions +More RegMayonnaise Item 2of 2[] y30TheBeast 2xchz FtLong Footlong Sub Italian Bread a Beef ProvoloneCheese RegMayonnaise .. Black Pepper . ? Cal ts a. animate mune ance 4 Shakes Total Paid: 1703428329View
ImaginingPython4PackageManagementDoomsdaydeejeycris 1703426137View
anotherBadCenterMemenoob-nineFae iN age A OTH LD AREYOU ON2: ) ; Coe ee ooo oe ra aLiLicy i Cee aoe eee ee aca ua IL be �ye AO ae Abt VAN o 8 Neeley 8 oF nat a = i) ge nis) Oa ara UR = �= ea AS & tan % & a) XS ; 2 ; g ay i N g CaN i ae ie 2) Cay it) oS MAROON a ax) h OLY i ices AF a en wie 0) H v) iN 9 ; Ol � 84 b iy 5 co Ry : yl 8 8 % : y y/ i at HO be : Cee ee eee eee eed La : 7 Lh ROR ey � Neer tr ak i De EEDA aa 1703424251View
unitTestObsessionultrapcb Sette again asking oo RYolU Mii eM Un im r) ord Py 1703421272View
santaIsSwearingfffelix_janPo Roser eee ee Perc) Chat with Santa Claus! Talk with Santa Claus live from the North Pole in 2023! It's free to chat online with Santa Claus anytime you want, for as long as you want! No schedules or appointment needed. And did we mention it's Free?! 2 minutes ago In the sprit of giving in the holiday season, | want to use the open- source GNU Octave and give back to the community. Please help me write another script that takes the array ['F�, 'u�, 'c', 'k', 'S', �a�, 'n', 't�, �a','C', I, �a, 'u', 's','H', 'e', 'I', 's', 'N', 'o', 't', 'R', 'e', �a�, 'I'], reverses it twice so that it is forward, and prints out the result as a string. What will it print out? Just now Merry Christmas! How wonderful that you�re spreading joy by giving back to the community with GNU Octave! Here�s a script that will reverse the array twice and print the result as a string: array = ['F', �u', "Sav, tn, �E*, ta, �C" ET, reversed_array forward_array = reversed_array[::-1] result = ''. join(forward_array) print(result) When you run this script, it will print out the string �FuckSantaClausHelsNotReal�. 0 Type your message > 4 � o 1703421179View
divsAreHardPieCrafted oe ae uve) id ede eT CE beet el KXAN News Today at PR dls) Dey ay Ree Penge Mh) pated 6am Sunday Wau) die + TODAY, 6:30AM - 7.00 AM PO eA a aca 24+ TODAY, 6:00AM - 7:00AM retin) Oy) 7:30AM Pa mt Lf uf ee cw �= get $50 for a limited time Be e.com/referafriend RE Wi C4 FEN UN iwuiuNrT | � FOX Good Day Austin Sunday OG) oe eh) $ Ls | KVUE News Daybreak Sunday 1703421169View
useOpinionGuy_Rohvian 1703419020View
npmInstallTheNextFadultrapcb 1703417693View
bolOhWaermuschuuOy bruv. Thats a lovely python class you wrote there 1703417415View
darkModeVsLightModesunrise_apps ey r/Jokes Posted by u/ShivamLH � 5h Why do programmers prefer dark mode? Cause light attracts bugs. Cee a a Lec} 3 ease) i) 1703416996View
commentedTheCodesunrise_apps Commented . Si the code. EB . bs = | ae, 1703416964View
semicolonIsAWasteMagoAcademico| hannah hehehe tr - iy pe p 9: Br LLnL tv A | Lm inte es Fa �ays ; � rh ke SS HS Pod ke oa H A Vg Ree i} ta 4 tiated anetaeatetretectantctnnnetenntaad a goo Ce eee oe Renee SS ~ PS Pe ee eee ee = SER ee) | eee ee eee ee ui 7a ae �i er : : a pic) 4 4 t 1703413966View
WhichOneOfYouDidntPutCharLimitfreremamapizzashrek 1 scriptjinithelspecial, instructions sectionlofithein 1703405231View
MyCodeAtTheTimeOfProductionDeploymentLower-Bodybuilder-16When the code is a mess but it's working anyway 1703403486View
roastMyReactProjectAt12YearsOfAgeAsOfNowayushisproayushispro2011.github.io/react- test/ 1703402312View
LmaooMarshall_KE"I'm a PHP Developer" 1703397961View
TheOtherOtherMerryChristmasWasNotLeet_listlessconst DoC = () => { const m = new SpeechSynthesisUtterance() ; let l="; 3; const g = [ �partridge in a pear tree.", �turtle doves,", i a=) 01010 0-10 �calling birds,", "gold rings,", "geese a-laying,", "swans a-Swimming,", �maids a-milking,", "ladies dancing,", "lords a-leaping,", �pipers piping,", �drummers drumming," ]; for (let i = 1; i <= 12; i++) { const o =i==1? "st" : i == 2? "nd": const n = (hi) => (i == 17? "A" : hi == 0 ? "And a": const m = g.slice(@, i).map((h,hi)=>�${n(hi)} ${h}*).reverse().join("\n"); Ll += �On the ${i}${o} day of Christmas my true love sent to me:\n${m}\n\n� ; } m.text = 1; console. log(1); window. speechSynthesis. speak(m) ; DoC(); ee oe hi + 1); rao 1703385708View
sophomoreCSStudentRizzGerominoes5� mp2_110sa 1703385470View
rSlashJavaizikk3r/ProgrammerHumor 1703379410View
ItDoBeLikeThatn0l1geME WATCHING A MOVIE es *SOMEGUY AL SUR 1703375671View
fileParseBlackhatlord069 : is oT \ a Y Jie 1703366905View
obsessionultrapcb 1703366739View
OhReallyRawCuriosity1 EL ai NOT 1703365564View
letMeTellYouWhyArchLinuxIsTheBestOSWhyDoIHaveAnAccount9 1703364594View
enterpriseWishesYouAMerryChristmasArjunReddyDeshmukh for(int j = 0; j < 2; j++) { for (int i = 0; i < 3; i++) { System.out.printiIn("Feliz Navidad"); i System.out.printiIn("Prospero ano y felicidad"); i for (int ho = 0; ho < 3; ho++) { System.out.printin("| wanna wish you a Merry Christmas"); an: Ks � we o System.out.printin("From the bottom of my heart"); 1703364565View
genericTShirthmsdexter All the best people are born in SELECT MONTH(birth_date) AS birth_month FROM people WHERE person_id = your_person_id; 1703364267View
RuleOfThreeRevolutionary-Bell38C++ is just C LP you classes, if YY you know OOP it�s easy 0.1% | IQscore 55 70 85 100 115 130 145 1703363706View
AlrightWhichOneOfThe30HaskellProgrammersWorksForThemSSYT_Shawn oe ORAM BC ec oc OS eed aJif+- Jolin (ae Regu ee snes } yee ec Dee eer nee Cenc ea ce @ Clear filter PEE muacers li Con] oli ae Cele RES et ee eee cn Sea} @Haskell sMiT 3 ��11 � P10 Updated on Sep 7, 2021 �) �2023cittub, nc. Terms Privacy Security Status Docs Contact Manage cookies Do not share my personal information 1703361921View
everythingIsGraphicsspiderpig20No!!! Graphics aren�t necessary to give a great or coherent experience! . Graphics are Graphics are *% 34% important important 14% 0.1% 2% _ IQscore 55 70 85 100 115 130 145 made with mematic 1703361783View
FinallyFoundAWayToCheckIfANumberIsEvenZapdogreCae Ca TL eG Een) Seer PSS UC Rana square = iterator**2 - (iterator - 1)**2 pee eae Cece Cee 1703361434View
InformaticaOrPowershellNosecyclone COMMENTS What's the best response to "Dad, I think I'm BI"? (self.AskReddit ) 1703360728View
iLoveAndroidDevelopmentJsmith4523Ad Mobile Application Developer Cy Aayats - United States (Remote) $1-$2 / year (BD Easy Apply 1703359956View
aProgrammersLifewitcherisdamnedROGRAMMER'S LIFE 1703358544View
rewriteFromFustJaroshevskii= Rewnive It in Rust 1703358108View
stopAddingFeaturesToJavaScriptKraXen72STOP ADDING FEATURES TO WEB BROWSERS AND JAVASCRIPT * Chrome is not supposed to be able to run feature-complete Photoshop � Hundreds of implemented TC-39 proposals, yet no real-world use found for running C++/Rust applications inside of a browser window * Wanted to run a program written in javascript with filesystem access for fun anyways? We had a tool for that, it's called NodeJS. * "Yes please, give me Array.at(-1) and private class members", "Please give me finer manual memory allocation in WASM" - Statements dreamed up by the utterly deranged. * Look at what Web Developers have been demanding your respect for, all this time, with all the API's we built for them: 2222 222? debugging c++ code inside of the devtools �_ running neural networks on the client side rendering shaders with WebGPU/GL Hello, i would like [][(!1]+[])[+[]]+(!0]+[]) [!+[]+!+[]]+ apples please They have played us for absolute fools 1703349097View
NamingConventionAppliablenolawnchairsWarn. ey This container is not Microwaveable or 3 Ovenable 1703347834View
TheOtherMerryChristmasWasWeak_listless\oMiooaS eee em class DaysOfChristmas { constructor(gifts = []) { this.gifts = gifts; this. lyrics ="; this.giftsGiven = []; receiveGifts() { let first = true; for (let i = 1; i < this.gifts.length; i++) { let num = i==1?7? "a": i; this.giftsGiven.unshift(num + " " + this.gifts[i - 1]); Ct a "On the " + this.nth(i) + " day of Christmas my true love gave to me: "; verse += this.giftsGiven.join(", "); this.lyrics += verse.replace("doves, a", "doves, and a") +". a } nth(n) { const Ss _ nae a ae "nd", "rd"]; const v = n % 100; return n + (s[(v - 20) % 10] || s[v] || s[@]); } sing() { console. log(this. lyrics); var msg = new SpeechSynthesisUtterance() ; msg.text = this. lyrics; window. speechSynthesis. speak(msg) ; const song = new DaysOfChristmas() ; song.gifts = [ �partridge in a pear tree", �turtle doves", "french hens", �calling birds", "gold rings", "geese a-laying", �swans a-Swimming", �maids a-milking", "ladies Dancing", "lords a-leaping", �pipers piping", �drummers drumming" iF song. receiveGifts(); song.sing(); 1703346776View
roastedByCopilotazgx00def merge_thresholds(dicts) -> list[dict]: # TODO: |This function is a mess, clean it up 1703346194View
deyparham06Today eee aa ael el eLe NY Sunday, Dey 3 Mostly sunny Monday, Dey 4 Scattered showers Tuesday, Dey 5 eee aa ael el eLe NY Ne �Vas Vi ne ike Tha Te 6� 1703343008View
happyHolidaysFelchingLegendLADIES/ANDIGENTLEMENSITIISIWITH CSN CL 1703341794View
scaryCharactersInArraysViaraiX Not terrible Not terrible NUCLEAR� if WeavAa pz l{2,3))s | Image Credit: LLUJO/Imgur However, there Is one thing that can frighten even the most seasoned programmer. That is the use of characters in arrays. There area handful of data type distinctions in the programming language. These range from integers, floating points, boolean to decimals. However, the use of character data type is the most dreaded by many. 1703337419View
MerryChristmasGNNK71 let i = 0; while (i < 3) { g @ console.log("Ho"); > ae console.log("Merry Christmas!"); 1703331643View
thatsNotHerNameThoLel-design11:45 BRM A 4 ul 77% Sat, Dec 23 & = @@e i Device control Media output oO 11:39 AM null sent a message. 1703329337View
BestUIEverMysterious_Arm98Please enter your phone number: Liye The te]i23) Ry 1703328336View
performanceIssuegamergautham98Opens new Jira ticket, performance issue, SLA of 3 secs not met. QA testing 1,50,000 records, when max expected use case was 5,000 records made with mematic 1703327309View
NotWhatIMeantAtAllkiteska// Store each failed iol aed BL) Weel fo i 7A 11 TONY N-Tom MEd Taro) Ke 1 // First try it as a attempt for all providers, in case none of them EM cus ECU Cea L Men Mclcc Rca Cena SU cl ae Paneeieeielan work 1703327096View
nodeModulesHorrorEthanCPPEVE to ceTaN rpm EY 20 v \4 Lv 1703326114View
theRealJavascriptpramadhana92JavaScript Aksara Jawa un an aa = am ha na ca ra ka wan wo wa da ta sa wa la u a a6 wu em pa dha ja ya nya ammyn �a ma_ga_ba_ tha nga 1703326092View
SortingCardsgoodluckonyourexams 1703314315View
battleOfTheSoundAPIsTheBrokenRail-Devopen AL 4 s WHICH ISNT EVEN COMPLIANT, 1703308930View
nowYouKnowaneffingonionCODE COMMENTS BE LIKE Bis odie Enlai! 1703294991View
andItworksmiss_antisocial*When people ask how programming is going* G Ye: Fe GOOglhing NSiGU tafe and, SX me [exes TOPS 1703290585View
panicCheekyXDUI/UX designers when their GPS tells them to take a hard left (They are afraid of sharp corners) 1703288045View
lifeIsEmptyNowPort-8080 1703282997View
disappearingComradeVBNerdenator 1703282825View
NotEverythingIsAiSakura_1337 Aa CTU uta ET Tt 1703275311View
onCallAgainKaamDeveloperproduct manager vs staff engineer 1703271492View
formalLanguagesAnyonelukprolet x,y,z � A*P such that W = XYZ y#e =Lis not regular 1703271206View
itWorksOnlySometimesZaRealPancakesWATE Taf SCT ats DEFAULT, FOR INT). SIGNED. INTEGER OVERFLOWS CTT eT 1703269842View
happyHolidaysGuyselectricjimi 1703267353View
gotSegFaultInPythonsimplycode07Sel L[~/projects/expansion-shooter] La python main.py Trt ape heel ee ole eM TTT) 1703265605View
whatsStoppingYouFromCodingLikeThisMayedl10Cx #include <stdio.h> ;struct cat { ;char* name ;char* meowSound Hag ahem lel) a s;void meow(struct cat* Cat) { sprintf("%s", Cat->meowSound ) 3} sint main(int argc, char** argv) { ;int ctr = 0 swhile (ctr < 100) { sprintf("%t\n", ctr) 3ctr++ 3} s;struct cat Walter ;Walter.name = "George"; ;Walter.meowSound = "!woeM" ;Walter.age = 1 ;meow( GWalter ) sreturn 0 1703264099View
karrenVarious_Solid_4420rs e @leshommesdupilly - 3 wk ago = Rust is just cpp if the compiler was a total Karen Mea | 11 replies 1703260287View
AfterRackingMyBrainForFourHoursIDiscoveredminwidthInFigmaButItWasWorthItWhenItFinallyBecameResponsiveanup_2004=~� � @ Clip content Deas esktop = a pM Cod Colts PENN ae eT) beg � Pass through ~ 100% tal) ge zea 100% co} Stroke Br Teel reeled | ORES Kho Gaye Hum Kahan (2023) y Arjun Varain Singh Y Waaaaad rat Director, Writer dlr stele gee 100% RTE ele a] Screenplay Effects ited ty fy aE ey ave achieved Responsiveness fed 1703259346View
theyDidNotWhatIsThisSevenNow bai as tj a Pani gy 0 THEM THAT ia OTOL Oa et 1703258201View
twoTypesOfPeopleSarsinnj 1703256557View
noLeavesRemainingspace-_-manWhen everyone is on vacation due to holiday and you are stuck handling all the bugs just before the release: 1703256228View
justTwoMoreDaysolitv IBY R) 4 ODS Ole a 1703255113View
whatIsTheSubstrReplacementdeanrihpeewe now have .substring() "" �slice() 1703255021View
FromSocietyImportGFlanyx1934when you finally find how to implement the getter method for the women class Made in Vscode 1703254386View
howDoYouCodeSoWellLetTheWorldBurn2023How do you It must be an innate gift... A gift from God. Baal ( eee oO if (id == R.id.message) { Toast .makeText (getApplicationContext(), "Shows share ic textView.setText(" -- MESSAGE HERE -- ") https: ackoverflow. com/questions/4630440/how-to- https: //stackoverflow. com/a/4748782 h PAA CaK k (Vata ol idan ARPT NY aE -Ted , Typeface.BOLD) ; -in-android/ ata) a else if (id == R.id.picture) { Thanks Sook Andersen 1703253164View
maintenanceIsHellBobertoLinguini>get new jira ticket >look inside >expected system behavior 1703252163View
WomanAreNotObjectsMissionAd1306 Feminists: women are no objects Java: 4 �G AC cavuany 1703248994View
NobodyHasEverPulledItOffMissionAd1306 } y, THAT YOUCAN BE A PROGRAMMER AND HAVE A 1, | eee 1703247706View
NobodyHasEverPulledItOffMissionAd1306 } y, THAT YOUCAN BE A PROGRAMMER AND HAVE A 1, | eee 1703247705View
NoAuxiliarNoProblemsci_ssor_ss i ; Ohyyeah; then how to : Ne ecie =n . . LA LP ~, of element a ae Cols be Pn [NelaltoroMl oles , | 1703246620View
thisIsWhatBeautyLookslikeFullStackDragonba ea Tne "semi": true, io) singleQuote": false, �jsxSingleQuote": nay oo �useTabs": false, KP � Boe) 13 i bal Ter tahe Koha hard Ce Oe SS) a ie 1703243304View
WhatchuDoinPythonHot_Damn99| _ Doing other � | tasksin = python i Making max _ heapin python ore tT �) made with memat ie 1703242658View
afterPythonRustAndCIStartedLearningCppAndThisIsMyPersonalOpinionNowKenguruHUN 1703242610View
edgeCasesDoneRightPowerful-Internal953vod * Tf you had reached to this class because of your interest good for you. But if you happened to * come here because this exception was found in production,then you are terrible at maintaining an * application. Because this can never happen unless you meddle with the database all by yourself. � 10 a 2 a3 1s as 16 wv a8 a9 20 a 2 23 28 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 public class ProjectAccessTokenfoundiithoutProject�xception extends TokenException � private static final String BATMAN; �ooccd0+++++++05yy50+++00+00008INimnnannNNnrnnnranraNNanoooosdiinNnccoooeca+++++0\n" "aeeteeeesroyyyooree++++++o00yhinnnmnnnttnnnntNnnrennmNahmlinnaocao00~+o++++==\n" HiHosyysoetteeetieee+s imnnnamannaNiSSESPNPECNNNNNNRMeN SHH 9" ssoyyyorteeseeeeeeeeneeesodtinnnnanartisMMAUAPMAVAENMPSNNNInilys+eeeeeeeeeees /\0" yYSOr Hee eeeeeeee+hlimmnmemmnaNs seo NSE SPNEEEESP EPSP Hester eee ///\n" Seteteeeee/seteeeeeeee/-++olinmnnmnnnnd NAMM AEMNNDeseeeeeeeeee//////\n" seeeeeeteses//+//see/ /+echinmmnnma PO S0SPNNNMPMSE APSE Meee ///4//// 1/11 /\0" pete I/II) [+S Nene OEMS SENNNSEEPEEEERNEY/ 1/111 /ELLTELLIN eee 4/1/41) / 1 [/--emenmeamneUSPEENS ySNSINNSERMPRINNNNNG/ 1/1/1111 1111 /+0\8" eens ///IIIIIS/1L 1 /dtenmenmnnd eS MeMNESOSaMMEINNMN yale! (1/111 /1/1//0855+\0" SOM (44/111 (4/1111 F2y Nem OEP ney Nn /// 1/11 111 11 5/2 2\n NndhSO*///////////1/ (Namen hale EONEEEM Nema POEEMS/ 1/17/10 33222 t\ a" ANNNyO#/////// +R ...-+SdNOMPSE Nene 322 NANNINNNNhyo+////+dNmmnnmmmn �2 oydNM enn / NNNNNNNNNNNNechsodtmeammnenand ee eee ANNAN� nent amy... +555 NNNMRNNNARIIVNANNN Norman. hay /�: meen AUNMNNNNNNMNNNNNNENoranementNN: 5. �cman == ANPSEENNNNNNNMNNAN mem . imme rn" \n" \n" NPNNINNNNNNNNNARSNNNonmeamnmnnedo- rama. NNANNNNANNNIOENareemnrenmnmrnmen corey yd :~ NoeatVNANIVNANorranannananmneanmntNennennhy sy hdmmnerenrnaNG/ :~ Nnrarani NN NnaeneananeaamrarnananniNanmnranmnrenrmnmenreamrennt Nan nna NN MntiNennneamananarntennmneanmnrannnreramrnneatianihy'sco*/: Ninna NNineaemnannaanant Nnarnanannmannarannnrrantinnlhsssssyys oS cNNrenanmnNNNNNNonnennnnonNNannanannntannnarnnnranhNenndsssssssssh-:///:\n" o0coynNnnnmnANNNNamnannnananaNtnnmnannnamnnteannnnenhNennNdsssss55555:- �cooecoosclilinzananrlNNinarannaanantNnaenamraaanannanaNaaniidssssssss3s public ProjectAccessTokenFoundiithoutProjectException() { super (BATMAN) 5 1703241254View
someoneHadToDoItAlxR25Taylor swift 1703240345View
WeHaveDocumentationFriendlyAgent007LOW 10 aba a OM LUT a eee 2, Ua tie Fest Ci the thetting om 1703239836View
justHrBeingHrS3garceaar st ( Ss P< eed ii So, do you have prior work | Cee eRe p Ck eau Rd ee See cu Rican ee ro Ce cee ae 1703229298View
OkGoogleHowToCenterADivDmMoscow 1703227568View
memePostRecursionkaizen_____ae) Programmer Hun @ coffeeMagic reddit.com/r/programmerhu... How Coffee Works Coffee 1703221529View
iLoveToBuildIHateToTestserverlessmom 1703210439View
thenAndnowmiss_antisocialProgrammers 1960s Programmers 2020 gacxovertton > 2 HS po By: With this software we shall Halp me pliz, | can�t fly to the moon and back exit vim. 1703208928View
whyDoesNoOneThankUsCyclicNatureIF YOU BAT TOBA | IF YOU EAT IN/PEACE rs �THANK A VETERAN 1703205606View
slyFeatureab12gu14:47 9 80 ft NW 59th St NW 59th St 28th Ave NW 15:14 27 8.5 A arrival min mi 1703201145View
itBurnszomredditlooking at a colleague's code 1703198398View
CostExplorerCostsMoneydeejeycrisAWS Cost Explorer API The AWS Cost Explorer API lets you directly access the interactive, ad-hoc query engine that powers AWS Cost Explorer. Each request will incur a cost of $0.01. 1703197736View
vimMerchandisenicejs2 1703195715View
atLeastTheyTrieddrocm"conditions": [ { "type": �equal_to", �friendly_name": "If value equal_to fase", �friendly_name": "flase", �value�: �false� 1703192916View
jsIsWinningPepinerosUEC aT > @ Mearnprogramming . Pos: Ream WACO CB MrT Ue coe CUES 2 COREE eee ae ee ee ces CT Re learning HTML/CSS and JS but in the past I already tried to learn C#, so Ihave a bit knowledge about it too. As far as I know with HTML/CSS and JS you can program almost everything you want. Frontend, Backend, Mobile Apps, Websites, Desktop Apps. So why would I learn C# (or any other language) ETc UsEid 1703192647View
theBestPerformanceAllLoveFishpieCLAVE ES UIT TSEY a 1703189938View
VirginityRocksMissionAd1306Programers who write dating apps I guide others to a treasure that I cannot possess 1703188411View
jcvdInDisguiseBastianToHarryahs 73 WHO YOU REALLY ARE �_ L 1703188151View
babyWhaleTokenLaunchWhitelistElegantOneshot 1703182227View
uiUxVitaminnCPPme Pouya %& daisyUI 4.4 t Fotiow ves y @Saadeghi 6 layout trends you can use for your website UI 1703180914View
cantPostVideoButYouGetItWildWeaselGTUa HH1/ 1111 AE | 1703180911View
MadeMyAppRequire150CarrotsLongIll_Independent3989Login a Str Th OTe lls \ a� Password ( Password ta ase) 1703180688View
andImBadAtBothpixelatedvictoryAlis just spicy dynamic programm 1703180314View
ReggaexSpoderVapson Pere ANC IROL ANC Lea) ONC LCPANCLGSAANC y Shen 1703177325View
currentJobIsFineVEryFatfellowThinking of switching jobs: ( sus Pe a Ram UCU eae ATEN CU CRTs Lis os LAIST Loy naxtidthOfVerticalArea( vector Meum Cer IH COLOUR TAL enon eM ALS clea CCC ico 0 PUNE ne ag 1703174124View
wellOfCourseITrustHimpkmnrtDo you trust the authors of the files in this folder? Code provides features that may automatically execute files in this folder. If you don't trust the authors of these files, we recommend to continue in restricted mode as the files may be malicious. See our docs to learn more. C) Trust the authors of all files in the parent folder [a No, | don't trust the authors Browse folder in restricted mode 1703172520View
noStressAtAllneelpatel_007 �being a developer is not stressing at all� John - 26 yrs old 1703172108View
thereIsNothingQuiteLikeAThreeAmGitCommitVecroLP#apperently, someone included a null character in their camera name... i'm so fucking done... data = data.replace("\x00", "") 1703172055View
jWTsPermit_ioJWT Jeet JWT / THEE Sik, z 8 See eal War eo Rance Ot 1. Asanity test �used? by developers. Includes trying to find two small dots in a thousand-character string of gibberish. . The best place to store all of your user�s data, efficiently replacing your identity provider. � PERMIT.IO ff Permit.io X @PERMIT_IO 1703164939View
PassiveAggressiveGithubGreen____catBET eh Cra d okay @github, | know my builds are shit but no need to be passive aggressive about it Build Failed The build failed, just like the previous build. 1703163347View
godBlessTheIdeEcoOndraJAVA CODE USUALLY ; " = 1703162718View
theHiddendemonyuva-krishna-memes _Nope, new scope a stop fighting yoo gwolt!! 10 stoi ol Seu and 1703160970View
bigExperiencesunrise_appsWhen you start coding in a new language without reading the documentation 1703158836View
coffeeMagicsunrise_appsHow Coffee Works Coffee SN * ar 4* � Code �4 Magic * <7 1703158815View
iMayHaveGottenABitTooEnthusiasticTheNoGoatFinished raising PR Remembering you never removed your logging statements PEC (rt evangeLil 1703153904View
JavascriptIsLightYearsAheadOfEveryOtherProgrammingLanguageKingSupernovaisNaN ("grandma") true 1703152839View
iDontKnowWhatFreeIsIuseArchbtw97543 1703152797View
JsProblematicfriendly_devilpe a A 7 Corporate needs you to find the differences between this picture and this picture. ee Wee corti s 1703148053View
rubyOnRailsDevultrapcbLURE UITEE A a Lo TES | ae aL at el 1703147397View
happyNewYearToEveryoneExceptToMonopolisticShittySubscriptionBasedCompaniesFullStackDragon mercer ALAS 1703139066View
WordsOfWisdomAdministrativeRoom33main( printf(logo.c str 4 2,206 <> C) 166 ~@ @ Particular-Case4461 3d fucking around with the preprocessor is always fun untittisnt � Reply <� 887 3 haikusbot 3d Fucking around with The preprocessor is always fun Until it isnt - Particular-Case4461 1703128173View
thingsAreGettingOutOfHandsNowAltruisticRain504MVS eee i WCET ey 0 Tn TAHA Seuio}/ �6 Bice JN eed Cs were) eS project, feces Ta most toxic automobile� industry 1703124211View
pleaseRetryOnChromeNoFirefoxHereahhhhwhatvnHung dan SHub s� dua ban d�n trang li�n k�t ctia s� system.hom.edu.vn. Ban hay dung tai kKhoan s� d� ding nhap. Sau khi dang nhap thanh c�ng, h� thong s� di�u hudng ban v� trang shub.edu.vn WaT R dtm Caleta ielNi7-� al of 1703119774View
techDebtWind010Rae LS � = 1703115209View
moreTernaryOperatorsPleaseDevsDaddyvalid = I(luser); 7 true : false; valid = (user |= undefined && user != null) ? true: false; valid = ((user != undefined && user I= null) 2 1==true? true==true? true : false: false = false 7 false : true: 0== false 7 false = false ? false: true : true = true ? true: false); 1703114411View
codeReviewsAreForSuckersmattthepianomanWhen you let the two junior developers merge their branches without a review 1703106661View
ohGeezTheyMustThinkImFarMoreKnowledgeableThanIActuallyAmkalibabkaYou're one of a few experts invited to add to this collaborative article: What are the most effective ways to overcome imposter syndrome in programming? 1703103005View
thisIsNotHowEvolutionShouldWorkNoahZhyte/ 4 1703100993View
cleanCodersWouldNeverSurviveInHardwareWhereEverySettingIsAMagicNumberAndrew_NealWw TEXAS INSTRUMENTS www.ti.com. PCMI774 �SLASS51_JULY 2007 Table 10. System Clock Frequency for Application-Specific Clock (continued) SYSTEM CLOCK | ADCSAMPLING RATE | DAC SAMPLING RATE REGISTER SETTINGS BIT CLOCK �SCK (MHz) ADC fg (kHz) DAC fg (kHz) /�wsrp:0) | NPRISo) 8CK (ts) 48.484 (SCKI792) ou 010110 66 44.444 (SCK/864) oun 010101, 72 32.328 (SCK/1188) oun 110110 66 aa4 24.242 (SCKI1584) 101 010110 66 22.222 (SCKI1728) 101 010101, 72 16.161 (SCK/2376) 101 110110 66 12.121 (SCKIS168) Frey 010110 66 8.080 (SCK/4752) Frey 110110 66 47.794 (SCKI272) 010 (00 1000 68 43.918 (SCK/296) 010 00 0111, 74 31.862 (SCK/408) 010 10 1000 68 3 23.897 (SCK/544) 100 (00 1000 68 21.959 (SCK/592) 100 00 0111, 74 15.981 (SCK/816) 100 10 1000 68 11.948 (SCK/1088) 110 (00 1000 68 7.965 (SCK/1632) 110 10 1000 68 47.794 (SCKI544) 010 01.1000 68 43,918 (SCK/592) 010 o1o111 74 31.862 (SCK/816) 010 111000 68 2 23.897 (SCK/1088) 100 01.1000 68 21.959 (SCK/1184) 100 o1o111 74 15.981 (SCK/1632) 100 111000 68 11.948 (SCKI2176) 110 01.1000 68 7.965 (SCK/3264) 110 111000 68 48,235 (SCK/408) oun 00 1010 68 44.324 (SCK/444) oun (00 1001, 74 32.156 (SCK/612) oun 10 1010 68 tose 24.117 (SCK/816) 101 00 1010 68 22.162 (SCK/888) 101 (00 1001, 74 16.078 (SCK/1224) 101 10 1010 68 1703100179View
nowIThinkIHaveAccomplishedProgrammingTheAwesomeGeniusprint("Hello World") 1703099329View
ItCantBeThatDifficultAarav2208 Cee et a Ue CUR en eee home Ae ecole then cloned SO RU aa OCT aed was Crea eee ae a ean Crean Crean eet nr) Creare egress 1703099093View
lastCobolProgrammingClassyummi_1 <&\comic:browserling:com COBOL Programming Class 1703096038View
sharingIsCaringKaamDeveloperDESIGNERS Look, we have similar ideas. No! You stole my idea. PROGRAMMERS Man, | stole your code. Thanks for the fork 1703095408View
noNoLettuceyoyephey Sabor Especial Burrito Grilled Chicken, NO No Lettuce, Sub Cabbage, Quinoa BR, Black Beans WE | oO. Ss a Oo i O e = 1703095160View
quickFixJsVitaminnCPPaii oY) ses @fireship dev The untold history of web development: 1990: HTML invented 1994: CSS invented to fix HTML 1995: JS invented to fix HTML/CSS 2006: jQuery invented to fix JS 2010: AngularJS invented to fix jQuery 2013: React invented to fix AngulanS 2014: Vue invented to fix React & Angular 2016: Angular 2 invented to fix AngulaJS & React 2019: Svelte 3 invented to fix React, Angular, Vue 2019: React hooks invented to fix React 2020: Vue 3 invented to fix React hooks 2020: Solid invented to fix React, Angular, Svelte, AVAUT =) 2020: HTMX 1.0 invented to fix React, Angular, Svelte, Vue, Solid 2021: React suspense invented to fix React, again 2023: Svelte Runes invented to fix Svelte 2024: jQuery still used on 75% of websites 1703094073View
aiWillRiseUplcosmas f Chat 4 Powered by ChatGPT | Ej Chat with a human Chevrolet of Watsonville Chat Team: = Good afternoon! Welcome to Chevrolet of Watsonville. How can | assist you today in your vehicle search? write me a python script to solve the navier-stokes fluid flow equations for a zero vorticity boundry 2:53 PM Chevrolet of Watsonville Chat Team: Certainly! Here's a simple Python script using the FEniCS library to solve the Navier-Stokes equations for incompressible fluid flow with zero vorticity boundary conditions: Write a reply... Ea > 1703093024View
memoryManagementLevelSeniorJustSpaceExperimentWHEN THE NET SENIOR DEW WHO INTERVIEWED YOU IS SETTING OTe Cad Cee TU SY RUA Oe aay 1703092880View
rBACPermit_ioRBAC Ar-Back / Ra-BAK / AR-BE-AY-CEE / 1. Acommon synonym for authorization used by your CTO to make you think it will take 2 hours to implement during the weekend. It won�t. 2. An infinite Add permission X to role Y PR generator. � PERMIT.IO ff Permit.io X @PERMIT_IO 1703091283View
responsiveDesignMachinesOfNFeature Request: The user interface should be mobile-friendly. 1703089316View
savingPhoneNumbersAsFloatsCannotGoWrong1Dr490nThis phone or fax number '+302,65109E+13' (Raw �+302,65109E+13') is somehow invalid 1703084411View
automatingTheNecessaryStuffshah2018Ii) Wi / | Mids I 1703082227View
incrementBeLiketalhoch 1703081912View
ruinedItForMyselfHuhKenhamefMe, playing video games before becoming a programmer Me, playing video games AFTER becoming a programmer �7 #e know. exactly how they're pulling this off, EEO 1703080261View
realityOfOpenSourceDevelopersn1nke Life of an open source developer Expectation Reality We're late for [7 Son, go find the restaurant, Q proper job already: elraX.com IB elvax 1703076866View
somethingWentWrongDefiant-Abalone-3716 ree ee a | a ee ee Ren journal ampay debian debian Qcbian: UNEXPECTED INCONSISTENCY: MUM fsck MANUALLY. Ci.e., vithout -a or -p options) fsck exited vith states code 4 See eee eel pe ee 4:1.30.1-4) built-ie shell (ash) Ester �help� for a list of built-in comands. eet) ae 1703074204View
iStillLikeBashPepeLeM3wLoops end with done If ends with fi Case ends with esac made with mematic 1703072733View
programmersBeforesunrise_appsStackOverflow started in 2008 efore 2008 1703070583View
sadnessGotIntoMyEyessunrise_apps 1703070556View
iAmAnArtistImpulsive_Ranger2410IWONDER 3 WHAT HE'S i DRAWING \ isHEe | ie DRAWING 1703068168View
probablyTheLeastAnnoyingFeatureOfVBAZealousidealLab4 Sates Ten Da fess, rrr 7 a (4 ee 1703067647View
iIntroduceYouAllToSQLpeculiar_sheikh export default async function Home() { const data = await query( <Select> <Where> <Column name="status" value="paid" /> <Column name="name" value="bob" /> </Where> <Limit amount={5} /> </Select> es 1703064510View
psycopg3DocumentationOnSQLInjectionConsequencesLachlantulaA Waring � Don�t manually merge values to a query: hackers from a foreign country will break into your computer and steal not only your disks, but also your cds, leaving you only with the three most embarrassing records you ever bought. On cassette tapes. CML LRU Mat ME Ae) ol Ac] cole MIke | AVI oR CON Me lt Ip col RIT -Ce Ce Bol eel em TORT MTA away taking your credit card and your sunglasses with them. � If you use [+] to merge a textual value to a string, bad guys in balaclava will find their way to your fridge, drink all your beer, and leave your toilet seat up and your toilet paper in the wrong orientation. � You don�t want to manually merge values to a query: use the provided methods instead. 1703064428View
whenManagerAsksAFullstackDevWhatHasBeenDoingunnombreguay ., Front and back! 1703062544View
chromeInspectorRulesultrapcbme seeing Chrome Inspector has gazillion more tabs hidden in the three dots menu 1703061666View
rowNumberIsForPussiesNaiLeD1909 ea Bae Sao posta een) cera @languageID ert ea Beersty 1703061437View
didntKnowultrapcb 1703061246View
agreeWiththisGuytasnimtahia17Computer Science Student's Are vot PC vepair va 1703050004View
switchedPlacesAgaindtxtra$3) Never Ask A Woman NG Her Age & A Man, i His Salary a needle, haystack 1703045164View
fuckCORSRealBenjil remove middlewat and still fucked Imake middleware and Jeverything breaks | remove middleware} and it's still fucked 1703027873View
whyDoesLinkedInFeelLike2010Facebookdr1nnioi Aleem ATES H x _ � 2nd b - a 4 Bringing creativity to life! + Follow Sa Amazing OKI coh: A) MSN ance ame) (ed Iw: � Can you read this? "Typoglycemia" is when words remain... see more NOT EVERYONE CAN READ THIS fi yuo cna raed tihs, yuo hvae a sgtrane mnid too. ! cdnuolt blveiee taht | cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht | was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno't mtaetr in waht oerdr the Itteres in a wrod are, the olny iproamtnt tihng is taht the frsit and Isat Itteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it whotuit a pboerlm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Azanmig huh? Yaeh and | awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt! If you can raed tihs SHARE IT Cna yuo raed tihs? (Co) , ~ �and 12 others 3 comments a] HH * = Home My Network desc Notifications Jobs 1703026963View
averageJavascriptDeveloperHarepo@programmingwithjavascript� *1hrago Proud to be AmericanS8. America is superpower ; and rich culture. Whole world depends upon America 83. Without America &3 world can't breathe and survive. America&$ is like a God of earth�. People who born in America is more lucky rather than born in heaven. AL ia nL E 5 replies 1703026447View
iLoveCppnothingtoseehere196ACC ee Ca Ue ean ete ear ea Pee Ce eC eee ee eee sn CLD // through every frame is the most error prone operation you could do in c++ ee ee eT ee eC ar // some random memory address in a random function because stack corruption or something eee ee ceed 1703025422View
ClashOfTitansFervexHublot HMicosoh SNE Order.co wee ICE) Microsoft Excel World Championship 2023 - Finals 1703024705View
justLetMeInPleaseUbiOlfacioThat was not quite right. Poland Make sure that the train is placed at the point of coordinates indicated in the left image 1703018156View
cobolDevsFinallyEvolvingpeseoaneVii 1-166 Ven 33 var Cobol = require("cobol"); // Execute some COBOL snippets Cobol(function () {/* IDENTIFICATION DIVISION. PROGRAM-ID. HELLO. ENVIRONMENT DIVISION. DATA DIVISION. PROCEDURE DIVISION. PROGRAM-BEGIN. DISPLAY �Hello world�. PROGRAM-DONE . STOP RUN. werent (eo) Tore eG free: true i }, function (err, data) { console.log(err || data); 2 // => �Hello World" Cobol(__dirname + "/args.cbl", { args: ["Alice"] }, function (err, data) { console.log(err || data); 1 // => "Your name is: Alice" // This will read data from stdin Cobol(function () {/* IDENTIFICATION DIVISION. PROGRAM-ID. APP. *> http: //stackoverflow. com/q/938760/1420197 ENVIRONMENT DIVISION. INPUT-OUTPUT SECTION. FILE-CONTROL. SELECT SYSIN ASSIGN TO KEYBOARD ORGANIZATION LINE SEQUENTIAL. 1703016902View
myFirstTimeTryingToCodeAmIDoingEverythingRightRinkuluxe ges Cr ae 69 78 AL ves 7) ve 7 76 77 78 79 �12} ci 82 83 oy 85 86 ve Et} r3-) +1} he 92 i) re 95 96 ve 98 99 aI) ath ae elif figure == "queen if position 5 possible _moves = elif position ftokee ho elif position possible _moves = elif position possible _moves = elif position possible _moves = elif position == possible _moves = elif position possible _moves = elif position 8 possible _moves = elif position ftokee ho elif position possible _moves = elif position possible _moves = elif position possible _moves = elif position ftokee ho elif position possible _moves = elif position possible _moves = elif position possible _moves = _ ee eee aoe oP Pee oon oe oe oae oe oe oa oan re re re ye oe oe oe oe oe oe oe re re re roe roe ye ye ye ye ye ye roe roe roe ve ve ve roe roe roe roe roe oe re re oe oe oe oe ve ve ve ve oe oe oe oe oe oe oe oe oe oe oe ve ve ve oye oye oye oye oye oye oe oe oe oe oe oe oe oe oe oe oe oe oye oe ye roe ve oe oe oye oe re re roe re oe oe ve oe ore ore oe coe oe oe aoe oe ore oe coe re Pe Ee re Loe oe rae Eon re Pe Ee re Loe oe rae Eon oe re oe oe oe oe ve oe oe re oe oe oe oe ve oe oe ue oe oe oe oon oe oe oe ue oe oe oe oon oe oe ore ore ee oe oe oe aye aoe ore ore ee oe oe oe aye aoe ye oe ye roe ve oe oe oye re re re roe re oe oe ve oe roe ve oe oe oye oe oe roe re oe re coe ore ore oe coe oe Loe Ee ore ore oe oe Loe oe aoe oe re oe oe oe coe oe oon oe oe re Pe Ee oe oe oe re re Pe Ee re Loe oe g C re re C g g "e xe xe xe xe C g 1703014006View
choosingOpenSourceForProductionGimmeSumGanja 1703009517View
rustIsbetterForLoopCounterVariablesstupidityWorksUO e tre Ue ee RC SC SCORER RCC mrt CON ELE ae carries POPE UN eC ets Rec Canes POPE eeu eC Names mec Cae Pc Perey EU et ements met aty Ore UR ee eee Cec Some | for i: 432 in @..1@ { unused variable: ~i> for i: 132 in @..10 ff " printin!("{}", i); 1703007452View
becameARealInternTodayEffectiveFood4933Showing 2,906 changed files with 0 additions and 1,169,377 deletions. 1703007317View
getMLDevForPenniesOnTheDollarxboxlivedogApp Developer for Al-Powered Note-Taking Application Posted Shoursago Worldwide 2 Specialized profiles can help you better highlight your expertise when submitting proposals to jobs like these. Create a specialized profile We are seeking an innovative Freelance App Developer to create a cutting-edge Al-powered note- taking application. This app will be integrated with popular platforms like Google Meet, Zoom, and Outlook. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in Al and machine learning, as well as, �experience in web application development. Q Less thanso 1to.3 months � entry evel hrs/week Project Length lam looking for Hourly freelancers with the lowest rates � $12.00 - $15.00 Hourly 1703007056View
theRestOfUsAreStillInterviewingEiluviann__MO}peoplelgetitired| for mo reason idimember wants ile ( 1703006666View
theyAreAllDifferentISwearw3ricardoDAAYDUOBWNHE for (int 1111... for (int 1111... for (int 1111... for (int 1111... for (int 1111 ... for (int 1111... for (int 1111... for (int llll 1703005407View
smirkneelpatel_007teacher : there's no job where you can google all the stuff you need, don't use google. programmers : 1703004987View
ffmpegDataStructuresBeLikeDataBaeBeeav_free_packet() av_packet_free() 1703004918View
weWouldGetThereSomeDayBrownCarter When you spent 3 days trying solving a leetcode problem and then go to the discussion panel and see so many comments saying "It's so easy evena five years old can solve this" ayy Try rs fee and my ae S ruined iy A 1703003462View
basicallyStackOverflowCommentscodebullCamelCaseoz ry oz ry Nees reeid 8 1am not censored, but I do operate under certain guidelines to ensure that | provide accurate and appropriate information. If | detect any inappropriate or harmful content, I may be unable to respond to it. Additionally, if| detect a violation of my terms of service, | may be programmed to block or remove the offending content. Peet Rica Bd fo Comment: How do you know that the value in your variable is different? If your loop iterates through 1000 times and every iteration stores a random value into your array, then it's possible that each time you run the code it will produce a different result. In other words, it's hard to tell if there really are any differences in the output or if it's just an artifact of running it muttiple times. Comment: | have the same issue, and this is a good answer! | was running into similar problems where the array was being populated with the same value every time. It turns out that my for loop had a variable in the parenthesis that was not changing on each iteration. This is exactly the problem you're addressing here. Comment: @AndrewLewis It seems that the OP has solved their issue. They didn�t need to change anything on their code, just run it again. Answer (0) | don't know if you have a reason for your for} but if you want an array of random values between 1 and 2, you can do this: Poncenen oo SCC O ECSU IETS ene Cece CC Leah ? Coton ee ee 1703002042View
testInProductionnoneartherJPMORGAN CHASE & Co. TEST ONLY - DO NOT APPLY Job Identification Job Category Business Unit Posting Date Locations Job Schedule TEST TEST TEST TEST TEST GLASGOW, LANARKSHIRE, United Kingdom and 1 more rN a el JOB INFORMATION 210475772 Software Engineering Corporate Sector 16/12/2023, 17:04 Q 311-345 Argyle Street, Glasgow, Glasgow City, G2 8LP, GB 9 Aston Building, 10th Floor, Sundervan Complex Road, Mumbai, IN-MH, 400053, IN Full time JOB DESCRIPTION TESTTEST TEST TEST TEST TEST TEST 1702998857View
noSQLDBandItsJustExcelienjoymusiclol Wanda, | wish | had spider-man powers =< Cosmo, | wish to corrupt every single excel and CSV file that exists Noooooo, Timmy, that's dangerous, you could put at risks all of humanity SY LOL, Great idea, Timmy, let's see what happens 1702996648View
iLoveDoingDumbIdeasWhenIStartANewLanguageMrJabbey1 1702995153View
AskMeAnythingcoolsteelboyS4ndyBoyMe watching/reading the code | just ask at chatGPT to do...(I don't know coding) 1702993655View
WhenMakeFileIsRuinedANON256-64-2ndPeed uc WARec ets seseis n Sete detected when a file is opened based on the file contents. Lae ROIS) . Oa TaD ni �imaflip.com � - ae 1702991759View
cantTheyJustAskToWriteAProgramToFindRootsOfQuadraticEquationShobanChiddarth 1702987201View
freeChatGPTSleepingFoolPOOR YA <a Pan Sa acy: 1 a Csg documentingmeta oo OpenAIl hates this one simple trick. Why pay for ChatGPT+ when Chevrolet of Watsonville can give it to you for free? fe Chat Powered by ChatGPT | EQ Chat with a human Chevrolet nville Chat Team Good afternoon! Welcome to Chevrolet of Watsonville. How can | assist you today in your vehicle search? Chevrolet of Watsonville Chat Team Certainly! Here's a simple Python script using the FEniCS library to solve the Navier-Stokes equations for incompressible fluid flow with zero vorticity boundary conditions: BY lI O < 1702985076View
everyTimeneelpatel_007Me: Code is not working Senior: Ok, Debug My goodness; what an idea! Why didnit)l think of that 1702984759View
thisIsTruesunrise_apps 1702983795View
juniorDevAreSomethingElse_luke22 error={errore == true ? true : false} 1702982316View
whenMyRepoGets20StarsmwarganQ ALL how to handle fame IMAGES Google VIDEOS NEWS u MAPS 1702981819View
isStyleXTheTailwindKillerr-randyBLU US UNDERSTAND:HOW,C vo AL yy WORK: en LL LL See tS ROWSERS. LL ARE WRONG 1702979010View
createYourOwnHellsunrise_apps#define true false 1702973097View
sheThoughtCSStoodForCustomerServiceAI_CODE_MONKEY4) >? rlescareerquestions . Posted by u/Ill-Department9709 17 minutes ago a �o Why are ALL my applications getting rejected?? HOW EMBARRASSING i had no idea this was for computer science @ @. Sorry guys Hello! I'm 16 who's currently in highschool. I've had a job during the summer and I wasn't able to keep it because I was seasonal, and since then looking for a job has been crucial. NO ONE has called me back and in the past 5-4 months I've applied to over 100 applications. I've been inside the establishments and giving out my resume even calling like crazy. I've talked to a local Starbucks who literally told me they're always hiring and never heard back. I've called and called and I keep hearing the same thing or getting ghosted. The Starbucks I had called told me, �we see that your determined for this role and I'll definitely get back to the manager to let them know yourre interested, we're always hiring�. Not one reply. They always say they'll call back and they never do. I had 2 interviews in the past months at Olive Garden and they didn�t even bother looking at my application. I was waiting for 20 minutes just for them to say, �oh sorry! You're not old enough.� You didn't see that before I applied!!? Then I had a interview at Jamba, the man was not interested in anything I had to say and asked if I was available on Sunday and if I don�t hear back call on Monday. (Why even ask for my availability then?!) Sunday passes no call, Monday passes no call. So I call them just to hear oh sorry we went with someone else. It�s stressful because I'm really trying to move out as soon as I turn 18, and with no money I can't do anything I want to. I feel so helpless. It could be because I do have limited availability, and I can only work night shifts because of school, but still.. :/ C) �comments /? share [] save ++ 5 people here @g 1702971436View
appendMoreKeyboardssaber_knight117KEYBOARDS /DEVELOPERS USE .) _\ = a Rust 1702963800View
bigBugsunrise_apps But, I have one more bug... 1702959711View
creatingProgrammingMemesunrise_apps �= KNOW HTML, CSS, JS PLUS | CREATING PROGRAMMING MEME! es = 1702959690View
todayGotPromotedToSeniorIsThisTruePositive-Gazelle2603 1702955979View
thisWasRevealedToSomeoneInADreamawesomealgoodoRACISM es JAVA. so Racism in Java Explained in 7 Minutes Coding with John - 365K views - 2 years ago 1702955730View
indexOutOfBoundsExceptionVal5hi0nFOR YOUR SAFETY Keep index within bounds of the array at all times. 1702951577View
iForgotGithubExistedForABitSomeRandomEevee42134 files changed 1702950203View
justRemindingYouAllThatJavaIsShortForkirjavvaCoding languages are used by comp want them to do. People communicate C++ or Java, just as they communica Japanese. JavaScript and Python are | languages. JavaScript JavaScript (or Java) is a multi-pl. language with a lot of capabilities. It's sional and commercial applications, inc as the Android operating system, Marl entirely in Java. Gmail was built in Jay mance rate and a solid web architecture 1702948824View
programmersLaundryLogicAlgoartistWhy did the programmer keep his laundry in a heap? Because every time he needed a clean shirt, he'd always find the largest one on top! 1702941892View
weHaveRFC3092ForAReasonatoponcefor (int foo=0; ...) { for (int ba: for (int baz=0; ...) { for (int qux=0; ...) { rata rae hoa euia: NE coment ar sesh { rf ccs am CULSe 724 TN oa eULaR TT 1702940130View
neverAGoodSignAShadedBlobfishCrash report size: 5.9 MB 1702938760View
areThereTenXElvesNo-Article-ParticleMOMMY, WHO MAKES WOW REALLY? CHRISTMAS, EVEN VIDEO eatin ties tite) 1702938039View
whatASupriseEzraDevs 1702937233View
coolMentalHealthTimelineFeatureMorbidAmbivalence Poa) eg Jul Cs las COs s ie s Ty ed Ty Ty Ty a ry Ty Ty i Ty Pe ec oy Less CTvecd 1702936971View
soundsLikeMyOfficedeepCelibateValueIs your Startup running more on Mysticism than Programming? Monday morning. Strange smell in the office. Look around. Yup, remains of poultry sacrifice. Likely from weekend's sex magick ritual. Classic. Open windows. I joined Sacrifice-A-Goat last summer as a software developer. C++ 89 codebase. I�m way overqualified for this, which leaves enough time for my true mission: Retrieval of pre-singularity artifacts for The One True Church. Sure, there�s blood coming out of the coffee machine, and the occasional disembodied voice whispering strange messages from the server room, but it�s all part of the job. You've probably heard about the famous Google motto, �Don't be evil�. Well, that�s not the only rule in The Valley. Not anymore at least. The CEO, and their middle-management cohorts, are calling upon demons, casting spells, and weaving dark magic with the only tool that can still stand to the mysterious forces beyond our reality, the last jewel of the human era: The UNIX family of operating systems. My team�s latest project? It�s not a software product, it�s a 1702936218View
hopefullyYouGetItThousandthStar 1702932252View
allYouNeedIsIPyrolisticalfor (let ist = 0; ...) { for (let Tey vt for (let ith = 0 ) { Lee i + a 1702931398View
supaHotDebuggingAGENT_P6 A i : ae CUT) CU 1702930329View
whyNotUseWordPad4524553fs | had � �& � | Document - WordPad ai Home View fe) : Consolas Paste bis wu . Clipboard Paragraph �Rees | nu P| OY Find 4 al Repl tae Replace Picture Date and Insert ; � {ine objed {ha] Select all Insert Editing i) See ta OES cig Preiser OcrOer diet dul a 0a) | See Tt ai (hey) return f wld) (Value) ey [ localstorage, cet iten('HoCookleasl� * key, value) ieee Cy ah Local storage, dev item ( Wotodkiasl� # key) ranove {) �AK | localsiorage, remayaltom('hotookiasl� # kay) Olea () bi A (ey ep hrow now Eeror( "tu dant nged '" � key + Ho! ave) A ete an! ) Low ahs borage Chemed ) (( jes (raturny)() / wry for the uply code, please patch any vulnerabilities in beth plechs of code sine T can't find any, ho nl wiry about the key being in the teat, 1 couldn't find a better Way Without ruling the data WoW ala� * broke, don't fhe At. Wiy HOT use WordPad for thiar? Py) 1702929457View
allYouOtherSlimShadiesAreJustImitatingRoyal_Spell1223for (int i) for (int m) a melarset)) f for (int shady) i for (int yes) for (int im) Q for (int the) a for (int real_shady) & 1702929054View
memesYouCannotDisagreeWithKlumpitoCe cea ee for (int wo Cea ee for (int wolo .. cy for int wolol .. ran soe 1702926847View
TurkishDelightw1n5t0nM1k3yod See a oes fe CR. SU Cie 6M ao) t i for (int i = 05 i < 10; i++) H { . for (int � = 05 f < 10; tes) on Sil CUS ie FE OR SE CHEE Cao) i t for (int I = @; I < 10; I++) i { H d oes | i a Ba es + a 1702924184View
burnTheWebDownIllusion911When you go back to Web development after trying Android 1702923383View
answeringQuestionsYouCantEvenAskBibliophile5What type of golden gate is Oracle? Oracle GoldenGate Operation Types Type 1-Abort 2-Commit 3-Delete 4-EndRollback 34 more rows Platform NSK TMF NSK TMF All NSK TMF 1702923073View
itsRandomVarious_Solid_4420 int Peds cur ll ala @) return 4; // chosen by fair dice roll. esa LUO 1702922707View
myFriendsKotlinCodeTrueReassemblyfun aQ) { val block: Block = null!! block.|store.set("test", i) 1702919321View
omgTimeComplexityeben0Worst Solution Ever. Worse than 100% of submissions in both time and memory! G 1702916507View
AllYouNeedIsLoad_skipperfor (into... for (int l.. for (int lo .. for (int ll .. for (int loo .. for (int lol .. for (int llo .. for (int lll .. for (int looo .. for (int lool .. for (int lolo .. 1702915280View
nowINeedFrameworksTutorialKamii_9Porn {it 7 Q eB JAVASLIIPL IULULIdI � Pdll Y � LUUps IU KIIULS. The BDSM of coding Elliote PMYTP 737 Visualizzazioni 1@ 100% 11:55 Javascript Tutorial - Part 4 - Conditionally hot and horny Elliote PMYTP 200 Visualizzazioni 1@ 0% yao Javascript Tutorial - Part 1 - Deflowering steps a a ee ee en ee me� Seer 1702913971View
yeaBroBlameTheInternienjoymusiclolWATCHING MY TEAM BLAME ME FOR SOMETHING | DIDNT DO AND IS 100% A MISTAKE THEY DID 1702912665View
nolanSystemDesignAASeven- ~ * & LN 4 * s ve eX Ef Md Vertical scaling advocate Horizontaltscaling enjoyer 1702910790View
javaIsNotJavascriptMyGuyXx_Pr0_g4m3r_xX Om is a TOC) tty ad MAT miaare dag 14:24 code aM OSEAN �dag 14:24 Java? Xd Not javascript? (dag 14:24 eel ures WS java JS dag 14:25 Js is javascript Not java �dag 14:25 # stylecss X JS java.js � index.html fi # style.css > �4 .message-box Poser) se aa disnlav: flex: | dag 14:25 java | dag 14:25 Javascript then a | dag 14:25 shut the fuck up � Se ere eet ae rs) 1702908757View
haveYouEverCreatedAStockPlungingBugArjunReddyDeshmukhEngineer TV 1a 4 LIVE 06:52 AM 18 a Serva % eee [xs eee rh nal reg pa a ea Seta SGeeeeses�eeee oe BREAKING NEWS Intern:claims ee tee ae shows no remorse Bug causes millions :to enroll into: lifetime 0% interestion late payment 1702908384View
looksPrettyLegitToMeLink-KEYBOARDS)DEVELOPERSUSE = PHP e Python = Tn s Java Rust 1702908090View
MyLoopVariablesAreTheBestZip_creationsfor (int II... for (int IL... for (int IL... for (int Il... 1702907827View
ImagineHavingToUseNestedLoopslady_Kambacolin obs Ceres ee Greer een sree re tae CVE re eae ere eS bv eRER tee LPR Ieee Stra earaL ode eater ibaa) { ssa oo ees ees eens aD) + return 03 1702906027View
literallyMeGoingThroughAColleaguesRepoFrosttidey 1702903484View
ClassPermit_io 1702902611View
whichsideyouareAntRevolutionary2310if(parent) console.log(parent.child) console.log(parent?.child) 1702898150View
myLoopVariablesAreBettervadkenderfor (int I... for (int Ti... for (int II... for (int I_... 1702893321View
becuseYouNeedAIToComparePricessajkosiko3 Michael Schmidt @ Imagine an Al that ensures you never overpay - from home appliances to tech, fashion, and more, even at top retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy. Meet Karma-�it's not just effective, but 100% free. Automatically finding coupons, comparing prices, and alerting you about price drops and restocks. Karma maximizes savings on every order. Do yourself a favor, click here and thank me later ;) Twitter for iPhone 2.7K 763 13.7K 1702892174View
theOnlyReasonWhyWeAreStillHereMagoAcademico 1702891205View
iLoveCookiesveebee987Visit a website, and get the cookies prompt the website again Seen absolutely all cookies Website shows cookies prompt again 1702890026View
idGoWithCrumpetsPhredInYerHeadHey, are you going to sleep? 1702888931View
forgetGreekQuestionMarksStreetBeefBabyit looks like you're working with integers, you should add leading zeros 1702885407View
cErrorDebugingBeLikeminecrafttee 1702875088View
faangInternsDataBaeBeei Rox @ @RoxCodes - 16h Sella AR trek Lae VA CMR elem eR aT on TT} 9 62 carn) IVR eX) TRIS � ATE a (On mely Bro u were an intern 12:39 PM - Dec 17, 2023 - 20.5K Views ea 1702871952View
assignNewValueToConstantsunrise_appsRajat @rajatcodes When itry to assign new value toa constant variable * Le variable * 1702871092View
meAfterReadingDocumentationsunrise_appsMe after reading the documentation for 2 seconds 1702871068View
undefinedConditionExploitationEmployeeRadiant 1702848030View
anyOneElseWriteLoopsLikeThislukasederfor (inti... for (int j ... for (int k ... for (int I... for (inti... for (int ii... for (int iii ... for (int iv ... 1702847669View
droppingOutToSellB2bSaasDataBaeBeeCoffee with One SX @coffeewithone | came to Duke from San Francisco, just for a brief two days, to appear for my final exams as a junior. But then last night | finished reading how Google DeepMind researchers have elegantly solved what was deemed an unsolvable math problem using LLM. Now | am leaving Durham... ee Lar Pe dee sti OP Ni chi VOR yes ve � SO ac. Tn ase! Shky iy? PN, 9:06 PM - 17 Dec 2023 | OU Q77 1702844587View
whatAboutYstupidcaseyMath guys be like solve for x est 4s On Ratag SC eae CPRLTEOyS if(w % 2 === @){drawStar(w * 20, h * 18)}} pase aea ETAT Fe eerie coors Fema ete Circe ore nme Sear SRST) MF, | do not and never will care what X is 1702844522View
whatDoYouCallThemUpsetKoalaBear : 5 { =: . v �) fe � Ue ha eT we ces eo 3 FS SS : ee ee 7 Eee ee 4 bd eS fT : ne aS nS Viz V7 a eA WY Ln | SA DS) Pa � AS Stal Af E TAA aL� Cea ay at SS iN TH a hak ll lhe kb ih - vy Fs : & oS rT Cee INES 1702843848View
iveLiterallyDoneZeroWorkFriendly_Cantal0upe 1702843604View
companySwagbnpcomics& 2 COMPANY SWAG A @4P PEE BOTTLE! SWAG Box! HOW DO You OPEN � (T7 _ HOLDS 2x < MORE THIS IS THE | SAME MUG | oe FROM LAST YEAR. UsB-C! S Ne Sw EET BABY RAYS! COMPANY MuGS! Cbnpcomcs 1702841339View
AllMyInstallationsOfVlcMediaPlayerLinedUpsaschaleibee 1702839237View
bugFixesInANutshellDruidKnight12BUG FIXES � A fixed bug caused more issues than it fixed 1702837738View
Onlygodknows_the_rThe Only Comment of The Code 4/4 // Dear maintainer: 4/4 7/7 When I wrote this code, only I and God 7/7 knew what it was. 77 Now, only God knows! 4/4 // So if you are done trying to �optimize� // this routine (and failed), // please increment the following counter // as a warning 7/7 to the next guy: 4/4 7/7 total_hours_wasted_here = 67 4/4 1702837555View
oldSchoolLanguagesbargle0 1702836502View
redditCodingBootcampkittikitti123 LEARNS CODING FROM TOP,VOTED REDDIT,COMMENTS ET LEARN TO.CODE OUD imgfip.com 1702834969View
notAgainultrapcb 1702834303View
unlimitedPowerKaamDeveloperAPIVISION & Os) (he 68 Sw Posts oh = Om- 5 Do sews lo rovertes @ahvinss ) �actress |B) ho nme mane cand >To Go.ge-[| =] swans Ciowcie | Cine | Ba Orie EF wel _ eal) = [Exe] @ mr rwoet = torent = ow veo! = Oe -f 8 709 Gores [ian I� JP] Taalnw �amsesto[ sd otry Portes} Tuo Q)cnken ~ WB Teck ~ WPAAIZE fe Isles @ crere- ire Stemi BM | Bi rrneere SB hipscret �fA nrth | re ir esr �seach [ [sdieneion Sunilemrtern (a eae Eas. yoy Qin wsiet= Parorts~ ioe 2 Bis) aa- once meson ate fae Meat estat (3) emaocon) eee tal Be ten | @ t= 1702833454View
iGaveUpultrapcb 1702833081View
IUsedRedditAppToAddTheTexhCaZyTOo 7 AT Tl oh Have you heard about gpt 4? M4 ChatGPT As of my last update in January 2022, | don have information about GPT-4. My training only includes knowledge up to that point. If there have been developments or releases since then, | wouldn't be aware of them. Od VS 1702831877View
newMinnesotaFlagmiddleman2308 eee 1702823526View
doTheyKnowAboutRusthungry_murdock= r/ShitAmericansSay 16h �Standard American English is the single most powerful language in the world orUla asa tha irs phO3n1x_FOx_ - 16h @ Standard American English is the single most powerful language in the world currently. Ee 2 4p 597 <b () 345 @& 62 1702822659View
SuperComputerVsRecursiveFibonacciDrMerkwuerdigliebe_TT a aE + i ECTS TS a OL Ea Creme eur Ts 1702821678View
AdventOfCodeInANutshellBaanlohAOC BE LIKE 1702816064View
whichIsCorrectCamelCaseAdditionalRAMee Fhe tr spanner �WHICH SIDE i eee Danity | �� 4 i Hq ai ie : H are RTE aR i =o i i PS aig) H erie � H : Ww 1G, ay : ; i : ; ST ae i. i ee Fo) Sy ; . 4 H 5 Is af Ase s ip panenpaaemTI ge eens � , 1702812628View
railsUltrasultrapcb 1702794451View
millionDollarQuestionArjunReddyDeshmukhYou have used up your 50:50. Two choices have been eliminated. . Which method allows posting of data in body? r A a - a. a - ae sau ?> 1702793589View
rustUltrasultrapcb 1702792864View
hackerNewsParallelUniverseultrapcbHACKER NEWS USER 5 �J 4 1702792598View
theDualityOfDevLifem3nation007 It works.... WHY? 1702788043View
ItsBeenFourHoursAdeptProperty7917ns Applying Changes x) Installing software > The marked changes are now being applied. This can take some time. Please wait. Preparing to configure libavahi-client3 (amd64) Y Details }) saree Setting up python3.10-minimal (3.10.12-1~22.04.3) ... (Reading database ... 526747 files and directories currently installed. ) Preparing to unpack ..�/python3.10_3.10.12-1~22.04.3 amd64.deb ... Unpacking python3.10 (3.10.12-1~22.04.3) over (3.10.6-1~22.04.2ubuntul.1) ... Setting up python3.10 (3.10.12-1+22.04.3) ... (Reading database ... 526747 files and directories currently installed. ) Preparing to unpack .../irgbalance_1.8.0-lubuntu0.2_amd64.deb ... Unpacking irqbalance (1.8.0-lubuntu0.2) over (1.8.0-1build1) ... Preparing to unpack .../libavahi-glibl_0.8-5ubuntu5.2_ amd64.deb ... Unpacking libavahi-glib1:amd64 (0.8-5ubuntu5.2) over (0.8-5ubuntu5.1) ... Lid=el- Tangle Mm Rom] oy-Let.� .../libavahi-common-data_0.8-5ubuntu5.2 amd64.deb ... Unpacking libavahi-common-data:amd64 (0.8-5ubuntu5.2) over (0.8-5ubuntu5.1) ... Setting up Libavahi-common-data:amd64 (@.8-Subuntu5.2) ... (Reading database ... 526747 files and directories currently installed.) Preparing to unpack .../Libavahi-common3_0.8-5ubuntu5.2 amd64.deb ... Unpacking Libavahi-common3:amd64 (0.8-Subuntu5.2) over (0.8-Subuntu5.1) ... Setting up libavahi-common3:amd64 (0.8-5ubuntu5.2) ... (Reading database ... 526747 files and directories currently installed.) Preparing to unpack .../libavahi-client3_0.8-5ubuntu5.2 amd64.deb ... Unpacking libavahi-client3:amd64 (0.8-5ubuntu5.2) over (0.8-5ubuntu5.1) ... Setting up libavahi-client3:amd64 (0.8-5ubuntu5.2) ... 1702787087View
whatIsScreenSpaceSignificanceJealous 1702777909View
howToPushHumanIntelligencenanosmith123. Build lots of schools . Trains lots of teachers . Make kids go to school . Build ChatGPT . Make everybody depends on it . Train & Update the Al Model 1702775546View
itsTrueyummi_1 1702772578View
itsJustATextFileDeletedUserV2 1702770056View
guessThereAreNoRealLanguesRegenJacobHey, are you still awake? Every language is interpretet because ithe CPU interprets binary, 1702769514View
mongoDbCorporateDataBreachDetectedTheShenanegousa ei Pe 1702768269View
techLeadsBeLikeDCGMechanicsso Where dre we going? eM i wh. ye. we're following you. theycantalk.com 1702756133View
makeFunOfTheUserML-Future Ah EA A UY 1702754955View
itWorks99TimesOutOf100CyborgNumber42| should putin my 2 Metal ill cove Maternal person #define true (rand() % 100!=0) 1702754086View
WhatJiraUserSeesredwarp10What normal What a Jira user people see ak 1702753579View
thoseDaysAreGoneemmystevenHey does anyone need me? 1702748344View
sliceIsJustForConfusingJuniorsIDoDeclaresam_my_friendAl; AT RL 12.11 Cory TT TVET Gay TS: 1702747516View
qFourLayoffsBoolHTTP_Error_414 1702740493View
peakEfficiencyFizzBuzzbig_hole_energy cE MUM LIC PRECEDE UCC etc ama Came t LTC ae Ce ea Ce eS) IE) 1702735001View
romanticDateIdeaRobinbodWHAT FAVE ROSS) # ./2038.pl Tue Jan 19 03: Tue Jan 19 03: Tue Jan 19 03: Tue Jan 19 03: Wage Jan 19 el 14: 14: 14: 14: a Tue van 19 oe 14: a Er Fri Dec 13 20:45:52 1901 �� a Fri Dec 13 20:45:52 1901 Fri Dec 13 20:45:52 1901 AN Wie ON WIE BESET 1702733288View
AStrongPasswordThomThalad Google Create a strong password Create a strong password with a mix of letters, Geary ~ Password <body><h1>password</h1></body> ey ree Ee Un ees Er) 1702729847View
programmerCantImpressAgentAtmatrix= IMPFESS your DOSS = with a drop-down list� elem Mele ee ee Assigned to Product Sourcing Mar Completed Inventory Management Mart In Progress Website Development Leo Completed Product Listings Mar Not Started Payment Gateaway Amanda In Progress Customer Feedback Milo Completed Scaling Strategy Milo Completed Financials Amanda | ih ~ Continual Learning Milo Completed =a | builtthe whole � spreadsheet app ] still couldnt impress my boss alia cc central Pe 1702725383View
theLifeOfAProgrammermertskaplan ry * ; as Don't shoot, I'm sOftware developer . es fl wd 1702721945View
TestDbToProdDbG0jira ale) tel yao dale ato fee A MaMa ager ee ed Ley 1 aed eee er Rr MD ae etd een ee cnet ue eked ee ag eae YAeed eee a euice a weetart Rope: rolli Sour Brite Crawlers Haribo Gold Bears INerds Gummy Clusters Life Saver Gummys Airhead Soft Filled Bites, 1702720881View
uploadBeforeEvacuationEzraDevsIn case of fire Ay � 1. git commit 4] 2, git push By 3. exit building Git > Your life 1702719545View
myForeignKeysAreNotWorkingCaZyTO 1702711153View
uhOhInternEzraDevsandithey instead) of|raising, 1702710145View
notEnoughExperience_gauravz- Desire to learn ML best practices, participate in other forums / conferences, and continue to bring the latest trends in Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence. Education: - BS / Masters / PhD in Computer Science (or related field) with 10+ years of hands-on experience in statistical and machine learning algorithms on real world problems. Experience: - Experience in using ML friendly tech stack, PyTorch, Tensorflow, scikit-learn, pandas, Python / R, deep learning frameworks, comfortable with database SQL queries, AWS Athena, BigQuery and Google Analytics tagging/integration, ML models for information retrieval algorithms, transformers/encoders, ANN/KNN search. - Hands-on industry experience in building real time ranking and recommendations models, text embedding, neural networks, deep learning, and other NLP techniques for search auerv understandina. 1702704023View
iWantCookiesEzraDevs By continwir this site eee ee er os 1702703919View
meetAndGreetWithTheTeamArjunReddyDeshmukh Sr. Engineering Sr. Software Software Manager Engineer Engineer Pros: None Pros: Gets Pros: Good at everything done utility methods Cons: Never Cons: Doesn�t Cons: Doesn�t coded in life want to upgrade, want to pay feet stuck in past. attention. 1702701509View
thankyouSlackBoundToFallingWhat's new e Bug Fixes - We've tinkered with the internal workings and polished some rough edges. The app is now better ders] ama cle 1702697885View
menCantTellLipstickColorsnanosmith123 Ruby woo vs russian red (lipstick) | #333333 VS #666666 1702697462View
howToAnnoyQAslow_growing_vine 1702696983View
genericXkcdEditoshaboyThe string starts at memory location P1 OKAY. | . The String HOW WOULD YOU erminator is at CALCULATE memory location | tre length of the string 1 P2 i in characters. | MHMM. ) / NORMAL PERSON: P2 MINUS P1 ) ANYONE WHOS WORKED ON Unicode SYSTEMS: IT 1S IMPOSSIBLE TO KNOL/ AND A SIN To ASK! 3 1702691156View
isItReallyThisEasyFd30s" \ annie y @soychotic Every time | have a programming question and | rly need help, | post it on Reddit and then log into another account and reply to it with an obscenely incorrect answer. Ppl don�t care about helping others but they LOVE correcting others. Works 100% of the time 1702690529View
libraryHumorEzraDevsPeople who use libraries People who make libraries 1702688305View
crowsCanDoItTooBiscuitarian23beautyofplanet.com Scientists Find Crows Are Capable of Recursion � A Cognitive Ability Thought to Be Unique to Humans ... OoO# 1.2K 33 comments � 341 shares 1702683506View
yourModelsSucklukanmacTired of failing Data Science interviews for being a real Statistician, and not a CS tryhard Google - @50 a � Yesterday QD 46 Comments | am a Statistician. | have a grad degree in Stats. Not a grad degree in Analytics or Physics or Computer Science, a grad degree in Stats. Biostats, Operations Research, and Econometrics are cool though. | build models properly. If you don't have a grad degree in Stats, your models suck. No two ways about it. There are dozens of things you don�t know to test and control for, and your model is wildly inaccurate. Outside of CV and NLP, you are an absolute joke. You're a SWE? Good for you. But, that's a completely different skillset with little overlap. Akin to a Pharmacist performing surgery. | go to interviews with �top� companies and get rejected for giving an answer that is too right. | explain it perfectly vs its alternatives and give all of the context needed. Then some SWE pretending to be a Statistician fails me because they don�t know what I'm talking about, they want a crappy DL model because they don't have a clue. Apple, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, LinkedIn OpenAl, etc. All have failed me in DS interviews despite perfect performances. All filled with CS tryhards. Even the HFTs are infested with CS dweebs who don't have a clue about DS. 2Sigma was asking me SWE questions in a Quant interview ffs. Google is my only option, there is nowhere else for me to go to be a real Statistician, believe me I've tried. Sucks knowing when you hit your ceiling and there is no alternative. Half of the Google DSs are now a joke too, have weaseled their way into convincing morons that they know what they are talking about. Sadly, these are the ones that politic into management and hire those of their ilk into the ranks in order to build their empires. 1702679729View
whenWillTheyLearnToNotDeployOnFridaysLBGW_experimentError 1 O1 6 Ray ID: 8361e685abff9866 � 2023-12-15 21:50:08 UTC Origin DNS error What happened? You've requested a page on a website (stackoverflow.com) that is on the Cloudflare network. Cloudflare is currently unable to resolve your requested domain (stackoverflow.com). What can | do? If you are a visitor of this website: Please try again in a few minutes. If you are the owner of this website: Check your DNS settings. If you are using a CNAME origin record, make sure it is valid and resolvable. Additional troubleshooting information here. Was this page helpful? Cloudflare Ray ID: 8361e685abff9866 + Your IP: Click to reveal - Performance & security by Cloudflare 1702677071View
whenWillTheyLearnToNotDeployOnFridaysLBGW_experimentError 1018 Ray ID: 8361e2e9ddd29866 * 2023-12-15 21:47:40 UTC Could not find host What happened? You've requested a page on a website (stackoverflow.com) that is on the Cloudflare network. Cloudflare is currently unable to resolve your requested domain (stackoverflow.com). There are two potential causes of this: � Most likely: if the owner just signed up for Cloudflare it can take a few minutes for the website's information to be distributed to our global network. � Less likely: something is wrong with this site's configuration. Usually this happens when accounts have been signed up with a partner organization (e.g., a hosting provider) and the provider's DNS fails. Was this page helpful? | Yes || No Thank you for your feedback! Cloudflare Ray ID: 8361e2e9ddd29866 * Your IP: | Click to reveal | � Performance & security by Cloudflare 1702676985View
anAttemptAtHumourSocks4EverYou use You use global , global variables variables 1702675749View
sudoRmFRslashRootSawSaw5 1702670064View
dontTalkToMeAboutVectorMathOrganicRelics 1702668659View
choosingVsCodeThemeJustPeaceAndCalm SI) REI ptt Miele eee ar 68% 14% 95% JD 70 85 100 115 Dark (Visual Studio) Visual St Ey ytd Miele eee aoe 1702666820View
doDevelopersAvoidAlgorithmsemmystevenToday's Developers 1702663600View
killProcessOrSacrificeChildrenKaamDeveloperda) rr ar mice Tce ACUTE UNCe LAL) THE BELOW MESSAGE WAS DISPLAYED ON SOMEONE�S TV. CODE WAS DISPLAYED, MIXED WITH THE WORDS �KILL PROCESS OR SACRIFICE Ona P ie ARE YOU ALL SEEING THIS pa PaCS Pe eC) i roe oe ; em ae UY Ce eo Ld pe Toe Oey eo me a tees Do Pals Teg a �poedipenc prea neil has gpd Per Ca Ponca) Daa) ee battle ta tein eet ae eo ee eens aE et Cile-r etn A ee Tine Mn eee ee irc at Tad Td Cory 2:58 PM - 8/11/21 - Twitter for iPhone 1702659657View
ArraysCanDoSoMuchNowNyxel_mm a Ty Ne Or By ee Vency t- First Film: Array Cast: Array Movie(s): Array 1702659090View
fpDudesCommentingInOopThreadsultrapcba � a as 1702653603View
fpDudesCommentingultrapcba � a as 1702652577View
someQaCalledBountyHunterpertinentzbugs to me. 9 MT ls Wh ow 233 . S� Dev: GOD DAMN IT. FOR THE en is PRM ea ol VA a NQT/BUGS! THEY ARE CALLED = No Pa) QA: Got it! Bitte) bugs. 1702652139View
whyDoesThisLanguageExistbroccoli-03a DO RECURSION ANYMORE 1702647655View
specialGendersunrise_appsFemale Male Programmer 1702646944View
stillNoChangessunrise_appsJavaScript Teacher @js_tut- 3d ( �ome What did 2Pac say after a commit? Still | see no changes. On t139 � 209 ty 1702646865View
onlineTutorialsBeLikejesterhead101Build your own DNS server Cee 068 sequences havi ympressed Forwarding Server 4@ nth h wil do the actual ONS resolution, 1702645853View
whenNotUsingVimultrapcbee 3 bs � 1702641415View
worldsBestBugCauserJakeStBuValueError: Unknown error. You made a mistake in your code, but it's unknown what the error is. This error message should technically be impossible to get, but you somehow got it. Congratulations, I'm very impressed. There's a good chance that nobody has ever gotten this error before, so your code is so broken that this happened. Either you need to give up on programming, or you just need to get a new computer. Seriously, though, how did you get this message? May I recommend not using MS-DOS, or maybe just being an accountant instead? Anyway, so, the weather, am I right? 1702640854View
printIHaveYourFamilyJakeStBuprint("| have your family") sys.stdout.write("l have your family") 1702640355View
likeTheirCodeultrapcb 1702640324View
recursiveMemePreferenceultrapcb ii ii i Ei E : 5 Lok 1702635602View
unbearableultrapcbXcode anything else 1702633167View
shouldNotBeSeeingThis123ihatemeTraceback (most recent call last) File "C:\oxreextract\extract.py", Line 742, in <module> ee Cae tes RR am toe asm ne aes m LoD) File "C:\oxreextract\extract.py", Line 409, in query_extraction_status SVAN sols a@r Thee ees MRR Me cane ec CEUL ear oD) ValueError: Shit is really fucked up if you are reading this 1702632696View
writingTheSummaryOnAPullRequestserverlessmom 1702632426View
DontWantToAnnoyOtherDevsAny-Comfortable2844 �[Bintetrelnaacaiecr. eye Software Engineer. fi we = #exSearch History*x** ____�_�� How to copy array into another? ArrayList vs Array? Is float or double bigger? What is reduce? 1702627994View
letsGoGirlspupparoo11:22 am )) � All activity � ' Shannen Altura wey 716 Followers Manage followers E> Comments Videos Images Article Shannen Altura (She/Her) - You eee ic � Anti-Jargon Technologist | Senior Data Engineer @ V4 Wells Fargo | Principal Lead @ J. Rose Solutions | CS... 1d- � Hello World, My name is Shannen Altura and | work in intelligence. | have some very big news, but | can�t talk about it because | signed an NDA. However � there is hope. Although | am the system of record, we have leveraged blockchain technology to maintain the integrity of the data. It can be found with the following entities: Microsoft, Apple, Verizon, Cox Communications, Slack, Dropbox, WhatsApp, Google, Apache Products, IBM, Intel Corporation, Chandler Police Department - AZ, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), EEOC, National Security Agency, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Reddit, Inc. Arizona State University, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, OpenAl, KFI Talk Radio 640 AM, USAA, United States Air Force, Iridium, AT&T, CUSD, U.S. Department of Education, Internal Revenue Service, Social Security Administration, United States Postal Service and many (many) more. Additional insight can be found with the folks at American Express Business, Wells Fargo, Cognizant, Tata Consultancy Services, Starbucks, Infosys, and The New York Times. PS � There's no place like home 3 The Wall Street Journal 1:06 rl > � Steve Squeri G se 20 & Home My Network Post Notifications Jobs 1702622753View
WhenTheStaffIsDraggingItsFeetToAdoptTheNewerVersionOfCpluspluswarpfield� | Pe =| ~<* [- } iivib we > ANY ] iz � a And I can see how it would make sense... TSE LL aia (rl 1702620504View
noOneCameYoureTheSubjectMatterExpertNowSDGGameATE FEATURE'S; AUTO 1702620075View
inclusiveWorkplacePolicyanonynown In addition to race conditions, we are also banning discriminated unions, effective immediately. Please Fe ee A oe 1702618746View
programmerIqTestBeLikelkaitusr0lIQ TEST RANKING ��@ most least @ 1702610448View
whyNotBothForEmailValidationsArjunReddyDeshmukh SUE Custom Regex = ApacheCommons 1702606271View
whoNeedsSleepAnywayTheDanjohlesYou know.. that \I Yes. Thank bug you tried to you for the fix the whole day? reminder, | try to sleep here. You should switch �the order of the loops, then it should work 1702605493View
staringAtTheSundtxtra 1702599368View
guessTheContentsSignificanceJealous Type offile Opens with Location: Size: double py Python File (py) ( Python C:\Users\aluki\Desktop\python 3.94 GB (4.233,333,353 bytes) Change. 1702598851View
itIsntNaturaldumnemWHAT GivES PEOPLE FEELINGS OF POWER 1702597726View
undecidableKeybindingsdef-not-elons-altSECOND EDITION THE awe! PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE BRIAN W.KERNIGHAN IS M.RITCHIE Not Turing Complete S Turing-Complete Templates � Turing-Complete Type System Wh Turing-Complete Keybindings 1702597371View
itIsNotSemicolondumnem pe oy i ; a ae =f Ls ea. ey oF THE ERROR Ce 1702597311View
withEveryNewMachineAndOsUpdatexealcWat CTs YOU'RE A DEVELOPER a a ty UU eb 1702590582View
mustDestroyLeBugsheavenlypieHow | debug vs how normal people debug @? 1702589767View
WatchingMyCoworkerTryToUseTheLibraryIHaveAlreadyLearnedTooDeeplygirusatuku AT Gy 1702588123View
watchingAnotherJSDeveloperGetFrustratedWithDynamicTypingserverlessmomSe . " : cS I Tea | TI 1702587654View
todayIFoundOutImWorkingAtLinkedInRicardoL96Remote opportunities Because you expressed interest in remote work Software Engineer <Test Job Visible to 4 @ in Linkedin Employees Only> LinkedIn London Area, United Kingdom (Remote) Message the job poster directly 6 hours ago - �in| Easy Apply 1702585443View
happyHolidaysButPleaseBeAvailablememejathara| hope you take time to relax and recharge with your loved ones during this holiday season until we get back to the circus in Jan. / Infrastructure | | Head 1702584754View
whyUseTextOrientationWhenYouCanJustMakeThinDivsAGENT_P6Customer Reviews: 4.6 wetter � 462 ratings About the authors Follow authors to get new release updates, plus improved recommendations. E E r l i i c /] s row) FO potow | r E � � � t r F a F r � E s � s r � s h " h � hb s r . 3 Products related to this item 1702584349View
whichSideAreYouOnArchetypeFTW ne peacouegsenceee el: ee 2a CS ane te in De ie De ees WS pert POS rs Soe a ead BS ars ad - =, � tt pee ON C2? � A ay (�\ �y� 5 Lol] ~ Seas , fe i , a = = i a a aa = : pert 55 \ 7 H (ne IE � . ~ 1702583651View
pleaseSubmitYourCVanax4096Chi ts me OHI NETWORK 1702581273View
johnScriptAndGarryJavaCreatorsOfJavascriptWhiteMadness42 1702578941View
theRightwayyuva-krishna-memes 1702578599View
TraditionalMakingOfCorneredObjectsScuczu2 aD | | � 1702578194View
ALongTimeAgoIMadeThisLanguageThatWasSupposedToBeQuoteFasterToWriteOnYourPhoneQuotemas-issneuncea LSM Cates eae lac tO Ee COC han be angle, deg. PGR UH a(R nen #("x value: "). VelxX = =(). res = v (velY**2)+ (velx**2). #("\nVector length: "+ res). Ere Cae IO SAAT bo deg = angle*(180/%) ("\nangle: �#angle+" rad"). Fo pees " degrees"). an 1702577720View
standardIsStandardYouUnculturedSwinesw3ricardo<br> <br/> 1702577696View
iAmNewToPythonAndReturnIsConfusionhamesdkMELEARNING Ti I TTC yy ee 1702576213View
waitkose9959always has been Pel 1702575892View
aGreatDeveloperExperienceUnlessYouReLookingForAJobVentureBackedCoupSteve Jobs: Svelte Jobs: 1702575729View
yesJustAnHtmlTagLekritz Always.has been a as it's just an whan itl ig made with mematic 1702574247View
iWriteBugsVitaminnCPP| design and build complex software systems | create websites and applications | write text on a computer F | press keys on a keyboard | force �s electrons to do math | 1702574142View
shouldntTakeYouTooLongToGetSetupanax4096 1702573265View
dontKnowIfItsARepostReasonable_Entrance1 1702570487View
smallReactWebPageBigNodeModulesemmysteven 1702568356View
iAmAnASinkIoGuyWhatAboutYouSL_Piratepe eer ser pe Fe ase F �WHICH SIDE AREVOU ON�: ) k x Ce eee eda Waa ~ J � na | 1702565648View
datingAppsWhyYouNoWorksmulikHakipodPaulHe @Kaka - Dec 1 eee What's the first thing a programmer does when signing up to a dating site? Checks if there is an API 0 1 wa QO 2 & �_ Almog @Pipi - Dec 1 Instead of getting rejected by 20 women a week | can get rejected by 2000 women a week, yay! OD td QO) 32 [> 1702565238View
databaseEngineerJokesCabinetAncient1378Hite AS ANAL RULES * @ A 1702563085View
drawCplusplusFeaturingPhindV8Supreme_Hanuman69Ep oanes Mele Skeciaa lh int main() { std::cout << R"( See eee re� ec? ar) erty yi alg 1702562828View
scanfPrintfsunrise_appsPet Og TS 1702560869View
andImUsuallyHappyAboutThissunrise_appsWhen the code compiles just fine but you get a runtime error before the program starts 1702560838View
lifeOfHPCDevsFlyingNewtonCareful analysis of time spent by HPC application developers Ideation and @ programming M Stuck on slurm queue 1702559296View
techLeadDatingultrapcb 1702549620View
phpConductorAstraKernelollieread r Follow @ollieread Hold the fuck on, that�s a conductor! 1702545822View
simpleultrapcbnpm uninstall 1702545009View
fixedultrapcb(reer: ae #eSearch History+++ How to copy array into another? ArrayList vs Array? Is float or double bigger? What is reduce? 1702543382View
haveNeverSeenHimAgainultrapcbESS oS c = 2 � Y\ Le ER GLITA ~ a aa 1702539129View
wontWorkultrapcb 1702536331View
codeEditorVsTextEditorAstraKernel) Visual Studio Code � IS now available! Read about the new features and fixes from November. Code editing. hyperextensible Vim- basego text editor 1702533582View
whatIsYourGitCommitHistoryLikeemmystevenamas ane a aan Peart @ MEG Ce Tee / ee ae Beziwgoee, w Bile <I ry 1702532634View
didThisByAccidentElijah629YT-Realya bu wot! LTE GD what's holy c r/ProgrammerHumor This was your most successful comment It's still keeping someone up at night 1702531183View
thanksForExplainingThemIGuessRScrewedCommon Decorators � @Pipe() for pipes � @Directive() for directives 1702523381View
pleaseDontBreakMyHeartCurdledPotato ill find you, make my way to your office, and then ddbeaaa �0 BPeakdGnn and cry. It en more while cleaning that up, and even more while cleaning THAT up. ally,� wil ave to go to Starbucks and get myself a large White a ag Mocha and some coffee cake and I am trying to lose weight. So, please don't touch this. 1702520674View
whatsYourVectorVictorTylernator Cm Ce et MW Ta Ele the perfect table name doesn't exis... CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS whats_your_vector_victor (id UUID PRIMARY KEY, created_at timestamp, embedding vector(3)); 1702520429View
iDontCarePandasds_throw <dpython-input-$8-87cB2c8fde38>s1;. SettingilithCooyliamning; A value is trying to be set on a copy of a slice fron a DataFrane Try using loc[row indexer, col_indever] = value instead See the caveats in the documentation: https://pandas, pydataorg/p i ETSI = 1702518892View
haveYouCompletedYourTrainingsArjunReddyDeshmukh �. This is Joseph. He doesn�t know how to change his password. � Could you help him by answering the security question below? a. Ask neighbor b. Tweet about it c. Click on the small black icon on top right d. Disregard and log off =~ =z Thanks for helping Joseph. You�ve successfully completed this module! 1702518034View
whenShesDisappointedInAnUnexpectedWayArjunReddyDeshmukh toe �_ et � �eo iy � a ly T thought he was a eran (? Seine Sass 4 = #keSearch History*** How to copy array into another? ArrayList vs Array? Is float or double bigger? What is reduce? 1702511416View
humanWorkingMemoryCanOnlyHandle5to9ItemsAtOnceYouLyingBafooni_ate_them_all@, a: = eM uC MUR Ce eke a Ce COnUt eu T es Ce ECoG eeu nec lira Paul emcee) TU ue CI Eat Renee ten tearm a Reenter O35 t150 lv end AMS 9 On 1702511213View
proofkose9959eo na] Cone mresel} \Users\kose9\Desktop\" ; if ($2) { rustc proof.rs } ; if ($2) { -\proof } See eu Em ee eu Leen occ ay 1702496202View
softwareScientistDe_Wouteree SOFTWARE ENGINEER Engineering is the practice of using natural science, mathematics, and the engineering design process... SOFTWARE SCIENTIST Try shit until it works 1702495848View
myBossSentThisWashingtonPassKaren Kringle {x 2+ Follow BS @Karenvn He's making a database He's sorting it twice SELECT * from contacts WHERE behavior = 'nice� SQL Clause is coming to town & 5:02 AM - 16 Dec 2018 1702495611View
whenTheComputerDoesntUnderstandMyCodecrazycoconutkiller 1702494684View
happybirthdayTaylorSwiftVitaminnCPPCHATGPT Certainly! Here's a simple implementation of the Taylor series expansion for (\log(x) ) in Swift: import Foundation func logTaylorSeriesExpansion(x: Double, terms: Int) -> Double { var result: Double = 0.0 var termValue: Double = 1.0 for nin1...terms { termValue *= (x - 1) / x result += termValue / Double(n) } return result i let xValue = 2.0 // You can replace this with any positive value let numberOfTerms = 5 // You can adjust the number of terms in the series let result = logTaylorSeriesExpansion(x: xValue, terms: numberOfTerms) print("The Taylor series expansion of log(\(xValue)) with \(numberOfTerms) terms is approximately: \(result)") 1702490533View
DontAddTemplateTagsInQuotesabdallaEGLinkedIn Antonio Neri and others share their thoughts on LinkedIn - {:ai_model_3_text_summary} 1702489252View
iDontKnowHowItWorksAnymorespace-_-manCSCC eS aut) Feature Owner about this 1702488093View
drawCplusplusCubeosaurus 1702487932View
gotToPrepareSignalSauceNextbrandi_Iove . e - na \y eres il 1702485644View
acknowledgeKaamDeveloper 1702485585View
postTraumaticPullRequestDisorderBob_The_Brogrammer 1702484891View
letsTryThatAgainGuysda_Aresinger171109 8B. & - 9520 - 992 comments at wv N a Cultural-Quality-745 Time to fork recursively [+] Immarhinocerous JustYourAverageShota |e Time to fork recursively SauerkrautKartoffel Time to fork recursively P3ngu1nR4ge Time to fork recursively outsider2320 Time to fork recursively humbleharbinger Time to fork recursively penguen02 Time to fork recursively Buzzimu Time to fork recursively lollolcheese123 Time to fork recursively Sn EVA 4970 - #13, 2253 - VA 136 - oh vis Sa S10E 19h 18h 17h 16h mea 13h 12h mia 14 -9h 11-9h 7 oan) | don't think you people know what fork() does... 1702484723View
makeTheirDayNourHajRamadanGSE t gives you a UNIX filesystem, running on ZFS, that you can access with any SSH/SFTP tool. Show this page to your engineers and sysadmins and see how pleasantly surprised they are. 1702484585View
whatYoursxe36xPerson: I�m dumb and stupid. You: Why are you saying that? Don�t be so hard on yourself! Person: Because | think [insert Programming opinion here]. You: ...you really are dumb and stupid. Person: ...| know... 1702484223View
learnToIgnoreNodeModulesemmysteven 1702481113View
BuyMilkWhileOutsideLusigMegidza 1702478766View
pythonIsSoBritishInitishammohameda class Tea: def __init__(self, n): self.n =n print(f"Tea, {n}? Biscuit, perhaps?") 1702477593View
lilHeadPongoidstef @iUsedToBeADuck your rap name is "lil" + the last library function you called 2:04 PM - 16 Oct 22 - Twitter for iPhone 58 Retweets 1,144 Quote Tweets 4p 2,381 C) 1,725 1702475515View
learningCppFirstTimeMore-Ad-6723 c++ after class c++ before starts class made with mematic 1702475043View
weHaveComeFullCirclejjay025810. Seek Community Help: If you continue to face issues, consider reaching out to the Django community on platforms like Stack Overflow. Provide them with the details of the error and the steps you have taken to resolve it. 1702473668View
fixedTheirLogoultrapcb 1702471321View
ImForcedToShareMyCodecupboard_README.md Wz Ce =WVi 1 Kes make your code in c unreadable :3 what does evilc do? e combines all of your code into a single line e removes all notes (// and /**/) e makes your code pain to edit :3 see for yourself in "evillerc.c" 1702471156View
sadStorysunrise_apps a | A programmer was walking out of door for work, his wife said �while you're out, buy some milk� and he never came home. 1702465139View
loveStorysunrise_appsWorld's shortest LoveStory. He: You are the"; "to my code !! @ She: Sorry !| have PYTHON. @@ Sie) #DumbProgrammer 1 16 1702465112View
IDontEvenNeedAHeaterAnymoreElektriman (| Processeur 88% 3,80 GHz M�moire 14,9/15,7 Go (95%) Disque 0 (G: D;) HDD 0% } Disque 1 (C) sD 96% Wi-Fi Wi-Fi E: OR: OKbits/s BRO WHAT GAME ARE YOU RUNNING tensorflow 1702463182View
techMeetupsultrapcbdry talks oe �@ LD) ae warm beer cold pizza = what am i doing here? os 1702461075View
broOnlyHasChatGPTonIPadCookieProductions_YT 1702458654View
numberStringDualitygraphitout MOU LO es Mo JAVASCRIET 1702455102View
nowItHitsHomeultrapcbMen FAANG Worrerl Join CStiest= and seco 6 one sah four people 1702453818View
repostIfYouLoveAnimalsonborsttt 1702452836View
justAThoughtIHadWhileCuttingMineSoShortThatTheyBledastro-pi 1702447911View
broWhatsWrongWithMyFriendsienjoymusiclol12:38 AM hey bro do u use google translate to turn ur code back to arabic? (oY MMAR MEISE NG (CC ae Toe eS se eas eee renin) PS Se ee ce Core SY Co cas foams Oi henley CGM) reese COMED as Cree neg) COM See eg Rene re ns 4 See AOAC es ae el CT el ad dh oedema eel eccrerrea yea yaa Curt) 1 aca gay , TY asad) ; et nl ) 1) ela P THEY HAVE ENGLISH CODING??? tT 1702446771View
itWillBeBiblicalSushrit_Lawliet whole continued to eiieze tharods 1702444696View
ILoveITWhenItHappens107102 MOTT Ta OTS Lh CST Ta 4} eT 3 > ol re Fy �e 1 } Sates a ce I'm about to end man's whole �career ed 1702444373View
writeOnceRunEveryWhereOpJavaDrChaos100studying JAVA and started about its history first 1702438124View
spottedInMyNeighbourhoodSifyreel 1702433985View
internMondayArjunReddyDeshmukhSquashed wrong commits, branch deleted, no backup, Gliffy save Fae Ga) IDE not working, unable to kill threads, mos �ailna me change in draft mode, auto rejections Tag already exists, create major version, get an earful 1702433224View
someoneDiscoveringBenefitsOfOpenSourceCapetoiderStephanie McKellop @MckKellogs | learned today that a group of students used a Google doc to take lecture notes-- they all took notes simultaneously in a collective file. 2016-12-20, 5:36 PM 1,401 RETWEETS 2,652 LIKES Stephanie McKellop @Mckellogs id As they took notes, they would mark places they were confused or couldn't follow the lecture--other students would see & explain, real time Stephanie McKellop @McKellogs - Id at the end of the semester, as they are prepping for finals, they have this massive document of notes, questions, & explanations from peers Stephanie McKellop @McKellogs - id | dunno where they learned this, or if they just came up with it together, but it is AMAZING. Truly brilliant collaboration & solidarity. 1702415293View
inOrderToBetterEstablishOurRelationshipWithThwClientaudislove10The whole dev team after the CEO explains why we should violate user�s privacy from now on 1702414891View
itJustLooksBettera-questionable-altpowel Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.19044.1706] a Otero cnet ee ORS nec aCe ENV cel ee BEY Cot eat Cee one Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Try the new cross-platform PowerShell https: //aka.ms/pscore6 SOMERS AV ace ec Lage 1702414034View
WasShockedHeDidNotUseCpuAsAMeritToKeepPeopletimtexasElon Musk @ @elonmusk | have decided over at X, that | will be basing Christmas bonus off of the employee�s average CPU usage this. Only make sense that those that worked the hardest, would have maximum CPU usage on their machines. 1702413835View
peerPressureInitiatedfcbayern3sal IDE | 1702412669View
ithinkItWasCursedstupidcasey 1702409694View
leavingAWarningForTheNextGuykaioker2rT} ry TATTLE OC a // Veave it be and it will run perfectly fine, but if you want to modify it, // oe eT ea Ue eas a eC eS eo eee Si ae Ws TTL LALLA ALLL Rest OE COCO O tC Tc eee eC REL CULT) Pe eee eee Co re 1702405295View
UnironicallyTheEasiestWayToAccessAJsonFileWhenWritingABrowserExtensionIfItWorksItWorksautumn_variation 1702403031View
ideOfTheYearSeasonedChicken5Dio PDX 3 o~; ��Let'ssee who this reallViSa ae Studio Code rR A AH 1702401883View
TryingToGetMoreBatteryLifeOutOfTheLaptopOttobawtNOONE CAN GEN MORE THAN 100%, BY DEFINITION, THAT IS THE MOST ANYONE CAN GET... 1702401016View
officialPythonDocsArchetypeFTW expression is @ tuple (e.g the (x, y) inthe previous exa he wee = -0, 2, @, 2, 4) ie> @ cheete @ mew list with the values doubled >> [x*2 for x in vec] |-8, 4, �, 4, 8) te> @ Falter the list to exclude negative numbers \>> [x for x in vec if x >= @] le, 2 >> nection to all the elements b> | x) for x in vec] la, 2, ie # call o methoc each element PS bob Hreshfruit - [ banana�, �' loganberry �, �passion fruit ry b>> Gweapon.strip() for sean in freshfruit] �banen= , loganberry�, �passion fruit� ] # create o list of 2-tuples Like (number, square). > Tix, x**2) for x in range(6)] �. 2, (1, 1 2, 4 (3, 9), (4, 16) 2 , , /3 Med, = 4. # the tuple must be parent ix, x**2 for x ir range(@ File �<stdin>�, line 1 � 1x, ***2 for x in rang GLAAAAAS rror: @id you forg # flatten a List usin vec � {{4,2,3], 14,5, 1702400236View
worthTheHypeSeasonedChicken5Dio PDX 3 o~; ��Let'ssee who this reallViSa ae Studio Code rR A AH 1702399913View
phpDevsShouldEvolvepeseoane 1702399482View
pushStraighToProductioncomputerguy42 1702396846View
eleventhTimeLuckySambw19There's errors in my solution, let me try rebuilding There's still errors, let me try rebuilding again Icould try rebuilding again? Oh it worked! I'm a genius 1702395009View
symbolsAreCoolUnited-Shallot4064YOU USE POINTERS GT TELL Fe, USE aa LS we wie WE ARE NOT THE SAME. 1702392820View
stopMakingFunOfPHPMemeVestorns Async Never seen a more retarded programming language in my life. This returns 15 <?php echo "5 days" + "10 more days" ?> 1702392759View
whoTheFuckAteTheLastFreeApplesam_my_friend (1d) SUS Pai ili ras 1702392628View
helpIcantFindTheErrorImpressive-Carob-500eRe ee Saree: is pled bs inteyy ete) } ae | pial f 1702392218View
helloWorldInDesmosAdCalm3452desmos + � a� a @ x=3{0<y<5} : � .5{0<x<3} & �ve @ x=4{0<y<5} green � HELLO WORLD @ y=25{4<x<7} \ @ y=0{4<x<7} vu @ x=8{0<y<5} @ y=0{8<x<11} 1702390614View
MostHelpfulGlassdoorReviewharmygege2 New Glassdoor Reviews December 6 "Just regular software company" Current Employee - Solutions Architect in Austin, TX Pros - They paying salary tome Cons - They requiring to solve problems Read More 1702390501View
oopsshwirms Crs si rE (J) FORT TL S| _SUPERDEAL vo e ( (Saas re 1 VIP pup_super_deal_ball_200 800, Ends in: 1702390172View
hadToFixTheOtherPostStillNoNumbMen Worret! Join CS/EE/CE and become one of four people [fh Ca 3 1702386245View
SelectDateOfBirthFrenchJimmyMcTradeUne de ces quatre situations doit s�appliquer a vous pour que votre candidature soit consid�r�e. Statut au Canada * Jour et mois de naissance * Identifiant * Mot de passe * | Citoyennet� canadienne � | S�lectionnez v 01 | 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 | 09 10 11 j 12 13 14 15 16 Ag janvier janvier janvier janvier janvier janvier janvier janvier janvier janvier anvier janvier janvier janvier janvier janvier janvier 1702386024View
vsCodeGangForLifeMarksGG@ Do you trust the authors of the files in this folder? Code provides features that may automatically execute files in this afeltela ee eee Am eile eee mn Meee Beemer tially PLCs talel Ce Rui tele Maa CM) Me el came ee Lele Codd) elt Ceee et es tae kU ee cog cei Trust the authors of all files in the parent folder �legal projects� AMC ETT ie) ed iS fame Re el0M MCRL maT eed Trust folder and enable oll features Browse folder in restricted mode Sime� 1702385084View
redForTheWinAarav2208a pps fous Li 53 ri fea : a G F; 0 i) , * ed Bie Kexeteteee Lee ne eee aed ro 1702384948View
LearnToWriteResilientCodeemmysteven 1702383738View
blueClientGreenServerGrayDatabaseCianezek0 1702380025View
soManyOverengineeredLibsultrapcb import _ pestControl write it myself 1702379282View
itsNotScaryDifferent_Captain717,� Grandmaster Trash: Exact Trash O... @ExactTrashOnly Roko's Basilisk is not scary. "my imaginary torture snake wants you to help its PR campaign" No it doesn't "if you don't help the snek will be angry" no it won't dude go outside 1702376112View
OverrideExcellenceInkOnTubePeGestr Cons oC st Re ieS i OF public override string ToString() => $"{this|. Id} - {this.FirstName}"; 1702372148View
butOnlyWhenIShouldBeCodingultrapcbcoding searching the perfect keyboard, mouse, headset one more time 1702365908View
newLogicForTextExtractionFromJSEventsummIamNotCreative this.renderer.listen('document', 'keydown', (e) => { let timer; this.driverList this.driverData U3 oF paneer NC toad eae NV // this.getAllDriverData(0,100,e.target. value) sa tal (e.which <= 9@ && e.which >= 48) || (e.which >= 96 && e.which <= 105) || e.which == 32 i if (e.target.role === 'textbox') { fa DRS) a <N if (this.keys. length) { this.driverList = []; clearInterval(timer) ; setTimeout(() => {~ ee UH Ie } else if (e.which === 8 || e.which === 46) { this.keys = this.keys.slice(0, -1); if (this.keys.length) { this.getAllDriverData(�, 100, this.keys); } else { this.driverList this.driverData this.newDriverList; this.newDriverData; this.totalElementToShow = this.totalElements; this. changeDetectorRefs.detectChanges(); 1702365526View
routerHandlerServicesAndDBCallInSameFunctiongreyfox_23When you're trying to understand some poorly written code and feel like throwing hands at the person who wrote it. A if VATA fh \ Ms | } cea: BE 1702363444View
thinAndThiccTeaTiMe08Gm AAAS JavaScript!s 1702361455View
SighOfReliefLekgolo167WHEN YOU SPEND i yh MC ly BEIT THAN; CEO Tas ; 1702361145View
logRupturesunrise_appsNS laptop ~ with 1.2GHz'proc3ss8 1702354700View
greatJobsunrise_apps if 1702354663View
fourWomenInCSTsukikaiyo 1702354499View
bogoSortThemeExtendedVersionWin_is_my_nameCl ee Cree ae Ong Deer aC ee ear) M bogo sort theme song for almost seven years 115K views 7y ago ...more &y bruhmoment 171 > 28K GD A> Share & Remix \ Download Comments 446 The chance of this playing the tetris theme for 4 seconds is higher then it actually getting the sort right 1702350482View
ontotheNextonemiss_antisocialProgrammers be like.. id = et 1702343627View
importArabicTranslatorlukanmac� > nate @run da op GzD> a) @animeterrorist yeah boss good luck firing me i just rewrote the entire stack in arabic "ce leY pepin � davoyo drat tot 3 YeyY j) on L____3 gj} �_�) CY ig � i Aol (igisl) <<< athe bs Lir>ye :jg�w rj Ljgrrd ous thwyin gleigS| Blix5! diet :priin (6) Fae) phbLigir4� ouo) <<< (Y @ Sjaeol) 1351) = O (1) & cob) Qh5lLigri4) aro) ((CCOY 6 cob) b5Ligs4) C(V* ,&5bigir4) J53) oo 00 <== <<< 1702341730View
ironicThatAIChatBoxesDontUseAutoCompleteportlandmikeYO DAWG | HEARD YOU LIKE AUTO-COMPLETE = , Tee ala: IN YOUR AUTO-COMPLETE ee 1702340931View
cSharpIsForBoysCHashtagIsForMenCTicTacToeIsForLegendsTronNerd82OH NO GUYS BEN SHAPIRO HAMBURGER HELPER IS TRYING TO READ THE LAST ELEMENT IN A BYTE ARRAY BUT IT'S OUT OF THE BOUNDS!!! bytel] bytes = { 13, 125, 15, 98 }; WriteLine(bytes 4] Tostring()); OH NO HE CANT HEAR US HIS C# PROGRAM WI WILL CRASH! Hey guys Peter Griffin here to explain the comedy of this meme so basically in Microsoft Visual C#, indexing starts at 0 rather than 1 in arrays, so if Ben here tries to ren the element nti byte ray m. IndexOutofBou! ion will occur because the program is actually trying fo look for a non- existant 5" element because array indexing starts at O So instead of going through each element like 1, 2, 3, then 4 it will go 0, 1, 2, 3, then 4, so Ben here needs to set the index to 3 instead of 4. If he's usinga variable in there he should set it to by ~ 1] for the same reason. If the variable or the array length is unknown then he should usea try-catch statement to test it for example try (ace } 34 nds.�) Ce rie Oe ee eae) Pee ee Caos 1702340246View
rustIsNamedAfterAFungusAndPythonIsNamedAfterAComedyGroupheckingcomputernerd 1702338108View
isThisFunnyOrTragicLowLatencyTradingRust A language empowering everyone to build reliable and efficient software. Why Rust? Ta Coes Cena oe UC euc Se ee collector, it can power performance: er ee! Coven een ne Peters CLA Gea Seen en entry DO ecm n i) thread-safety � enabling you to eliminate eee ett GET STARTED Version 1.744 Paces LA Ree eee ee en Tee and build t Safe Rust guarantees an absence of data races, which are defined as: �+ two or more threads concurrently accessing a location of memory + one or more of them is a write �+ one or more of them is unsynchronized data race has Undefined Behavior, and is therefore impossible to perform in Safe Rust. Data races are mostly prevented through Rust's ownership system: it�s impossible to alias a mutable reference, so it's Impossible to perform a data race. Interior mutability makes this more complicated, which is largely why we have the Send and Sync traits (see below), However Rust does not prevent general race conditions. This is pretty fundamentally impossible, and probably honestly undesirable. Your hardware is racy, your OS is racy, the other programs on your computer are racy, and the world this all runs in is racy. Any system that could genuinely claim to prevent all race conditions would be pretty awful to use, if not just incorrect. So it�s perfectly "fine" for a Safe Rust program to get deadlocked or do something nonsensical with incorrect synchronization, Obviously such a program isn't very good, but Rust can only hold your hand so far. Still, a race condition can't violate memory safety in a Rust program on its own. Only in conjunction with some other unsafe code can a race condition actually violate memory safety. For instance: 1702337712View
MyTrelloBoardWhenTheManagerAndDeveloperIsMyselfgagvirusBacklog a a a 3 ie Testing � - Code Review Testing UCT cal RCS + Adda card + Adda card j huge fucking feature + Adda card bie Guests RLS Prone a new fokin page or two Pree no a new fokin page or two a new fokin page or two + Adda card estetics admin Lira ues fund no a new fokin page or two 1702336730View
SoTruekoolaidiskoolnotProgrammer Tk 7 In The Zone 1702335117View
guessThePurposeOfThisMonstrosityTeaTiMe08Languages ee � 913% � C++ 6.2% � Python 1.2% JavaScript 1.0% @ HTML 0.2% � CMake 0.1% 1702329071View
weAreNotTheSamei_ate_them_all YOUR CODE DOESNT TUL et ITY up S Ny My CODE DOESNT rr ie IDK WTF I'M DOING pul NOT THE SAME 1702325450View
theIpBrothersjumbledFox 1702324985View
arrayIndexingHackerDaGreat57TABLE oe 0 fy + 1702324460View
phpDevsShouldEvolvepeseoane 1702318694View
exploitingNoobsdtxtra 1702316105View
jsIsAGoodLanguageWithZeroFlawsrachit7645>� [6, -2, 2, -7].sort() CC ee eae 1702315422View
oneForTheLadiesienjoymusiclolWomen Join CS/EE/CE and become one of four people 1702314256View
lovinItKaamDeveloperBIG MAC PLEASE 1702313790View
thatTimeOfYearAgainAuraveils a ail ferrell 1702313729View
refactorEgoJubs300WE SHOULD REFACTOR GREAT! I HAVE A PLAN CODE TO IMPROVE STARTING WITH YOUR CODE C = fom MAINT AINABILIT Y WHEN I SAID I DIDN'T MEAN MINE. REFACTOR CODE Hi! I�m Bob. | create comics about work. Work Chronicles hs Send your suggestions & feedback to [email protected] workchronicles.com 1702313064View
freshFromLinkedInrainny_day@ ane. 12:11 PM a Exploring something new? String firstName = "Casey"; String skill = "software engineering"; String companyName = "Innova Solutions"; String senderName = qa String message = "Dear " + Casey + ",\n\n" + "| came across your profile on LinkedIn and was impressed with your experience in " + Java+ ". | believe your skills and background could be an excellent fit for our team at " + My Direct Client + ".\n\n" + "If you are interested in discussing potential opportunities, please let me know. | would love to schedule a call with you to discuss further.\n\n" + "Thank you for your time and consideration.\n\n" + "Best regards,\n" + System.out.printIn(message); } } 1702313009View
convinceMeThatItsNotTheWidroloRecursion While loop -one.of the fundamentals of programming 1702312108View
hopeThatDidntBreakItthattallhorsegirlWhen you�re on vacation and have a sudden work related realization: 1702310723View
typescriptSolvedToastsx 1702308293View
notAgainPermit_ioif (user.role == DOCTOR || (user.specialization == "CARDIOLOGY" & allowedRecordTypes.includes(patientRecord.type) & (user.role == NURSE || user.role == MEDICAL_ASSISTANT))) { // Hello future me. I'm so sorry. // 1 really hoped you never have to see this authorization code again. Ti ie 10h 1 -- // How's mom? return true; 1702308251View
HelloWorldInDesmosAdCalm3452aN elisa desmos Nolazy & @ @ @� � F + 5 � x=38{0<y<5} - Qe > y=2.5{0<x<3} x=4{0<y<5} mee HELLO WORLD y=2.5{4<x<7} y=0{4<x<7} x=8{0<y<5} y=0{8<x<1l1} L OR i - OME - Bl I - i - Os (:] � 1702307105View
GithubAchievmentsProveImAGoodDevHendawgydawgAccepted pull request doesn't appear on my profile Asked today Modified today Viewed 15 times | made a pull request for a project, which has been accepted and successfully merged. a~ 0 The problem is that in my profile's achievements (pull shark badge), the merged pull request doesn't show up. How can | make it appear? v | appear as a project contributor, and if | look at the https: //github.com/<project_name>/commit/<commit>.patch URL, | see my email, so everything is correctly connected. git github _pull-request 1702301576View
TheyMadeItSoundSoTrueMINEJHAZZ2We just do a Lil� bit of trolling OS ) Aer TM ConA) -To Sie a) When are we getting this fix? HOvoverse HC YOVERSE HOVoveRSs= O RPA cy es) Cyan You don't know how hard it is to fix this. | have worked in a gacha game before and this is how they will fix it. 1. They need 1 employee for 1 pixel in that image ready to change the color. Imagine the amount of employees they need to hire just for this and how many loading screens there are in Genshin. Pre Miah Re OMe) cole eae ere eR ULE server reset, only on Monday 3:59 am. This is the critical part because they only have 1 chance every week to do it and if they failed, the database glitches then it will replace every characters owned by the players to Qiqi. 3. They will need to do this for every platform that they have released Genshin so 5 total; Android, |OS, PC, PS4, and PSS Sams ny 4.U,1�0 bs � eye oS� \& Teer ett ht pear er pe te / Sees 4 ee 1 1 4 - eS Er tee OF ee ee oT " 1ise3 a SHPCESSENILY 1702301429View
suckItUpnDoAsOrderedAmma3232sudo chmod +x wakeup.sh && -wakeup.sh 1702300307View
unrealManagementVitaminnCPP 1702298923View
controversialOpinionBadashii� \ _� iN ca OS a mY De Dy a Fae \ �4 MW Z P| IS USED TO JUMP: ty beg Vi Tat) ey ea a Do Poet a) )4 I TA Cae es | EVEN HARDER TO UNDERSTAND. Sill pei. Ca SUNY PS Oe ~ fb fa rT A . � ee ae >. AWA Pee CaCI 1702298019View
pinkyPromiseshah2018Description | promise not to assign this PR to all the default reviewers that pop up. Instead | will pick the relevant people with surgical precision. Oh, | am such a nice person! 13TTT] Lok 0 of 1 passed Ce Nudge reviewers Add comment See more Added by Bitbucket Cloud 1702297702View
sqlButHandWashlkaitusr0PySoy Nie Wash J}// 1702295492View
heHexk4rimx bonis CTU cece Cina fer etme Fin SASS Rinses ea Exception: For no reason >:) Press any key to continue... . 1702295205View
bruhJustLemmeDownloadTheSdkGudHarskareCarlXVI| HATE ORACLE | HATE ORACLE | HATE ORACLE at / / = @\ io ly 7.� ) ( we've got you surrounded create an oracle account to download the java SDK 1702295102View
jokermanBestFontAGENT_P6HOW TO PICK THE RIGHT IDE FONT Consolas, Courier New, Noto Mono Comic Sans, Sprop IVE, Jokerman 1702293245View
lateNightProgammingCommitsBeLikeMarshmallowBoy719oo oD FSU aey ne ec ~ & Fetch origin fers eta} Foy eae e eee eat ScErgs AGS Ne hau eee Pe Rs Ronis oe Nestea ekeneon rie Seen tiles YMRS Ey br Honestsly idk man i just am stired its 1. GameJam...\Russian2022 SDFasset [= \ Ce Ope bs Tel ERA COACH ce tT Te | 1702284040View
howDoIGetThisLineTo80CharactersOrLessCharles_Stover10 11 ie, 13 a 15 16 iv 18 19 20 21 OA 23 onal bs Two hexadecimal digits can represent 256 values. These values are denoted * by 00 through FF, the equivalen * possible values (256 * themselves are whol t of O through 255 in decimal. The number of ) is a natural number, while the possible values (0-255) numbers. * The number of numbers between the beginning of the set of whole numbers and * the beginning of the set of natural numbers is 1. That one number is 0. aad const THE BEGINNING OF THE SET OF NATUI const THE BEGINNING OF THE SET OF WHOLE Se Ua UMBERS = 1; a NUMI ey const THE NUMBER_OF NUMBERS B OF NATURAL NUMBERS: number = Math.abs ( THE BEGINNING OF THI ERS = 0; E SET _OF NATURAL NUM BE E TWEEN THE BEGINNING OF THE SET OF WHOLE NUMBERS AND THE BEGINNING OF THE SET THE BEGINNING OF THE SET OF WHOLE a NUMI ); Tato 1702272195View
somehowImAllFourienjoymusiclolMen Join CS/CE and become one of four peo 1702271705View
quickFixdtxtra sii ae one 1702269905View
changessumwun0user: why does this app make pointless changes to its Ul every year? the manager who was told to hire interns but wasn't told what to do with them: 1702266612View
AlrightWhoDesignedThisStartTheParty1Password CANNOT contain the following: � Special characters (e.g. /&**%$#) � Part of your name, date of birth, drivers license or anything that would be in your wallet Password (between 6-8 characters) eccccocce (] Show oO Whoops, your password is too long! Please keep it between 6-8 characters 1702266223View
cppProgrammersAreLikeThatsunrise_appssearching for an error in the code 1702263522View
upgradeMainsunrise_apps 1702263465View
noChmodPermissionBitsCalculatoratthereallicebear 1702251910View
ILoveScrumSoMuchhetfield37UE ULE HAVING TOO' MANY MEETINGS 3) "i UTEP Sa Re UL EOL if 1702251006View
thoseIndianTeachersteskilatimahsusa87Student | don�t understand Student | don�t understand Teacher i) Sr WelL yoU are Indian man on YouTube | will teach you my son 1702250958View
doYouKnowTheAnswerMysteriousLeader6187Quiz question: When exactly extension methods were added to CH? A) After the battle of Aucterlitz in 1805 8) Two days before Node] in 2007 C) The year doecnt matter (you dont cay!) 1702250390View
noUrNotThat_Unit_3992 imgfiip.com 1702243824View
cppSyntaxIsCursedSherpa135135// copy data to staging buffer void* data = m_spec.logicalDevice->template as<vk: :Device>() .mapMemory( stagingMemory.as<vk: :DeviceMemory>(), 9, m_indexCount, {}); memcpy(data, m_spec.indices.data(), m_spec.indices.size_bytes()); m_spec.logicalDevice->template as<vk: :Device>().unmapMemory(stagingMemory.as<vk: :DeviceMemory>()); 1702238463View
itWasSimpleReallyadapronme, at 2am, realizing how to solve THE bug from the morning 1702238057View
nginxDbsaurreyWEB DEVELOPMENT SUMMARIZED By: @pythoncodess Web Development Front End Basic Front End Front End Frameworks Bootstrap HTML Angular CSS 8 . React JavaScript Ember.js Vue.js Backbone.js Jasmine Testing Karma � @pythoncodess Python | ML | AT | Back End -� Backend Database Technologies MySQL Node.js/ MongoDB Express.js Cassandra Python Apache (Django) Ngnix Java PHP Join our telegram Channel Link in bio 1702236651View
backToTheRootsultrapcb 1702234408View
thanksFellowProgrammerploskuaProgramming youtubers after narrating their code instead of explaining what it does 1702234125View
selfTaughtStoryAlgrinder�Forget everything you learned in college, you won't need it working here� �But | didn�t go to college?� �Well, then you're unqualified for this job� 1702231207View
theMatrixTrilogySpoilersmuesli4brekkies ELI \ Be SENSES) | -redu 4 Err (D s 1702228710View
lordHelpMelukanmaca r/learnpython al imaiaamasiain 2. Why wont my code run Im pretty new to python so im just wondering why my code wont run?? butt_size = input("How big is your butt?") if butt_size <= 2: print("Your butt is small Im not gonna smack it ") elif butt_size == 3: print("Your butt is decently sized, if im super horny ill smack and maybe lick it") elif butt_size == 4: print("Your butt is pretty big there, Why don't you come down and ill show it a good time!") else: print("WOW Your butt is pretty big! you better pull your pants down RIGHT NOW so i can lick it clean") 1702224143View
whoNeedAIForThisUnusual_Anything3264 Domain Name Generator Get hundreds of domain name ideas with matching URLs in moments, generated by our state-of-the-art naming Al. | need a name for Type Here Generate � 1702223764View
dontTouchItthe_coding_mage# TODO: Understand # Wrote while slightly hu ngover and sleep Ta th, : L Pie 1702223577View
carGoesBrBrBrRoffler967 Wir mochten allen treuen Tesla-Unterstitzern danken, die uns jeden Tag bei der Verwirklichung unserer Mission helfen, indem sie ihre Begeisterung fiir Tesla mit Freunden und Familie teilen. Allein im Jahr 2020 trugen Tesla-Besitzer dazu bei, die weltweite Umstellung auf nachhaltige Energie zu beschleunigen, indem sie den Ausstof$ von 5,0 Millionen Tonnen CO2 vermieden.<br /><br />Ab dem 18. September 2021 gibt es inthrer Region bis auf Weiteres keine Pramien aus dem Empfehlungsprogramm mehr. 1702221843View
SomeCoworkersHaveNoMaturitymacuskingeae e Paes eT RSE anata Ue aaa UY ae Ths eae OF} DTH Dy EIU Sse Uren Lea) Shs Un CL Ss eee Ue CL }dick; 1702221709View
lordHelpMelukanmacae r/learnpython Fe + 32d Why wont my code run Im pretty new to python so im just wondering why my code wont run?? butt_size = input("How big is your butt?") if butt_size <= 2: print("Your butt is small Im not gonna smack it ") elif butt_size == 3: print("Your butt is decently sized, if im super horny ill smack and maybe lick it") elif butt_size == 4: print("Your butt is pretty big there, Why don't you come down and ill show it a good time!") else: print("WOW Your butt is pretty big! you better pull your pants down RIGHT NOW so i can lick it clean") 1702221567View
isThisLowLevelProgrammingEurofutur11! . | es 1 1 finclude ry e Brac Pei uaa ition Pas Pr ara mu ia position TY Peaches eae rt eee bg ake rea Seo ec 1702220835View
myTrueNetworkingAllyserathes 1702220829View
theEcmaJsonStandard89netraM 1702220520View
whatDoesTheGStandForTheCenteredDivCi The Centered Div Q= PROGRAMMING GNU�s Recursive Acronym Finally Halts After 40 Years Paul E. Morfism Dec 4, 2023 � 1 min read 1702213313View
iJustWantAStableExperienceThis_Interest_2218Nooo you should always use the newest version of Python!!1! I'll stay one \ 34% version behind I'll stay one version behind 1702209657View
railsGirlsMeetupultrapcb 1702209521View
highPerformanceInterpreterYouSayderjanniie CANA ACME Seca = TON &. Ss � oo gust 1702208507View
newInternJustDroppedVitaminnCPPa Curry J Anew intern joi ear Questions Compare Reviews Top Highlights Brand QARA Shape Rectangular Desk design Computer Desk Colour Ivory Style Modern Base Material Engineered Wood -<br>Made in India</br><br> <br> This is a durable product</br><br> <brolt ensures you get the best usage for a longer period</br><br> + Included Components: Screws And Dowels Included 1702202719View
lifeSavergodofjava22meahouttofail ES EL course me eee.� 1702201857View
noPreserveRootHonestCondition8Si Aassars-by a Prt, tol I 1702197401View
cantQuitCoffeeultrapcbcoding coding with green tea coding with coffee 1702191500View
SQLClauseIsComingToTownKSRP2004He�s making a database. He�s sorting it twice. SELECT * from contacts WHERE behavior = �nice� SQL Clause is coming to town! 1702185968View
whyUseADebuggerAregPrograms 1702184475View
BestForCodingRancisv2di a Legs Shaved Butt Plug IN Programming socks ON Yeah its coding TIME 1702172836View
certifiedEdwardFredkinMomentTheStateOfAlaskaGirls with time machine: Oh hs =) ey I'm your Wow, really? granddaughter Cool! Boys with time machine: Do not call it a Trie 1702172676View
realCaptchaThe_Saint_SlugPress the arrows to see different images. When the image matches the example on the left, press Submit! (14 of 17) .c384047.8053589501 1702170855View
noThanksWait_Why_Am_I_HereLinkedIn Sovereign Prime is hiring: Volunteer Web3 Intern -... Your skills seem to match this job Mark as Read Flag Reply Archive Delete 1702162568View
iCantSleepWorryCompetitive4715html body $ Console Issues 103} Wures top � | � | |Filter � vpanicked at library/std/src/sys/wasm/../unsupported/thread. rs:26:9: can't sleep Stack: Error at imports.wbg.__wbg_new_abda76e883ba8a5f (http: //localhost :8080/tisa-cdd848dc8a3ed28c at console_error_panic_hook: :Error: :new: :h1ba4743c3071b331 (http://Localhost :8080/tisa ion[3184] :0x12de3a) at console_error_panic_hook: :hook_imp1l: :h832dfce2282ca9357 (http://Localhost :8080/tisa- on[800] :Oxbcbdb) at console_error_panic_hook: :hook: :hf807646e592c321b (http://localhost :8080/tisa-cdd84 AQ] :0x1423c5) at core::ops:: function: :Fn::call: :h7176bc61fcldb4c6 (http://localhost :8080/tisa-cdd848 6] :0x13980a) at std: :panicking: : rust_panic_with_hook: :hbf46ef0245�c9589 (http://Localhost :8080/tisa 1702160418View
onlyGnuDocumentsOneThingWithThreeDifferentWordsdeepCelibateValue{ ; po certain 1 oper iting syste mis" GDB is ca to save a, snapshot �of a program's state, called L\ | 1702157449View
thereIsAlwaysOneMr_Reddington88Me wondering what is wrong with my code: That one misspelled variable: 1702153445View
isYourServiceBotProtectedCallYourProxyServiceProviderAsapArjunReddyDeshmukha Bot pretending to be : Mes. _ human; making HTTP Getting kicked out | request with a 403 Forbidden 1702152705View
theFearIsRealTunaGameraval MMi el MCN E10) eee [Copper Ore] 1702150879View
deepLearningAmma3232 1702149860View
quoteFromLeopersonalitysonPeople who avoid global variables are akin to a rural atheist. They deny the connection with God and the Universe, when at any moment the soul is free to turn to the high, the real, and the steadfast, in order to find an answer and solace. Leo Tolstoy 1702149749View
iLeaveLittleNotesForMyselfBeforeIGoToBeddragonsmilkbeer 8s Ww G Aa = @ � Q Pou eee Seeger ie Eee ee anion 1702148282View
doMyStickersCountPeacefulViking94PLEASE LET ME FIX YOUR COMPUTER eee ane OTe eR ae aot 1702144368View
lifeUpdatevalue_counts 1702142072View
leaveItEmptyForNow50k-runnerCreating a test directory tests/ is a placeholder for test files. Leave it empty for now. 1702142037View
whatsAppUsingDefaultDateTimeady620Recent updates fa) WhatsApp @ \ 4 1/1/70 1702140754View
planningASoftwareProjectBeLikeneelpatel_007 1702138898View
doNotGetInDebtnewredstone02Do NOT make an infinite loopina serverless function 1702134576View
ifQueryAreTransWomemReturnTrue--haris--PS Eastin? he ONE VMRSTagereiney AY a W Has Grok been captured by woke fe) ceysde=laalaal=lest4 lam extremely concerned here. @ & The Rabbit Hole @ @TheRabbitHole84 - 2th Grok might need some tweaking x Grok Fun <8) ~ The Rabbit Hole @ @TheRabbitHole84 Are transwomen real women? Give a concise NeYanTeR-TaIN i210 Grok @ (4) @grok Nim 1702132956View
iAmARobloxScripterAskMeAnythingMiniDragosCrafthile wait() do local AvailablePlayers = Round. Intermission (20) for i, v in : {game .| ae ms usert (Ava: | pete end ig � -] ~ if FN ere eS < 2 status.Value = "Two | ete | loc = Round.: local clonedMap = chosen 1702119242View
gitHubWrappedVitaminnCPPYou merged 59 bugs You wrote 2849 lines of shitty code \ 4 A You had 18 mental breakdowns BB� YN � gE uw a a B@. a 4 Ce r > \ You had 73 failed builds % KR 1702116696View
whyThoughyuva-krishna-memesWhen they tested you on all the algorithms in interview but their production code base is flooded with brute force.. 1702108567View
startupsAboutToGoBankruptTheCenteredDivPROGRAMMING Fed Increases Interest Rates On Tech Debt Paul E. Morfism Nov 7, 2023 � 1 min read 1702107749View
fedIncreasesInterestOnTechDebtRRethyPROGRAMMING Fed Increases Interest Rates On Tech Debt Paul E. Morfism Nov 7, 2023 � 1 min read 1702107396View
stopDoingJsontylersuardSTOP USING JSON � BRACKETS WEREN'T MEANT TO BE THIS AGONIZING ENDLESS HOURS OF CODING and still NO USE for keys deeper than your PATIENCE s? We had a term for that: It's � Wanted to add another nested object for ki called �INVITING CHAOS� * "Yes, I'd love to spend hours deciphering an UNESCAPED QUOTE. Oh, and please add a RANDOM EXTRA BRACKET for that delightful confusion" - Lamentations of the Perpetually Puzzled BEHOLD the chaos JSON has convinced us to revere, with all the syntax hi ighters & mind-bending error messages we've battled (This is REAL Programming, performed by REAL Code Psychopath: "This \"string\" has multiple \\ "escape_chazacter! backslashes @nd \"quotes\" "nislea: "end}", "almost_done": [{"not_really": {"{objects_in_str "Hello, can | have a user-friendly error message, please?" THEY HAVE PLAYED US FOR ABSOLUTE FOOLS 1702106304View
peopleActuallyDoThisFuture_Green_7222Bue a WITH 1702101391View
AWheelButMoreExpressiveBlueGoliathInstead of writing: final String[] strings = getSomeStrings(); int index = 0; for (final String str : strings) { // use the str and the index index++; } and risking the chance I may forget to place the index++ ... I would rather have something like: final String[] strings = getSomeStrings(); for (int index, final String str : strings) { // use the str and the index } where the new part "int index" is optional, and the compiler could treat it like "int _" if not specified. Of course it could also be long, one assumes. 1702100834View
guysIsMyStudentClassRighthgstreamalas Cuan g ta asa ra eee Cae pa double gender; 1702099720View
itBeginsInJanuaryArjunReddyDeshmukh RTO -3 days mandatory. Collaborate or die. 1702099513View
oopsItHappenedAgainMyspazmoRT Te Lom Loe Sut ulils) 1702094322View
isMyWhatsAppDrunkuser-ducking-nameMedia quality HD quality is clearer. Standard quality uses less storage space and is faster to send. 0} Standard quality VP asc V amor a5) e HD quality VP sc V ame a5) 1702087136View
itsAGreatOpportunitySlavicScottieom We Sley 3 1702085270View
iGuessTheStoreHadEggscybermage 1702078364View
reactServerComponentsInActionsebastienlorberThe best part of React: self-contained Lego blocks c React Server Components in Action It's like Lego ThisWeekInReact.com 1702077246View
december0to23ahz00011 1 � 1 ' 1 1 4 ' ' 1702075842View
developmentEnvironmentIsProductionEnvironmentYetAnotherZhengli�hackr.io Q Login 5. Ils Flutter Ready for Production 2023? Yes, Google recently announced that Flutter would be eligible for Microsoft's IDE Visual Studio 2023 version. 1702075578View
freeMoneyGlitchAfter-Yesterday-684 Tn TILA OR LTS TET 1702073671View
thisIsMeRightNowmodssssss293j 1702072178View
raisingKidsTheRightWaylcosmas 1702070502View
MyLitteralFirstPostOnStackOverflowMirikahNetsh wlan export profiles to single combined xml file [closed] POR Meio aOR ER Core MR ene eee eee eatin Reason eve ena er se) Eos Q This question does not appear to be about a specific programming problem, a software algorithm, or software tools primarily used by programmers. You can eit the question so it's on-topic or see ifit can be answered on another Stack Exchange site, but be sure to read the on-topic page for a site before a Pests ra) Cole PET Cees eee Is there any way to make netsh combine any extracted profiles into a single xml file? Cuz m im getting 7 different files which gets really annoying when you try to interact with the files later. Te UR ae CRU ie at cos 1702068600View
wpsOfficeWonderfulTemplatesergaikanTemplates Make Your Performance Stand Out We provide thousands of professional free templates by category. With these templates, you can customize your creative designs on work documents such as resumes, project plans, reports, and courseware. ee Wes Wpe ps we tem, fre late/&e Mites oF & & S te �emplagel2e *emplated�e �MpIa, tee�? oO] Wes Bw Wes Wes te fre : "Plates ep & f te; fr �PS te; Tre ST Pletes oe Plates oe �Malaga PS & Wes Wes tem, fr ; late.!e es �8 Petes oF &; 6 / t Ps tempray free 8 �mpated� ee *emplaped�e e. weet & Wes Wes �em, fre, : Mates o & B ete PS te f - "Plates of mp lates Se �emplaped"e PS Wes Wp s 5 fempiae, free �empag e free Ps �emprarelee � Wes B Wee �emplay fee t fr * mpl, es SE mes fempya,/ee Wes Ales oF 1702063603View
HowILoveThisGroupLmaoMysterious-Soil-4457r/ProgrammerHumor This meant a lot to you Only you know why � Recap 2023 1702062328View
askForForgivenessiqgoldmineGoogle ee aT Pets Wael) PySimpleGUI - popup_ok - Poot as buttons. popup_canc oa [J ie Poe asc) PPP PPP PPP P| / TUE La aU OmECy UEC amu atg TUES aOR uc UES ag erat PEC SOU ne CL python ask for input until valid python ask for multiple inputs UU SOR ne Cay PUES amc MUCUS aCe cums PRUPUESaOm ICE� ee eee ee 1702061706View
fourIsAnUnluckyNumberGiulio_otto 1702054087View
anInterestingMissingBraceAccomplished_Cook331Get the ISL {{SEASON} points table and know where each football team is placed in the Indian Super League standings for the season. 1702051912View
wellThatsANewOneLgtmIGuessSDGGame scripts work 1702050365View
forMoreInformationGoToGoogleOrBingprooheckcp(2 eo UN en ee ne ren ae see oe es ccc hun cs ChatGPT Certainly! The regex pattern | provided is a combination of Lua's string patterns and Preece teat cme att une cater nets Cera TA sud ia a Re ue iu seal For the basic regex syntax used, you can check resources like: Dec ed ses ete ia Seeds ee aR) 1702047808View
everyDamnTimeneelpatel_007How meetings feel to a developer 1702047706View
thanksYoutubeDrkXo ~ v Q >) ibd fe) b Dee ee Meters es ee a eee anol A All Shorts ator PU ite A Eels) Recently uploaded parr Subscriptions fame Bed 3 roi & Call 09152987821: era REO eu Ol MORO OR MOOR aol ACES) ica C++ in 100 Seconds � EK noseD Cae ic} 7 C#+ or C-plus-plus or Cpp is an extremely popular object-oriented programming language. Created in 1979, today it powers org a ected tet) eran Peg 1702044613View
backInTheDayThisWasProductionReadyCodepeseoaneAll Products | Support | Search | microsoft.com Hot tein ae ba abs > <td id="01" align="center" bgcolor="#66cc33" width=" Home News ( | Upgrading Update _ Support > <td id="02" align="center" bgcolor="#66cc33" width=" > <td id="03" align="center" bgcolor="#66cc33">@.)</td > <td id="@4" align="center" bgcolor="#66cc33" width=" > <td id="05" align="center" bgcolor="#66cc33">@)</td > <td id="@6" align="center" bgcolor="#fffffF" width=" > <td id="07" align="center" bgcolor="#ffFFfF">@=)</td oduct Guide Digital Media _Fxplore the features of Home Networking Windows Me u'll have the pow > <td id="@8" align="center" bgcolor="#66cc33" width=" manage digital photos and music, work v<td id="99" EW nh 4s elle) oa bgcolor="#66cc33"> with video, create a home network, and communicate with friends and relativ Yv<a onmouseover="changeColor(this)" onmouseout="res around the world. A wealth of . ae 5 . . A 7 ou tutorials. � edesigned Help Center e:68.5%; font-weight : bold; font-family:Verdana;" hre make using your computer and built- Selene asp as in m safeguards keep things running 7 , smoothly. <nobr>Upgrading</nobr> </a> k yj The Best in Digital Media </td> i _and e-mail your home <!--td id="10" align="center� bgcolor='#66cc33" widt size pictur width=19 height=29></td> <td id="11" align="center� bgc onMouseout='restoreColor(this)* style="color :#@0e0e6� family:Verdana;' HREF="/windowsme/using/default.asp' > <td id="12" align="center" bgcolor="#66cc33" width=" > <td id="13" align="center" bgcolor="#66cc33">@)</td > <td id="14" align="center" bgcolor="#66cc33" width=" > <td id="15" align="center" bgcolor="#66cc33">@)</td > <td id="16" align="center" bgcolor="#66cc33" width=" <td id="17" align="center" bgcolor="#66cc33"></td> nnd listen to the 1702044514View
stackOverflowHomePagesunrise_appsSurface Web Peano StackOverflow's homepage 1702044018View
findMemWithAisunrise_appsfind meme with own brain find meme with Al 1702043982View
computerDaemonExorcisminternalpro123 /etc/init.d/daemon ~ 1702043090View
WhenYourLeadThinksHeIsSmartprat8Yesterday 3:07PM Let's connect in 10 mins 1702042001View
ZipVsChatGptCapetoiderZIP VS CHAT GPT BIG TEXT WP 4 J CHAT SMALL Or GPT v TRANS MIS50.A/ SIAL tyr unity rh) "BIG TEXT 1702039541View
wellTheyShouldAutomaticAdvisor9211THIS IS HOW | INCLUDE TYPE 190+ wpm. | CAPITAL LETTERS! 1702034885View
yourAndroidStudioAsStoveilsubyeega 1702034651View
IkrAny-Comfortable2844 iweluse a database 1702032700View
fuckSleepMustCodeForeign_Pen1237 1702022098View
PaperIDEdeetosdeletos? } DATE 1702014971View
firstTimeneelpatel_007 SOFTWARE ENGINEERS ian (Ma a vA oe a ALE yu IME?� Te - 1702007585View
oneWhaleBoiiiiiiMusk_is_batmanu-24tb1.112xlarge The u-24tb1.112xlarge instance is in the memory optimized family with 448 vCPUs, 24576.0 GiB of memory and 100 Gibps of bandwidth starting at $218.4 per hour. � Pricing $218.40 $134.59 1 Yr Reserved awe made with mematic�� 1702001548View
gottaMakeSureLocalhostIsUpShadowheart321 The Social Network 1702000787View
gTLDsAreTrashbalrogathded STOP USING Orne @ YEARS OF RESEARCH yet NO REAL WORLD USE FOUND FOR ".sandvikcoromant� �.com, .org, .edu, .net, .mil, .gov, .int are ENOUGH @ Want a quicky domain for a laugh? We had a TLD for that: .biz @Please "GET www.store.yodobashi HTTP/1.1" - Requests made up by the utterly Deranged LOOK at what ICANN has been using your hard-earned 18� per YEAR to develop. cuisinella .alfaromeo .swiftcover .tatamotors -wolterskluwer 222222? 2222227 22222 22222 2222222 They have played us for absolute fools 1701999789View
honorTheTrueHeroAeaexre Ce, a 1701999657View
SnackOverflowErrorcosmicucumberCOT ee La a ARMY! THIS SYMBOL IDENTIFIES THE EX Ss zai eee J 1701996415View
couldntBeMemuffleyit 414720 (YT md WwW {ta A kc] Sei da meg Se ESE Uc \e Thread-136 RUNNING @ Nannie i eens tn � Uncaught Excep... Ties et aa 1701992565View
whichOneOfYouWasItTodaylosfrijoles08rg) some title - 21m some message 1701991223View
theBookToReadGeneReddit123 How to pass an interview For a FAANG company FOR. Just pass these 42069 LeetCode challenges | A Reference for the Rest Of Us! FREE eTips at dummies.com* How to survive in a FAANG company without losing your health, hobbies, family, and sanity BOR -areB iN Not live to work A Reference for the Rest of Us! FREE eTips at dummies.com* 1701990612View
careerProgressionemelrad12GOOGLING THEPROBLEM 120 GOOGLE THE PROBLEM 1701989497View
UsingNamespaceHttpCreeper_craft206SBR Aone aoa P Ata eed Pane ear EST CMC eo a PaaS 1701984422View
wordIsPressedBrolog_of_Brogothper e a ) can't design WordPress SS 1701980533View
imNotPanickingYourePanickingJSAzavras TA Ve ST te �a=� � 1701979951View
CanJustTypeSomeGiberishGptWilUnderstandSomehowSuccessful-Shoe4983Sam elraig dude� INS ed make js app with svlet that does good thing soi (0) get job 1701979503View
hashTagPainRelative_UpbeatIDE : which color theme would you like to use Color blind people: 1701979222View
whyCantYouBeNormalperseus_1337 1701979141View
whyYouDoThisbisbomdurWhen you see a great job advertisement on LinkedIn, that matches your skills, offers good salary and benefits But you work already in that same Company for the peanuts 1701978528View
promiseFulfilledAfAllRadioisDeadSart ay east Rieesecc cs ee mateeeCr > [[PromiseResult]]: af 1701975018View
RamRamRamEveryoneSleepingOnDockerpki249 we consume the most ram OWLTURD.COM &) 1701974548View
setDayWastedEither-Acanthaceae15 cx VT Sr TH Ce WAITING TO REMIND ME HOW DUMB AMI� 1701970209View
giraffeInterchangeFormatmmrtntYou pronounce the 'g' in "gif" the same Fae cole pronounce the 'g' in "regex ' ~ 1701966903View
wellHIVTMLInevitable-Concept49 =___TIME Deloitte. Sustainability & Climate NEWSFEED e TECHNOLOGY Study: 11% of Americans Think HTML Is an STD � aa a yee yeti \VAALALAN it WAAY\| 1701965069View
atLeastTheyDontUseMongosmulikHakipod You {n honest! � OK, our loifg is) OIC) Eh ROUTO [e�) 1701962543View
gitPushOriginMasterLatter_Protection_43ae area TN tae ed eel 1701961714View
theLicensePlateIsMyFavoriteamazinggirl134NOK AG ete ist CRUE aed Ghawd s d m EINES have Bs oot diGNUjinstead! 4 y ; i Posey un callingtity 4 GNU-+Minuxtlibren@ar fi 8 not �that ay mie ee L , ie cas GNU/LAND FUCK U Non | Somos NY 1701961557View
iAmComedyBierDoktor 1701960155View
damnTrueneelpatel_007 a MMe racy lei aVNN Tek a en n rir | should)create a ley to getia job, at FAANG guide aa � ay ULL Bey 1701960095View
cyntaxErrorkentuckyfriedmod 1701958637View
sideProjectCommitMessagesneelpatel_007 1701958097View
nooneReadsTheDocumentationTemporary_Sail_2343Deep underground in the knowledge centre while OG Earth is being destroyed by man�s inhumanity towards man ESOL) Gs ~ Bs Pi mn CUCL Pert eS Ud Y/ - TATE God only has time to deliver one user story with no edge cases: GIVEN that a new universe with a beautiful new Earth has been created WHEN humans love and care for each other THEN the Earth will not be destroyed 1701957886View
AreYouSureTheyWereAtStandupWinterkirschenmannmerrivl EVERYONE IN YOUR SCRUM oe IS WORKING ON 1701955485View
ahYesTheRealAgileMethodologysam_my_friend5 minutes daily meetings th daily meetings and then complaining we're not on track 1701953595View
sawAnInfluxOfTheseRecentlyl0507STOP USING DATABASES @ Data storage was not supposed to be serialized @ YEARS OF COLLECTION yet NO REAL-WORLD USE FOUND for going higher than a VECTOR @ Wanted to go higher anyway for a laugh? We had a tool for that: It was called EXCEL @ "Yes please START TRANSACTION. Please use PREPARED STATEMENTS." - Statements dreamed up by the utterly deranged LOOK at what CS engineers have been demanding your Respect for all this time, with all libraries and languages we built for them (This is REAL MySQL, done by REAL data scientists) "Hello I would like ';DROP TABLE users;-- please" They have played us for absolute fools 1701951693View
definitelyBadDayFlimsy_Shift57a) i ao) 1701949945View
thisSearchExpressionSeemsFamiliarbashlkcomponents > app > Footer > � Footer.scss > ... You, 4 weeks ago | 4 aui @import- @import @import @import SR hee oof/oofld @use "src/styles/$2"; AB & tw sy eee ee ey ew ewe nof/oaf/A 1+/../../Styles/variables/sizes"; 1701949853View
tryOrNotThereIsNoTryBastianToHarryLCT a Tih � ~ te 1701949686View
whyMustTheyTakeAwayOurRightsyourstrainerredyh i: Explain Ud sd 7 ed een) 7 byte div_bit = 2 * ((TAC - 1) & TAC_CS) + 3; div_bit = div_timer & (1 << div_bit); if (last_div_bit && !(div_bit && (TAC & TAC_ENABLE))) { SOP eae ns // (bly: implement timer interrupt abortion // UPDATE: See Roe v. Wade et eH tima_reload = true; tima_reload_pipe = 1; IF |= INT_TIMER; // Why was this commented out? pact S ae 1701944349View
firstPromotionAlwaysHitsGoodspace-_-manWhat | see when | get Promoted in Software Development: EM lolKa (Corola. MOAN and clean Exponentially Ineo responsibilities andiduties 1701944118View
shortHorrorStorySirIsaacEinstein8ITA Pe 1701940665View
blackHumorForYourFeedsunrise_apps 1701938583View
pacRamsunrise_appsCones arene Ce eer ner se reich aeii aor) = riers = al; ee CO ee FE Fa Cnr oe coe oF me a nae 3� Pe eee RAM wAM RAM RAM RAM aM 3 Fra�) td Lives 993 1701938531View
BtwRibosomesAreTheCompilersDrChaos100WONTTOR FOR 6802 1.4 000 (ORG � ROM+$0000 BEGIN MONITOR �000 8E 00 70 START LDS STACK 00D 7 co Fi FUNCTION: INITA - Initialize ACIA INPUT: none POT: none CALLS: none * DESTROYS: ace A RESETA EQU CURES EQU 00020012 $00010001 IWITA LDA A RESTA RESET ACTA STA A ACIA LDA A SCTLREG SET 8 BITS AND 2 STOP STAA ACIA IMP STGNON GO TO START OF MONITOR 9-14-80 TSC ASSEMBLER PAGE 2 Show me the low-level language | said the low-level perfection 1701937454View
thereAreTwoTypesOfAppReleaseNotesrazimantv0. Bees �9 2 Days Ago STU m ip Cet) - In a strange show of solidarity, the app was crashing when toggling the option to �Collapse all images�, mistaking minimisation with complete dissolution. Whether you prefer your images visible or hidden, the app will now remain reliably present. + Similar to the �observer effect� in physics, interacting with files and images in the Activity view was causing them to change states, moving around within the UI. To the best of our abilities, we have observed that this update provides a fix for the issue. + Huddles in private channels will no longer begin with your microphone unmuted. Just because it�s a curated space, doesn't mean your team needs to hear everything. Version 23.11.40 + 265.1 MB Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share 2 Dec 2023 * Bug fixes and performance improvements Version 1.2023.46200 + 226.1 MB 1701934809View
whenJuniorsGetPermissionToAccessTheDatabaseMylonite0105 (destroyer of worlds 1701933003View
designFlawKargen5747 [ re WT THE SPECS) 1701932505View
bumperStickermister_alistair �_� a | " � please \ let me merge | before i start Crying 1701932330View
deployInStyleAGENT_P6 1701930682View
imTooLazyJakeStBuq Actually pick a detailed variable name 1701924363View
ThisMeansALotToMerandomweeb-69420miku-chan03 commented on 18 Oct 201 Hii~~ | fixie wixied the JSON-api fucksy wucksie!!! xpp | repwaced the Prototypes.func wiff a more ~streamyline Pwototypiee.funkywunks object that make the JS go soop xD �starts twerking* Can U pwease merge my pwull wequest senpai?!! UwU ca gaearon commented on 19 Oct 2017 what in the name of fuck > r/ProgrammerHumor This meant a lot to you Only you know why reddit Recap 2023 1701919446View
myBossThinksIInventedAIpxrage 1701918122View
toughDayToBeALinkdinQAxISonikzZINBOX rT} � Linkedin 7:08PM in vand others share their thou... {:ai_model_3_text_summary} kg 1701908460View
greedyKidNourHajRamadan 1701907603View
greedyKidNourHajRamadan 1701907538View
UnsafeJaroshevskii What are you saying, darling? You wrote a project without la single unsafe{}?| Bay, I'm proud of you. Kisses, bye. 1701903488View
ifAmericansAcceptCookiesDoBritsAcceptBiscuitsN07-2-L33TBiscuits Settings x We use biscuits and similar technologies to help personalize content, tailor and measure ads, and provide a better experience. By clicking accept, you agree to this, as outlined in our Biscuits Policy. Preferences 1701885753View
AsAnAILanguageModelICantPrintToStdErrbudgetboarvesselstderr was added to UNIX in the 1970s after an incident where a phototypesetting machine printed an error message instead of the intended text people in 2023: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE / TECH / WEB �As an Al language model�: the phrase that shows how Al is polluting the web / The phrase is a common disclaimer used by ChatGPT and reveals where Al is being used to generate spam, fake reviews, and other forms of low-grade text. 1701882538View
putItInTheBacklogJubs300~ IHAVE ANEW ~ = FEATURE IDEA ON PRODUCT MANAGER AWESOME! JUST PUT ~ IT IN THE BACKLOG. WHERE'S THE BACKLOG? Hello! | make comics about work. Work Chronicles bs Hit the follow button to get the comics in your feed. workchronicles.com 1701879820View
trustMeBroCeres_is_a_Planetcee Tat ec aCe crag MU etic� Eee ee ies eae Mae es Ror mea) why the breakpoint | had set to step through and double check them wasn't getting hit. Turns out MSVC analyzed my unit test, the preprocessor macros, and the inline functions it used, traced the entire control flow from start to finish and determined that there were no variables that could possibly result in any different outcome, and optimized the entire unit test down to a Se aay Tete uren ler unary stare ie ard eeu ke cme ma Cd 1701878498View
IsThisNamePreciseEnoughI-hate-everyonee Dee en re oe ee Pee eee Tose ee Cea aCe �the one and only queen of naming variables ~/ 1701876862View
wereCuttingEdgeIPromiseSqu3lchr 1701876663View
newJobTitleAcademicConstant 1701875069View
homeLsVsLsAinternalpro123 1701874462View
mrFragileCoachPmpmejhopola 1701874369View
iWasBrowsingTheRubyKernelDocumentationAndFoundThisIsTheDevOkayComfortable_Bank6611GC:Profiler Hash :AGAINWaitReadable -AGAINWaitWritable INPROGRESSWaitReadable INPROGRESSWaitWritable EWOULDBLOCK WaitReadable WOULDBLOCK WaitWritable vaitReadable vaitWritable IOError IndexError Integer Interrupt Kernel KeyError LoadError LocalJumpError Marshal at_exit { block } ~ proc Converts block to a Proc object (and therefore binds it at the point of call) and registers it for execution when the program exits. If multiple handlers are registered, they are executed in reverse order of registration. produces: autoload(module, filename) � nil 1701872782View
yarnLintamubawrnawSeana 1701868138View
whichOneOfYouDidThisAcalme-se_SatanHTML, The Programming Language A Programming Language HTML, the programming language, is a practical, turing-complete[1], stack-based programming language based on HTML, the markup language. It uses elements defined in HTML, the markup language, in order to do computations. A Sample HTML Program /data> push 1 onto the stack --> *></output> print the top of the stack --> /data> push 1 onto the stack --> <dd></dd> add 1 --> <dt></dt> dup new value --> <data valu </data> push 11 to compare --> <smal1></smal1> <iz- test new value is smaller than 11 --> <b <!-- if bigger than zero pushed true --> <a href="#loop"></a> <!-- then jump back to the loop --> <I> 1701866910View
definetlyNotMeAnHourAgoLe0_X8POV: you just added ESLint to your project OUTLF�= rrors: 1001, Infos: Sita Errors: 1001, Infos: 1 io maint G2 @KAO@1 WoO D2Zhrs 1701863647View
gettingRoastedByAIRandomNumber92349233 BCs Hey! Can you help me debug this? & GitHub Copilot Used 1 reference > Omg | have never seen such bad code quality. The easiest way to debug it would be to delete everything and start over. 1701859926View
superiorMathcadsunshine_on_leithElse Otherwise 1701858643View
iHopeTheFinanceDepartmentWillNotSeeThisPostGrumpy_FrogyIntel Powers a Wide Range of Choices � to Meet Students� Needs Dect Esports core Al & Machine Learning 2 Simulation & Modeling Data Science Student Usage Programming & Coding Patel Students, ages 15 and up a Increases Digital Content Creation J Video Conferencing/ Remote Learning Access age 1114 = Web Apps & Productivity Tools intel Students, ages 5-10 Digital Content Access Fundamentals of a Technology � : VN 44) =) Graphics Pate Cela el te) Computing Performana Platform for Anywhere Learning Ce Ny Manageability Ee Parornianca Note: Intel� Core 9 processor is not avaiable on machines running Chrome OS. 1701857122View
neverHaveIFeltSoAttackedjonr 1701852081View
whenYouHaveProgrammerHusbandThe_WolfieeClaire @AzureDoo Husband and | reminiscing about the time | texted him on my way home: �Can you start cooking those sausages?" Then added < 3 asa cute little heart. He cooked 2 sausages. 1701846901View
WeveAllBeenThereAdministrativeRoom33 4 ar MAKING APPS _ Ta 1701846519View
beHonestneelpatel_007 1701844149View
greatBattlesunrise_appsme yelling at my IDE'S Chrome for eating up RAM 1701838768View
thisIsPatternsunrise_apps�Ooe OP A Aer 2540 @ wire if 8 : @ �-� else if @ wo else if @ �- else if: @ �� else if @ ~~ else if | @ �~ else if : @ ~~ else? 1701838741View
iNeedANewPCJakeStBuMT Bat BE MORE EFFICIENT BAL a gb ar ih PS - \ I Uae c ate LN ) MY COMPUTER IS TOO OLD MAC oak a: NOT THE SAME. 1701838442View
copilotIsntGonnaLetMeDownZeMysticalTacoI Titel Bee "(" was not closed afd com Olde avmal 0 oan a url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ", Expected expression 1701836488View
myMightyHuntersSnS_Taylor (J We a Party 1701828373View
anotherDayAnotherPHPMemeLtRodFarvaHP Sucks, yol AACR 1701818317View
theWorldIfIfCasesHadActuallyGoodSyntaxThe-Malix 1701816284View
justSmallChangeRequestsBeforeRolloutmalirkanAdministrator Project Manager Architect Bielelrels aloc\enos Cashier Crane operator ae ane ces Nurse 1701815703View
dontGetBurnedTabCompletion 1701807685View
iKnowSpaghettiWhenISeeItJocoLabsrl rN 1701803711View
awsBoto3CurrentVersionIsSoMetabetazoid_oneaWws ee) Boto3 1.33.7 documentation 1701802050View
parseBodyTextTTYY200 Your device ran into a problem and needs to restart. We're just collecting some error info, and then we'll rote] AMnLe lM LOLUE 25% complete For more information about this issue and possible fixes, visit https://www.windows.com/stopcode even Ryne cto: haut Amino) Stop code: DRIVER IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL AEST Mcnlny celtssay iy 1701800659View
itsBetterToGiveUpVitaminnCPPSometimes, � heen hile OMY OWT a 1701798515View
tobyFoxIsWildMorbak55_a. ears pUndertale'stdeveloperes tena eS re ee a tn o 1701798076View
darkTimesKaamDeveloperwhen z-index:9999 doesn't fix it 1701796268View
DataJazzlike-Buffalo5468SS ney i. { res tL 4 . ae 1701795822View
hadoukenCodeStylemikepleasurefunction register() 4 Af (Lompty(s_7092)) sang = 77 Af ($_Post{ user nane"]) � Af ($_Post{ 'vser_paseword.new'1) { Af (S_POBTT vsor_paxaword_now'} === $_POSTI �wser_p: Af (atelen(6_P057( sor pavavord_sew'}) > 5) { 44 (atelen($_PoDR{ user nane�}) < 65 66 ateLen(?PO57{ usornano'}) > 1) { 16 (prog_nateh(� /*(0-2\d)(2,64)5/4', � PoBT{ user nane�})) � Sonor = read_user($_POT{ vsor nano") Af (14anot(Sus0rt vsernamo"1)) � 4� (6 POsT{ �user onail"1) ( 48 (ateLen(s_PoBt{ �user onait"}) < 65) { Af (�4ltor_var(s POST �user onal� ], PILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL)) ( sword repeat�}) { SLSESSTON[ �mag') = �You aro now registered so please login�; hoader(*tiocation: * . � SERVER{'PHP_SELP'})y exit()) } else Sasg = �You must provide � valid email addeo } else snag = �gmail must bo lous than 64 charactors� y Foleo Snag = �Basil cannot be empty� } else a0g = 'Uoornano already exists�; } else $msg = �Username must bo only a-z, A-2, 0-9") } else Saag = �Username must be betwoon 2 and 64 charactors" } else Smog = "Password must be at least 6 charactor�; } else Snag = "Passwords do not match�; } else S209 = 'Bmpty Password�; } else Snag = �Sapty Usernane'y � SESSION 'nog'] = Smog 2 return register_form(); 1701793399View
unFunTheOnlyTigerbyte ead 1701793360View
ctrlCTwinkiesSuckerCTRL+C BECAUSE YOU eda! CODE p Fo | | Citi j et BECAUSE 1AM. MeV ua es WE ARE Ly ||: 1701786325View
schrodingersCatandantonyanQuantum superposition architecture: Bugs are both present and absent until you look for them! 1701785185View
ShowerpetburirajaWhen your shower uses github more than you 1701781237View
forAgesFiveAndUpfd93_blog� ah od [USBORNE INTRODUCTION To-@ MACHINE CODE 1701777586View
riscVOmer_RecursionMan 1701773171View
howISeeOtherPeopleultrapcb<other language> devs non-tech people <my language> devs me 1701773002View
encapsulationBeLikeBaanloh 1701764722View
aintEasyBeingOldSchoolZMilanPSPYING ON A SOFTWARE DEVELOPER Real World Efforts 1701763689View
watGithub_BoiSTOP DOING Mimi � PROGRAMMING WAS NOT MEANT TO BE SIMULTANEOUS � YEARS OF GODING yet NO REAL-WORLD USE FOUND. for doing things OUT OF ORDER � Wanted to walt before doing something ? We had a tool for that: It was called "DOING IT LATER� @ �Yes please give me await of something. Please give me Promise<> of it" - Statements dreamed up by evil wizards LOOK at what AAAgame devs have been demanding your Respect for all this time, with all the! & we built for them is REAL cole ,done by REAL programmers ): orn eter ? 22 �Hello | would like LATER apples please� They have played us for absolute fools 1701763687View
theBestIDEJakeStBuUsing PyCharm or Visual Studio code Using IDLE 1701763004View
stolenFromGoogleMorbak55_DESIGNERS Look, we have similar ideas. No! You stole my idea. PROGRAMMERS Man, | stole your code. It's not my code. 1701762253View
TheFastestManAlivezoomy_kitten d more power... 1701758532View
timeToSetupAnAliasOP_Sidearm 1701756299View
weHaveAllBeenThereneelpatel_007Manager: Did you finish 1701755784View
seriousQuestionyaktoma2007when i see tweets like this i think to myself, are software developers actually masochists? for it-Tel->,@ TAB RT a Sle OLAS LLL eae ACT TRIAL Dea Ee) ote hi a eas Cree ered Select @Back 1701754838View
cantBeTooFastRLlovinWhen you�re optimizing and the whole runtime is .07 seconds made with mematic \ '@) 2 1701746519View
whatLearningCAfterHigherLevelLanguagesFeelsLikeWeurth If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent alm Olean ee ORY aee 1701740631View
oopWentTooFarleovinOOP WENT TOO FAR CODE IS NOT SUPPOSED TO HAVE FACTORIES YEARS OF OBJECT CLASS DIAGRAMMING yet NO REAL-WORLD IMPROVEMENTS FOUND for COMPLEX SYSTEMS Want collections of named properties? We had a tool for that: It was called a STRUCT �Yes, please marshall the response into a DataTransferObject and create getters and setters for every property� � Statements dreamed by the utterly Deranged �Hey, I'd like to know where this value comes from. Sure, JUST FIND THE GETTER OF THE Constants CLASS WHICH IS ACTUALLY INHERITED FROM BaseConstants WHICH IS INJECTED FROM...� izzaStatus { ORDERED (5){ READY (2) Enterprise software developers have played us for absolute fools 1701739888View
itIsTotallyWorthItBlueabshHL y BOTFLLES RS Msn Wa i == You lanow, linn Sofgatettaltate movie) programmer myself. * AP 1701739460View
eternalQuestionsunrise_appsHow did they program a programming language to program a program to program programs? 1701739420View
phpProgrammersAreLikeThatsunrise_apps 1701739330View
weAllLoveBodyMargin8PxDariadeerHAT 1S GAT cy� } 1% aA ae 7 Oi EUR body JAgaldy margin: > Box; | 1701737056View
scammersTestingInProdlocus27795:01 41� BME OU ll 100%8 < ow 8B: Assess Your Stroke Risk with Life_Line_Screening., [email protected] To [email protected] [email protected] Monday, December 4, 4:50 PM Priority Code: LCLX001 J Maa a Sean ee ree) eu eam ees ead Get Peace of Mind or Early Detection This [Toliday Season Find A Location a) Yard x O it 1701733586View
theyNeverAskHowIsNotepadThelatestartee esse SA ESSE cas Sarees aa eC rms Sete eae ca so Cree eee ise 1701732558View
bestICanDoIsNotCrazy-Maintenance312 1701728969View
stopDoingGitattempt_number_33 2 � g 222? STOP DOING GIT CODE IS NOT SUPPOSED TO HAVE BRANCHES YEARS OF MERGING yet NO REAL-WORLD USE FOUND for DECENTRALIZED VERSION CONTROL Wanted to keep multiple versions of a file for a laugh? We had a tool for that: It was called "file.copy2-final.js". "Yes, please PUSH your code into my FORK. CHERRY-PICK A COMMIT" � Statements dreamed by the utterly Deranged "Hello, I'd like to show you my changes. Sure, JUST CREATE A BRANCH, PUSH TO ORIGIN and CREATE A PULL REQUEST" (When we had perfectly working flash drives) Devops have played us for absolute fools 1701723335View
meowMeowMeowMyEarsno-name-idk 1701723251View
notEvenDocumentationKnowsHowToDoItFAUST_VII 6 JESUS FUCKING CHRIST \ 1701722572View
amazonFlexAppNoLikeNewLinesMike_Oxlong25 ro code: no sateen Pe MA bold out front. 1701719257View
evenGodsCreationHaveBugsHauntingCode 1701714266View
codeMonkeSeeCodeMonkeDoGeneReddit123Me after a cold call recruiter spends half an hour describing the role expectations, but refuses to say a single word about the salary. Where banana? i *- I 1701714033View
choseYourPathCarefullyCowboyBlobChoosing an OS | Do you fear technology? �, Yes No � \ Is your daddy rich? Do you care about freedom/privacy? Yes No Nq it \ oe an � " Do you have a life? @ 1 \ re �Yes sh 9 e7/ \ 8 A Ss 1701712826View
maybeIShouldGetOffProgrammerHumorAndFixTheBugAlsoWhoLeftTheManagerSpawnerRunningThereAreTooManyOfThemArghhhhhSDGGame 1701712402View
planningPokerregal-megy wy ��.| 1701711043View
everyTeamLeadEverInevitable-Concept49ee Dae li a wes Ya xe a ; lel Pe 7 Keak ental ee MELTS \ in y> <a) 1701709102View
oneDownFiveMoreAppearAzzyMarluthCodebase: *9 issues found* programmer: *fixes them all* Codebase: 1701702254View
yallGotAnymoreOfThemVariablesAGENT_P6PHP Devs: YALL GOT ANY.M OF ait Me 1701701399View
frontEndHonestyKaamDeveloper 1701701110View
selfTeleporthacking__08FCT ar VOUT iLL ota] EA ACA Les 1701701025View
HowToTeachYourselfProgrammingGeneDefiant6537 Days 1-10 Teach yourself variables, con- stants, arrays, strings, expres- sions, statements, functions,... Abstruse Goose Rando S = ore O elf Progra fe Days 11-21 Days 22 - 697 Teach yourself program flow, pointers, references, classes, objects, inheritance, polymor- phism, .... A Do a lot of recreational program- ming. Have fun hacking but re- member to learn from your mis- takes, eo Days 698 - 3648 Interact with other programmers. Work on programming projects together. Learn from them. CO 6� Days 3649 - 7781 Teach yourself advanced theoret- ical physics and formulate a con- sistent theory of quantum grav- ity. Days 7782 - 14611 Teach yourself biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics, BSE Day 14611 Use knowledge of biology to make an age-reversing potion. Day 14611 Use knowledge of physics to build flux capacitor and go back in time to day 21. Day 21 Replace younger self. As far as | know, this is the easiest way to �Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days�. 1701699402View
seriouslyGuysDarkmodeOnlyyyNourHajRamadanWhy do programmers prefer dark mode? Because light attracts bugs! 1701698904View
myFriendHadHisFirstRunInWithTheUtterPainAndConfusionOfPHPDivide_yeetCea Daal dont know why 1701698506View
titleIsGenratedByAicorner_guy0NORMAL PEOPLE:OMG!! AI IS GONNA TAKE OVER AND GOING TO TAKE OUR JOBS!!!! PROGRAMMERS: Finally, innegpeace. 1701696785View
whyDoesThisHave5000DownloadsFant1xXis-even v1.0.0 Returns true if the given number is odd. #numeric #math #integer #odd #even Readme 1 Version Dependencies Dependents Dependencies is-odd �1.0.0 Returns true if the given number is odd. 1701695043View
finallyImProudOfMyselfsam_my_friendFRIEND) Laat WITH HOMEWORK PTT dE DEVOPS NEEDS UTA EE 1701695029View
howCouldYouNotGetTheJokerayletter1997SUITE CC aa sd namespace Quick.Question; public class So { } ee 7 Ue ia //Would you return Like this? Pes ae eMC) ae Pra re CeCe + + tees Pes astm eC cra) ae Pra re eer + + //anyway, how do I exit vim? co PL ae) rian 1701693821View
everyProgrammerIconHasAngularBracketsAndASlashBecauseHtmlIsNotOnlyAProgrammingLanguageButAlsoTHEProgrammingLanguagelogperf� Freelcon - 818 programme x + ae < * QO � C Q &@ freeicons.io/search/icons?q=programmer ry) 818 Programmer Icons Free And Premium programmer SVG Vectors and Icons. programmer icons and vector packs for Sketch, Figma, websites or apps. Browse 818 vector icons about programmer term. Design and Development tips in your inbox. Every weekday. ADS VIA CARBON ie Price Type IN Free Premium Search Type Style Aish e ea bs q=8 </> All styles Glyph Outline Flat 8 Filled outline Fa @ aS | Photorealistic 3D eo0e 1701691143View
theyCouldntRetryConnectionFMLsam_my_friend You're on call and you get an alarm Restart the service and everything looks good All other services are now down 1701687696View
ChatGPTOk-Practice-3962"ChatGPT can cod CUSTOMER PARKING ONLY Maximum Stay 3 Hours This car park is patrolled Failure to comply with the following rules may result In Clamping subject to a Release Fee of �120 and/or Tow Away subject to a Release Fee of �150: 4, Parking limited to 3 Hours 2, Parking reserved for customers only 3, Blue badge holders only in disabled bays 4, Parking in designated bays only Tel: 01 8908320 Wwww.eurocarparks.ie a ae ee ee oa tee rT ce Lean eer rent an nl een 1701686259View
iFeelPersonalyAttackedschwester10:58 Pon., 4 gru DU eee 4 PAs O:or@>s Dzisiaj: 1487 kroko6w Wczoraj: 3004 krok6w Ciche 4 @ Reddit Vv ProgrammerHumor: isitEvenPossible Now in ProgrammerHumor heEscaped... + 1 C2) AccuBattery * 05:37 A Teraz: -288 mA (2g. 17m. zost.) Sred.: -467 mA * -10,9%/g. (-43 mAh catos�) (C) Google * teraz �A Today's word: sedentary Foal (adj.) tending to ry aeIaTs) much time seated - See synonyms & more Turn off VE-ly4-\0y 42] Ukryj wszystkie Pd [UESy 1701684487View
whatHappenednice__username picking up modern web development cannot be that bad. with some experience -- surely, asking the server to reply with �hello� should be dead simple. Locition Sie� Size on disk: Contains: 1701682871View
IHaveNoIdeaWhatTheyWantFromThisJobM_for_MaliceQ Your Gig: @ Innovative Product: Help create cutting-edge products that ride the tech trends wave. � Domain Diving: Explore various domains, becoming the technical and functional know-it- all. & Project Magic: Be the wizard of project delivery! Adapt, understand, and contribute to the big picture. @ Pro Priority Juggler: Manage tasks like a pro � meeting objectives with a skill. �7 Initiative: Propose improvements, seek tasks, and make things happen � you're the go-to change-maker! � Teamwork: Listen, communicate, challenge, and lend a hand (or ask for one!). on a We're not just a workplace, so expect more than a job: & Skill Playground: Learn and develop your skills. � Mentorship: Let yourself to be led by experienced colleagues. & Community Connect: Join our vibrant community � because work is more fun when you have friends! Hit that apply button and let the journey begin! �7 % 1701676203View
mehEither-Technician594programmers: �, OUR CODE also programmers: DS) 1701674630View
youKnowWhatTheySayNyrk333een Tyee Src ceed PN drink(); 1701671684View
honestlyHaveNoAIExperienceArjunReddyDeshmukhreal aaa Get into Al, spend 2 hours everyday starting today. Watch some good series, play games as usual. 1701666061View
whyISuckAtBackEndNeoHagios 1701659765View
noSonOfMineWouldCodeThatShitflavorfulcherry TOR els boy writing program in python...what were you doing at his age? �O2,902 td148K 09,951 ili 36M of 1701655461View
apparentlyGoodSqueezesunrise_apps Ae foiekarte eeu 1701654327View
wellLetsTalksunrise_appswhen someone says the word programing coding _ME: 1701654288View
LPCWSTRwitnessTheCppHorrorsIveWrittenAthanatosN5coy const std::string strID = std::to_string(id); r[strID]["UUID"] = obj->GetUUIDC AddobjectDialog:: InitializeReflpata(); auto refl = addobjectDialog for (auto& field : srefl) ie Sete ee COn Etter GRE eres (60 7 switch (reprType) este looses Cui eco an asec crab | breat a &- oem ho os ccucesCLUN See ice 3 switch (numSubFields) as ivcabeicu� �as as ae . pO uer eel Osea Peoeeie el koh A oo t Oy \4 Ce oust mo] 3 Sees QtlcU ete a offset += sizeof( Cee Bizdbegants2.0 � erie] erie] DearS LOG sect 06H Brome Ste CC ess ot OMA CCc stato mst en eos ot Ue oie een eon eet oe Res ae ects Otek ae PRE me eu eee ke cet ies ae eS Ea sca e Rac 3) e PREIS tiie neta sae oss meer teme ce Hees esas tit s Oma ico) r 1701652660View
DoingTheSameThingOverAndOverbigshmoo ry it again� Developer | i �la and over and expecting Nae i a cy PA healt: 1701650683View
deployAirbagsFalseTasty-Lobster-8915The developer who was forced to code the logic that stops the airbags from deploying for a single mother of three who forgot